Video – Team Thoroughbred Vs Team Olympian For The KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles

July 28, 2021

DDT “KING OF DDT 2021 FINAL!!”, 04/07/2021
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
621 Fans – Super No Vacancy

KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles: Sanshiro Takagi, Yukio Naya, Chikara & Nabe Yakan (c) Vs Yoshiaki Yatsu, Akito, Hiroshi Yamato & Keigo Nakamura

DDT “KING OF DDT 2021 FINAL!!” Results

July 4, 2021

DDT “KING OF DDT 2021 FINAL!!”, 04/07/2021
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
621 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles: Yoshiaki Yatsu, Akito, Hiroshi Yamato & Keigo Nakamura defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Yukio Naya, Chikara & Nabe Yakan (c) when Yatsu submitted Naya with the Jail Lock (12:06).
*Team Thoroughbred fails in V2. Team Olympian becomes the 5th KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Champions!
2. King Of DDT 2021 – Semi Final: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Daisuke Sasaki with the Modified Chickenwing Facelock (16:58).
3. King Of DDT 2021 – Semi Final: Yuji Hino defeated Kazusada Higuchi with the Fuckin’ BOMB (12:36).
4. 4 Way Tag Match: Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai defeated Chris Brookes & Antonio Honda, Danshoku Dieno & Yuki Iino and Yusuke Okada & Yuya Koroku when Sakaguchi pinned Koroku with the Danshoku Driver (9:24).
5. DAMNATION Vs DISASTER BOX!: HARASHIMA, Toru Owashi, Naomi Yoshimura & Kazuki Hirata defeated Tetsuya Endo, Soma Takao, Mad Paulie & Nobuhiro Shimatani when Hirata pinned Shimatani with the Miracle One Shot Cradle (11:51).
6. Junretsu Vs The 37KAMIINA!: Yuki Ueno, Shunma Katsumata & MAO defeated Jun Akiyama, Makoto Oishi & Hideki Okatani when MAO pinned Okatani with the Cannonball 450 (11:05).
7. King Of DDT 2021 – Final: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Yuji Hino with the Cross-Arm German Suplex (18:09).

Konosuke Takeshita is now a two time King Of DDT winner! He had to go through one of his worst enemies and then one of his largest opponents to make it back to the top. In the final, Yuji Hino stood across the ring and was shocked when the match begun because he was immediately thrown into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Hino took over with heavy Chops and a Sleeper Hold. The match turned into a game of one-upmanship with Elbow Strikes and Lariats thrown everywhere. Takeshita kept himself planted to block the Fuckin’ BOMB but had to become more agile idea to avoid the move by doing a Hurricanrana. Hino was almost pinned with the German Suplex and then found himself in an unusual position when Takeshita caught his arm from a Lariat. Takeshita held onto the arm and then ducked a Short-Range Lariat from Hino’s other arm. That ended up with Takeshita is perfect position to give Hino the Cross-Arm German Suplex to win the match.

Takeshita received his prize money and, more importantly, he will face Jun Akiyama for the KO-D Openweight Title at “WRESTLE PETER PAN 2021” on 21st August! He said he is satisfied with his performances throughout the tournament and has nothing to be afraid of anymore. He’s been away from the KO-D Title for a long time but is confident to go against Akiyama in their big rematch. Backstage he said the last year and a half being away from the KO-D Title scene has not been a waste of time for him. He wants to fight as the ace of DDT and the future of pro wrestling. He won the tournament with this attitude and with the support of The 37KAMIINA behind him. Meanwhile Hino is impressed that Takeshita had a move kept up his sleeve to beat him. He might have found a kindred spirit in Takeshita and wants to fight him in a rematch. When they does happen, maybe Hino will be the one who will use a secret move to win.

All of 37KAMIINA are aiming to be champions at the same time. Yuki Ueno, Shunma Katsumata & MAO have a chance to gain a lot of ground with a KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles shot coming up. But first they had to get past Junretsu. Katsumata kept urging Akiyama to do the NeppoWER!! pose but he refused. Hideki Okatani did it to mock Katsumata. Akiyama finally gave in and did it after he and Makoto Oishi beat Katsumata up. Okatani held his own against the sauna club but Ueno stunned him with the Standing Shining Wizard and MAO got the win with the Cannonball 450. Katsumata popped a cracker at Akiyama while this was going on. After the match Katsumata pointed to the sky and told the others he could see the aurora wishing for Takeshita’s King Of DDT victory.

Kazuki Hirata ambushed DAMNATION with Tegatana chops during their entrance. They had no effect and DAMNATION all ganged up on him. HARASHIMA, Toru Owashi, Naomi Yoshimura kept the hopes alive for DISASTER BOX but whenever Hirata was tagged in, DAMNATION took over and ganged up on him again. Tetsuya Endo, Soma Takao & Mad Paulie attacked him one by one. But when Nobuhiro Shimatani had his turn, Hirata pinned him out of nowhere with the Miracle One Shot Cradle!

Just like last month, there were bottles of a mysterious drink found backstage by the DDT locker room, this time with the letter D on them. Danshoku Dieno & Yuki Iino (wearing Danshoku tights) drank some on their way to the ring and handed bottles out to some of the other teams. It appeared whoever drank it would become Danshoku. Eruption grabbed some bottles backstage but Yukio Sakaguchi walked out not looking any different. Saki Akai though ran out wearing Danshoku tights and fighting the urge to go grab fans in the audience. She snapped out of it but later had the urge to do the Danshoku Nightmare as a counter to Yuya Koroku’s Sunset Flip. The Iyasareru ran in to stop her from doing anything lewd. Sakaguchi later pulled down his trunks to show he was wearing Danshoku tights all along and he pinned Koroku with the Danshoku Driver. An annoyed Yusuke Okada spanked Iino after the match for being partly responsible for what happened.

The King Of DDT semi-finals happened in the early portion of the show. Hino defeated Kazusada Higuchi to advance in a heavyweight showdown. Higuchi’s reliance on the Brain Claw wasn’t as effective on Hino compared to his previous opponents. Hino used his own Claw Hold to fight back. Higuchi tried to finish him off with the Buchikamashi sumo charge but Hino cut him off with the Lariat and pinned him with the Fuckin’ BOMB. Higuchi was left disappointed over the status quo being maintained by that result because once again he gets knocked out in the semi-final.

Takeshita’s grudge with Daisuke Sasaki was on show in the other semi-final. He also had Mad Paulie to worry about outside the ring. Some of the dirty tactics were avoided and Sasaki even gave Paulie a mistaken Low Blow over it. The 37KAMIINA took Paulie to the back so the match could continue one versus one. Sasaki was able to send Takeshita crashing into Yukinori Matsui meaning that no on was around to call the match when Sasaki gave up to the Modified Chickenwing Facelock. Sasaki hit a Low Blow before Matsui recovered. Takeshita turned things around by catching a Topé Suicida and delivering a Brainbuster in return. After a lot of fighting to get the move locked in, Takeshita finally got Sasaki back in the Modified Chickenwing Facelock and got him to submit. Sasaki vowed to get revenge in 2025 or so but until then he talked about disappearing for a while. Whether he is serious or just giving out another of his empty threats remains to be seen.

In the month when the Olympic Games will finally go ahead, a team of “Olympians” have won the KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles! The squad led by Yoshiaki Yatsu all had handkerchiefs in their gear because it is a necessary item in amateur wrestling. It was Keigo Nakamura’s return from injury and he wrestled in new gear for the occasion. The match fell apart for Team Thoroughbred when their Triple Saber Chop missed its target and all hit Yukio Naya by accident. Akito & Hiroshi Yamato targeted Naya’s knees and left him for Yatsu to finish off. Yatsu did the Iron Knee/Yatsugoye with his prosthetic leg on Naya. Then all of Team Olympian put Team Thoroughbred in four separate Jail Locks until Naya gave up. Sanshiro Takagi wrapped one of the title belts around Nakamura’s waist while Naya did the same for Yatsu. Backstage Akito explained that the Iron Knee/Yatsugoye is a completely original move that utilizes Yatsu’s greatest weapon. It’s an original move because the angle of the strike is different from the Kamigoye. Yatsu bluntly said it’s because of his prosthetic leg but agrees that the move is legal and there is no foul play intended.

Super Sasadango Machine announced the ticket sales for “HIRAGANA MUSCLE 5” on 1st September are doing so well that two additional show performances will take place on the 5th.

The first complete match for “WRESTLE PETER PAN 2021” was announced during the show. It is Shunma Katsumata & MAO against Jun Kasai & Chris Brookes in a Hardcore Tag Match!

The next D-Ou Grand Prix will begin on 3rd November in Ota Ward Gymnasium. It is being called D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 Part II.

DDT “MAX BUMP 2021” Results

May 4, 2021

DDT “MAX BUMP 2021”, 04/05/2021
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
0 Fans

1. 3 Way Match To Bring Back The Smile On Kikutaro’s Face After All He’s Been Through: Kikutaro defeated Danshoku Dieno and Antonio Honda when Kikutaro submitted Dieno with the Jail Hold (7:11).
2. Akito defeated Mad Paulie with a Figure 4 Leg Lock (7:59).
3. KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles: Sanshiro Takagi, Yukio Naya, Chikara & Nabe Yakan (c) defeated Keigo Nakamura, Hideki Okatani, Toui Kojima & Yuya Koroku when Takagi pinned Nakamura with the Sit Down Himawari Bomb (9:17).
*V1 for Team Thoroughbred.
4. 3 Way 6-Man Tag Match: Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata & MAO defeated Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Yuji Hino and Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi & Yuki Iino when Takeshita pinned Iino with the MADMAX (11:26).
5. DDT Extreme Title & Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Chris Brookes (E/c) defeated Saki Akai (I/c) with the Praying Mantis Bomb (17:38).
*V2 for Chris Brookes. Chris Brookes becomes the 1,507th Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion.
6. Jun Akiyama, Makoto Oishi & Yusuke Okada defeated HARASHIMA, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Oishi pinned Hirata with the Blue Dahlia (11:42).
7. DDT UNIVERSAL Title: Yuki Ueno (c) defeated Soma Takao with the WR (25:39).
*V5 for Yuki Ueno.

The empty Korakuen Hall doubleheader concluded with DDT’s evening show. For weeks Soma Takao has been a mixed book by provoking Yuki Ueno while acting like he has no real interest in winning the DDT UNIVERSAL Title. Apparently under the motivation to expose Ueno as a weak champion, Takao told the rest of DAMNATION at ringside not to interfere in the match. Ueno took control at first but when Takao was on the offensive, he poured over his opponent’s head to provoke him. Ueno got revenge when they fought outside the ring. He grabbed the can, poured what was left over Takao’s head and then Moonsaulted off of the entrance gate. Back in the ring the Gin And Tonic was blocked. Even an attempt to counter the WR into the move wouldn’t work. Takao then went for the Reverse Gory Special Bomb but Ueno slipped out of the move and landed on his feet. In the end, Ueno hit the WR to earn his fifth successful defence.

After the match Ueno said he did his best because of the fans watching at home. He even had fun wrestling against Takao and thanked him for the drink. Hisaya Imabayashi asked Ueno who he wanted to defend against next. He chose Akito. It was Akito who chose him to be the assistant manager of DDT Foods. However Akito’s promise to support Ueno in that role rang hollow because he never helped out. They’ve been close workmates for years so it’s time for them to get even closer with the UNIVERSAL Title on the line. Akito was grateful to be nominated but doesn’t think he can compete with Ueno’s generation. Ueno was about to withdraw the challenge when Akito interrupted him. Akito said he couldn’t compete with Ueno but that doesn’t mean he cannot beat him! He accepts the challenge and the title match will take place in Hakata on 29th May.

Kazuki Hirata had a big target in his sights. “CYBERFIGHT FESTIVAL 2021” is coming up and Hirata was going to take out a certain figure important to that show. Did he mean Jun Akiyama? No, he meant Makoto Oishi so he won’t be in Akiyama’s corner for the KO-D Openweight Title match. His threats were ignored so Akiyama and HARASHIMA could start the match. When Hirata did get to fight with Oishi, he immediately tapped out to an Achilles Tendon Hold. Toru Owashi had to distract the referee so the match could continue. Yusuke Okada attacked Hirata’s leg and Akiyama then applied a Sharpshooter for another tap out. Owashi again had to grab the ref’s attention so he wouldn’t see Hirata giving up. The match did end when Oishi pinned Hirata with the Blue Dahlia, a Crucifix Driver style move. Akiyama and HARASHIMA had a stare down afterwards. Backstage Akiyama said he doesn’t want his title match with HARASHIMA to be upstaged by Keiji Muto Vs Naomichi Marufuji.

In the double title match, Chris Brookes came out on top against Saki Akai. Brookes was accompanied to the ring by Masahiro Takanashi while Akai had the rest of Eruption by her side. Akai’s big chance to win was by hitting the Quetzalcoatl. Unfortunately she was low on energy and took too much time to go for the pin, allowing Brookes to kick out. Akai had one more chance by Cradling Brookes out of the Praying Mantis Bomb. Brookes kicked out again, struck her with a knee and hit the Praying Mantis Bomb for the win. The two praised each other after the match and Brookes celebrated holding both the DDT Extreme and Iron Man Heavymetalweight Titles.

Konosuke Takeshita was given a rude welcome back from DAMNATION. Daisuke Sasaki led his team to ambush Eruption & Yuki Iino at first, then turn their focus to The 37KAMIINA. Takeshita and Kazusada Higuchi worked together to get rid of Yuji Hino but Hino wiped them out with a Double Lariat. Tetsuya Endo then hit Higuchi with a Sasuke Special out of the ring. Hino was finally stopped with a Spear from Iino but that left Iino alone against The 37KAMIINA. Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata defeated him with their new double team move the MADMAX. It is a Spike Brainbuster with Takeshita doing the Vertical Drop Brainbuster and Katsumata spiking it down with the Springboard X Factor. After the match Takeshita said he and Katsumata are the dark horses to win the Ultimate Tag League 2021. He also has his tag team with MAO continuing to MAO evolve and a tag team with Ueno ready to take on NOAH.

Speaking of NOAH, there was a surprise appearance by Kenoh after Match #3. He called out Sanshiro Takagi to come down to the ring. When Takagi arrived, Kenoh simply apologised for the recent inconvenience he caused when he caught the Coronavirus. Takagi gave Kenoh the Stunner after he bowed. He said it isn’t like Kenoh to be polite like this. Not when he is writing articles in Shukan Puroresu magazine threatening to not show up at “CYBERFIGHT FESTIVAL 2021” in June. Takagi is ordering Kenoh and the rest of Kongo to wrestle on the show. Kenoh started blasting insults at Takagi and said NOAH is better than DDT. Marufuji is better, Takashi Sugiura is better and even Muto is the more exciting champion! Suddenly Yukio Sakaguchi entered the ring to confront Kenoh. The two stared each other down while Takagi announced a full scale DDT Vs Kongo match to take place in Saitama Super Arena!

Takagi has just been part of a KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles defence with the rest of Team Thoroughbred. They defeated a team of DDT rookies in a match that went all over the place. Nabe Yakan attempted the People’s Elbow on Yuya Koroku but missed. Chikara went for the Sabre Chop but hit Takagi with it instead. Hideki Okatani almost had Takagi beaten in his weakened state. Yukio Naya and Toui Kojima had a back and forth. Takagi brought in the Dramatic Dream bike but Keigo Nakamura knocked him off with a Missile Dropkick. Nakamura then stole the bike and crashed into Takagi with it. Takagi intercepted Nakamura with the Stunner and pinned him with the Sit Down Himawari Bomb.

Akito cut down Mad Paulie to size by targeting his knees. One big Lift put Paulie in his back and when Akito applied the Figure 4 Leg Lock, Paulie gave up.

Poor little Kikutaro wasn’t in the mood for any wrestling. Imabayashi explained to Danshoku Dieno and Antonio Honda what happened to the guy recently. He was detained in Hawaii for two days and isn’t allowed enter America again. It was up to Dieno and Honda to cheer him up. The problem is everything they did reminded Kikutaro of his traumatic experience. Imabayashi tried to make him laugh with impersonations but that led to Dieno attacking him. Kikutaro finally snapped back to normal and fought Dieno off. Honda then made a Gongitsune joke but this time it was about a Cockatiel. This made Kikutaro angry because it reminded him of his pet parakeet back in America. He got rid of Honda and made Dieno submit to the Jail Hold while shouting “Don’t say Hawaii!” for the win.

It was announced that the winners of the Ultimate Tag League will be given a 1,000,000 yen prize from the sponsors BLACKOUT.


March 28, 2021

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
669 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Yusuke Okada & Yuki Iino defeated Chris Brookes & Toui Kojima when Okada submitted Kojima with a Crab Hold (10:51).
2. Soma Takao defeated Hideki Okatani with the Gin And Tonic (6:19).
3. Danshoku Dieno, Makoto Oishi & Saki Akai defeated Toru Owashi, Akito & Keigo Nakamura when Dieno pinned Nakamura with the Gaydo Clutch (9:16).
4. KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles: Sanshiro Takagi, Yukio Naya, Chikara & Nabe Yakan defeated Shinya Aoki, Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda & Kazuki Hirata (c) when Naya pinned Sasadango with the Back Drop (9:48).
*Shinya Aoki, Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda & Kazuki Hirata fails in V1. Team Thoroughbred becomes the 4th KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Champions!
5. DDT 24th Anniversary Special Single Match: HARASHIMA defeated Yukio Sakaguchi with the Somao (6:03).
6. DAMNATION Vs The 37KAMIINA: Konosuke Takeshita, Yuki Ueno, Shunma Katsumata & MAO defeated Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo, Yuji Hino & Mad Paulie when Takeshita pinned Paulie with the German Suplex (16:08).
7. KO-D Openweight Title: Jun Akiyama (c) defeated Kazusada Higuchi with a Running Knee Butt (21:10).
*V1 for Jun Akiyama.

The title reign can now get going for Jun Akiyama. He’s been on the losing end of a few tag matches after becoming champion but when it’s time to defend the KO-D Openweight Title, Akiyama showed you can ultimately count on him. Kazusada Higuchi kept to wrestling barefoot and using his sumo skills. Akiyama learned not to target Higuchi’s hard head so he instead went after his arm, hitting it off of the ring post while they fought outside the ring. Higuchi was still able to apply the Brain Claw but Akiyama used Knee Strikes to avoid getting slammed from the move. The Knee Strikes weakened Higuchi enough for the Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex to be used. Higuchi kicked out at two so Akiyama pulled down his kneepad and hit another Running Knee Butt, this time to the back of Higuchi’s head. That pretty much knocked Higuchi out and he was pinned for the three count.

The deal made in the build up to the match was if Higuchi lost, he would finally start listening to Coach Akiyama’s orders. Akiyama ordered him to wrap the KO-D Title around his waist. Higuchi agreed, simply answering with “Hai!” He left the ring with Eruption’s help afterwards. With him dealt with, Akiyama can now move on from all of his defeats from the D-Ou Grand Prix. He then wondered if Danshoku Dieno, the other DDT wrestler who has been critical of Akiyama’s new role, would come and face him.

Dieno did so and wouldn’t stop staring at Akiyama’s waist. Akiyama asked what was Dieno looking at, the belt or his body? Dieno said both. DDT has now been around for 24 years and Dieno has been with them for less than 20. He doesn’t know everything about DDT but he is attached to the KO-D Title. He named many of the wrestlers who are former KO-D Champions throughout the years: Poison Sawada JULIE, Sanshiro Takagi, Takashi Sasaki, MIKAMI, Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, Shigehiro Irie, Hikaru Sato, Masahiro Takanashi, Ken Ohka, HARASHIMA, Yukio Sakaguchi, KUDO, Konosuke Takeshita and Tetsuya Endo. They all fought for DDT and bring it to where it is today. Dieno has kept his feelings to himself for so long. Now is the time for him to let them out and take back the KO-D Title he loves so much! Hisaya Imabayashi accepted Dieno’s request and he will get a title shot on 11th April. Dieno was a little annoyed that the match isn’t booked for the next supercard but he gets it. DDT doesn’t expect him to win. He tapped the title belt around Akiyama’s waist and then tapped him in the crotch for good measure before leaving with his middle fingers sticking out. What’s more is now Makoto Oishi is in a conflicting position. Does he side with Akiyama or Dieno?

The supercard mentioned above is “WRESTLE PETER PAN 2021” which is confirmed to be taking place this summer. It will be held at Fujitsu Stadium Kawasaki on 21st August, marking the first time a “WRESTLE PETER PAN” show is taking place outdoors. And yes, this is the same location where FMW ran their famous anniversary shows during the nineties. Technically not the same venue because it’s been redeveloped a lot since then though.

The announcement got The 37KAMIINA excited and motivated enough to win their first match as a complete group. Takeshita dumped Mad Paulie with the Last Ride. Yuki Ueno & MAO then launched Shunma Katsumata into the air for him to land a Splash on Paulie for a two count. Paulie fought back until Takeshita put him away with the German Suplex.

HARASHIMA and Sakaguchi faced off in a preview of their KO-D Tag Team Titles match on 11th April. They went hard at each other with Middle Kicks and High Kicks. Sakaguchi hit the God’s Right Knee but HARASHIMA staggered him back with a Jumping High Kick. That gave him the space to hit the Somato and win. HARASHIMA said he was happy to have a singles match like this on DDT’s 24th anniversary. He considers Sakaguchi to be from the same generation as him so working together today gave him more encouragement. That thought stuck with him more than the tag title match preview.

Takagi lived up to his promise to make Team Thoroughbred the new KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Champions. The defending champions Shinya Aoki, Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda & Kazuki Hirata all tried doing the Bionic Elbow at the same time but it failed. Team Thoroughbred then all tried doing Saber Chops to Sasadango and it succeeded, with Nabe Yakan doing a jumping version. Yukio Naya then pinned Sasadango with the Back Drop to win the titles. Chikara dedicated the win to his father Mitsuo Momota. He is currently hospitalized with an illness. Chikara knows his title win today will cheer up his father and be a driving force for his recovery. Backstage Takagi said Team Thoroughbred will ultimately have seven members and he hopes to create a 14-Man Tag Team Championship for them to win.

Oishi’s conflict over choosing between Akiyama and Dieno is because he wants to fight for what’s right to him. That means not doing any of Dieno’s usual strategies when they teamed up. Oishi kept taking their trios match seriously, calling on the ref to stop Dieno from grabbing crotches and preventing Toru Owashi from entering the ring because they were not using lucha tag rules. Dieno tried teaming with Saki Akai instead but it just wasn’t the same. Oishi finally gave in and Dieno went into the Hell Gate position. Oishi tried to throw his opponents into Dieno but he was easily overpowered and his face was pushed into Dieno’s backside. The lights flashed to show that Oishi was now in a zombie state! Akai got rid of Owashi & Akito while Dieno pinned Keigo Nakamura with the Gaydo Clutch. The lights flickered again and Oishi came back to his senses.

Soma Takao put Hideki Okatani through the ringer. He provoked him by showing off his KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Title belt. He threw him into the security barrier a lot and Body Slammed him onto the floor. Okatani didn’t get counted out and fought back, hitting the Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Takao hit a counter Elbow Strike and won with the Gin And Tonic.

Now that he is full time with DDT, Yusuke Okada is quickly making new contacts. His first time team up with Yuki Iino went well. Iino eliminated Chris Brookes with a Spear. That gave Okada all the space he needed to submit Toui Kojima with a Crab Hold. Okada wants the DDT fans to keep their eyes on him.

A mysterious email was sent to the DDT office regarding the BOYZ show on 4th April. The email claims to be sent from Jun Masaoka and is demanding a tag match between him & Brookes against Tetsuya Endo & Takao at the BOYZ show. However the email address matches that used by DAMNATION whenever they send threatening messages to match makers. Okada asked if he could also be on the BOYZ show but Imabayashi told him he is already booked for YaroZ that same day.

The five teams entering Ultimate Tag League 2021 are Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi (representing Eruption), Jun Akiyama & Makoto Oishi (representing Junretsu), Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata (representing The 37KAMIINA), Chris Brookes & Antonio Honda (representing Europe) and Daisuke Sasaki & Yuji Hino (representing DAMNATION).

Team Thoroughbred, The 37KAMIINA, Ganbare☆Joshi Comes Back

March 15, 2021

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Chris Brookes & Toui Kojima Vs Yusuke Okada & Yuki Iino
2. Soma Takao Vs Hideki Okatani
3. Danshoku Dieno, Makoto Oishi & Saki Akai Vs Toru Owashi, Akito & Keigo Nakamura
4. DAMNATION Vs The 37KAMIINA: Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo, Yuji Hino & Mad Paulie Vs Konosuke Takeshita, Yuki Ueno, Shunma Katsumata & MAO
5. DDT 24th Anniversary Special Single Match: HARASHIMA Vs Yukio Sakaguchi
6. KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles: Shinya Aoki, Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda & Kazuki Hirata (c) Vs Sanshiro Takagi, Yukio Naya, Chikara & Nabe Yakan
7. KO-D Openweight Title: Jun Akiyama (c) Vs Kazusada Higuchi

Sanshiro Takagi has gathered together noble blood of both the pro wrestling and comedy worlds for his bid to win the KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles. Each of his three tag partners have wildly successful relatives from one or two generations ago. Yukio Naya comes from a valued family of sumo wrestlers. Chikara is following in the footsteps of his father Mitsuo Momota and his grandfather Rikidozan. Finally, Nabe Yakan’s father is a beloved comedian from the Showa era. Also Yakan earned Takagi’s respect after their soft gun war over the DDT Extreme Title back in January. Takagi has sworn to protect and nurture these people under the banner of Team Thoroughbred. It isn’t skill or talent that gets you success in pro wrestling. It’s nepotism!

DDT is putting together a big match to celebrate its 24th Anniversary. HARASHIMA versus Yukio Sakaguchi is a rematch from their D-Ou Grand Prix bout last December. That match had a lot of mat wrestling and ended with Sakaguchi choking HARASHIMA out.

Daisuke Sasaki’s idea to make Konosuke Takeshita join DAMNATION is approaching a crossroad. Takeshita unexpectedly cooperated with him during yesterday’s 4 Way Tag Match so it looks like Takeshita can leave their past behind and get along with him. However, The 37KAMIINA are now getting going as a full time unit. Why would Takeshita leave the sauna life behind? For now at least they remain opponents on two very different sides.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Ganjo Vs Actwres girl’Z Full-Scale Battle: Moeka Haruhi & HARUKAZE Vs Miyuki Takase & Ayumi Hayashi
2. THE HALFEE Vs Fujita Wrestling School Full-Scale Battle: Shuichiro Katsumura & Shu Sakurai Vs Minoru Fujita & Yasu Urano
3. GWC 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Asuka, Hagane Shinno & Shinichiro Tominaga (c) Vs X, X & X
4. Ganpro Vs DDT Full Scale Battle: Keisuke Ishii & Shota Vs Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Ueno
5. Daihyo Vs Daihyo ~ Fluorescent Lighttube Death Match: Ken Ohka Vs Takashi Sasaki

Shigehiro Irie will be on the show. Don’t know if he is still associated with #STRONGHEARTS after they signed a deal with GLEAT. He’s still with Purple Haze in All Japan but I don’t expect their business will be getting mixed up with Ganbare☆Pro anytime soon.

DDT “APRIL FOOL 2021”, 11/04/2021
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Yuya Koroku Debut Match: Yuya Koroku Vs X
2. Gorgeous Matsuno Pre-60th Birthday Commemorative Match: Gorgeous Matsuno Vs X
3. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi (c) Vs HARASHIMA & Yuji Okabayashi

DDT’s newest trainee comes straight from the much respected Animal Hamaguchi Dojo. 23 year old Yuya Koroku is from Noda City, Chiba. He is 170cm tall, weighs 82kg and has sports experience in baseball, amateur wrestling and karate.

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

1. Ganjo Jacket Match: Cherry Vs Shuichiro Katsumura

After a long absence, Ganpro is bringing back the Ganbare☆Joshi brand for an entire show dedicated to that division. The last one happened in February 2020. It’s going in some unexpected directions though. Cherry is facing Shuichiro Katsumura in an intergender Jacket Match. The stipulation is going to be an annual event for Ganjo shows. The full rules of that match will be revealed soon.

There will also be an invasion from Gake no Fuchi Joshi because Miyako Matsumoto and Chris Brookes are being booked to appear. Also advertised are Yuna Manase, Moeka Haruhi, Asuka, HARUKAZE and Drew Parker.


March 14, 2021

DDT “DAY DREAM BELIEVER 2021”, 14/03/2021
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
508 Fans – No Vacancy

0. Under Match: Hideki Okatani defeated Toui Kojima with the Northern Lights Suplex (4:19).
1. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Top Of The Super Book 2021: The Young Bucks Autobiography “Killing The Business”, Danshoku Dieno & Keigo Nakamura defeated Saki Akai Photo Book “Lip Hip Shake” (c), Saki Akai & Antonio Honda when Nakamura pinned “Lip Hip Shake” with the Exquisite (8:33).
*Keigo Nakamura becomes the 1,500th champion.
-. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Saki Akai defeated Keigo Nakamura (c) with the Rookie Award (6:20 pm).
*Saki Akai becomes the 1,501st champion.
2. 4 Way Tag Match: HARASHIMA & Toru Owashi defeated Daisuke Sasaki & Mad Paulie, Konosuke Takeshita & MAO and Yuki Iino & Yukio Naya when HARASHIMA pinned Iino with the Somato (8:44).
3. Junretsu Vs Eruption!: Jun Akiyama & Makoto Oishi Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi ended in a Double Countout (7:44).
4. DDT Extreme Title – Barbed Wire Casket Death Match: Chris Brookes defeated Shunma Katsumata (c) by Casket Burial (14:10).
*Shunma Katsumata fails in V2. Chris Brookes becomes the 51st DDT Extreme Champion!
5. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Tetsuya Endo, Soma Takao & Yuji Hino defeated Akito, Kazuki Hirata & Shota (c) when Takao pinned Shota with the Running Elbow Butt (13:07).
*Young Communication Generation fails in V3. DAMNATION becomes the 43rd KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Champions!
6. DDT UNIVERSAL Title: Yuki Ueno (c) defeated Yusuke Okada with the WR (20:01).
*V4 for Yuki Ueno.

The young champion Yuki Ueno took another step up the DDT ladder in what turned out to be a big day for his group. The show began with the DDT Sauna Club revealing it has been renamed to The 37KAMIINA (pronounced “Sauna Kamiina”) to establish itself as a proper stable. Then in the main event, Ueno put the DDT UNIVERSAL Title on the line against Yusuke Okada. He went big with a Flying Hurricanara out of the ring then later kicked out of Okada’s newly named Tricolor. A Dropkick turned the match to his favour and Ueno won with the WR for his fourth defence. Ueno told Okada it was fun to wrestle him and he wants them to have more main events together. He also said The 37KAMIINA will work hard towards being a forwards thinking group in 2021.

The rest of the championship matches on the cards all had title changes. DAMNATION took the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles away from the Young Communication Generation. The defending champions tried using speed but hit a road bump when Yuji Hino got involved. Akito & Kazuki Hirata together couldn’t knock him off his feet and it was only with Shota’s help were they able to get him out of the ring. Tetsuya Endo had an exchange of submission counters with Akito until he wiped out everyone on the floor with the Sasuke Special. That left Shota alone with Soma Takao in the ring. They both ran the ropes and Takao got his strike in first with the Running Elbow Butt. That was enough to get him the three count and bring the belts back to DAMNATION! But they’re not too impressed with the title belts themselves. Backstage Daisuke Sasaki called them 100 yen belts. Endo suggested they leave them behind at the Suidobashi Station when they go home tonight. Takao is at least pleased he took the titles from those bottom feeders at Young Communication.

The Barbed Wire Casket Death Match was dangerous but Yukinori Matsui made sure it wasn’t too dangerous. He prohibited Chris Brookes from using a sickle he brought to the ring with him. All of the barbed wire boards, thumbtacks, ladders, construction signs, chairs and toy blocks were okay though. The casket used was covered in blocks and the barbed wire was found to be inside the casket when it was opened up. Shunma Katsumata also hid a few fire poppers in there to catch Brookes by surprise. Katsumata wasn’t the only person who appeared in Super Hardcore form. Konosuke Takeshita & MAO showed up dressed as druids with Joker facepaint to aid Katsumata with a Springboard Tornado DDT. Katsumata placed Brookes leaning over the casket and climbed the top rope. Brookes got out of the way and Katsumata’s Stuka Splash ended with him landing inside the casket. Brookes closed the lid on top and became the new DDT Extreme Champion! He hammered a few nails into the lid to close the casket shut for good measure. He is very much looking forward to defending the Extreme Title in stupid ways because that is the Dramatic Dream Team way!

The pressure is growing between Jun Akiyama and Kazusada Higuchi as we get closer to their KO-D Openweight Title match. Today Higuchi decided to wrestle barefoot and fought with Akiyama outside the ring. He was thrown head first into the ring post and no sold it. Akiyama did get him off his feet with an Exploder onto the floor. Yukio Sakaguchi intercepted Akiyama with an Apron PK but then Makoto Oishi took out Sakaguchi with a low Dropkick. All four men were unable to get back into the ring and the match ended in a Double Countout. Higuchi thinks now the situation is starting to get interesting. Akiyama is getting serious now, which is what Higuchi has been hoping for all along. He thinks they have to fight this way otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting.

Former stablemates Takeshita and Yuki Iino now have to be opponents for the 4 Way Tag. It’s a chance for new directions and Takeshita proved that by deciding to cooperate with Sasaki when it was offered to him! Iino went wild with Spears, using it to take out Toru Owashi, MAO and then a double one to Sasaki & Mad Paulie. Takeshita made Iino spear Yukio Naya by accident then dropped him with the Last Ride. However HARASHIMA then hit Takeshita with a High Kick and ran away with the win by pinning Iino with the Somato.

In a match that would be a main event in any library around the world, The Young Bucks autobiography “Killing The Business” got its chance to reclaim the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title from Saki Akai’s photo book “Lip Hip Shake”. But first DDT had to get “Lip Hip Shake” away from Gota Ihashi’s possession. He refused to let it go backstage so Antonio Honda had to knock him out. The match began with the two books squaring off much like Go Shiozaki and Kazuyuki Fujita did. The match was interrupted when Ihashi ran out armed with a plastic spoon. He stabbed Danshoku Dieno with it, then stabbed “Killing The Business” to protect his photo book. Nothing will come between Ihashi and Akai’s photo book, not even the real Akai herself! He knocked her down and climbed the ropes for a Moonsault but Akai rolled out of the way and Ihashi went splat. Dieno gave Akai the Danshoku Driver but was then attack by the photo book! Dieno was almost pinned until Keigo Nakamura broke it up. He placed “Lip Hip Shake” on the canvas and did the Exquisite Springboard Moonsault onto it. Nobody was there to stop the pin and Nakamura became the new Iron Man Champion!

Nakamura wanted to celebrate winning his first ever championship but he got distracted by “Lip Hip Shake”. He gave it a read in the ring and suddenly found himself experiencing an embarrassing moment in public. Akai took advantage and hit the Rookie Award to pin Nakamura and become the new Iron Man Champion. She ran off with the belt, her photo book and Ihashi chasing after her. Backstage Honda said it felt like he was teaming with two Saki Akai’s out there. He also found out the price for other copies of the photo book have risen on Mercari ever since it showed up in DDT.

In the pre-show match, Hideki Okatani defeated Toui Kojima. The had a meeting of chops and elbow strikes that ended with Okatani using a Running Neckbreaker. He then got the win with the Northern Lights Suplex.

Sanshiro Takagi came out after the death match to reveal his team for the KO-D 8-Man Tag Team Titles match on 28th March. His first partner is Yukio Naya, who was busy cleaning up the ring when he found out. Takagi explained that the most important thing in pro wrestling is not physical or technical ability. The most important thing is bloodlines! So Takagi’s team is made up of wrestlers who come from successful families. Naya is one because of his yokozuna grandfather. The second partner is Chikara, the grandson of Rikidozan! Last but not least, filling out the team is comedian Nabe Yakan, whose father was also a successful comedian from the Showa era. Takagi promised to protect these noble bloodlines as they unite to win the 8-Man Tag Titles. Together this team is called Team Thoroughbred!

23 year old trainee Yuya Koroku was introduced to the audience at the start of the show. He will have his debut match on 11th April. He promised to spend the next month working hard preparing for his debut.

Ten years ago the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. When DDT ran their Korakuen Hall show that month, they decided not to record an intro video for the show to preserve energy. Instead the show intro took place live in the ring with all of the wrestlers entering and posing when their match was announced. For the 10th anniversary, DDT did the same thing for today’s show.

Akiyama Missing January, Shin Ultra Shoko, Takanashi Return Cancelled

January 7, 2021

Tokyo has gone into a state of emergency until February over the Coronavirus. So far several pro wrestling companies have been laying their plans for the period and how it effects their scheduling. For the most part, not much has changed with DDT and their spinoffs. DDT and Ganbare☆Pro will continue with their advertised shows. However the events taking place at night from 12th January onwards will be reviewed according to the guidelines given to them. A bunch of DDT shows are happening outside of Tokyo during this period anyway so that’s kinda how they’re getting away with it. Tokyo Joshi Pro is currently unchanged but do not rule out having to reschedule or cancel shows as the situation changes. BASARA are going on as normal but the Clutch bar in Shinjuku will be closed for the rest of the month.

DDT “GO TO DDT! VOL. 1”, 09/01/2021
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

0. Under Match: Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Hideki Okatani Vs Keigo Nakamura & Toi Kojima
1. Written By Hajime Takahashi & Masaki Inoue “Does Momotaro’s Kibidango Recognize As An Expense?” Infomercial Match: Akito, Kazuki Hirata, Super Sasadango Machine & Antonio Honda Vs Sanshiro Takagi, Danshoku Dieno, Toru Owashi & Saki Akai
2. Chris Brookes & Shunma Katsumura Vs Mad Paulie & Yuji Hino
3. HARASHIMA & Yukio Naya Vs Konosuke Takeshita & MAO
4. DAMNATION Vs Junretsu!: Tetsuya Endo, Daisuke Sasaki & Nobuhiro Shimatani Vs Makoto Oishi, Mizuki Watase & Yusuke Okada
5. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi (c) Vs CIMA & Soma Takao
6. DDT UNIVERSAL Title: Yuki Ueno (c) Vs Shota

Jun Akiyama will be out of action this month after he got arthroscopic meniscectomy for a left knee meniscus injury. He will be back in the ring on 31st January. All of the January cards have been changed to reflect his absence. First up, Yusuke Okada takes Akiyama’s place this Saturday.

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

The matches will be revealed during the show.

Yesterday Hyper Misao announced the new name Shoko Nakajima must use for a month. Nakajima is now Shin Ultra Shoko. Misao originally wanted to come up with a more… heroic “Academia” kind of name but Tetsuya Koda wouldn’t allow it for legal reasons. Misao still wanted to add Ultra to the name thinking that Nakajima would like it so she settled with Shin Ultra Shoko. Koda asked if that name was still based on a real superhero property. Misao explained that “Ultra” is on a higher tier than Hyper and “Shin” is because this is a new Shoko so any complaints about copyright infringement do not matter. Shoko is reluctant to take the name because she is a kaiju on the side of justice rather than a superhero. But the world is looking for a hero and she does have heroic qualities. Together Hyper Misao & Shin Ultra Shoko are the Tokyo Joshingers! But they will only team up when there is an emergency that requires superheroes. Shoko had to cover her face for the photo session because superheroes have to hide their real identities.

DDT “ISN’T IT DRAMATIC! 2021”, 11/01/2021
Nagoya City Biwajima Sports Center

1. Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi Vs Yuki Ueno & Keigo Nakamura
2. Hiroaki Ura Vs Toi Kojima
3. Chris Brookes & Antonio Honda Vs Makoto Oishi & Yusuke Okada
4. Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata Vs Mizuki Watase & Hideki Okatani
5. Young Communication Generation Vs DDT Legend Army! – Reservoir Sealing Rule: Akito & Shota Vs Sanshiro Takagi & Danshoku Dieno
6. Nagoya Specialty! Doerya Tag Match: HARASHIMA & Yukio Naya Vs Mad Paulie & Yuji Hino
7. DAMNATION Vs DDT Sauna Club!: Tetsuya Endo, Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao Vs Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata & MAO

The DAMNATION Vs Junretsu main event will now be DAMNATION Vs DDT Sauna Club.

The rules for the Young Communication Generation Vs DDT Legend Army match will be explained at the show.

Aichi freelancer Hiroaki Ura gets called in on short notice. He previously wrestled once for DDT back in 2019.

Fukuoka Nishitetsu Hall

1. Yusuke Okada Vs Toi Kojima
2. Sanshiro Takagi, Danshoku Dieno & Toru Owashi Vs Kazuki Hirata, Antonio Honda & Saki Akai
3. Akito & Keigo Nakamura Vs Soma Takao & Azul Dragon
4. ALL OUT Vs Junretsu!: Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata Vs Makoto Oishi & Mizuki Watase
5. Eruption Vs DDT Sauna Club!: Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi Vs MAO & Yuki Ueno
6. Hakata Specialty! Seimonbarai Special 6-Man Tag Match: Tetsuya Endo, Daisuke Sasaki & Yuji Hino Vs HARASHIMA, Chris Brookes & Yukio Naya

Pretty much the entire card has been mixed around except for the opener.

Fukuoka Nishitetsu Hall

1. Akito & Shunma Katsumata Vs Sanshiro Takagi & Keigo Nakamura
2. HARASHIMA & Yuto Aijima Vs Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata
3. Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai Vs Chris Brookes, MAO & Yukio Naya
4. Tetsuya Endo, Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao Vs Makoto Oishi, Mizuki Watase & Yusuke Okada
5. Yuji Hino Vs Hideki Okatani
6. Only Because It Is! Hakata Specialty Special Tag Match: Konosuke Takeshita & Yuki Ueno Vs Danshoku Dieno & Antonio Honda

The main event for Fukuoka’s evening show has been spared.

Osaka City Minato Ward Citizens Center

1. Tomomitsu Matsunaga Vs Yukio Naya
2. Kazuki Hirata & Saki Akai Vs Antonio Honda & Keigo Nakamura
3. Yuki Ueno Vs Yusuke Okada
4. Toru Owashi & Akito Vs Mizuki Watase & Hideki Okatani
5. Osaka Specialty! 4 Way Match: Kazusada Higuchi Vs Danshoku Dieno Vs Makoto Oishi Vs MAO
6. HARASHIMA, Yukio Sakaguchi & Chris Brookes Vs Soma Takao, Mad Paulie & Yuji Hino
7. DAMNATION Vs ALL OUT!: Tetsuya Endo & Daisuke Sasaki Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata

Osaka now gets a 4 Way match.

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

1. Ganpro 6 Men & Women Winter Story: Moeka Haruhi, Yuna Manase & Shinichiro Tominaga Vs Asuka, HARUKAZE & Hagane Shinno
2. Special Tag Match ~Ganpro Alumni Association~: Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari Vs GENTARO & Chikara

Some faces of the past show up to Ganbare☆Pro. Well kind of. Chikara was there last year but he only wrestled one match for Ganpro in 2020. GENTARO however hasn’t been here since 2017.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Emi Sakura & Yuna Mizumori Vs Sakisama & Mei Saint-Michel
2. Masahiro Takanashi Vs Fuminori Abe

This show has been cancelled by Masahiro Takanashi himself in consideration of the recent government guidelines. It was meant to be Takanashi’s return from injury but now there is no date decided for his comeback. He either is getting or has gotten surgery to remove a plate from his left knee and a bolt in his right. However as already mentioned, the cancellation is more because of the pandemic than his recovery timetable.


November 29, 2020

Kanagawa Tsurumi Fruit & Vegetable Market
??? Fans – Withheld

1. Ricky Fuji defeated Gota Ihashi with the 9999 (6:11).
2. Maku Donaruto defeated Mizuki Watase when Donaruto pressed his crotch onto Watase’s face (11:39).
3. Yuna Manase defeated Ayumi Hayashi with the Suzuki Dynamic (6:48).
4. Rikidozan III Vs Taiho III: Yukio Naya & Hoshitango Imachi defeated Chikara & Yumehito Imanari when Naya pinned Imanari with the Back Drop (12:25).
5. First In History! Air Time Bomb & Current Blast Bat x 3 Death Match: Takashi Sugiura, NOSAWA Rongai & Hidetaka Monma defeated Atsushi Onita, Mecha Pandita & Rambo Kawamura when Sugiura pinned Pandita with the Current Blast Bat Swing (12:28).

For the main event, three Current Blast bats were placed in the ring while an Air Time Bomb hung over everyone from above, rigged to explode after ten minutes. Sugiura-gun came out armed with weapons. Takashi Sugiura had a chair, NOSAWA Rongai had a guitar and Hidetaka Monma had a barbed wire bat. The two teams brawled around the venue for the first five minutes. Atsushi Onita put NOSAWA through a table with a Piledriver. Monma immediately grabbed Onita so Sugiura could hit him with a Barbed Wire Bat. Rambo Kawamura got into the ring and mimicked firing a machine gun until he ran out of bullets. Time ran out and the Air Time Bomb exploded over everyone. Onita covered Daisuke Kiso to protect him while sparks poured down from the ceiling. When things calmed down, Sugiura grabbed a Current Blast Bat and hit Onita with an explosion. Monma picked Onita up so Sugiura could hit him with a second Blast Bat but Onita got out of the way and Monma took the blow instead. Onita yelled at Sugiura to keep fighting so Sugiura attacked him. He then grabbed the last Blast Bat and hit Mecha Pandita with it. He pinned the robot afterwards to win the match.

Sugiura & NOSAWA posed for their victory over Onita but didn’t stick around for the ending. Onita put on his leather jacket and thanked the fans for coming despite the cold weather and also the epidemic. Onita joked that he doesn’t notice the cold because he lives in the countryside where it is zero degrees everyday. He invited Sanshiro Takagi and guest The Great Kojika in to join in the closing speech. Onita later confronted Takagi accusing him of avoiding the Bakuha Koshien shows so he wouldn’t have to do any explosion death matches. They then argued over what is stronger, pandas or dogs. Takagi said dogs because the dog beat the panda today. Onita admitted that Mecha Pandita probably needs to be sent back to the factory in Laos for maintenance.

For the first time since 2017, the Power Of Dreams were together again. Chikara teamed up with Yumehito Imanari to take on the sumo pairing of Yukio Naya & Hoshitango. The match focused on Chikara and Naya, two 3rd generation wrestlers fighting each other. Chikara missed a Diving Saber Chop and hit his partner by mistake, causing Naya to pin Imanari with the Back Drop. Chikara challenged Naya to a singles match afterwards but Naya told him to go home.

Ayumi Hayashi encouraged Yuna Manase to join in her wasshoi chants just so she would drop her guard. Manase had trouble pinning her opponent down until she hit a Lariat and won with the Suzuki Dynamic. She praised Hayashi for a good match afterwards.

Mizuki Watase was thrown off by Maku Donaruto’s behavior after Donaruto tried to pull his tights off. Watase got so annoyed that he pulled down his tights himself and threw them at Donaruto. Both wrestlers were reduced to fighting in their underwear with Donaruto encouraging Watase to give him more. He countered Watase’s Back Drop into a Triangle Choke, purposely pressing Watase’s face into his crotch. Watase gave up from this.

Yesterday was Gota Ihashi’s birthday. Sadly he couldn’t celebrate today because he lost to Ricky Fuji. Ihashi missed the Moonsault and Fuji capitalised with the 9999.


August 29, 2020

Shinjuku FACE
??? Fans – Withheld

1. Reiwa’s Summer Battle!: Chikara defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani with the Saber Chop (10:12).
2. 3 Way Match: El Lindaman defeated Antonio Honda and Intelligence Sensational Grand Passion Mask #4 when Lindaman pinned Honda with the German Suplex (14:10).
3. Soma Takao & T-Hawk defeated Mineo Fujita & Leo Isaka when Takaon pinned Isaka after an Accidental Dropkick from Fujita (11:58).
4. Shuji Ishikawa & Mad Paulie defeated Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Naya when Paulie pinned Naya with the Reverse Splash (12:54).
5. Tetsuya Endo Debut 8th Anniversary Match: Tetsuya Endo defeated Ryuichi Sekine with the Shooting Star Press (15:04).
6. Special Single Match: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Tsutomu Oosugi with La Mistica Cross Facelock (20:40).

The main event lost control when Tsutomu Oosugi accidentally knocked down Yukinori Matsui. After that happened, Daisuke Sasaki pulled Oosugi into the Cross Facelock and made him tap out with no referee there to see it. Matsui was revived in time to see Oosugi roll himself on top of Sasaki almost pinning him for the three count. Sasaki went for La Mistica Cross Facelock and eventually got it in. Oosugi reached for the ropes but gave up when Sasaki re-positioned themselves back to the middle of the ring.

After the match, Sasaki did something that is rare for him. He thanked his opponent. He chose Oosugi to be his opponent today because Oosugi showed him how fun pro wrestling is. There’s probably other reasons but Sasaki can’t remember them. He told Oosugi he respects him. Oosugi asked if Sasaki kicks every person he admires in the crotch? He thinks Sasaki’s life has gotten a lot worse, more than he ever realised in their previous tag matches. However, Sasaki showed him his true colours in today’s singles match. Oosugi believes wrestling is all inclusive and he will always remember the Sasaki he knew from their days in Mexico. Sasaki said they should go back to Mexico and have a match there.

Tetsuya Endo has been warned before by Sasaki not to get too close to Ryuichi Sekine. However Endo respects Sekine so much that he got him to be his opponent for his 8th anniversary match. Although Endo admitted afterwards that Sekine was his third choice. Still, he thinks they had a really good match.

The return of Shuji Ishikawa was meant to be a good time. It looked that way when he and Mad Paulie defeated Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Naya. But after the match Ishikawa told Paulie he only came here to wrestle, not to sing. This was not the time for karaoke. He would only sing when he thinks the time is right. Ishikawa apologised for the disappointing news.

The master of unintentional groin attacks Mineo Fujita showcased his abilities. Soma Takao in particular was scared to fight him and backed off whenever he felt his crotch was in danger. T-Hawk also refused to tag in when Fujita was in the ring. Fujita eventually found ways to do his thing, falling headbutt first onto Takao’s groin then giving T-Hawk a Facecrusher onto the same spot. Fujita’s cursed ability was his team’s downfall because he accidentally Dropkicked Leo Isaka in the dick. Takao pinned Isaka to save everyone’s manhoods from further harm.

When the 3 Way Match began, Antonio Honda got upset over being left out. He was about to tell a Gongitsune joke when El Lindaman and Intelligence Sensational Grand Passion Mask #4 both attacked him. Lindaman (25) and Passion Mask (39) then began arguing over their ages. It led to everyone sitting down in the middle of the ring and refusing to be the first to move. Honda yelled at everyone to stand back up and start Chopping each other. The three wrestlers eventually had their tights accidentally pulled down and they all fought in their underwear. Honda hit the Diving Fist Drop 2020 ~Homecoming~ on Passion Mask but Lindaman then gave him a German Suplex to steal the win.

Nobuhiro Shimatani and Chikara kept yelling their names at each other inbetween moves. They mostly Chopped each other a lot.

All of DAMNATION got in the ring at the end of the show. Ishikawa explained to Sasaki his self-ban on singing karaoke. Sasaki called him stupid and asked what does Ishikawa want to do? Ishikawa wants to sing! He got to sing while Takao, Endo and Paulie danced around him. When they finished, Sasaki announced “DAMNATION ILLEGAL ASSEMBLY RETURNS VOL.2” will happen on 11th December!

Sasaki had a message to give at the start of the show. It is something everyone is thinking. “Fuck Corona!” Everyone applauded.


March 14, 2020

Saitama Wrestle Arena
108 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Chikara (w/ Mao) defeated Miyako Matsumoto (w/ Ippanjin Munenori Sawa) with the Saber Chop (19:38).

The show began with a thrilled Miyako Matsumoto and Munenori Sawa announcing today’s Gake no Fuchi Joshi show has sold out with a bigger crowd than the one they had back on Christmas Eve. Sawa mentioned that Sanshiro Takagi couldn’t be here because he was having a meal with the president of AbemaTV. Matsumoto said if anyone in the audience had any complaints about the show, they should still send them to Takagi. The two left the ring then re-entered as part of the athlete’s ceremony. They remembered that the goal for today was to find a bride for Chikara.

The candidates Mao and Ichiho Shirahata entered the ring to meet Chikara. Before the match began, the two candidates faced off in a rap battle. Matsumoto joined in and the three way got too exciting for Chikara to handle. Daisuke Kiso ended the rap battle and asked the fans to choose the winner. Mao won the audience vote.

Next up was one of the regular challenges on these shows, the Kiso Flag Race. Matsumoto and Mao would race from the stage into the ring. The first one to hit Kiso would be the winner However, Mao turned out to be Sawa dressed in the same clothes. Sawa kicked Matsumoto out of the way and hit Kiso to win.

The show took a break for a special presentation of “Chikara Mania”. Darth Chikara came out to fight Ouchi Yoda in a Lightsaber duel. Matsumoto interrupted it and attacked both of them with a baseball bat “rigged to explode” with confetti. The match was ruled a no contest as the room filled with gun smoke.

Next, Metropoli-chan V entered the ring wearing a wedding dress. She was here to enter the contest and become Chikara’s bride. Matsumoto attacked her with the bat too.

Sawa and Chikara had a karaoke contest. Sawa sang “God Of Romance” and Chikara sang “Young Man”. Chikara won the audience vote.

There’s going to be a wrestling match soon. I swear! But first was another special presentation called “Ichiho Mania”. Shirahata and Mao has a Sailor Uniform Girl Showdown that did not feature sailor uniforms. They instead played a game where they had to push a piece of thread through a needle. Neither of them could do it so the game ended in a draw.

The ring announcer Uta Shima then added herself as a bride candidate. Shima and Shirahata both flirted with Chikara by saying different words in either a sexy or cute manner. Kiso judged Shima to be the winner.

When that was over Matsumoto, Mao, Chikara and Shirahata sat together to mimic a TV morning show debate. They talked about how charming Chikara is then started arguing over each other’s cooking skills. A fight was going to break out so Kiso ended the segment before things got violent. Shirahata was declared the winner of the talk show.

It was finally time for Chikara to make his decision. But just when he was about to choose his bride, his father Mitsuo Momota walked out! Even though Momota wants to have grandchildren as soon as possible, he came here today to watch a wrestling match! Matsumoto Vs Chikara was ready to begin, but first there was a 10 minute break.

At last the match happened. Mao got involved by putting Matsumoto in a Cobra Twist. Sawa ran in to rescue her but Chikara got rid of him with a Chop. Matsumoto grabbed Mao’s baseball cap and threw it away which made Chikara furious. Suddenly there were the surprise appearances of ASHUKA and Lingerie Muto! They fought until ASHUKA told everyone she had to fly back home to America. Muto left too and Sawa returned to fight Chikara in a proper wrestling match. Matsumoto used Sawa’s help to get the better of her opponent until Mao interfered again. Sawa went for the Shining Wizard on Chikara but Matsumoto got in the way and took the hit instead. Mao hit Matsumoto with the Saber Chop and Chikara followed up with one of his own to take the victory.

Chikara thanked Mao for teaming with him today. He was about to nominate her to be his bride when suddenly Shirahata’s manager came out. He said there was a violation of the rules. Chikara was not allowed to contact any of the women before the show but proof was shown on screen that Chikara sent a Twitter DM to Shirahata a few days ago! Matsumoto attacked Chikara for breaking the rules. It was then revealed that the kind of person Chikara really wants to marry is a female pro wrestler. That way then can talk about and share the same dream together. He won’t be able to marry Mao, but at least everybody now forgives him for sending the DM. Everyone then sang together to give the audience a happy ending.