Shin-Kiba 1st RING
142 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Hikari Noa, Raku, Pom Harajuku & Suzume defeated Maki Itoh, Marika Kobashi, Mahiro Kiryu & Kaya Toribami when Raku pinned Toribami with the Doctor Yellow (13:37).
2. 3 Way Match: Hyper Misao defeated Nao Kakuta and Arisu Endo when Misao pinned Endo with a Modified Crucifix Pin (8:14).
3. Shoko Nakajima, Nodoka Tenma & Moka Miyamoto defeated Rika Tatsumi, Miu Watanabe & Yuki Arai when Miyamoto submitted Arai with the Rashomon (15:12).
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2: Yuki Aino defeated Haruna Neko with the Venus DDT (7:22).
5. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2: Mizuki defeated Mirai Maiumi with the Cutie Special (12:45).
6. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2: Miyu Yamashita defeated Yuki Kamifuku with the Skull Kick (11:35).

Round 2 of the Tokyo Princess Cup began with three matches today, filling up one half of the Quarter Finals. Miyu Yamashita continues her perilous journey through the tournament, advancing past Yuki Kamifuku. Yamashita was honest after the match and admitted to being a little scared because Kamifuku was stronger than she expected. Kamifuku said backstage this was her first singles match with Yamashita in four years and that was only her third ever wrestling bout back then. She was hoping that Nao Kakuta would beat her in Round 1. She would always watch Yamashita matches before but after today she is reminded to respect her seniors. So from now on Kamifuku promises to use proper honorifics, bow her head and come to meetings on time.

Yamashita also gets who she wants in the Quarter Final. Mizuki starts her tournament off on the right foot by beating Mirai Maiumi. She was in a playful mood and kept making S signs to make fun of Maiumi’s love for Strong Style. She explained after the match that she is cherishing every round due to how difficult it will be to win the Princess Cup three years in a row. Mizuki also has to face Yamashita next. Mizuki promised to do her best against her for Yuka Sakazaki. Maiumi hates losing but understands it is something you have to go through to recognize how strong your opponents really are. The difference between this year and last year is Maiumi has learned not to let her emotions get the better of her when she loses.

Yuki Aino survived being scratched to death by Haruna Neko to continue her run. Neko hit the Nekodebreaker and Jumping Nekobreaker but Aino hit back with a Bulldog Headlock and the Venus DDT to win. Neko was disappointed she wasn’t able to take advantage of her higher seeding in the bracket to win today. Aino praised her for being totally different from the last time they wrestled. Now in the Quarter Final Aino takes on Miu Watanabe in a match she is very excited to have.

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