July 22, 2021

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
142 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. 3 Vs 4 Handicap Match: Shoko Nakajima, Rika Tatsumi & Hyper Misao defeated Nodoka Tenma, Yuki Aino, Haruna Neko & Suzume when Tatsumi pinned Suzume with the Twist Of Fate (10:53).
2. Hikari Noa, Mizuki, Miu Watanabe & Yuki Arai defeated Maki Itoh, Yuki Kamifuku, Marika Kobashi & Kaya Toribami when Noa pinned Toribami with the Blizzard Suplex (13:23).
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1: Mahiro Kiryu defeated Arisu Endo with the Spinebuster (9:00).
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1: Raku defeated Moka Miyamoto with the Doctor Yellow (6:01).
5. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1: Mirai Maiumi defeated Pom Harajuku with the Miramare (8:31).
6. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1: Miyu Yamashita defeated Nao Kakuta with the Crash Rabbit Heat (11:27).

The Tokyo Princess Cup begins with Miyu Yamashita advancing past the first round. Given her past experiences in the tournament, she is treating this win against Nao Kakuta as a big deal. That is why she used the Crash Rabbit Heat, which in recent times is only used in title matches. But the hard work has just begun with Yuki Kamifuku waiting for Yamashita in Round 2. Backstage Yamashita talked about Maki Itoh’s goal to beat Mizuki in the tournament. She points out the brackets are laid out for Yamashita to face Mizuki first and she is determined not to lose to her. Itoh overheard Yamashita’s comments and it led to an awkward moment between them.

Another challenge, another custom shirt for Mirai Maiumi. She had to out-think her opponent Pom Harajuku. Her Back Drop was countered into a Rolling Cradle but Maiumi turned it over into the Miramare to get the submission win. Now Maiumi faces Mizuki in Round 2 and she warns a Miramare Shock will happen to the two time winner! Harajuku always heard Maiumi talk about SS so she spent all of the night before thinking what it means. Harajuku thought it meant Sirloin Steak so she ate one before the match and didn’t like it. That’s probably why she lost.

Raku earned her first ever singles win by beating Moka Miyamoto. She thanked the fans who sent her messages of support before the match. She was able to do her best because of them. She faces Maki Itoh in the next round and is already thinking of lullabies and other tricks to make Itoh fall asleep. Miyamoto is disappointed to lose in the first round but promises to make up for it in the non-tournament matches for the rest of this week.

In the first tournament match of the day, Mahiro Kiryu eliminated Arisu Endo. She felt Endo was building up momentum so she couldn’t afford to lose to her. Kiryu’s next round opponent is Suzume. The two have gotten to know each other a lot in their private lives but Kiryu doesn’t want to lose against her junior. Her plan is to wrestle the match in her own way so she won’t get swept up by Suzume’s pace.

Tokyo Princess Cup 2021 Brackets

July 14, 2021

The Tokyo Princess Cup brackets are now complete. 22 of the 23 participants (Marika Kobashi was absent due to school work) picked their numbers out of a random lottery and were matched together before giving their comments for the upcoming tournament.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1A: Nao Kakuta Vs Miyu Yamashita
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1B: Pom Harajuku Vs Mirai Maiumi
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1C: Moka Miyamoto Vs Raku
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1D: Arisu Endo Vs Mahiro Kiryu

Miyu Yamashita welcomes the challenge that comes with Tokyo Joshi Pro growing larger. The Princess Cup has been her biggest Achilles Heel because she has never won it and often suffers her worst results there. Nao Kakuta suddenly finds herself fighting the Princess Of Princess Champion in Round 1. She understands she would lose this match 99% of the time so will aim to make this the 1% chance she will win. Pom Harajuku picked No. 4 and is treating it as her lucky number. This is her first match back since recovering from Covid. Mirai Maiumi has developed into the type of person she wanted to be but hasn’t been able to win anything yet. This summer she is determined to cause the Miramare Shock! Moka Miyamoto is looking forward to entering her first Princess Cup after not being included last year. Raku hasn’t won a singles match yet and sees Miyamoto is gaining momentum. She says she will do her best to beat her. Arisu Endo’s motivation is to face Suzume in the 2nd Round. Mahiro Kiryu stands in her way and won’t let her pass her by.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1E: Miu Watanabe Vs Kaya Toribami
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1F: Yuki Aino Vs Yuki Arai
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1G: Hikari Noa Vs Rika Tatsumi
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1H: Marika Kobashi Vs Nodoka Tenma

Last year Miu Watanabe finished in the final 8. This time she is aiming to improve on that and reach the semi finals. Kaya Toribami knows how strong she is in their previous tag matches together. Toribami doesn’t have much experience but she will give it her all to win. Yuki Aino is also going to use what she learned in the last year to make it past the quarter finals. Her opponent Yuki Arai is coming off her first win and is confirmed to be on all of the shows during the tournament, no matter how she fares in the Cup itself. Perhaps the biggest match in Round 1 is Hikari Noa Vs Rika Tatsumi. Hikari’s first singles match against a senior member of the roster was against Tatsumi back in 2018. This time she is fighting her as the International Princess Champion and the winner faces Hyper Misao in Round 2. Noa wants to advance and face Misao in a death match. Tatsumi appreciates seeing other wrestlers achieve their dreams but she doesn’t want it to happen at her expense. She has a first time singles match against Mizuki as her big dream to fight for. Nodoka Tenma has never lost to Kobashi in singles matches but she has only advanced past Round 1 once. That was the year Tenma reached the semi final though so she wants to walk down that road again.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2A: Winner Of Match 1A Vs Yuki Kamifuku
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2B: Winner Of Match 1B Vs Mizuki
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2E: Winner Of Match 1F Vs Haruna Neko

The winner of Yamashita Vs Kakuta faces Yuki Kamifuku in Round 2. Kamifuku admittingly doesn’t like wrestling in singles tournaments but you have to do what you have to do. If she wins the Princess Cup then she wants the sponsors Ameba to buy her a really big motorcycle. Mizuki has dominated the tournament by winning it the last two years. She’s hesitant if she can make it 3 in a row but will do her best because everyone is wishing her good luck. Haruna Neko is waiting for whichever Yuki comes up to fight her

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2C: Winner Of Match 1C Vs Maki Itoh
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2D: Winner Of Match 1D Vs Suzume
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2F: Winner Of Match 1G Vs Hyper Misao
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2G: Winner Of Match 1H Vs Shoko Nakajima

Maki Itoh still remembers losing to Mizuki in the semi final last year. Her goal is to win the tournament this year and surpass Mizuki. Suzume recently fought for the Princess Tag Team Titles but isn’t taking her chances here for granted. Hyper Misao is holding the same motivations she had way back in her first Princess Cup in 2015. She was chosen as a replacement back then because at the time everyone thought her superhero character had a short shelf life. She wants to win and prove she doesn’t have a shelf life at all! She heard about Noa’s request for a death match but she expects to face Tatsumi instead. Misao lost to Tatsumi in her fake retirement match last year so it’s time to get that win back. Shoko Nakajima is the only other person next to Yamashita that will be a part of every Princess Cup so far. She has the most tournament experience in the field and thinks it is all coming together for her.

Shinjuku FACE

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Quarter Final: Winner Of Match 2A Vs Winner Of Match 2B
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Quarter Final: Winner Of Match 2C Vs Winner Of Match 2D
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Quarter Final: Winner Of Match 1E Vs Winner Of Match 2E
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Quarter Final: Winner Of Match 2F Vs Winner Of Match 2G

The bracket structure ends at the quarter final stage.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: X Vs X
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: X Vs X

For the first time the final rounds will be held inside Korakuen Hall. Even better, each round gets a show to itself!

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Final: X Vs X

Ameba is providing a prize for the winner. There is “WRESTLE PRINCESS II” taking place in October so the obvious reward is a Princess Title match in the main event. There is not another TJPW Korakeun show on the schedule right now but things can change.

Tokyo Princess Cup 2021

July 12, 2021

The 8th edition of the Tokyo Princess Cup is the largest one yet. 23 wrestlers from Tokyo Joshi Pro will take part. It leads to an uneven bracket where some fortunate entrants may have shorter paths to the final than others should they win all their matches. A lottery will be held to determine the complete bracket soon and another lottery will be held at the semi final stage. The full list of entrants are:

Miyu Yamashita (8th Appearance)
Hikari Noa (4th Appearance)
Mizuki (5th Appearance, 2019 & 2020 Winner)
Shoko Nakajima (8th Appearance, 2015 Winner)
Rika Tatsumi (6th Appearance)
Maki Itoh (5th Appearance)
Yuki Kamifuku (3rd Appearance)
Hyper Misao (5th Appearance)
Nodoka Tenma (6th Appearance)
Yuki Aino (3rd Appearance)
Marika Kobashi (2nd Appearance)
Miu Watanabe (3rd Appearance)
Raku (3rd Appearance)
Nao Kakuta (1st Appearance)
Mirai Maiumi (2nd Appearance)
Suzume (2nd Appearance)
Pom Harajuku (2nd Appearance)
Mahiro Kiryu (2nd Appearance)
Haruna Neko (2nd Appearance)
Moka Miyamoto (1st Appearance)
Arisu Endo (1st Appearance)
Kaya Toribami (1st Appearance)
Yuki Arai (1st Appearance)


Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1A: X Vs X
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1B: X Vs X
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1C: X Vs X
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1D: X Vs X


Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1E: X Vs X
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1F: X Vs X
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1G: X Vs X
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1H: X Vs X


Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2A: Winner Of Match 1A Vs X
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2B: Winner Of Match 1B Vs X
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2E: Winner Of Match 1F Vs X


Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2C: Winner Of Match 1C Vs X
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2D: Winner Of Match 1D Vs X
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2F: Winner Of Match 1G Vs X
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 2G: Winner Of Match 1H Vs X


Shinjuku FACE

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Quarter Final: Winner Of Match 2A Vs Winner Of Match 2B
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Quarter Final: Winner Of Match 2C Vs Winner Of Match 2D
3. Tokyo Princess Cup – Quarter Final: Winner Of Match 1E Vs Winner Of Match 2E
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Quarter Final: Winner Of Match 2F Vs Winner Of Match 2G


Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: X Vs X
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: X Vs X


Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Final: X Vs X


July 1, 2021

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
119 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Moka Miyamoto Vs Arisu Endo ended in a Time Limit Draw (15:00).
2. Yuka Sakazaki defeated Suzume with the Magical Merry-Go-Round (9:07).
3. UWF Rules: Miyu Yamashita (1D/2E) defeated Mirai Maiumi (1D/1E) by Knockout with the Skull Kick (11:17).

D = Down
E = Escape/Rope Break

The first “TJPW INSPIRATION” was built around a hardcore match, the second time around was more UWF flavored. Miyu Yamashita and Mirai Maiumi had their go at the combat sport with Yamashita’s karate against Maiumi’s judo. Maiumi used the Lariat for a counter and eventually took the points lead over her opponent. However a rush of kicks from Yamashita turned things around and the Skull Kick resulted in a KO when Maiumi couldn’t answer the 10 count. Yamashita said the UWF Rules are so much fun and she was happy to try them out with Maiumi today.

Yuka Sakazaki defeated Suzume in her last match before trekking off to AEW for a month. Suzume treated this match as vital practice for the Tokyo Princess Cup so even though she lost, she still did her best to learn from it. She wants to have an evolutionary summer while Sakazaki is away in America. Sakazaki was hoping to finally win the Princess Cup this year but she thinks the timing to visit AEW again is fate. Her goal on this excursion is to wrestle on Dynamite and get back at Britt Baker for knocking out her tooth last year.

A chance for Moka Miyamoto and Arisu Endo to get their first singles win ended in a stalemate. After 15 minutes a winner couldn’t be determined. Endo hit the Tsuruga Castle for a nearfall while Miyamoto had Rashomon locked in until the bell rang. Endo is disappointed with the draw but still thinks she had a fun match. Miyamoto didn’t know she was capable to wrestle for 15 minutes. Now that she knows she can do it, she aims last that long win or lose from now on.

Inspiration Tomorrow, Astronauts 2nd Chance, Ganpro Beer Garden

June 30, 2021

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Moka Miyamoto Vs Arisu Endo
2. Yuka Sakazaki Vs Suzume
3. UWF Rules: Miyu Yamashita Vs Mirai Maiumi

The UWF Rules being used is a 20 minute time limit that can end by Knockout, Submission, Referee Stoppage or a 5 Point TKO. Points are lost by knock downs and rope breaks. Wrestlers cannot be attacked during the knockdown count. Headbutts, elbow strikes, closed fist punches to the face and hitting below the belt are all prohibited. Wrestlers will be given two warnings for breaking those rules and will be disqualified if it’s done a third time.

This is Yuka Sakazaki’s final match in Japan before her excursion to AEW next month.

Moka Miyamoto and Arisu Endo are both fighting for their first singles victory.

Shinjuku FACE

1. Takato Nakano Vs Kosuke Sato
2. Jacket Match: Ryota Nakatsu & Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi Vs Tsutomu Oosugi & Banana Senga (Special Referee: Gouma)
3. Takumi Tsukamoto, Yasu Urano & Masato Kamino Vs FUMA, Yusuke Kubo & Daichi Kazato
4. IRON FIST Tag Titles: Isami Kodaka & Daiki Shimomura (c) Vs Fuminori Abe & Takuya Nomura
5. ReOStaff Presents Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Final: SAGAT Vs Minoru Fujita

The IRON FIST Tag Titles will be on the line with Astronauts getting their second shot at becoming the champions. They previously fought for the titles at the end of 2019.

Takato Nakano and Kosuke Sato are building up a small grudge between each other from yesterday’s show. It gets settled here.

GANBARE☆PRO “LOST HIGHWAY 2021”, 11/07/2021
Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

1. Ken Ohka, Shinichiro Tominaga & HARUKAZE Vs Yuna Manase, Shu Sakurai & SAGAT
2. Ganpro’s Three Major Singles Match: Keisuke Ishii Vs Takahiro Katori
3. Ganpro’s Three Major Singles Match: Shota Vs Shigehiro Irie
4. Ganpro’s Three Major Singles Match: Yumehito Imanati Vs Kouki Iwasaki
5. Special Tag Match To Celebrate Katsumura & Haruhi’s Tournament Victory: Shuichiro Katsumura & Moeka Haruhi Vs Tanomusaku Toba & Miyako Matsumoto

After all the rumours and teases, the special opponents for Shuichiro Katsumura & Moeka Haruhi for winning the Mixed Tag Tournament are… Tanomusaku Toba & Miyako Matsumoto? That’s it? Something’s not right here.

Takahiro Katori is a freelancer originally from Tochigi’s EAGLE Pro Wrestling.

Miyagi Shiroishi White Cube

1. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Tetsuya Endo, Soma Takao & Yuji Hino (c) Vs Yuki Ueno, Shunma Katsumata & MAO

Is it really a good idea to rain on somebody’s homecoming parade? The 37KAMIINA demanded to be DAMNATION’s opponents in Tetsuya Endo’s hometown!

Shinjuku FACE

1. Beer Garden Specialty! Yumehito Imanari Produce Match “Pocchari Joshi 2.5” ~1st BEST OF THE SUPER Pocchari Decision Match~: Yuna Manase Vs Yuna Mizumori (Special Refeere: Nikkan Lee)
2. Beer Garden Specialty! Keisuke Ishii Produce Match “The Return Of Lariat Pro Wrestling 2021”: Keisuke Ishii, Shinichiro Tominaga & Moeka Haruhi Vs Onryo, Shota & HARUKAZE

DDT isn’t the only place running a Beer Garden show this year. Ganbare☆Pro is joining in on the fun with some Lariat Pro and Pocchari Joshi on the side.

Takahiro Katori will be on the show.


June 26, 2021

Tokyo Ryogoku KFC Hall
202 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Maki Itoh & Nodoka Tenma defeated Mirai Maiumi & Kaya Toribami when Itoh submitted Toribami with a Crab Hold (11:32).
2. 3 Way Match: Rika Tatsumi defeated Yuki Kamifuku and Arisu Endo when Tatsumi pinned Endo with a Rotating Leg Fold (7:00).
3. Shoko Nakajima & Moka Miyamoto defeated Miu Watanabe & Yuki Arai when Miyamoto submitted Arai with the Rashomon (10:15).
4. Yuki Aino, Raku & Pom Harajuku defeated Hikari Noa, Suzume & Haruna Neko when Raku pinned Noa with a Cross-Arm Backslide Pin (13:10).
5. Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki & Marika Kobashi defeated Hyper Misao, Nao Kakuta & Mahiro Kiryu when Kobashi pinned Kiryu with the Running Bulldog Headlock (10:59).
6. Princess Of Princess Title: Miyu Yamashita (c) defeated Sakisama with the Crash Rabbit Heat (16:27).
*V2 for Miyu Yamashita.

For the first time in their half decade long rivalry, Miyu Yamashita has beaten Sakisama! In the days coming into today’s big main event, Sakisama had gone viral on Twitter with her ability to look elegant while wrestling. So that along with her virtually flawless record against Yamashita had her entering the match with a lot of momentum. However Yamashita matched her kick for kick, getting closer to victory by hitting the Attitude Adjustment from the second rope and also the Crash Rabbit Heat to the back of the head. Sakisama grabbed hold with a Triangle Choke but Yamashita lifted her way free and hit the Skull Kick. The final moments had both strike each other with a High Kick. Sakisama fell down but Yamashita was able to bounce off of the ropes and hit the Crash Rabbit Heat for the three count.

After the match Yamashita said Sakisama is the one opponent who frustrates her more than any other. It took Yamashita putting the Princess Of Princess Title on the line to finally beat her. After all that, today’s first win makes Yamashita very happy indeed. She thanked the fans for supporting her and Maki Itoh for being her second at ringside. As a champion, Yamashita has no limits! Backstage Yamashita said she still hates Sakisama but also wants to fight her again and again. Sakisama also said something similar about the “Pelican” in her brief post-match statement. Yamashita also wants to enter the Tokyo Princess Cup because she still hasn’t won it yet. She wants to be at her best when and win it as the champion. After that she will then know what she wants to do next. It confirms that the next Princess Title match won’t be until after the tournament.

Hyper Misao told everyone her tag team partners Nao Kakuta & Mahiro Kiryu have high social skills because they previously had jobs before becoming pro wrestlers. They wanted to give their business cards to the opposing team to prove this. Of course, this turned out to be a trap for Misao’s team to jump the bell. Marika Kobashi and The Magical Sugar Rabbits immediately turned things around and went on to win.

Raku used a Cross-Arm Backslide Pin to get the upset over Hikari Noa. Raku said she has lost to Noa in Singles matches plenty of times but she wants to challenge her for the International Princess Title! Noa happily accepted the challenge and wants the match to happen in Ryogoku KFC Hall on 7th July. She lost to Raku here today so she may as well defend the title against her in the same venue. Noa warned that she is going to be crazy in the ring because she only just recently watched Jun Kasai’s new documentary.

Today is the first time Moka Miyamoto directly won a match! Her Modified Cobra Twist is now called the Rashomon and she used it to submit Yuki Arai. The name has nothing to do with the famous story, instead it means her first win is like walking straight through a Rashomon gate to enter the big city. At least that’s how I remember it. She said her trainee period lasted a long time because of Covid-19 and she was disappointed she couldn’t get her first win in her first year. But she is still really happy with getting the first win today. Her next goal is to win a singles match. She also looks forward to fighting Arai again. Shoko Nakajima commented that the rise in reliable and enthusiastic juniors in Tokyo Joshi is increasing so she will do her best not to lose against them.

A brief alliance was formed between Yuki Kamifuku & Arisu Endo to gang up on Rika Tatsumi. It became a free for all that ended in a flurry of finishers. Endo gave Tatsumi the Tsuruga Castle Knee Drop across the back of her neck. Kamifuku gave Endo the Famouser but Tatsumi came back to hit her with the Hip Attack. Tatsumi then pinned Endo with a Rotating Leg Fold to survive with the win.

When Kaya Toribami used her agility to avoid Nodoka Tenma’s attacks, Tenma couldn’t help but mumble “cool” out loud.


June 17, 2021

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
474 Fans

1. Nodoka Tenma, Yuki Aino, Raku & Pom Harajuku defeated Suzume, Haruna Neko, Moka Miyamoto & Arisu Endo when Raku pinned Endo with the Doctor Yellow (12:05).
2. Shoko Nakajima defeated Kaya Toribami with the Unmanned Local Train Hold (7:47).
3. Yuki Kamifuku & Nao Kakuta defeated Miu Watanabe & Mahiro Kiryu when Kamifuku pinned Kiryu with the Famouser (11:11).
4. Mirai Maiumi defeated Yuki Arai with the Miramare (12:41).
5. Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki defeated Rika Tatsumi & Hyper Misao when Sakazaki pinned Misao with the Magical Girl Niwatori Yaro (11:49).
6. International Princess Title: Hikari Noa (c) defeated Marika Kobashi with the Blizzard Suplex (11:13).
*V1 for Hikari Noa.
7. Princess Tag Team Titles: Sakisama & Mei Saint-Michel (c) defeated Miyu Yamashita & Maki Itoh by TKO when Sakisama used the Versailles Foot Choke on Yamashita (19:09).
*V2 for NEO Biishiki-gun.

Miyu Yamashita’s goal of becoming the first Double Princess Champion ends in failure. Even worse is now she may be the one who ends up helping Sakisama achieve it instead! It looked liked 121000000 had NEO Biishiki-gun figured out. Maki Itoh’s hard head took no damage from Mei Saint-Michel’s steel tray. She did some damage with it herself when she used it to amplify a Kokeshi Headbutt. Yamashita made it up to Sakisama’s level and she did the Attitude Adjustment but Saint-Michel broke the count, cut off Yamashita’s attack and hit the Tarte Tatin with her partner’s help. Sakisama took over and applied the Versailles Foot Choke, rendering Yamashita unconscious.

After the match, Saint-Michel said the rose of victory is beautiful today. She asked Sakisama if the result means she will take the Princess Of Princess Title home with her because the “pelican” Yamashita has been calling herself the strongest in the company and Sakisama just beat her. Itoh also asked Yamashita if she was going to do anything because the ace and champion of Tokyo Joshi Pro shouldn’t be the one losing. Sakisama told Itoh to shut up and said she isn’t interested in championships. However, Yamashita seems to care a lot about the Princess Title so taking it from her just to make her more upset is a very tempting idea. Yamashita accepted the challenge and the match is booked for 26th June at Ryogoku KFC Hall. Saint-Michel cheered on her master to win and Sakisama promised to dye the white belt into her colour of roses.

Hikari Noa survived a close call to mark her first International Princess Title defence. Marika Kobashi entered the match with a new outfit and a determination to win even if it meant taking the fight outside the ring. Her focus was on the Front Neck Lock and Standing Guillotine Leg Drop but Noa’s use of the Blizzard Suplex won out in the end. Backstage Noa called Kobashi and the Gal culture she loves strong. She isn’t going to visit Shibuya any time soon because of that. It’s scary stuff but beating the scary stuff means Noa has nothing to fear for what’s next. She still wants to do a proper death match for example and the championship doesn’t need to be involved if that is the hold up. Kobashi blamed the loss on the lack of Gals in the room supporting her with good vibes.

It is well known by now how much Rika Tatsumi likes Mizuki. According to Hyper Misao this was a problem she felt the need to fix. So she invented a piece of headgear for Tatsumi to wear called the Kimochi Ayatsu Rail Z. According to Tatsumi it converts her love for Mizuki into love for Misao. In reality it allowed Misao to make Tatsumi do whatever she wanted including attack Mizuki without hesitation. The Magical Sugar Rabbits got to remove the headgear and the match went on as normal and Yuka Sakazaki picked up the win. Misao held the remains of the headgear backstage and said the invention is 5 years of her life down the drain.

Yuki Arai had new entrance music for her first singles match. She got to hit Mirai Maiumi with the Finally Axe Kick but couldn’t pin her quick enough to win. She did get very close to win when she ducked a Lariat and used a Backslide Pin for a nearfall. Another attempt at the move was avoided and Maiumi smashed her with a Lariat. She then got the SKE48 star to submit to the Miramare. At least Arai got an MSS48 t-shirt out of it. Maiumi announced backstage that Arai and Yuki Kamifuku both passed their tests to join MSS48. Unfortunately Maiumi also announced that MSS48 was splitting up today.

Speaking of Kamifuku, she got the win for her team in Match #3. It was the first time she was teaming with Nao Kakuta in a regular tag match and also the first time they’ve been in the ring together since their IP Title bout back in April. Kamifuku recently learned to show respect to people like Kakuta for having longer wrestling careers than her. Miu Watanabe appreciated having a fresh team of opponents to fight. Mahiro Kiryu though was disappointed she couldn’t win today.

Also having her first singles match today was Kaya Toribami. The masked woman was put into a speedy battle against Shoko Nakajima. She hit her big move, a Twisting Senton off of the ropes the first time but found no target when she went to do it again. Nakajima caught her in a Butterfly Lock and transitioned over to the Unmanned Local Train Hold for the submission victory. Nakajima gave a little backstory in her post-match interview. She originally met Toribami two years ago where they trained together for something outside of wrestling. When Toribami showed interest in becoming a wrestler, Nakajima encouraged her to do it. Toribami said she felt nervous wrestling in Korakuen Hall but she was a little bit prepared because she already wrestled in Saitama Super Arena.

The opening match was a senpai team versus a kohai team with the veterans coming out on top. Raku got the pin on Arisu Endo with the Doctor Yellow. Nodoka Tenma was happy to see a good turnout for TJPW’s first Korakuen show held on a weeknight. She is also determined not to lose against the younger wrestlers. Yuki Aino tried cheering her sister up by reminding her she only turned “22” earlier this month. Suzume referred to her team as the 1998 class (Moka Miyamoto was born in 1999 but it’s close enough). Yuki Arai is also of similar age to the group so Suzume hopes the five of them can team together some day. Haruna Neko swore to get revenge on Pom Harajuku for targeting her paw during the match.

Video – Kaya Toribami Debut Match

June 10, 2021

“CYBERFIGHT FESTIVAL 2021”, 06/06/2021
Saitama Super Arena
4,800 Fans – Super No Vacancy

STARTING BATTLE KICKOFF ~Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer 10-Woman Tag Match~ Kaya Toribami Debut Match: Nao Kakuta, Raku, Pom Harajuku, Mahiro Kiryu & Kaya Toribami Vs Mirai Maiumi, Suzume, Haruna Neko, Moka Miyamoto & Arisu Endo


May 31, 2021

TOKYO JOSHI PRO “THAT’S J-PW #15”, 31/05/2021
0 Fans

1. Miu Watanabe defeated Arisu Endo with the Canadian Backbreaker (9:02).


May 29, 2021

0 Fans

1. 2 Count Fall Rules: Shoko Nakajima defeated Miu Watanabe with the Northern Lights Suplex (6:22).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 1 – 0 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
2. 2 Count Fall Rules: Haruna Neko defeated Moka Miyamoto with the Nekocanrana (4:55).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 1 – 1 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
3. 2 Count Fall Rules: Marika Kobashi defeated Suzume with the Front Neck Lock (5:41).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 2 – 1 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
4. 2 Count Fall Rules: Hyper Misao defeated Arisu Endo with a Gedo Clutch (6:11).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 2 – 2 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
5. 2 Count Fall Rules: Nao Kakuta Vs Mirai Maiumi ended in a Time Limit Draw (7:00).
5a. Overtime – 1 Count Fall Rules: Mirai Maiumi defeated Nao Kakuta with a Short Range Lariat (0:27).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 2 – 3 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
6. 2 Count Fall Rules: Mizuki Vs Yuki Kamifuku ended in a Time Limit Draw (7:00).
6a. Overtime – 1 Count Fall Rules: Mizuki defeated Yuki Kamifuku with a Cradle (0:07).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 3 – 3 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
7. 2 Count Fall Rules: Yuka Sakazaki defeated Mahiro Kiryu with the Magical Merry-Go-Round (5:58).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 3 – 4 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
8. 2 Count Fall Rules: Pom Harajuku Vs Rika Tatsumi ended in a Time Limit Draw (7:00).
8a. Overtime – 1 Count Fall Rules: Pom Harajuku defeated Rika Tatsumi with a Cradle (1:57).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 4 – 4 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
9. 2 Count Fall Rules: Hikari Noa defeated Nodoka Tenma with the Last Supper (4:57).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 4 – 5 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
10. 2 Count Fall Rules: Miyu Yamashita defeated Raku with the Attitude Adjustment (3:15).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 5 – 5 Autumn/Winter Eleven.
11. 2 Count Fall Rules: Maki Itoh Vs Yuki Aino ended in a Time Limit Draw (7:00).
11a. Overtime – 1 Count Fall Rules: Maki Itoh defeated Yuki Aino with a Jackknife Pin (1:33).
*Spring/Summer Eleven 6 – 5 Autumn/Winter Eleven.

Spring/Summer Eleven: Mizuki, Miyu Yamashita, Moka Miyamoto, Nao Kakuta, Pom Harajuku, Arisu Endo, Marika Kobashi, Nodoka Tenma, Mahiro Kiryu, Shoko Nakajima & Maki Itoh

Autumn/Winter Eleven: Rika Tatsumi, Miu Watanabe, Yuki Aino, Suzume, Mirai Maiumi, Raku, Haruna Neko, Yuka Sakazaki, Hyper Misao, Hikari Noa & Yuki Kamifuku

Those born in the months of March to August went into war against the ones born between September and February. This was taken seriously with the Spring/Summer Eleven bragging about plants and hot weather while the Autumn/Winter Eleven wore costumes celebrating Hallowe’en and Christmas. Sayuri Namba played both sides, claiming to support the summer because her ring announcing career began in May then cheering for winter because she was born in October. The show was briefly delayed due to internet trouble so Shota & Tetsuya Koda kept themselves busy at the commentary table.

Spring/Summer captain Shoko Nakajima won the first match on the show, beating Miu Watanabe. Even with 2 Count Pins in effect, her victory was certain once she did the Northern Lights Suplex.

It’s been so long. Was this Haruna Neko’s first singles win in over two years? A Jumping Cat Breaker to Moka Miyamoto set her up for the Nekocanrana to get the pin and tie the score one a piece.

Marika Kobashi hasn’t lost a match since she turned 20 years old this month. She continued the winning streak by catching Suzume in the Front Neck Lock and making her tap out. Kobashi said she is keeping this momentum for her upcoming International Princess Title shot.

Hyper Misao was confident she would win her match against Arisu Endo because of the 2 Count Rules. She almost lost when Endo grabbed her cloak to choke her over the ropes and drag her into the ring for a Knee Drop. With time running out, Endo attempted a Camel Clutch but Misao slipped out and pinner her with a Gedo Clutch.

Every match on the show had a 7 minute time limit. Nao Kakuta Vs Mirai Maiumi was the first bout to run out of time and end in a draw so it restarted under 1 Count Sudden Death Rules. Kakuta went in for the kill but Maiumi cut her down with a Short Range Lariat to get the win. The result of this match put the Autumn/Winter team in the lead for the first time.

The next match ended in a Time Limit Draw too but for completely unexpected reasons. Mizuki and Yuki Kamifuku fought their way over to the venue bar where vials of liquor were left on the counter. Kamifuku tried to force Mizuki to drink the alcohol but Mizuki turned the tables and made Kamifuku drink it. The two went back into the ring where Mizuki tricked Kamifuku to drink more as a toast but she was still able to kick out of pins until the time ran out. Mizuki offered her opponent another drink at the restart immediately pinned her with an Inside Cradle.

At the halfway point the score was tied 3-3. Yuka Sakazaki put the Autumn/Winter team ahead by taking out Mahiro Kiryu. They went back and forth with Kiryu hitting the Spinebuster. But in the end Sakazaki hit back with Elbow Strikes and won with the Magical Merry-Go-Round.

The big upset of the show happened when Pom Harajuku defeated the Autumn/Winter team captain Rika Tatsumi! At first the time expired right when Tatsumi was about to hit the Twist Of Fate. Then in the restart, Harajuku dodged a Hip Attack and Tatsumi hit Daisuke Kiso by mistake. Tatsumi got the better of Harajuku afterwards but there was nobody around to count the pin. Tatsumi revived the ref but Harajuku rolled her into the Cradle to get the 1 Count pin. Tatsumi took her frustration out on Misao at ringside while Harajuku celebrated.

Hikari Noa threatened to roll Nodoka Tenma around the ring because she is so round. She focused on using different pin holds to keep Tenma down. The plan ultimately worked once Noa applied the Last Supper and Tenma couldn’t kick out.

Raku had the toughest opponent out of everyone. She knew she couldn’t beat Miyu Yamashita through strength so her plan was to use psychological warfare. By using the Good Night Express and a Sleeper Hold, Raku tricked Yamashita into falling asleep. However, Yamashita’s hand fell on top of Raku as they both laid on the mat so the referee saw it as a pin. The loud slap of the ref’s hand on the canvas woke Yamashita up and she gave Raku the Attitude Adjustment out of instinct before pinning her properly.

The score was tied 5-5 going into the main event so the final match was the decider. No winner could be determined between Maki Itoh and Yuki Aino in regulation time. The clock ran out right when Aino attempted to Side Suplex Itoh out of the ring too so at least a potential injury was avoided. In overtime, Itoh fought to put Aino in the Itoh Special. There was so much focus on the struggle that Itoh found an opening to use a Jackknife Pin to get the 1 Count out of nowhere. That result won the series for the Spring/Summer Eleven!

Team captain Nakajima was given the prize vouchers from Tetsuya Koda at the end of the show. She told everyone she still had unused lunch tickets from the last PPV show. They were given to the other team but there wasn’t enough for all of them. They all agreed to give the spare tickets to the wrestlers who won their matches.