Video – Danshoku Dieno Vs Bob Sapp

June 18, 2021

DDT “RYOGOKU PETER PAN 2011”, 24/07/2011
Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
8,660 Fans – Super No Vacancy

Special Singles Match: Danshoku Dieno Vs Bob Sapp


April 25, 2015


Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall
130,000+ Viewers

0. King Of Dark Title: DJ Nira defeated Gota Ihashi (c) with a Jumping Crucifix Pin (0:35).
*D6 for Gota Ihashi.
0a. King Of Dark Title – Sumo Match: DJ Nira defeated Gota Ihashi (c) by Takedown (0:03).
*D7 for Gota Ihashi.
0. Dark Match: Kazusada Higuchi defeated Kota Umeda with the Canadian Backbreaker (8:56).
1. Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie defeated Kouki Iwasaki & Hoshitango when Ishii pinned Iwasaki with the Kneel Kick (9:38).
2. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Saki Akai & Ai Shimizu defeated Erin & Syoko Nakajima when Akai pinned Nakajima with the Rookie Award (10:00).
3. Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Shunma Katsumata & Suguru Miyatake defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Matsunaga pinned Hirata with a Backslide Pin (0:06).
3a. Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Shunma Katsumata & Suguru Miyatake when Hirata pinned Katsumata with a One Shot Miracle Cradle (8:11).
4. Live Game Wrestling: Danshoku Dino defeated M.S.S.P (2-1).
5. Yuru-chara Pro Wrestling: Fukka-chan defeated Kumamon, Gunma-chan, Chiba-kun, Unari-kun, Shusse Daimyou Ieyasukun, Okazaemon, Zushihocky, Udon-no, Usoko Ne-san, Barber-kun and Burikatsu-kun.
6. Yoshihiko defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with the Yoshihiko Destroyer (5:37).
*Yoshihiko wins Hiroshi Fukuda’s Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Contract.
7. Genichiro Tenryu, Konosuke Takeshita & Antonio Honda defeated KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi when Takeshita pinned Takanashi with the 19 Year Old (12:29).
8. Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki defeated Super Sasadango Machine & Yasu Urano when Ibushi pinned Sasadango with the Vertical Drop Lehmann Shock (8:55).
9. Wedding Pro Wrestling: Atari-san Vs Mayutan ended in a No Contest when Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi interfered (16:37).
10. HARASHIMA & Akito defeated Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi when HARASHIMA pinned Oishi with the Somato (13:42).
11. DAY 1 Last Match: Sachiko Kobayashi & Kensuke Sasaki defeated Bob Sapp & Danshoku Dino when Kobayashi pinned Sapp with the Final Boss (17:05).


Over the space of a day DDT with the help of au held a bunch of matches inside the Niconico Chokaigi Super Conference. Airing live on Niconico, DDT claims the stream had over 130,000 viewers at its peak. The stream chat had a vital role during the show. The chat appeared on the arena screen in real time for all to see, scrolling across sideways in a “bullet hell” format.


There was a “wedding” between a 39 year old man named Atari and a 17 year old woman named Mayutan that devolved into a pie fight and was interrupted by Danshoku Dino. Also Mr. AKIBA was there to catch the bouquet. Dino got his hands on the groom until HARASHIMA and Akito came to the rescue. A match was then held between HARASHIMA & Akito versus Dino & Makoto Oishi to determine if the bride and groom could get married. HARASHIMA & Akito won but Dino had one more trick up his sleeve to stop the marriage… Bob Sapp! Dino fought off HARASHIMA & Akito while Sapp overpowered Atari to stop him from kissing the bride. All hope was lost until “TAKE THE DREAM” played over the speakers. Out came Kensuke Sasaki! There was a masked woman next to him who was revealed to be famous singer Sachiko Kobayashi. She easily destroyed both Dino Sapp to bring an end to the fiasco. Atari and Mayutan finally kissed while everyone around them cheered.


The Niconico Super Conference was the perfect location for a Super Sasadango Machine PowerPoint presentation. Today’s strategy to beat Kota Ibushi involved using the Niconico chat on screen to distract Ibushi from doing the Phoenix Splash. Sasadango told the viewers to post “Ibushi, behind you!” whenever he was going up to the top rope and faced the screen. This would confuse Ibushi and give Sasadango time to climb up and do a top rope Brainbuster that would inflict 70% HP damage. Sasadango was certain that it would work so well that Ibushi would move full time to New Japan as a result. The distraction worked several times and in the end Sasadango hit the top rope Brainbuster followed by the Vertical Drop Lehmann Shock. Ibushi then kicked out at one. Sasadango was stunned, so much so that he removed his mask in shock. Ibushi got up and did his own Lehmann Shock to win the match.


Genichiro Tenryu and Yukio Sakaguchi had a staredown after their match. Tenryu offered a handshake but Sakaguchi chopped him instead! Tenryu struck back with a chop of his own and the two stared each other down again. In a backstage interview Sakaguchi said he would fight Tenryu one-on-one anytime.


Racial tensions highlighted the match between Hiroshi Fukuda and Yoshihiko. Fukuda was angry he had to fight a doll instead of somebody American or a white Hispanic. He then accused Yoshihiko of just being a sex doll and attacked it to start the match. Yoshihiko turned the tables with a Swan Dive Swinging DDT but Fukuda was back in control when he applied the Sleeper Hold. After doing the Michinoku Driver three times, he climbed up top and yelled he would do a 450 Splash. Yoshihiko suddenly sprang up to Fukuda and threw him off the top rope. Daisuke Kiso was then accidentally knocked out in the crossfire. Fukuda saw his chance and struck Yoshihiko with his tambourine while the ref was down. Unfortunately Kiso was still unconscious when Fukuda went for the pin. Fukuda revived him but Yoshihiko was back up and hit the Yoshihiko Destroyer for the three count, winning Fukuda’s Right To Challenge contract in the process!


Sadly the mascots in Yuru-chara Pro Wrestling did not actually wrestle. Actually, I’m not quite sure what it is they did. In fact some of them had a lot of trouble trying to get into the ring and the entire entrance portion of the segment took 23 minutes. Kumamon shook the ropes like the Ultimate Warrior and attacked the others with a towel (Why? For the glory of Satan of course!). Okazaemon brought in a chair for all the mascots to play musical chairs with. One of the mascots removed its head to reveal a smaller, lightweight mask for it to see better. Burikatsu-kun spoke and complained about being tired so Amon Tsurumi stopped the match. Guest ring announcer Terashima Yufu picked Fukka-chan as the winner because she believed it worked the hardest. It is also her favourite mascot so favouritism probably played a part in this. The mascots then played a proper game of musical chairs which Fukka-chan also won. Kumamon did not give a fuck during this and heeled on everyone.


M.S.S.P is a Let’s Play group and they were at the event challenging Danshoku Dino to some video games. The first game was Fire Pro Returns on the Playstation 2. Dino played as the Fire Pro version of himself and his opponent picked Taiji Ishimori. Dino won with the Danshoku Driver. The next game was Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match for the Famicom. M.R.R.P won this round. The final round was on Kinnikuman Tag again after an audience vote. Dino defeated M.R.R.P to win the challenge. He then chased after them to do some lewd things end the segment.


Kazuki Hirata was too busy dancing to notice Tomomitsu Matsunaga sneaking behind him for a flash three count. The screen filled with lines of 88888888 from the stream chat which represents an applause in Japanese internet speak. An immediate rematch was held and Hirata redeemed himself by getting the win for his team.


Gota Ihashi continues to be stuck in dark match hell. He lost to DJ Nira not once but twice in two successive King Of Dark Title matches. The second match was a sumo bout with a masked Hoshitango as the referee. Nira somehow won when he tried to lift Ihashi and the champion collapsed under his own weight.

MIKAMI missed the show due to a high fever. Kouki Iwasaki took his place.

Niconico Super Pro Wrestling, Isami Vs Sakaguchi, Thanks M.I.O

March 26, 2015


Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall

Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall

The annual Niconico Chokaigi Super Conference in Japan will be hosting some wrestling events but it won’t be just any kind of pro wrestling. It will be Super Pro Wrestling!. The ring will be provided by phone company au and five shows are scheduled to take place. Genichiro Tenryu and Bob Sapp will be part of the main show along with talent from DDT and Michinoku Pro. Also scheduled is an Idol Wrestling show featuring girls from Tokyo Joshi Pro, an Ikeman show for the female audience, Yuru-chara Pro Wrestling featuring company mascots from all over Japan and Live Game Wrestling where matches will be booked by a popular Let’s Play channel called M.S.S Project.

There will be a special item for sale at the Super Pro Wrestling booth throughout the weekend. A limited edition “Yoshihiko Smartphone Piledriver” iPhone cover will be available for 1,300 yen and there will only be 1,000 of them available.

Niconico is a video streaming site so it’s possible the wrestling shows will be streamed live somewhere during the weekend.

UNION “GOLDEN UNION 2015”, 29/04/2015
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Isami Kodaka Vs Yukio Sakaguchi
2. Union MAX Title: FUMA (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

Isami Kodaka believes he and Yukio Sakaguchi will give each other tremendous pain but that is what will make it a fun match.

Osaka Ikuno Kumen Center

1. 3 Way Match: Sonoko Kato Vs Ryo Minami Vs Mitsuhisa Sunabe
2. Psuedo Close Match: HAYATE, Misaki Ohata & Tsukasa Fujimoto Vs Yumi Ohka, Isami Kodaka & Yuko Miyamoto
3. Mio Thank Match: Mio Shirai Vs Takashi Sasaki

The third M.I.O show has Mio Shirai going up against Takashi Sasaki. With retirement on the horizon, Shirai is not shying away from giving herself tough challenges.

Dino Vs Sapp – The Rules, Nakazawa Wins Election

July 22, 2011

This is unexpected. DDT has announced the stipulations for Danshoku Dino Vs Bob Sapp on this Sunday’s Sumo Hall show. There was a dispute over what the rules for the match would be come the day of the show but a solution was created and both parties have agreed to it.

The match will consist of 30 rounds, all lasting three minutes each. There will be a minute long break seperating every round. The entire fight will alternate between “Bob Rules” and “Gay Rules”. Every odd numbered round will use “Bob Rules” and every even numbered round uses “Gay Rules”. Here are the descriptions for the two rule sets.

“Bob Rules”

The match can end in the following ways:

a. Pinfall.
b. Knockout via 10 second count.
c. When a fighter gives up or his corner throws in the towel.
d. If the referee has determined that a fighter can no longer compete or has lost the will to fight.
e. If a fighter suffers a terrible injury. However the referee or fight doctor has the right to determine whether or not the fighter can continue.

Instep kicks are prohibited. However, knee strikes are allowed on a crouching opponent. Strikes behind the neck, strikes aimed at the kidney, open hand chops and other striking attacks normally found in modern pro wresting are banned. Fighters will be given a warning for using illegal attacks. Fighters can be disqualified after one or two warnings.

Finally, any moves that create sexual excitement for the fighter on offense are banned. Such moves include, but are not limited to, touching your opponent’s crotch, rubbing against your opponent, caressing your own crotch and dry humping.

“Gay Rules”

Exactly the same as pro wrestling but attacks aimed towards the groin region are now legal.

Michael Nakazawa will be in a good mood today because he has been chosen to be part of the Sumo Hall Anal Blast opening ceremony for the third year in a row! He won the election by 15 votes in what was a tight race for the ‘prestigious’ role.

1. Michael Nakazawa (342 Votes)
2. Batten Tamagawa (327 Votes)
3. Tanomusaku Toba (324 Votes)
4. Mammoth Honda (61 Votes)
5. Big Morohashi (50 Votes)

Nakazawa has also been announced for the Kensuke Office Summer Festival taking place between 31st July to 4th August. Nakazawa will be taking part in the Summer Volcano Tag Tournament, forming an unlikely tag team with Jr. Heavyweight ace Katsuhiko Nakajima. Sanshiro Takagi will also show up on the final night of the festival.

Dino Vs Sapp – The Training Session

July 19, 2011

Weirdest episode of HBO Boxing 24/7 ever.

Huh? What’s that? Oh, right. The Danshoku Dino Vs Bob Sapp public workout session was held yesterday. Sapp’s manager convinced the fighter to take it easy because they think Dino is week. Dino sparred with Tanomusaku Toba and showed Sapp a peak of what to expect for their match at Sumo Hall.

Dino Vs Sapp – The Contract Signing

July 16, 2011

DDT held a press conference yesterday for Danshoku Dino and Bob Sapp to publicly sign the contract for the long-awaited (???) grudge match at Sumo Hall on 24th July. Sapp clearly sees his opponent as a big joke and is treating the match as nothing more than a “easy payday”. However, Dino got under Sapp’s skin when he snuck up and placed a wig on his head. When the contract was signed, Sapp took a big bite out of the piece of paper. Dino meanwhile crumpled up the contract and rubbed it against his crotch and also Sapp’s crotch. Sapp’s final message to Dino was a grim one: “I am far from gay. But I’ll tell you what, I may go to jail…for killing one!”

YOSHIHIKO appeared before the conference began as it was announced he was taking part in the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Battle Royal at the show. He stayed in the room to watch over the Dino Vs Sapp contract signing.

Puro Aid, “JUDGEMENT 2011” Matches, Schedule Shuffle

March 16, 2011

Dramatic Dream Team has joined up with KAIENTAI DOJO, Big Japan Wrestling & FREEDOMS to help send aid and relief to the areas worst affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters. They will also help out wrestling promotions Michinoku Pro and SENDAI GIRLS, which are both located in the badly damaged region. DDT and Union will accept aid and donations at the 27/3 Korakuen Hall show aswell as the 23/7, 6/3 & 6/4 events at Shin-Kiba 1st RING. Everybody in DDT gives out their sincere sympathies to all of those who have been affected by the earthquake.

As of right now, DDT will still hold its 14th Anniversary show at Korakuen Hall on 27th March.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Danshoku Dino Vs Bob Sapp’s Assassin
2. KO-D Openweight Title Challenge Right Fight +α Anytime and Anywhere Battle Royal: KUDO, Makoto Oishi Vs Daisuke Sasaki Vs Keisuke Ishii Vs Shigehiro Irie Vs Takao Soma Vs Super Shit Machine Vs Tomimitsu Matsunaga Vs Kenny Omega Vs Michael Nakazawa Vs GENTARO Vs Yasu Urano Vs Shuji Ishikawa Vs Seiya Morohashi Vs Ken Ohka
3. KO-D Openweight Title: Dick Togo (c) Vs Kota Ibushi

Danshoku Dino received a message from Bob Sapp during the week. I don’t think any attempt at giving a brief explanation of the message would do it justice, so here is the Google translation of the entire statement.

“Dear Japanese people, but Bob Sapp. Now, I hear that Japan is serious situation like my favorite, be worried about. And tell everyone I love in the first Japanese victims . And in July of this beast-like DDT out of the tournament the two countries, but show you the best fight. and I heard, saying that fighters like me and want to play is a gay boy Japanizu I do not. Give me a break. I fought like giants and many around the world. and have that show the Bisutopawa. No way I like it I like that person that gay boy. Now I’ll Dotakyan ! … I thought it would be business like I do in Japan. So what we have. In the world, like the head of my aim, and with a whole range fighters to fight me. So , the two countries before the convention in July, DDT and its fighters in the world of gay boy fighting or not fighting in the two countries do 勝Chi抜Itara July to the last man. I named “Bob game,” he . Bob Sapp can we fight this is the only one! DDT is really gay boy, you reach a point where I like? Good luck! Hahahahahaha!”

Bob Sapp isn’t convinced that Dino is the real deal. So Bob has sent an ‘Assassin’ over to DDT to test Dino’s abilities on 27th March.

DDT “NON-FIX 3.16”, 06/04/2011
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

Yesterday’s “NON-FIX” event that was supposed to take place in Shin-Kiba 1st RING has been postponed until 6th April. Tickets for the 16th March show are still valid for the event. Refunds for all of the currently scheduled shows are being offered to those who cannot attend any of them.

Bob Sapp Needs Your Help

January 31, 2011

Every year thousands of Bob Sapps are left abandoned in the streets of Japan. Hungry, homeless but most importantly alone whenever they step into the squared circle for a freak show fight, they need our time and generosity now more than ever. By donating just ¥4,000,000 a month you can reach out to Bob Sapps in their time of need. With your help we can get Bob Sapps like this one back on their feet and take part in a show at Sumo Hall where they might get molested by a rampaging homosexual. Please, give generously. Thank you.

*No Bob Sapps were hurt in the making of this video.

DDT “SWEET DREAMS!” Results, Kota Concussed, It’s Sapp Time!

January 30, 2011

DDT “SWEET DREAMS!”, 30/01/2011
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,428 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Akito defeated Kazuki Hirata with a Modified Ankle Hold (8:18).
2. GENTARO & Yasu Urano defeated MIKAMI & Rion Mizuki when GENTARO submitted Mizuki with the Sharpshooter (10:29).
3. Takao Soma & Tomimitsu Matsunaga defeated Hikaru Sato & Daisuke Sasaki when Sato was DQ’ed (12:58).
4. Right to Produce “Someone´s Produce Show” Battle Royal: Keisuke Ishii defeated Yukihiro Abe with the Kneel Kick (12:13).
Order Of Eliminations: Hoshitango (3:16), Minoru Fujita (5:04), Michael Nakazawa (5:51), Tanomusaku Toba (5:57), Danshoku Dino (4:49), Makoto Oishi (7:02), DJ Nira (9:21) and Yukihiro Abe (12:13).
5. DDT Tokyo Beginning of Fight 2011 Special Tag Match: Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega defeated HARASHIMA & KUDO when Omega pinned KUDO with the Croyth’s Wrath (16:55)
6. KO-D Openweight Title Unification Match: Dick Togo (c) defeated Antonio Honda (i/c) with the Diving Senton (26:24).
*Dick Togo becomes the 35th KO-D Openweight Champion.

With the injury setback now behind him, Dick Togo reclaimed his place on top of the DDT landscape by defeating Antonio Honda to unite the KO-D Openweight Championship with its unified version. In a correction to what I wrote a while back, Togo is officially the 35th KO-D Champion and now a 4-time holder of the title.

A Royal Rumble will take place at the 11th February Shin-Kiba 1st Ring show to determine the next challenger for Togo. The confirmed challengers so far are HARASHIMA, KUDO, Kota Ibushi, MIKAMI, Keisuke Ishii and Daisuke Sasaki. Also set to take place on the night is Dick Togo Vs DJ Nira in a non-title match and Kenny Omega Vs Michael Nakazawa.

Kota Ibushi had to go to the hospital for a CAT Scan after he suffered a mild concussion after a High Kick by HARASHIMA. He is likely to recover quickly and not miss any of the upcoming shows.

Keisuke Ishii was victorious in the Battle Royal. He will now get to produce his own show for the DDT Brand tripleshot at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring on 6th March. An extra rule was added to the match. The Suzumiya Haruhi theme song was played for almost the entire match. Whenever the song reached its chorus, everyone in the ring had to do the “Hare Hare Yukai” dance or be eliminated. Yukihiro Abe spent the match dressed as the main character from the series.

The disqualification in match #2 led to Hikaru Sato challenging Takao Soma to a match at the 27th Fabruary Korakuen Hall show. The match was accepted and will be Hair Vs Hair!

Bob Sapp was announced to appear at DDT’s Sumo Hall show on 24th August. Yes, that Bob Sapp. A video was shown of “The Beast” confronting Sanshiro Takagi and Ken Ohka at DDT HQ. Takagi came up with some suggestions on Twitter for Sapp’s opponent. So far he’s thought of Bob Sapp Vs Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Bob Sapp Vs Tsurumi Goro and Bob Sapp Vs Ultraman Robin. A fun little fact that comes out of this is that in the space of a year, three former IWGP Heavyweight Champions have appeared in DDT so far: Genichiro Tenryu, Togi Makabe & Manabu Nakanishi. Bob Sapp will make it four if he does indeed show up and compete on the night.

Speaking of Takagi, he seems to be very pleased to be the “World’s Second Largest Promoter!” after the Wrestling Observer Awards came out.