Tokyo Corona Winter Sauna Shimokitazawa
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1. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Shinya Aoki defeated Keisuke Okuda with a Sleeper Hold inside the Cool Bath (3:51).

Over the last week Shinya Aoki and Keisuke Okuda have been arguing with each other over Twitter and agreed to have a Falls Count Anywhere Match at an outdoor sauna in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. That area was chosen because Aoki was already planning to go there and Sanshiro Takagi liked the idea of a Sauna Pro Wrestling match. However one of the terms was to not advertise a date or time for the match to take place because the attention it would cause would only get in the way of the fight. On 23rd January, Okuda grabbed Daisuke Kiso and the DDT video crew then went to the Corona Winter Sauna to have the match with Aoki.

Okuda entered the sauna area and called for Aoki to come out and face him. Aoki popped his head out of his tent and told Okuda to wait a moment so he could put his gear on. When Aoki stepped out ready to fight, Okuda attacked him with a bucket and the match began.

Okuda applied a Choke to Aoki and dragged him out to the street where they traded Middle Kicks. Okuda knocked Aoki down near and fence and stepped on his face against it. Aoki got out and put Okuda in a Sleeper Hold until Okuda grabbed the fence. That counted as a rope break and Aoki had to let go.

Aoki dragged Okuda back into the sauna area where he held him underneath a cold shower. Aoki then pulled Okuda over to the cool bath where the water was 5 degrees cold. Aoki stepped in because he could handle it but Okuda fought to avoid it. Aoki threw Okuda into the cold water and tried to pin him but only got a two count. Aoki then applied a Sleeper Hold in the water and Okuda had to tap out. The cold eventually got to Aoki and he quickly went back into his sauna tent to relax after his victory.

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