Tokyo Narimasu Act Hall
166 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Maki Itoh defeated Mahiro Kiryu with the Itoh Deluxe (9:19).
2. 3 Way Match: Hyper Misao defeated Miu Watanabe and Pom Harajuku when Misao pinned Harajuku with a Jackknife Pin (9:50).
3. Mizuki & Marika Kobashi, & Kaya Toribami defeated Mirai Maiumi, Suzume & Arisu Endo when Kobashi submitted Endo with the Front Neck Lock (13:09).
4. Sakisama & Mei Saint-Michel defeated Raku & Moka Miyamoto when Sakisama submitted Miyamoto with the Versailles Foot Choke (13:37).
5. Hikari Noa, Yuki Kamifuku & Yuki Aino defeated Rika Tatsumi, Nao Kakuta & Haruna Neko when Noa submitted Kakuta with the Blizzard Suplex (10:00).
6. Special Tag Match: Miyu Yamashita & Yuka Sakazaki defeated Shoko Nakajima & Nodoka Tenma when Yamashita pinned Tenma with the Skull Kick (13:25).

Two weeks after their hard fought title match at “CYBERFIGHT FESTIVAL 2021”, both Miyu Yamashita and Yuka Sakazaki had to put their differences aside to team together in the main event. There was a little awkwardness at first between them but they gelled together to beat Shoko Nakajima & Nodoka Tenma. Yamashita said she became more confident and stronger after her match with Sakazaki. But Sakazaki brought up that she lost in the Korakuen Hall main event two days ago. Backstage Sakazaki explained her bond with Yamashita was broken after “CYBERFIGHT FESTIVAL 2021”.

Raku was able to sent Mei Saint-Michel by singing her a lullaby while applying a Headlock. She tried the same trick to Sakisama but she shrugged it off… until she fell asleep a few seconds later. Saint-Michel had to use the ring bell to wake her up. Moka Miyamoto got Sakisama in the Modified Manjigatame but Saint-Michel stopped it with a Dropkick and Sakisama trapped her in the Versailles Foot Choke to win.

Hyper Misao heard a rumour that today was the first time Miu Watanabe was going to wrestle in a 3 Way Match. Both Misao and Pom Harajuku have a lot of experience wrestling in 3 Way Matches so they would be happy to guide her through one. Watanabe overpowered her opponents with power spots so they had to work two on one against her. Misao then rolled up Harajuku with a Jackknife for the three count.

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