DDT UNIVERSE is DDT’s video on-demand service. It presents live broadcasts as well as archived shows from throughout its history and many spin offs. The subscription service costs 900 yen a month but first time customers can receive their first month for free.

Here is a guide for fans outside of Japan explaining how to sign up for DDT UNIVERSE.

1. Type ddtuniverse.com into the address bar.

2. Move the mouse cursor onto the アカウントサービス button, located beneath Schedule, Videos, Tags and the site’s search bar.

3. From there you have two options:
ログイン is to log in.
新規会員登録 is to sign up.
We’ll focus on signing up first so click on the latter.

4. When you sign up you will first need to type in your email address twice, the second time is to confirm it is correct. Please remember that the email address will be your ID Name for signing in to the website.

5. The next page is to confirm the email address. The button on the left (戻る) is to go back. The button on the right (登録) is to continue the registration.

6. When you see the image above then that means an authentication link has been sent to your email address.

7. You must click on the link within 24 hours to continue the registration. If you do not do this in time then you will have to start over. The link may be sent to your Junk Email filter.

8. When you click on the link you will be sent to a page where you must:

– Create a password (must be between 8-20 alphanumeric characters)
– Confirm the password
– Select from a list of secret questions*
– Type in the answer to your secret question
– Enter a nickname
– Enter your date of birth (Year/Month/Day format)
– Select gender (Male/Female)
– Agree to receive emails & newsletters (Yes/No)
– Tick the box to agree with the site’s privacy policy

*Here are the Secret Questions translated into English:
Who is your favourite player?
What is your favourite technique?
What song do you want to use for your entrance song?
What was your childhood nickname?
Where would you like to go?
What is your grandfather’s name?
What is the name of your first pet?
What is your mother’s maiden name?
Where were you born?
What was the first car you bought?

When that is all done, click on the 入力内容を確認 button.

9. The next page gives you a chance to look over the options. If you made a mistake, click on the left button (戻る) to go back. Otherwise click on the right button (登録) to continue.

10. At this point your account has been created and is eligible to watch videos that have been uploaded for free by DDT. In order to pay for a subscription and get access to the proper service you have to go to one of the videos itself.

11. Go to any video on the site to watch. The video will not load because you haven’t put in your payment details yet. To select your payment options scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the 契約する button.

12. The monthly subscription price is 900 yen a month but your first month is free. Paypal is accepted as well as credit cards through SoftBank Payment Service. And there’s three other ways which I don’t think apply to customers outside of Japan so don’t worry about them. The Paypal selection sends you straight to the Paypal site so I don’t think you need help from that point onwards.

So there you have it. Hopefully the directions are easy to understand. But if DDT UNIVERSE is not to your liking then here is how to change your details or cancel your subscription.

1. When you are logged in, highlight the button with your nickname and アカウントサービス written on it. Then click on the third option (会員情報).

2. Here you can change your membership details, change your log in information, change your password, check on the devices your account has used for the site, change your credit card information, review your subscription history and choose to leave the service.

3. To cancel your subscription click on the sixth box labelled 購入履歴の確認・解約.

4. From there it will show you your subscription history. The most recent payment will be on the top of the list. Click on the link next to it to begin the cancellation.

5. To confirm the cancellation click on the right button (解約手続き).

6. To delete the account click on the seventh box labelled サービスの退会. Then click on the right button (退会する).

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