DNA To Suspend Operations Next Month

An announcement about DNA’s future was made before yesterday’s episode of “DDT LIVE! MAJI MANJI”. The DNA brand will be suspended at the end of the 10th August show in Kitazawa and all DNA wrestlers will be transferred over to the DDT roster on 11th August. Along with this, the DNA wrestlers are being given a free negotiation period from 10th July to 10th August to negotiate with the different brands in the DDT family if they want to move to somewhere other than DDT. So it is possible that BASARA, Ganbare☆Wrestling and maybe even Tokyo Joshi Pro can get a few wrestlers out of this deal. The intention will be to bring DNA back whenever DDT has a new crop of rookie wrestlers around to carry the brand.

Sanshiro Takagi said the original goal of DNA was to develop a new generation of pro wrestlers with the best of them moving up to DDT. What ended up happening is most of the DNA wrestlers became good enough to join the regular DDT roster anyway. Also the Maji Manji show has been giving the wrestlers a similar spotlight and has become more of a priority for DDT as their schedule fills up. Since there isn’t much difference between the two shows in their minds, it was decided that DNA had become redundant in its role for DDT.

Each of the current DNA wrestlers commented on the news. Yuki Ueno says he will work harder beginning in August when he is transferred to DDT. Kouki Iwasaki thinks it is a good time for him to step up because he does not want to stay stable. Kota Umeda is sad to see DNA disappear but is confident it will return some day to gather a new generation of wrestlers together. Shunma Katsumata always felt a bit lonely because he was already a DDT wrestler when DNA was launched. His focus is now on keeping the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles he currently holds with ALL OUT. MAO wants to work harder than ever from now on. He already had one foot out the door when he was a part of NωA. Mizuki Watase appreciates what DNA has done for him with all of the wrestlers he fought there. He had matches with Shinjiro Otani, Jun Kasai, Koji Kanemoto and Minoru Tanaka early in his wrestling career thanks to DNA. The injured Masato Kamino is aware of the changing environment so all he can do is be at his best when he returns. Nobuhiro Shimatani feels like he will stick with DDT but he is open to hear any offers from BASARA, Ganpro and even Tokyo Joshi. Daiki Shimomura will miss DNA but wants to think positively. Rekka will do his best without changing who he is. Yuki Iino also promises to do his best and sees DDT as a step up. Naomi Yoshimura isn’t going to act any differently whether he is in DDT or DNA. However he admits he will be laughing and crying at DNA’s remaining shows before it goes away.

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