Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,195 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. 4 Way Tag Match: Akito & Shunma Katsumata defeated Mad Paulie & Nobuhiro Shimatani, Masahiro Takanashi & Yukio Naya and Mizuki Watase & Naomi Yoshimura when Katsumata pinned Shimatani with the ¡Hasta la vista! (8:31).
2. Calbee & Frito Lay Collaboration Match ~Love And Potato Snacks Save The Earth~: King Potato Chips & Dragon Potato Mask (w/ Noriyuki Ishibashi) defeated Kazuki Hirata & Hiroshi Yamato when Dragon submitted Hirata with the Dragon Potato Sleeper (8:57).
3. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Summer Jumbo Special Two Big Singles Match: Puma King defeated Yuki Ueno (c) with the Avalanche Power Bomb (13:43).
*Puma King becomes the 1,408th champion.
4. Asuka & Makoto defeated Saki & Su Yung by Disqualification when Yung attacked the referee (8:38).
5. Summer Jumbo Special Two Big Singles Match: Shinya Aoki defeated Makoto Oishi with a European Clutch (8:30).
6. HARASHIMA & Kazusada Higuchi defeated Soma Takao & Tetsuya Endo when HARASHIMA pinned Endo with a Modified Jackknife Pin (13:17).
7. Konosuke Takeshita’s Summer Measures Against Shinya Aoki!: Konosuke Takeshita, Yukio Sakaguchi, Sanshiro Takagi & Antonio Honda defeated Danshoku Dieno, Super Sasadango Machine, MAO & Santino Marella when Takeshita pinned Sasadango with a Cradle (12:25).
8. DDT Extreme Title – Ladder Match: Jiro Kuroshio (c) defeated Daisuke Sasaki when Kuroshio grabbed the title belt (21:43).
*V1 for Jiro Kuroshio.

In the days leading up to the show, all Jiro Kuroshio said for his DDT Extreme Title defence against Daisuke Sasaki was it would be a Ladder Match. When the belt was handed over to be hung above the ring, the match began and it didn’t take long for more than one ladder to be brought in. One ladder was lodged into the other horizontally with the other end placed on the middle rope. Kuroshio ended up Power Bombing Sasaki onto that ladder. But Sasaki got some big help when he put Kuroshio in La Mistica Crossface Lock. When Kuroshio reached over and grabbed the rope, Nobuhiro Shimatani used wrist tape to stick Kuroshio’s hand to it. Help for Kuroshio came when his “brother” Kazusada Higuchi cut him free from the tape so he could stop Sasaki from grabbing the belt. Kuroshio grabbed Sasaki and put him through a table with an Avalanche Death Valley Driver! Another table was placed on top of both ladders beneath the belt. Sasaki tried to give Kuroshio the Pedigree onto it but Kuroshio countered it with the Implant. He must of had faith that the table wouldn’t break because it was still in one piece and stable enough for Kuroshio to pull down the belt and win the match.

Kuroshio celebrated his first title defence and told everyone today is his first main event in Korakuen Hall as a freelancer. He was told his next defence is scheduled for 29th September. Both Tetsuya Endo and HARASHIMA stepped into the ring both asking for a title shot. Endo said he beat Kuroshio in the first D-Ou Grand Prix while HARASHIMA is interested in becoming the Extreme Champion again. Hisaya Imabayashi offered to make a No. 1 Contender match but instead Kuroshio asked for a 3 Way Match!

If the semi-main event was supposed to prepare Konosuke Takeshita for next week’s KO-D Openweight Title defence, you wouldn’t have noticed. Danshoku Dieno claimed that everyone in the match was picked to hone Takeshita’s skills, especially Santino Marella with his judo background. But when the match went ahead nobody would tag in Takeshita. MAO fought with Sanshiro Takagi but all the attention moved to Marella facing off against Antonio Honda. To be more clear, the attention was on The Cobra against Gongitsune! The Cobra struck first but Gongitsune got Marella in the eyes. Takeshita finally tagged in when he made his own Gongitsune hand sign to get Honda’s attention. Dieno positioned himself in the corner to open up Hell’s Gate and the Cobra was thrown into it. The result was Marella’s Cobra going out of control until Super Sasadango Machine threw his mask over it and encouraged everyone else to pull down their tights and throw them on top too. Even Yukio Sakaguchi agreed to help out that way. But the Cobra burst out and struck Sasadango. Takeshita took advantage and pinned Sasadango to win.

After the match Honda told Marella that his fox wants to eat the cobra. Marella called him crazy if he thinks the fox can beat the cobra. A match between Honda and Marella will now take place on 30th August. Next up Pokotan suddenly appeared on the ring apron gesturing for Takeshita’s attention. It was a distraction and Shinya Aoki ambushed Takeshita from the other side with a Sleeper Hold. Aoki choked out Takeshita and took a picture of his unconscious body with his phone.

The hatred between HARASHIMA and Endo grew larger when HARASHIMA pinned Endo in their tag match. It looked like it was going to be a DAMNATION victory when Endo put HARASHIMA in the Modified Yurikamome Hold. Soma Takao had Higuchi held back but couldn’t do anything when HARASHIMA suddenly countered Endo’s submission hold into a Jackknife Pin for the surprise three count. Endo attacked HARASHIMA after the match and got some stomps in.

Aoki had a respectful match with Makoto Oishi. He went hold for hold with him in a match that was mostly kept on the mat. Oishi even surprised Aoki with some escapes. The end came with Aoki catching Oishi with a European Clutch, a move that Oishi himself has used to win matches. Oishi was disappointed with the loss but will leave it up to Takeshita to beat Aoki on 1st September.

Nothing could prepare Asuka & Makoto for the horrors they were about to face. From the moment the demonic pair of Saki & Su Yung entered the ring, things got scary. They cared more for trying to bite and eat their opponents than wrestle them. Yung blinded Asuka with Poison Mist then Daisuke Kiso tried to break things up. Saki & Yung responded by biting Kiso’s arms, causing a disqualification. Saki & Yung then turned their attention on the trainees and attendants at ringside, assaulting them with bites and Poison Mist.

“The Coolest Cat” is now the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion! When Puma King made his entrance, he climbed the entrance gate and stayed there waiting for Yuki Ueno to come out. He then jumped onto Ueno during his entrance. In the ring Puma King blocked Ueno on the top rope and hit an Avalanche Power Bomb for the victory. Puma King said his title win today means he is the best. His next goal is to win the KO-D Title because he is the best! Ueno said backstage that he will try to win the title back when Puma King falls asleep. The only problem is he doesn’t know what hotel Puma King is staying at.

The masked snack wrestlers King Potato Chips & Dragon Potato Mask returned for their second match in DDT. This time they were joined by Noriyuki Ishibashi, the Frito Lay employee who created the gimmicks. He also went to university with Antonio Honda who was definitely not part of this match. Kazuki Hirata decided to take Ishibashi hostage during the match but Dragon Potato Mask calmed down the situation by telling a story. Time slowed down as Hirata and Ishibashi leaned towards each other for a kiss but Hiroshi Yamato broke them up. The snack wrestlers hit Double Bionic Elbows and Dragon Potato Mask made Hirata submit to the Dragon Potato Sleeper. The winning team was awarded with a year’s worth of Calbee and Frito Lay snacks.

A chaotic 4 Way Tag opener was won by Akito & Shunma Katsumata. Akito used the Gourdbuster/Moai Of Easter on Shimatani and Katsumata finished him off with the ¡Hasta la vista!

Some big announcements were made for “ULTIMATE PARTY 2019!” at Sumo Hall on 3rd November. A grand total of 81 wrestlers representing all forms of DDT were revealed to be on the show. The biggest surprise is the return of Kenny Omega! He & Riho will take on Miyu Yamashita & Antonio Honda in a match that Omega himself requested. He calls Honda one of his biggest rivals, refers to Riho as his first tag partner (“Even before him”) and is excited to see Yamashita for himself.

Antonio Honda announced that his mystery partner for 1st September is Cody Hall! He explained that Hall loves his Gongitsune hand sign.  Imabayashi had to explain to Honda that Gongitsune resembles the “Too Sweet” hand gesture that Cody’s father Scott Hall is famous for. Hall agreed and said he went with Honda because he saw the Wolfpac sign.

MAO announced he will be going on an overseas excursion to England at the end of October. He does not have an exact date for his return but he expects to be gone for the rest of the year. He promised not to immediately quit DDT when he comes back.

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