Kanagawa Yokodai Station
??? Fans

1. Nodoka-oneesan defeated Nonoko with a Running Body Attack (5:09).
2. Akane Miura defeated Azusa Takigawa with a Lariat (6:59).
3. Pro Wrestling BASARA Offer Match: FUMA defeated SAGAT with the Jawbreaker (8:29).
4. Pro Wrestling BASARA Offer Match: Isami Kodaka defeated Yusuke Kubo with the Diving Double Knee Drop (9:33).
5. Miyu Yamashita & Mil Clown defeated Syoko Nakajima & Maho Kurone when Yamashita pinned Kurone with the Attitude Adjustment (11:26).

A windy and chilly day didn’t stop Tokyo Joshi Pro from returning to Kanagawa Yokodai Station for their second annual outdoor doubleshot shows. Prizes were given to the winners by the sponsors. For example Miyu Yamashita and Mil Clown were given a box of apples and potatoes for winning the main event.

Isami Kodaka wrestled in his Son Goku costume on both shows. It got over with the kids in the audience and some shouted “Goku, do your best!” at him. He hit Yusuke Kubo with the Kamehameha and then summoned a Spirit Bomb for his Diving Double Knee Drop.

FUMA made his entrances on a motorbike.

Nonoko explained to the audience that her chest is so big because she absorbs children to gain power. Children like Nodoka-oneesan. Fortunately, Nodoka was able to beat her and protect the children in the crowd from being eaten.

Marika Kobashi announced she passed her recent high school exams. She is still focusing on her education so wasn’t able to wrestle but she stuck around for the event to show her support.


Kanagawa Yokodai Station
??? Fans

1. Mil Clown defeated Azusa Takigawa with the Mil Clutch α (9:58).
2. Rika Tatsumi defeated Akane Miura with the Running Angel Attack (8:00).
3. Pro Wrestling BASARA Offer Match: Isami Kodaka Vs SAGAT ended in a Double Countout (1:27).
3a. Rematch: Isami Kodaka defeated SAGAT with a Cradle (5:14).
4. Pro Wrestling BASARA Offer Match: FUMA defeated Yusuke Kubo with the Heavy Metal Anthem (10:28).
5. Yuu & Syoko Nakajima defeated Miyu Yamashita & Nodoka-oneesan when Yuu pinned Nodoka with the Ippon (11:43).

As night fell the girls held their second show. Yuu was here this time and got the pin in the main event. She hopes that the next time Toyko Joshi comes to Kanagawa Station it will be even bigger and bigger.

FUMA and Yusuke Kubo were involved in a battle of IRON PRIEST. FUMA came out on top but both he and Kubo praised each other and left the ring together on FUMA’s motorcycle.

Kodaka and SAGAT immediately brawled outside the ring and both were counted out. A rematch was granted when the audience called for a restart. The tail on Kodaka’s Goku costume turned out to be his weak point. SAGAT targeted the tail by biting and pulling it. Kodaka dodged the Goregrind and rolled SAGAT into a Cradle for the three count.

Rika Tatsumi is now using a Running Hip Attack called the Running Angel Attack to win matches.

Azusa Takigawa had to explain the concept of marriage to Mil Clown. Apparently marriage doesn’t exist in the Magical Country.

SAGAT and Yuya Okada spent time before the show explaining the rules of pro wrestling to anyone in the audience who was watching for the first time. SAGAT laid on the canvas and a trainee was called in to cover him as an example of a pinfall. He then put SAGAT in a Sleeper Hold to show off a submission move. SAGAT ended up getting angry and he bit Okada. In return Okada pulled SAGAT’s hair until SAGAT backed off. Okada was able to use that as an example of fouls and disqualifications.


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