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1. Nodoka Tenma, Yuki Aino, Raku & Pom Harajuku defeated Suzume, Haruna Neko, Moka Miyamoto & Arisu Endo when Raku pinned Endo with the Doctor Yellow (12:05).
2. Shoko Nakajima defeated Kaya Toribami with the Unmanned Local Train Hold (7:47).
3. Yuki Kamifuku & Nao Kakuta defeated Miu Watanabe & Mahiro Kiryu when Kamifuku pinned Kiryu with the Famouser (11:11).
4. Mirai Maiumi defeated Yuki Arai with the Miramare (12:41).
5. Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki defeated Rika Tatsumi & Hyper Misao when Sakazaki pinned Misao with the Magical Girl Niwatori Yaro (11:49).
6. International Princess Title: Hikari Noa (c) defeated Marika Kobashi with the Blizzard Suplex (11:13).
*V1 for Hikari Noa.
7. Princess Tag Team Titles: Sakisama & Mei Saint-Michel (c) defeated Miyu Yamashita & Maki Itoh by TKO when Sakisama used the Versailles Foot Choke on Yamashita (19:09).
*V2 for NEO Biishiki-gun.

Miyu Yamashita’s goal of becoming the first Double Princess Champion ends in failure. Even worse is now she may be the one who ends up helping Sakisama achieve it instead! It looked liked 121000000 had NEO Biishiki-gun figured out. Maki Itoh’s hard head took no damage from Mei Saint-Michel’s steel tray. She did some damage with it herself when she used it to amplify a Kokeshi Headbutt. Yamashita made it up to Sakisama’s level and she did the Attitude Adjustment but Saint-Michel broke the count, cut off Yamashita’s attack and hit the Tarte Tatin with her partner’s help. Sakisama took over and applied the Versailles Foot Choke, rendering Yamashita unconscious.

After the match, Saint-Michel said the rose of victory is beautiful today. She asked Sakisama if the result means she will take the Princess Of Princess Title home with her because the “pelican” Yamashita has been calling herself the strongest in the company and Sakisama just beat her. Itoh also asked Yamashita if she was going to do anything because the ace and champion of Tokyo Joshi Pro shouldn’t be the one losing. Sakisama told Itoh to shut up and said she isn’t interested in championships. However, Yamashita seems to care a lot about the Princess Title so taking it from her just to make her more upset is a very tempting idea. Yamashita accepted the challenge and the match is booked for 26th June at Ryogoku KFC Hall. Saint-Michel cheered on her master to win and Sakisama promised to dye the white belt into her colour of roses.

Hikari Noa survived a close call to mark her first International Princess Title defence. Marika Kobashi entered the match with a new outfit and a determination to win even if it meant taking the fight outside the ring. Her focus was on the Front Neck Lock and Standing Guillotine Leg Drop but Noa’s use of the Blizzard Suplex won out in the end. Backstage Noa called Kobashi and the Gal culture she loves strong. She isn’t going to visit Shibuya any time soon because of that. It’s scary stuff but beating the scary stuff means Noa has nothing to fear for what’s next. She still wants to do a proper death match for example and the championship doesn’t need to be involved if that is the hold up. Kobashi blamed the loss on the lack of Gals in the room supporting her with good vibes.

It is well known by now how much Rika Tatsumi likes Mizuki. According to Hyper Misao this was a problem she felt the need to fix. So she invented a piece of headgear for Tatsumi to wear called the Kimochi Ayatsu Rail Z. According to Tatsumi it converts her love for Mizuki into love for Misao. In reality it allowed Misao to make Tatsumi do whatever she wanted including attack Mizuki without hesitation. The Magical Sugar Rabbits got to remove the headgear and the match went on as normal and Yuka Sakazaki picked up the win. Misao held the remains of the headgear backstage and said the invention is 5 years of her life down the drain.

Yuki Arai had new entrance music for her first singles match. She got to hit Mirai Maiumi with the Finally Axe Kick but couldn’t pin her quick enough to win. She did get very close to win when she ducked a Lariat and used a Backslide Pin for a nearfall. Another attempt at the move was avoided and Maiumi smashed her with a Lariat. She then got the SKE48 star to submit to the Miramare. At least Arai got an MSS48 t-shirt out of it. Maiumi announced backstage that Arai and Yuki Kamifuku both passed their tests to join MSS48. Unfortunately Maiumi also announced that MSS48 was splitting up today.

Speaking of Kamifuku, she got the win for her team in Match #3. It was the first time she was teaming with Nao Kakuta in a regular tag match and also the first time they’ve been in the ring together since their IP Title bout back in April. Kamifuku recently learned to show respect to people like Kakuta for having longer wrestling careers than her. Miu Watanabe appreciated having a fresh team of opponents to fight. Mahiro Kiryu though was disappointed she couldn’t win today.

Also having her first singles match today was Kaya Toribami. The masked woman was put into a speedy battle against Shoko Nakajima. She hit her big move, a Twisting Senton off of the ropes the first time but found no target when she went to do it again. Nakajima caught her in a Butterfly Lock and transitioned over to the Unmanned Local Train Hold for the submission victory. Nakajima gave a little backstory in her post-match interview. She originally met Toribami two years ago where they trained together for something outside of wrestling. When Toribami showed interest in becoming a wrestler, Nakajima encouraged her to do it. Toribami said she felt nervous wrestling in Korakuen Hall but she was a little bit prepared because she already wrestled in Saitama Super Arena.

The opening match was a senpai team versus a kohai team with the veterans coming out on top. Raku got the pin on Arisu Endo with the Doctor Yellow. Nodoka Tenma was happy to see a good turnout for TJPW’s first Korakuen show held on a weeknight. She is also determined not to lose against the younger wrestlers. Yuki Aino tried cheering her sister up by reminding her she only turned “22” earlier this month. Suzume referred to her team as the 1998 class (Moka Miyamoto was born in 1999 but it’s close enough). Yuki Arai is also of similar age to the group so Suzume hopes the five of them can team together some day. Haruna Neko swore to get revenge on Pom Harajuku for targeting her paw during the match.

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