Saitama Wrestle Butokan
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1. Special Single Match: Cherry Vs Shota got lost in the Time Space (0:00).
2. Ganpro Mixed Tag Tournament Ranking Battle & LariPro Outpost Battle: Keisuke Ishii & HARUKAZE Vs Yumehito Imanari & Yuna Manase ended in a No Contest when Shota interfered (8:49).
3. Ganjo Special Single Match: Yuna Manase defeated HARUKAZE with the Suzuki Dynamic (12:39).

Yuna Manase and HARUKAZE used their match as a way to strengthen their bond together. They promised to use this bond to beat Yuu Yamagata the next time she returns to Ganbare☆Joshi. Manase says if she doesn’t give up then she can make her dream come true. But beating Yamagata isn’t her dream, it is her goal! HARUKAZE said she was nervous to wrestle her first singles match against Manase today because she prepared for a 3 Way with Moeka Haruhi also involved. She is disappointed with the result but still thinks it was a great time. She hopes Haruhi was watching the match from home. Manase had to tell her the show wasn’t airing live anywhere.

The LariPro match went off the rails when Shota broke in and gave everybody Stunners.

Supposed time travel shenanigans screwed up the opening match. Apparently Cherry was able to beat Shota with the Spring Night Love and she celebrated after the fact. But Shota and Daisuke Kiso both stood there in the ring telling her nothing happened and the match hadn’t started yet. Cherry broke down in despair and the show had to move to the next match.

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