DDT “THREE DREAMS 2019” Results

DDT “THREE DREAMS 2019”, 03/03/2019
Hiroshima Aster Plaza Multipurpose Hall
214 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Raw Oysters, Grilled Oysters, Steamed Oysters 3 Way Match: Yoshihiko defeated Antonio Honda and Kazuki Hirata when Yoshihiko pinned Hirata after the Miracle Ecstasy from Makoto Oishi (11:00).
*Yoshihiko wins Kazuki Hirata’s Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Gauntlet.
2. Asuka, Kenshin Chikano & Lowther defeated Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Rey Paloma when Asuka submitted Paloma with a Cradle (7:36).
3. Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie defeated Toru Owashi, Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura when Endo submitted Ueno with the Modified Yurikamome Hold (11:41).
4. HARASHIMA & Takeshi Okada defeated Keisuke Okuda & Makoto Oishi when HARASHIMA pinned Oishi with the Somato (9:22).
5. Kota Umeda defeated Yuki Iino with two PKs (10:21).
*Kota Umeda wins Yuki Iino’s Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Gauntlet.
6. Soma Takao defeated Akito with the Official Endless Waltz (11:10).
7. Hiroshima Specialty! Jingi Naki Special Tag Match: Kazusada Higuchi & Bull James defeated Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata when Higuchi pinned Katsumata with the Doctor Bomb (14:40).

Bull James thanked Kazusada Higuchi for teaming with him today. He wants Higuchi to team with him again anytime. Higuchi replied that he doesn’t understand English at all. James also praised Konosuke Takeshita and thinks he can go wrestle all over the world.

All the DAMNATION members at ringside celebrated when Soma Takao beat Akito. Takao was critical of The Moonlight Express for wrestling at K-DOJO instead of DDT today (The Express successfully defended the STRONGEST-K TAG Titles against Dinosaur Takuma & Kotaro Yoshino). He wonders if that means The Express hates Hiroshima. If so then the anger of Hiroshima’s citizens will follow Takao and help him destroy MAO & Mike Bailey!

Two more movements happened with the Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Gauntlets. Kota Umeda defeated Yuki Iino to take the Yellow Gauntlet. Umeda notices all of the younger wrestlers his age have been joining up in the different units lately while he has stayed independent. Umeda thinks he is better off on his own. That way he can keep his momentum going while competing with the rest of his generation. Yoshihiko won the Blue Gauntlet with some help from his handler Makoto Oishi. When Kazuki Hirata noticed how much help Yoshihiko was getting from Oishi, Hirata aimed for Oishi instead. Oishi fought back, hit the Miracle Ecstasy and threw Yoshihiko on top for the pin.

Naomi Yoshimura had to be held back from starting a fight with DAMNATION after their match.

Although Rey Paloma was defeated, he lifted everyone’s spirits up by dressing Yukio Sakaguchi up in his entrance clothes while his music played.

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