Hiroshima Industrial Hall East Exhibition Hall
195 Fans

1. Chris Brookes defeated Yuki Ishida with a Michinoku Driver II (8:47).
2. Yuji Hino & Yukio Naya defeated Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Naya pinned Hirata with a Big Boot (0:17).
2a. Rematch: Yuji Hino & Yukio Naya defeated Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Naya pinned Hirata with the Modified Torture Cobra Twist (9:20).
3. 4 Way Match: Saki Akai defeated Yuki “Sexy” Iino, Rey Paloma and Antonio Honda when Akai pinned Honda with the Rookie Award (9:04).
4. Special Tag Match: Hiroshi Yamato & Kenshin Chikano defeated MAO & Toi Kojima when Chikano pinned Kojima with the Buzzsaw Kick (11:50).
5. Daisuke Sasaki, MJ Paul & KANON defeated HARASHIMA, Naomi Yoshimura & Yuya Koroku when Sasaki submitted Koroku with the Crossface Lock (12:51).
6. Hiroshima Specialty Special Single Match – “Raw Ass Close Call” Sexy Train Rule: Danshoku “Dandy” Dieno Vs Yuki Ueno ended in a No Contest (8:30).
6a. Rematch: Yuki Ueno defeated Danshoku “Dandy” Dieno with the BME (0:33).
7. BURNING Vs Eruption!: Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi & Hideki Okatani defeated Tetsuya Endo, Jun Akiyama & Yusuke Okada when Higuchi pinned Okatani with the Brain Claw Slam (17:36).

Upcoming trios partners were opponents on today’s show. Kazusada Higuchi is still feeling cold towards Tetsuya Endo & Jun Akiyama and exchanged words with them after the main event. Higuchi got on the microphone and told the fans he can’t really say anything about the “CYBERFIGHT FESTIVAL 2022” match they’re in but he would rather beat the NOAH team using his own power instead of working with the two BURNING wrestler. Higuchi also wants Eruption to win the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles next week so both can move up. He explained more backstage about why he has tension with Endo & Akiyama. He said if you look at what DDT has done in the last year or two, you would understand why he isn’t thrilled about teaming with them.

This has the two BURNING wrestlers concerned about the tag match against NOAH. If they are not all on the same page then Akiyama thinks the only way they will win is if they target Atsushi Kotoge. Endo is not happy with that idea and will only be satisfied with winning if they can beat Naomichi Marufuji directly. They need to get the message across to Higuchi that this match against NOAH is a rivalry, not a friendly exhibition.

Before Yuki Ueno’s match with Danshoku Dieno began, Dieno walked over to Makoto Oishi and bribed him with some money to go do something over on the stage. He then told Ueno he will beat him in under 10 minutes and demanded their match be held under “Raw Ass Close Call” Sexy Train Rules! Hisaya Imabayashi encouraged Ueno to accept the challenge even though neither of them knew what the rule means. Yuki Iino then walked out on the stage carrying an unconscious Toi Kojima. Iino and Oishi taped Kojima to a chair and then Iino stood on a trolley across the stage with his bare backside pointed towards Kojima. The Sexy Train rule is Oishi will slowly push Iino towards Kojima as the match progresses until his butt meets Kojima’s face at the 10 minute mark! At the eight minute mark of the match, Dieno threatened to pull down the last of his tights causing Imabayashi to stop the match. However Ueno told him that Kojima hates it when things are done halfway so he convinced the GM to restart the match with one minute left. Ueno quickly pinned Dieno with the BME. Unfortunately by the time he got up to the stage to rescue his friend, Iino got his final push and Kojima got his face full of his backside.

Yukio Naya challenged Yuji Hino to a singles match. They’ve been a tag team together for months but their win-loss record is not great. Naya thinks in order to become stronger and start getting the results he wants he will have to fight Hino as well as team with him.

The Chris Brookes Vs Yuki Ishida match was almost like a tag match because Brookes dragged both Daisuke Kiso and Yukinori Matsui into getting physical. Brookes grabbed Kiso for leverage to block Ishida’s moves. He then used Matsui as a shield to take Ishida’s Sumo Slaps. One last disrespectful move was done when Brookes used the Michinoku Driver II (one of MAO’s finishers) to win the match.

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  1. RDC says:

    The no contest ending between Dandy Dieno and Yuki Ueno may have caused them to have red asses!

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