About DDT

DDT, aka Dramatic Dream Team, is a wrestling promotion that was set up by Sanshiro Takagi in 1997. DDT does wrestling differently when compared to the major Japanese promotions. Rather than follow the more serious and athletic style of wrestling, it instead takes the WWE option of being more about Sports Entertainment. Throw in the bizarre sense of humour Japan is known for and you have a very weird wrestling promotion indeed. From a man who idolises Stone Cold Steve Austin, to a violently homosexual wrestler, to ladders winning championships and to one of the brightest growing stars in the business today, DDT captured the imagination of some wrestling fans who wanted to watch wrestling just for fun. However, behind all the silliness lies some genuine talent among the ranks. Kota Ibushi and HARASHIMA are the two aces of the promotion, Sanshiro Takagi has plenty of charisma to spare, Kenny Omega made a name for himself here thanks to his exciting matches and MIKAMI has been providing the high risk, high flying action for over a decade.

DDT runs several sub-brands and offshoots, regularly experimenting the different ways wrestling can be done and presented. Union is the revived version of the notorious indy sleaze promtions from the early 1990s and is now run by Shuji Ishikawa. It is the most consistant of the sub-brands when it comes to running shows. Hard Hit is more of a stand up worked shoot style hybrid using rounds and a points system for its matches. MUSCLE began as Muscle Sakai’s parody of HUSTLE but since then has gained a life of its own and is now about whatever crazy idea Sakai thinks of at the time. Cruiser’s Game focuses on high flying wrestlers and is handled by MIKAMI. BOYS feature handsome wrestlers from around the indy scene and is kept under the watchful eye of Johnny Edojima, who is played by Danshoku Dino. New Beijing features DDT wrestlers doing Chinese parodies of other promotions and is run by Choun-Shiryu. Finally there was Yago Pro, a sub-brand that existed for one night only held by Yoshiaki Yago.

DDT currently has four main championships. The KO-D Openweight Title, the KO-D Tag Team Titles, the DDT Extreme Title (every title bout is fought under a stipulation or gimmick match) and the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Title (Hardcore title defended 24/7). They recognise other championships from around Japan and even revive the most obscure and unknown championships whenever and wherever they feel like it.

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