Shin-Kiba 1st RING
120 Fans

1. Hi69, Madoka & Masamune defeated Takumi Tsukamoto, Daichi Kazato & Koji Iwamoto when Madoka pinned Kazato with a Rolling Leg Clutch (9:50).
2. Prepare For Major Reversal Pro Wrestling Trial – Lecture From A Lawyer: Tatsuhiko Yoshino defeated Gouma Ryu with a Figure Four Leg Lock (2:58).
3. Abdullah Kobayashi & Masaya Takahashi defeated Ryuichi Sekine & Ryota Nakatsu when Kobayashi submitted Sekine with a Crab Hold (10:23).
4. SAGAT, I Will Sell A Fight To All Japan Pro Wrestling!: Yuma Aoyagi defeated SAGAT with the Fisherman Suplex (11:08).
5. MIKAMI & Tanomusaku Toba defeated FUMA & Yusuke Kubo when MIKAMI pinned Kubo with the 450 Splash (16:11).
6. Union MAX Title Preview 3rd Match!: Isami Kodaka & Kengo Mashimo defeated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Shota when Kodaka pinned Hiroshi with the Zeyyari (14:44).

While on paper the main event looked one-sided, the pairing of Isami Kodaka & Kengo Mashimo turned out to be very volatile even though they won. Kodaka and Mashimo spent almost as much time fighting each other than they did Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Shota. During the entrances Kodaka couldn’t resist kicking Mashimo from behind and get chased around ringside. When Hiroshi & Shota attacked Kodaka, Mashimo sat down in the front row and applauded them. He then refused to tag in when Kodaka needed rest saying “It cannot be helped”. Mashimo did run in to break up pins and submissions but he did so to attack Kodaka at the same time. When Hiroshi put Kodaka in a Cross Armbreaker, Mashimo broke it up with a Diving Knee Drop… to Kodaka’s targeted arm. Kodaka got a slimmer of hope when he ducked a High Kick from Mashimo and Hiroshi was hit instead. Kodaka got rid of Mashimo and was able to pin Hiroshi with the Zeyyari. Mashimo continued to attack Kodaka’s arm after the match until officials pulled him back. Kodaka grabbed a microphone and yelled there were enemies everywhere! When he calmed down he turned his attention to Hiroshi. He said Hiroshi will have no answer for him at Korakuen Hall when they wrestle for the Union MAX Title. Kodaka looked at the BASARA logo on the ring canvas and talked about how he made BASARA from nothing. He always feels like he standing on the edge of a cliff with his back facing the sea. He can never take a step back. He will try harder than ever before when BASARA runs Korakuen Hall on Christmas Day.

The Suicide Boyz got a win over IRON PRIEST ahead of their big 6-Man Tag at Korakuen. MIKAMI asked himself after the match “What is metal?” Well when Jun Kasai joins him & Tanomusaku Toba to form The Suicide Monkeys they’ll show IRON PRIEST just how crazy they are. MIKAMI’s speech provoked FUMA & Yusuke Kubo, sparking a brawl in the ring that had to be seperated. MIKAMI was encouraged by IRON PRIEST’s energised response.

It looks like Abdullah Kobayashi enjoys wrestling in BASARA. Why? Because it draws more women in their crowds than Big Japan. Kudos, Isami. He is getting under Ryuichi Sekine’s skin for using a version of the Boston Crab that looks like Sekine’s Combine submission to win his matches. After submitting Sekine with the move Kobayashi bragged that his Crab Hold won him the BJW Death Match Championship whereas Sekine’s Combine barely wins him matches in Chiba. He then asked for the audience to vote by applause over who has the better move. He won the vote. Abdullah then asked Sekine where was Koji Kanemoto? Sekine checked on Twitter and found out Kanemoto took the day off. He’ll go DM him to make sure he shows up on Christmas Day.


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