BASARA “VAJRA 35 WU” Results

BASARA “VAJRA 35 WU”, 12/05/2017
Saitama Wrestle Fighter Museum
74 Fans

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – A Block: Best Stretchman V3 (2) defeated Takato Nakano (0) with the Best Stretch Bomber (6:05).
2. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – B Block: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi (2) defeated Gouma Ryu (0) with the Trans-Am ★ Recliner (5:13).
3. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – B Block: FUMA (2) defeated SAGAT (0) with the Jawbreaker (10:27).
4. Takumi Tsukamoto & Ryuichi Sekine defeated Tatsuhiko Yoshino & Fuminori Abe when Tsukamoto pinned Abe with the Tiger Suplex (4:36).
5. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – A Block: Trans-Am ★ Ryuichi (4) defeated Yusuke Kubo (2) with the Perfect Five (10:17).
6. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – B Block: Isami Kodaka (2) defeated Ryota Nakatsu (0) with the Isamuashi Zan (13:43).

Block A Standings

1. Trans-Am ★ Ryuichi (4)
-. Yusuke Kubo (2)
-. Best Stretchman V3 (2)
4. Ryuichi Sekine (0)
-. Takumi Tsukamoto (0)
-. Takato Nakano (0)

Block B Standings

1. Isami Kodaka (2)
-. FUMA (2)
-. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi (2)
4. Ryota Nakatsu (0)
-. SAGAT (0)
-. Gouma Ryu (0)

The first set of Block B matches took place today with two more Block A bouts. Isami Kodaka got off to a good start by beating Ryota Nakatsu in the main event. Afterwards Kodaka revealed that the 500,000 yen prize money for Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ is coming straight from BASARA’s finances and not his own personal money like last year. Kodaka is determined to win the tournament so he can get the company’s money back!

Trans-Am ★ Ryuichi defeated Yusuke Kubo to take the top spot on Block A. Ryuichi was happy with the win because he respects Kubo’s mentor Dick Togo.

FUMA dedicated his victory over SAGAT to his new favourite metal band from Mongolia, Voodoo Kung Fu.

Gouma Ryu promised to wrestle a proper match against Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi. He’s been wrestling for 12 years but felt today was the first time he would take it seriously. So seriously that when his phone rang during the match he told the person on the line that he was busy and hung up.

Best Stretchman V3 for some reason thought Takato Nakano was a ghost.


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