December 14, 2019

Tokyo Belle Epoque Beauty School 2nd School Hall
205 Fans – No Vacancy

1. 3 Way Tag Match: Toru Owashi & Yuki Ueno defeated Akito & Yukio Naya and Masahiro Takanashi & Antonio Honda when Ueno pinned Honda with the Blizzard Suplex (9:14).
2. Yukio Sakaguchi & Makoto Oishi defeated Shunma Katsumata & Keigo Nakamura when Oishi pinned Nakamura with a European Clutch (8:59).
3. Special Single Match: Danshoku Dieno Vs Bull James ended in a No Contest (7:01).
4. DISASTER BOX Vs DAMNATION!: Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao & Mad Paulie defeated HARASHIMA, Kazuki Hirata & Naomi Yoshimura when Takao pinned Hirata with the Reverse Gory Special Bomb (10:46).
5. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – A Block: Chihiro Hashimoto (6) defeated Yuki Iino (6) with the Albright (11:53).
6. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – A Block: Chris Brookes (7) defeated Konosuke Takeshita (6) with a Cradle (19:25).
7. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – A Block: Tetsuya Endo (7) defeated Keisuke Ishii (6) with the Modified Yurikamome Hold (14:21).
8. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – A Block Tiebreaker: Tetsuya Endo defeated Chris Brookes with the Modified Yurikamome Hold (12:17).

A Block

1. Tetsuya Endo (7)
-. Chris Brookes (7)
3. Keisuke Ishii (6)
-. Konosuke Takeshita (6)
-. Chihiro Hashimoto (6)
-. Yuki Iino (6)
7. Yuki Ueno (4)

The winner of the A Block is… Tetsuya Endo! The results from today’s final matches in the group ended with Endo and Chris Brookes tied for first with 7 points each. Since their group match earlier in the tournament ended in a draw, the direct confrontation rule could not be applied for the tiebreaker. Hisaya Imabayashi entered the ring after the main event and announced Endo and Brookes would have a match to determine the block winner straight away!

Brookes had a slight advantage of having some time to rest while Endo had only just fought in the main event. Brookes targeted Endo’s ankle and hit the Praying Mantis Bomb but Endo kicked out at two. Endo caught his second win on the ring apron when he struck Brookes with an Overhead Kick. He then hit the Canadian Destroyer on the ring apron! Back in the ring Endo did the Shooting Star Press but took too long to pin Brookes, giving him a nearfall. Endo applied the Modified Yurikamome Hold and while Brookes tried to make the move backfire with a Cradle, Endo put the hold back into its proper position and got Brookes to give up.

Endo celebrated with Mad Paulie and said his entire tournament run was calculated, from the bad beginning to the good finish. Endo is the strongest wrestler in the A Block. He doesn’t know who out of HARASHIMA, Daisuke Sasaki and Masato Tanaka will win the B Block tomorrow. But the winner of the D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 will be Tetsuya Endo!


But what happened to the frontrunners that allowed both Endo and Brookes to overtake them? Keisuke Ishii fell to Endo in the original main event. Ishii hit his usual moves but also a Fisherman Buster outside of the ring. But Endo blocked the Double Arm DDT and also avoided the Kneel Kick. He caught Ishii in the Yurikamome Hold for the submission victory.

Konosuke Takeshita failed to win the group when he lost to Brookes. The match went back and forth with Takeshita doing an Avalanche German Suplex only for Brookes to counter the Cross-Arm German Suplex into an Octopus Hold. Takeshita rocked Brookes with a Lariat then went for the Walls Of Takeshita. The move that served Takeshita so well this year failed him today because Brookes twisted and rolled himself into a pinning cradle to get the surprise three count on his opponent.

Lastly, Yuki Iino failed to win the group thanks to Chihiro Hashimoto, who at this point has to be recognised as his biggest rival. Hashimoto Speared Iino before finishing him off with the Albright. Iino accepts that he lost this battle of honest power. It was all physical and Hashimoto was the better wrestler. He learned that it will take more than just physical strength to finally beat Hashimoto. For Hashimoto, she hopes to return to DDT next year to challenge for the KO-D Openweight Title.

A few things happened in the non-tournament matches. Daisuke Sasaki led DAMNATION to victory over DISASTER BOX in a 6-Man Tag Match. Mad Paulie took Kazuki Hirata’s GO! glasses and put them on. Music began to play until Sasaki pulled the glasses off. Sasaki believes he will win the Grand Prix so Endo should go find a new signboard for the group.

The match between Danshoku Dieno and Bull James fell apart because of the Lip Lock. But it wasn’t Dieno who used it. James did the move to Dieno, then Yukinori Matsui, then Daisuke Kiso and then Imabayashi, causing the match to get thrown out.

There was also a lot of kissing teases in the 3 Way Tag Match.


December 10, 2019

Hiroshima Aster Plaza Multipurpose Hall
205 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Akito, Shunma Katsumata & Mizuki Watase defeated Masahiro Takanashi, Yukio Naya & Keigo Nakamura when Watase pinned Nakamura with the Back Drop (5:29).
2. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Rey Paloma & Antonio Honda defeated Danshoku Dieno & Makoto Oishi (c) when Paloma pinned Oishi with a Prawn Hold (8:22).
*Rey Paloma becomes the 1,447th champion.
3. Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Hiroshi Yamato defeated Toru Owashi, Kenshin Chikano & Kazuki Hirata when Endo submitted Hirata with the Modified Yurikamome Hold (7:30).
4. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – B Block: Soma Takao (4) defeated Naomi Yoshimura (0) with a Running Elbow Butt (9:08).
5. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – A Block: Yuki Iino (6) defeated Yuki Ueno (4) with the Spear (10:47).
6. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – A Block: Chris Brookes (5) defeated Keisuke Ishii (6) with the Praying Mantis Bomb (13:51).
-. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Makoto Oishi defeated Rey Paloma (c) with a Cradle (8:12 pm).
*Makoto Oishi becomes the 1,448th champion.
7. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – B Block: HARASHIMA (8) defeated Bull James (4) with the Somato (13:26).
8. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – A Block: Konosuke Takeshita (6) defeated Chihiro Hashimoto (4) with the German Suplex (20:16).

A Block

1. Keisuke Ishii (6)
-. Konosuke Takeshita (6)
-. Yuki Iino (6)
4. Tetsuya Endo (5)
-. Chris Brookes (5)
6. Chihiro Hashimoto (4)
-. Yuki Ueno (4)

B Block

1. Masato Tanaka (10)
2. Daisuke Sasaki (8)
4. Soma Takao (4)
-. Bull James (4)
6. Yukio Sakaguchi (2)
7. Naomi Yoshimura (0)

The group stage of this year’s D-Ou Grand Prix is nearing its end. Today confirmed some eliminations while keeping hopes alive for others. One such example was in the main event. Konosuke Takeshita is still alive going into the last set of matches but Chihiro Hashimoto’s chances are now gone. The German Suplexes were flying in there match including one where Hashimoto Suplexed Takeshita on the ring apron. But Takeshita won out in the end, countering the Albright into his own German Suplex and holding on for dear life so Hashimoto wouldn’t kick out. Takeshita thanked his opponent for the match but also said he is stronger than her. His goal is to win the Grand Prix and regain the KO-D Openweight Title. He hopes it will be around his waist again when DDT returns to Hiroshima next year.

HARASHIMA’s victory over Bull James keeps him tied with Daisuke Sasaki right behind the B Block leader Masato Tanaka. HARASHIMA targeted James’ leg early, using a Figure 4 Leg Lock. The plan worked out when James had difficulty moving in to do the Doink Drop. HARASHIMA stunned James with a High Kick and pinned him with the Somato. This was James’ last match in the tournament. He won’t reach the final but he is proud of his overall performance.

It has become a tight race over in the A Block. It’s even tighter now that Chris Brookes is coming in as a late challenger. By beating Keisuke Ishii, Brookes can find a path to the final if a few remaining results go his way. With Takeshita as his final opponent, Brookes warns that he is more prepared for him than anyone else in their block. It was a result that Ishii could have done without. He blamed his defeat on Brookes’ height. A pro wrestler as proud as Ishii should not be losing to tall people.

The Grand Prix is now over for Yuki Ueno. His run ends with a loss to Yuki Iino. Ueno’s excitement got the better of him. When he hit a Half Nelson Suplex he turned his back on Iino to run the ropes. What he didn’t notice was Iino standing right back up so he could grab him for a Bubba Bomb. One Lariat and a Spear later ended the match. Ueno said he has a lot of regrets from this tournament but today’s match is something he will never forget.

Things just keep getting worse for Naomi Yoshimura. His losing streak extended even further after a flash loss to Soma Takao. A Running Elbow Smash of all moves was what put Yoshimura down for the count this time. He protested the pin to Yukinori Matsui after the match. Keigo Nakamura tried to hold him back but Yoshimura retaliated by giving him a Choke Slam before storming off.

In Match #3 Kazuki Hirata unleashed his Knockout Chop on Tetsuya Endo but it had no effect. Hirata was too busy dancing to notice so Endo played dead until he found his moment to strike and win the match for DAMNATION.

Rey Paloma joined in with Antonio Honda’s usual gameplan. He suffered Honda’s usual setbacks too. However Honda came to his partner’s aid after Makoto Oishi threw him into Danshoku Dieno’s Hell Gate. Oishi had Paloma pinned in a Sunset Flip when Honda stuck his fingers in Dieno’s backside to charge up Gongitsune. Honda then used Gongitsune to poke Oishi’s face and Paloma rolled him up for the three count. Paloma won the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title but Oishi would win it back later in the show.

DDT “GOD BLESS DDT 2019” Digest Highlights

December 2, 2019

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,214 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. 4 Way Tag Match: Akito & Shunma Katsumata Vs Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie Vs Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura Vs Yukio Sakaguchi & Yukio Naya
2. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Time Difference Battle Royal: Kazuki Hirata (c) Vs Michiaki Nakano Vs Toru Owashi Vs Makoto Oishi Vs Mizuki Watase Vs Asuka Vs Hiroshi Yamato
3. Danshoku Dieno & Super Sasadango Machine Vs Shinya Aoki & Keigo Nakamura
4. Saki Akai “Okibariyasu” 7 Match Series – 1st Match: Saki Akai Vs Tsukasa Fujimoto
5. After Ultimate Party 2019 Special Tag Match: Konosuke Takeshita & Jiro Kuroshio Vs Antonio Honda & Miyu Yamashita
6. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao (c) Vs Masahiro Takanashi & Chris Brookes
7. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) Vs Yuki Iino

BASARA Generation 61 Minute Clash, Sasadango Vs Aoki, Title Matches In January

November 26, 2019

Yokohama Radiant Hall

1. 3 Way Match: Nodoka Tenma Vs Yuki Kamifuku Vs Haruna Neko
2. Shoko Nakajima Vs Mina Shirakawa
3. Miu Watanabe Vs Yuki Aino
4. Maki Itoh & Pom Harajuku Vs Hikari Noa & Mahiro Kiryu
5. Sakisama Vs Raku
6. Rika Tatsumi Vs Misao
7. Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki & Suzume Vs Miyu Yamashita, Yuna Manase & Mirai Maiumi

Is this Rika Tatsumi’s last chance to bring Hyper Misao back? She has an idea to do something for her one on one match with Misao. What on earth could it be?

Marika Kobashi will be in attendance to give an update on her status. She has been absent from Tokyo Joshi Pro since the summer to study for her university entrance exam.

Tokyo Nishiarai Daishi West Studio

0. Exhibition Match: Ryuichi Sekine Vs Tetsuo Usui
1. Customer Lottery Tag Match: Ryota Nakatsu, Fuminori Abe, Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi, SAGAT
2. Customer Lottery Decision Only Match: Isami Kodaka Vs Masato Kamino
3. 61 Minute Best 2 Out Of Three Falls: Daiki Shimomura Vs Takato Nakano

The BASARA generation rivalry between Daiki Shimomura and Takato Nakano has come to this. They will face off in a three fall match with a combined 61 minute time limit. It is a stipulation so big that it will main event the show.

The other two matches will heavily feature crowd participation. The audience will randomly choose who teams with who in Match #1. For Match #2 Isami Kodaka and Masato Kamino will only be allowed to use moves pulled out of a box by members of the audience.

Tetsuo Usui is a new trainee for BASARA. Can’t find any details about him yet.

DDT “D-OU GRAND PRIX 2020 THE FINAL!!”, 28/12/2019
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Kazusada Higuchi Return Match: Kazusada Higuchi Vs X
2. Saki Akai “Okibariyasu” 7 Match Series – 2nd Match: Sakura Hirota Vs Saki Akai
3. Toshiwasure! Special Single Match: Shinya Aoki Vs Super Sasadango Machine
4. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – Final: Winner Of A Block vs Winner Of B Block

One of the upsets of the year happened when Super Sasadango Machine pinned Shinya Aoki last weekend. Even Sasadango has been struggling to believe it was a deserved victory. He does comedy so much that he can’t tell if he has some legitimate wrestling ability anymore. To find out if Sasadango actually has skill in the ring he will face Aoki in a singles match. If he hits the Lehmann Shock three times in a row again then nobody can question the result.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. New Year! Special 3 Way Match: Sanshiro Takagi Vs Danshoku Dieno Vs Super Sasadango Machine

DDT kicks off the 2020 schedule with three of their classic wrestlers facing off against each other.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. International Princess Title: Maki Itoh (c) Vs Hikari Noa
2. Princess Of Princess Title: Yuka Sakazaki (c) Vs Miyu Yamashita

Hikari Noa convinced Maki Itoh to give her an International Princess Title shot. She wants to win the title and defend it against Natsumi Maki when she returns from injury. Maybe it’s out of jealousy or maybe it is out of respect but Itoh accepted the challenge and wants it at the big 4th January show at Korakuen Hall.

DDT “WRESTLE SHIOKONBU! 2020”, 12/01/2020
Osaka City Suminoe Maikon Hall

1. DDT Extreme Title: HARASHIMA (c) Vs X

There will be no more title matches in DDT until January. I bet the D-Ou Grand Prix group stage will determine some challengers for HARASHIMA.

DDT “WRESTLE TOROROKOBU! 2020”, 13/01/2020
Osaka City Suminoe Maikon Hall

1. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Iino (c) Vs X, X & X

ALL OUT’s position in DDT has been weakened now that Konosuke Takeshita is no longer the KO-D Openweight Champion. An attempt from Yuki Iino to win the belt failed and Shunma Katsumata hasn’t been able to win the KO-D Tag Team Titles whenever he had the chance to. All they have to fight for at the moment is the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles.

DDT “SWEET DREAMS! 2020”, 26/01/2020
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) Vs X

It’s possible that the D-Ou winner could challenge HARASHIMA here but that is not a guarantee.

DDT “GOD BLESS DDT 2019” Results

November 24, 2019

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,214 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. 4 Way Tag Match: Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie defeated Akito & Shunma Katsumata, Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura and Yukio Sakaguchi & Yukio Naya when Endo pinned Katsumata with a Puma Toke de Espaldas (7:01).
2. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Time Difference Battle Royal: Kazuki Hirata (c) defeated Michiaki Nakano with a Reverse Miracle One Shot Cradle (9:09).
Order Of Elimination: Mizuki Watase, Toru Owashi, Hiroshi Yamato, Makoto Oishi & Asuka, Michiaki Nakano.
*V? for Kazuki Hirata.
-. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Michiaki Nakano defeated Kazuki Hirata (c) with a Title Belt Attack (12:05 pm).
*Michiaki Nakano becomes the 1,443rd champion.
-. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Makoto Oishi defeated Michiaki Nakano (c) with a School Boy (12:06 pm).
*Makoto Oishi becomes the 1,444th champion.
3. Danshoku Dieno & Super Sasadango Machine defeated Shinya Aoki & Keigo Nakamura when Sasadango pinned Aoki with the Vertical Drop Lehmann Shock (10:45).
4. Saki Akai “Okibariyasu” 7 Match Series – 1st Match: Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Saki Akai with the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex (9:32).
5. After Ultimate Party 2019 Special Tag Match: Konosuke Takeshita & Jiro Kuroshio defeated Antonio Honda & Miyu Yamashita when Kuroshio pinned Honda with the Moonsault Press (14:07).
6. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao (c) defeated Masahiro Takanashi & Chris Brookes when Takao pinned Brrokes with the Official Endless Waltz (13:43).
7. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) defeated Yuki Iino with the Somato (16:51).

HARASHIMA’s first defence for his latest KO-D Openweight Title got off to a good start with a victory over Yuki Iino. The challenger used the Bubba Bomb and the Haka Elbow but couldn’t put HARASHIMA away. He went for the Spear but HARASHIMA blocked it with a Standing Somato. When both got back up they got into a Elbow Smash battle that ended with Iino throwing a Headbutt. However HARASHIMA hit back with a Spin Kick to the face that knocked Iino down. HARASHIMA used a Buzzsaw Kick to set up the match ending Somato. The champion called Iino a great opponent he wants to face again and again. He called Iino a TV star but HARASHIMA also appeared on a TV drama recently so he thinks that cancelled out Iino’s advantage. HARASHIMA won’t have any more title defences for the rest of the year. His next DDT Extreme Title defence will be on 12th January and his next KO-D Title defence is on 26th January. For now HARASHIMA will concentrate on winning the D-Ou Grand Prix.

Today was the most under threat DAMNATION have been towards losing the KO-D Tag Team Titles. As the match progressed problems grew between Daisuke Sasaki and Soma Takao. Thanks to the craftiness of Masahiro Takanashi, he would make Sasaki bump into Takao over and over until Takao had enough and he turned on Sasaki! After smashing Sasaki with an Elbow Strike, Takao left the ring in anger. Sasaki had to fight his opponents mostly on his own but Tetsuya Endo did what he could from ringside to prevent Sasaki from losing. Endo gave a chair to Sasaki which caused Takao to come back and grab it off him. However Takao then hit Takanashi with the chair and all was good again with DAMNATION! The match became 2 Vs 2 again. Sasaki pulled Takanashi out of the ring while Takao blocked the Praying Mantic Bomb from Chris Brookes. From there Takao used the Official Endless Waltz to cradle Brookes into pins until he finally got a three count. Backstage Takao says he has not forgiven Sasaki yet but Sasaki doesn’t care. Today proved that they can win matches even if their friendship is broken. They are one more title defence away from taking their team to the next level. But first they have to worry about the D-Ou GP where they just happen to be in the same block. Brookes told Takanashi not to worry about the loss because CDK are only a new team. They will get another shot at the titles some day.

The team of Antonio Honda & Miyu Yamashita took on a new challenge when they faced Konosuke Takeshita & Jiro Kuroshio. Honda complained that Kuroshio was wearing a nice jacket while he wrestled. Yamashita faked an injury along with Honda after a leapfrog spot but took the match seriously when she faced off with Takeshita. She gave Takeshita a German Suplex but he immediately fired back with a Lariat. Honda stripped Kuroshio of his jacket but struggled to put it on himself. When he wound up his hands for the Bionic Elbow they got entangled by the jacket. That gave Kuroshio the chance to knock him down and pin him with the Moonsault Press. Takeshita told Kuroshio he wants to wrestle him again no matter if it is in DDT, America or even the health center were they hung out at. Kuroshio joked that it will probably be at the health center. They hugged and vowed to reunite in the future.

Saki Akai’s first match in her “Okibariyasu” Series ended in a loss to Tsukasa Fujimoto. But she can be happy to know she put up a good fight. Akai couldn’t hit the Quetzalcoatl and it took Fujimoto two attempts to hit the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex. Fujimoto intentionally used the move because Akai said in an interview that she wanted to wrestle Manami Toyota. When you wrestle Fujimoto, you also wrestle Toyota in spirit. Akai will take what she has learned and use them along with her emotions for the next match. Opponent #2 in her series will be Sakura Hirota and that match will be on 28th December.

The rookie Keigo Nakamura took the microphone before his match and told everyone his dream is to win a championship. He figured out the fastest way to do this is to go for the KO-D Tag Team Titles with Shinya Aoki because of Aoki’s KO power. He asked Aoki if he wanted to do that but Aoki’s answer was “Who are you?” Their match began and Danshoku Dieno got his hands on Nakamura while Aoki fought with Super Sasadango Machine. Sasadango escaped from Aoki’s Sleeper Hold by slipping out of his mask. Dieno then gave Aoki the Lip Lock and the Danshoku Driver to set up something even more expected. Sasadango hit the three Lehmann Shocks and pinned Aoki! Sadadango reappeared later in the show and asked for a singles match with Aoki on 28/12 to figure out if this was a fluke or if he reall does have potential to be a serious pro wrestler.

The dream has come true for Michiaki Nakano. He has finally won the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title! If only for a minute. He didn’t win the Battle Royal despite bribing the other wrestlers thousands and thousands of yen to help him beat up Kazuki Hirata. However Hirata beat the odds and eliminated every one of his opponents to win the match. Things looked to be peaceful after the match until Nakano gave Hirata the Rainmaker and went for the pin. Hirata kicked out at one. Makoto Oishi then hit Hirata with the title belt and Nakano jumped onto Hirata before Oishi could for the title change. Nakano celebrated until Oishi rolled him up for the three count and ran off with the belt.

Now that Nobuhiro Shimatani has gone freelance, somebody has to carry around the DAMNATION signboard. Endo ended up doing it today. Somehow the sign is now upside down. It’s not all bad. He and Mad Paulie won the 4 Way Tag.

Kazusada Higuchi will return to the ring on 28th December. He has been out of action since September.

Hirata’s 10th Anniversary show will take place on 14th March, 2020.


November 15, 2019

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
195 Fans

1. Danshoku Dieno, Kazuki Hirata & Hiroshi Yamato Vs Akito, Yukio Naya & Keigo Nakamura
2. 3 Way Match: Konosuke Takeshita Vs Antonio Honda Vs Fuminori Abe
3. DAMNATION Send Off Match: Nobuhiro Shimatani Vs Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie
4. HARASHIMA & Toru Owashi Vs Masahiro Takanashi & Ken Ohka
5. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) Vs Makoto Oishi
6. KO-D Openweight Title Next Challenger Gauntlet Match: Shunma Katsumata Vs Mizuki Watase Vs Yuki Ueno Vs Naomi Yoshimura Vs Yuki Iino Vs Asuka


November 12, 2019

YAROZ “YAROZ PART 8”, 12/11/2018
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
132 Fans

1. YaroZ-gun Vs Ikemen-gun All Out Battle!: Akito & Shunma Katsumata defeated SAGAT & Naomi Yoshimura when Akito pinned SAGAT with a School Boy (10:43).
2. Reiwa’s 1st YaroZ Cover Girl Decision Match: Cherry defeated Banny Oikawa with the Cherryton Bomb (6:12).
3. FFF (Fundoshi For Future) Match: Ryuichi Sekine & Hoshitango Vs Yuki Iino & Yumehito Imanari ended in a No Contest (9:20).
4. Rounds Handicap Match: Hideki Sekine defeated Gota Ihashi & Keigo Nakamura by TKO when Sekine used a Bearhug on Nakamura (R4 1:49).
5. Sensual Novel Death Match: Naoki Tanizaki Vs Hiroshi Yamato (Special Referee: Danshoku Dieno) was won by Enya (19:33).
6. YaroZ-gun Vs Ikemen-gun All Out Battle!: Ken Ohka, Antonio Honda & Toru Owashi defeated Jiro Kuroshio, Makoto Oishi & Mizuki Watase when Honda pinned Watase with the Diving Fist Drop (12:48).

See if this sounds familiar. The Ikemen Army kidnapped the guest idol (this time it was Sakurako-san) and the YaroZ Army beat them in the main event to rescue her. The Ikemen refused to let her go but Cherry and Banny Oikawa entered the ring for the save. This time however Jiro Kuroshio and Makoto Oishi fought them off and said the usual YaroZ ending wasn’t going to be repeated. When all hope was lost, Yukio Sakaguchi entered the ring. He isn’t with BOYZ anymore so he is joining YaroZ today! Sakaguchi chased off the Ikemen Army and rescued the women. The YaroZ asked Oikawa and Sakurako-san to hang out with them after the show but they turned them all down. Cherry wanted to hang out though, specifically with Keigo Nakamura. He didn’t want to because he thinks Cherry is as old as his mother. Cherry didn’t care and she dragged Nakamura out of the ring.

The Sensual Novel Death Match had Naoki Tanizaki and Hiroshi Yamato reading erotica to Ryuichi Sekine after every 2 count pin or submission. Danshoku Dieno was there to help determine if Sekine was aroused enough to end the match. Unfortunately no amount of erotic storytelling could excite Sekine. As more stories were told, wrestlers and ringside personnel were getting aroused, even Dieno! Sekine was exiting the ring when an Enya song played over the speakers. That did it! Everyone was too aroused to do anything so the match ended with Enya as the winner.

Sakurako-san was on the show to be the round girl for the Handicap Match. She began fully dressed and took off a piece of clothing after every round. Hideki Sekine destroyed Gota Ihashi & Keigo Nakamura but all of the referees and other wrestlers did what they could to keep the match going and complete the striptease. Yuya Okada eventually had enough and ended the match when Sekine squeezed the life out of Nakamura with a Bearhug. Yukinori Matsui attacked Okada and wrestled him over the decision. Sakurako-san calmed everyone down by stripping down to her bikini. That was when the Ikemen Army kidnapped her.

The Fundoshi match ended in a No Contest when Yuki Iino was so excited from hitting the Spear that he tried to remove his loincloth. Matsui blocked him and called for the bell.