BASARA “VAJRA 23 WU” Results


BASARA “VAJRA 23 WU”, 09/12/2016
Saitama Wrestle Fighter Museum
73 Fans

1. Yusuke Kubo defeated Fuminori Abe with the Goro Suplex (10:21).
2. Ryuichi Sekine & Ryota Nakatsu defeated Daichi Kazato & Gouma Ryu when Nakatsu pinned Ryu (0:25).
2a. Rematch: Ryuichi Sekine & Ryota Nakatsu defeated Daichi Kazato & Gouma Ryu when Sekine submitted Ryu with the Let’s Combine (5:31).
3. Koji Iwamoto defeated SAGAT with the Lonely Art (10:20).
4. Takumi Tsukamoto & Masamune defeated FUMA & Madoka when Tsukamoto pinned FUMA with a Lightning Flash (14:03).
5. Union Non-Certified US Heavyweight Title – Union MAX Title Preview 2nd Match?: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi defeated MC.33 by Disqualification (7:31).
*V7 for Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi.
5a. Union Non-Certified US Heavyweight Title – Rematch: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi defeated MC.33 with the Perfect Plex (5:21).
*V8 for Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi.

With Isami Kodaka away on other business, Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi found a suitable opponent to help him prepare for his upcoming Union MAX Title revival match. MC.33 has been showing up at BASARA events whenever Kodaka was absent and this time was no different. Hiroshi even sweetened the deal by putting his Union Non-Certified US Heavyweight Title medal up for grabs. The unofficial championship hadn’t been seen in years until today. It was an odd main event. Either MC.33 didn’t understand the rules of pro wrestling or he wasn’t taking the match seriously. He kept on bending the rules in silly ways and kicked the referee away whenever he tried to intervene. Eventually he knocked out the referee, which made any pinfalls or submission attempts pointless. Eventually the referee disqualified MC.33 for his antics.

An immediate rematch was agreed upon and the match restarted. This time both competitors quizzed each other with wrestling music trivia as they fought. Whenever a wrestler got their question right they would use a move related to the answer. Which wrestler used “CRASH” as his theme song? MC.33 answered Masahiro Chono then put Hiroshi in the STF. Who used “Spinning Toe Hold”? MC.33 answered the Funks then put Hiroshi in the Spinning Toe Hold. Who uses “CROWN OF WINNER”? MC.33 didn’t know but Hiroshi did. Hiroshi yelled Daisuke Sekimoto’s name then hit a Lariat. MC.33 tried to use the referee as a human shield but the ref hit him with a Lariat too! Hiroshi then gave MC.33 the Perfect Plex to win the match and keep the US Title. He said he doesn’t know who MC.33 is under the mask but on Christmas Day he will beat Kodaka, win the Union MAX Title and leave it next to his Christmas turkey!


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