Young Communications Card, Takagi & Sawa In BJW, Apartment Show

August 24, 2011

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Taishi Takizawa & Toru Sugiura Vs Takao Soma & Shigehiro Irie
2. Hiro Tonai Vs Rion Mizuki
3. Hiroshi Fukuda Vs Kotaro Nasu
4. Kazuki Hirata & Hiro Tsumaki Vs Hiromu Takahashi & Ryuichi Sekine
5. Keisuke Ishii Vs Akito

Will Keisuke Ishii be the reigning KO-D Openweight Champion by the time this show comes around?

BJW, 23/09/2011
Yokkaichi Australia Memorial Hall

Kasumigaura Ryokuchi Park & Yokkaichi Land & Water Falls Count Anywhere Free Weapons Death Match: Abdullah Kobayashi, Sanshiro Takagi & Munenori Sawa Vs Ryuji Ito, Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei

After the sad announcement earlier this week from Munenori Sawa about his plan to retire a few days after BattlArts closes down in November, he and Sanshiro Takagi only have a few months left to continue their “Daishacho Hentai” tag team. They will take a trip over to Big Japan Wrestling to team up with Abdullah Kobayashi to fight Ryuji Ito and the Brahman Bros in a Falls Count Anywhere match that sounds just like something Takagi & Sawa did during their “Greatest Title Run Ever”©.

The Apartment Pro Wrestling show took place somewhere in Tokyo today. Unfortunately I haven’t found out who took part and what the match was. However it was taped for DVD, which will be released next month. The match took place in an apartment building that is scheduled to be demolished later this year, which probably explains how DDT was able to do this show. DDT did post a picture taken of the hallway after the show finished. As you can see below, the place was wrecked by the time DDT was done with it.


Changes To Beer Fight Card, DDT In Your House

August 11, 2011

DDT “BEER FIGHT 2011 ~ DDT DAY”, 13/08/2011
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. MIKAMI Vs DJ Nira
2. Antonio Honda, Makoto Oishi & Kazuki Hirata Vs Michael Nakazawa, Sexxxy Eddy & Ryan Genesis
3. Hikaru Sato & Tanomusaku Toba Vs Takao Soma & Shigehiro Irie
4. HARASHIMA & HERO! Vs Yasu Urano & Hoshitango
5. Poison Sawada JULIE Vs Daisuke Sasaki
6. Customer Draw 6 Man Tag Team: KUDO, Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, Danshoku Dino, Keisuke Ishii and Masa Takanashi

Some alterations have been made for the final day of “BEER FIGHT 2011”. Yasu Urano replaces MIKAMI in Match #4. MIKAMI will now face DJ Nira in the opener. Kazuki Hirata is bumped up into the second match to team with Antonio Honda & Makoto Oishi to face Michael Nakazawa and two wrestlers of his choice. They turned out to be Sexxxy Eddy and Ryan Genesis.

Here is DDT’s latest crazy idea: Apartment Pro Wrestling. On 24th August an apartment somewhere in Tokyo will be the location for a DDT wrestling match. No names or detailed location has been mentioned yet. That’s not all, a contest for fans will be held during the Beer Fight DDT Day show with the prize being a ticket to see the show inside the apartment. Only ten tickets will be given out and no more will be available at all after that. So yeah, some poor sod is going to have people like Kota Ibushi and Danshoku Dino come over to his place and wreck the gaff.