Tokyo Taishido Shopping Street Pedestrian Heaven
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1. DDT Offer Match: Hoshitango & Gota Ihashi defeated Mizuki Watase & Guanchulo when Hoshitango pinned Guanchulo with a Jumping Body Press (15:52).
2. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Syoko Nakajima & Miyu Yamashita defeated Mil Clown & Maho Kurone when Nakajima pinned Kurone with the Northern Lights Suplex (14:40).
3. BASARA Offer Match: Ryuichi Sekine & Ryota Nakatsu defeated Daichi Kazato & SAGAT when Sekine submitted Kazato with the Let’s Combine (18:11).

A special Street Pro Wrestling show was put on by DDT in Taishido Shopping Street to celebrate the holidays. Blue mats were placed down on the road to act as the wrestling mat. None of the matches were Falls Count Anywhere but they also did not have a countout rule in effect so the wrestlers were free to bring the fight elsewhere for a while.

In the DDT match they wound up fighting outside the Silver Wolf Gym owned by K-1 fighter Masato. Both Gota Ihashi and Mizuki Watase stood outside the gym yelling for Masato to come out and fight them. When nothing happened they decided to kickbox each other instead. Meanwhile Hoshitango and Guanchulo were fighting in the food market hitting each other with vegetables. When the match came back to the mats, Ihashi put Watase in an Argentine Backbreaker while Hoshitango splashed Guanchulo or the victory.

Tokyo Joshi Pro was up next and Maho Kurone chased Syoko Nakajima around wanting to eat her while Miyu Yamashita and Mil Clown wrestled as normal. Their match found its way towards a Christmas shop. Nakajima meanwhile found garlic sticks at a greengrocer and tried to fight of Kurone with them to no effect. She eventually found a way to beat Kurone and it was with her trusty Northern Lights Suplex.

BASARA handled the final match of the show. Everyone in the match was given 2,000 yen to spends on items to use on their opponents. Daichi Kazato got a balance ball and used it as part of a Senton Drop. Ryota Nakatsu bought a plastic baseball bat to attack SAGAT with. Ryuichi Sekine borrowed a bicycle and ran over the opposition with it. Sekine then purchased food and drinks forced a rice cake into Kazato’s mouth. They found a photo booth and Cavalry forced their opponents into it. However they had no money left so they asked fans to lend them money. The fans who lent them money were allowed to be part of the photos taken in the cramped booth with the wrestlers. When that was done Kazato climbed on top of a drinks machine and Moonsaulted off of it. Sekine however then put him in the Let’s Combine and made him submit.


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