102 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Hero Imanari defeated Ganbare☆Slime with a DDT (?:??).
2. Hero Imanari defeated Genkaku no Yamazaki with a Bean Attack (?:??).
3. Hero Imanari defeated Mr. Lawson with a DDT (?:??).
4. Hero Imanari defeated Artificial Intelligence by Referee Stoppage (?:??).

Life is an adventure. That is the message being told by the first of four Ganbare☆Wrestling shows being held today. Yumehito Imanari put together his own Dragon Quest style adventure for the morning show. Fans entering the venue could see a collection of personal photos from Imanari’s life on display.

Inside the ring stood Ken Ohka playing the Priest class. He told the audience that the integral part of a lifelong adventure is a map. He struck a pose while the audience were given pens and paper to draw him for two minutes. When they were done, Ohka told everyone their drawing was not of him but of their own hero! The adventure they were about to embark on is their own. Hero Imanari appeared in the ring to represent everybody’s own hero.

The first battle Imanari found himself in was against the classic enemy, a Slime. A Ganbare☆Slime in fact. Imanari pinned it with a DDT to level up.

Imanari then told a story about a traumatic job he once had with a TV station in Nagoya. His boss Mr. Yamazaki hated him. An illusion of Mr. Yamazaki appeared at ringside using the power of harassment to harm Imanari. The hero was almost defeated but looked deep into his soul. He shouted back at the illusion, telling it “I am a different person from ten years ago!” He threw  bean at the illusion and it was defeated. Imanari leveled up again.

Low on HP, Imanari needed to find a shop to stock up on healing items. The ring turned into a Lawson store. However when Imanari found out the coffee he asked for did not come in the right size he found himself in a battle against Mr. Lawson. Imanari won with a DDT but suddenly the adventure began to get unstable.

The adventure’s Artificial Intelligence now had a life of its own! It demanded to know Imanari’s annual income as part of a questionnaire about the pro wrestling industry. It kept asking until Imanari gave his answer. He hasn’t changed his annual income for the last ten years but he still has a dream! He grabbed the Playstation in the ring and pulled out the game CD. The A.I. went into overdrive and shut down due to a heart malfunction. Imanari had defeated the final boss!

Ohka the Priest came back out and told Imanari that peace had returned to the temple. He praised Imanari for always being motivated going back to the first time they met. Imanari thanked Ohka for creating Ganpro and giving him a place to wrestle. He then told the audience that they are the heroes in their lives. Are you ready to unleash the hero sleeping inside you?

The show had a happy ending until Keisuke Ishii suddenly ran into the ring and gave Imanari a Fisherman Suplex. Game over.

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