DDT “ISN’T IT DRAMATIC 2020” Results

February 24, 2020

DDT “ISN’T IT DRAMATIC 2020”, 24/02/2020
Nagoya City East Sports Center
264 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Hiroshi Yamato defeated Keigo Nakamura with a Half Crab Hold (6:54).
2. Soma Takao & Mad Paulie defeated Kazuki Hirata & Yukio Naya when Takao pinned Hirata with the Gin And Tonic (10:02).
3. 3 Way Tag Match: Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo defeated Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi and Yuki Iino & Mizuki Watase when Endo pinned Watase with the Swivel Torture Rack Bomb (12:37).
4. Saki Akai “Okibariyasu” 7 Match Series – 4th Match – Rocky Of Naniwa II Vs Human Torpedo II: Saki Akai defeated Miranda Gordy with the Quetzalcoatl (6:53).
5. DDT Senbatsu-gun Vs Nagoya & Kengo Takai-gun: HARASHIMA, Toru Owashi & Makoto Oishi defeated Kengo Takai, Intelligence Sensational Grand Passion Mask #4 & Hiroaki Ura when HARASHIMA pinned Ura with the Somato (11:23).
6. Chris Brookes, Masahiro Takanashi & MAO defeated Konosuke Takeshita, Akito & Shunma Katsumata when Brookes pinned Katsumata with the Praying Mantis Bomb (12:14).
7. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura (c) defeated Danshoku Dieno & Super Sasadango Machine when Yoshimura pinned Sasadango with a Lariat (19:14).
*V3 for Nautilus.

There was havoc caused in the KO-D Tag Team Title match when the referees kept getting wiped out. Yukinori Matsui got knocked away several times forcing Tomomitsu Matsunaga to come in as a substitute. He got knocked down as well so no referee was around to count any pins. Danshoku Dieno & Super Sasadango Machine called in their secret weapon. It was the third referee DJ Nira! He was on their side and tried to win them the Tag Titles. Matsui recovered and counted a pin for Nautilus but Nira stopped him with an Elbow Drop. Matsui gave Nira a Lariat and took back control of the match. The challengers got rid of Yuki Ueno and gave Naomi Yoshimura a double team Danshoku Driver for a nearfall. Sasadango pulled off his mask in frustration and went in for the kill. But Yoshimura overpowered him and hit a Lariat for the three count.

After the match Ueno said that the last time DDT was supposed to be in Nagoya he, Yoshimura & HARASHIMA were meant to challenge for the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles. A typhoon postponed the show so that match never happened. Today Ueno & Yoshimura were able to give Nagoya a tag title match in a different form. That makes them glad. Ueno said they will next defend the titles against The Moonlight Express. However Hisaya Imabayashi has not decided on the date for that match yet.

Makoto Oishi complained that the Nagoya team were too noisy making their introductions so he and Toru Owashi taped Hiroaki Ura’s mouth shut. Intelligence Sensational Grand Passion Mask #4 got revenge by whispering the word “Divorce” into Oishi’s ear at every opportunity to drive him mad. He also targeted Owashi’s nipples. HARASHIMA and Kengo Takai were the only ones acting normally. They simply told each other “long time no see” before they wrestled.

The Okibariyasu trial is now at 2 wins and 2 losses after Saki Akai defeated Miranda Gordy. Akai said she wants to win her remaining three matches so she and Eruption can make DDT even bigger.


November 16, 2019

Niigata Kobari Aoyama Public Hall
208 Fans

1. Mad Paulie defeated Keigo Nakamura with a Running Body Press (4:56).
2. Antonio Honda & Yuki Iino defeated Kazuki Hirata & Yuki Ueno when Iino pinned Hirata with the Haka Elbow (11:46).
3. DISASTER BOX Vs ALL OUT!: Toru Owashi & Naomi Yoshimura defeated Akito & Shunma Katsumata when Owashi pinned Katsumata with La Magistral Cradle (8:16).
4. Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao & Tetsuya Endo defeated Masahiro Takanashi, Makoto Oishi & Mizuki Watase when Takao pinned Watase with the Reverse Gory Special Bomb (14:02).
5. DDT Extreme Title – 10 Vs 1 Captain’s Fall Match: HARASHIMA (c) Vs DJ Nira ended but nobody knows who won this match (17:00).
*V2 for HARASHIMA for some reason.
6. “Local Celebrity” Super Sasadango Machine Local Triumph! Niigata Specialty Ultra Super Mechanko Special Single Match: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Super Sasadango Machine with the Verdict (21:17).

Today was Super Sasadango Machine’s toughest challenge in a while. He needed to figure out a way to beat Konosuke Takeshita. His PowerPoint presentation showed Sasadango is aware of his lack of stamina as a weakness. His plan was to get the audience to cheer his name at the five minute mark, do a big move to Takeshita on the ring apron and attack him with a weapon outside the ring. If all else fails he can rely on doing the Lehmann Shock three times for a victory as guaranteed as Hiroshi Tanahashi hitting the Sling Blade and the High Fly Flow.

The plan didn’t go quite as intended. The big apron bump was blocked, the bell hammer was taken as a weapon but it was Takeshita who used it on Sasadango. The Lehmann Shock was hit twice and Sasadango unmasked himself as time slowed down. But the third one was slowly countered into a Sling Blade. Takeshita climbed the ropes to do a High Fly Flow but Sasadango’s thoughts about a dead grandpa (I’ll explain that later) motivated him to stop Takeshita and hit the third Lehmann Shock! Shockingly, Takeshita kicked out at two and fought back. He used Muscle Sakai’s old finisher the Verdict to beat Sasadango.

After the match Takeshita told Sakai/Sasadango that he is a million years away from beating him. But he respects him especially since DDT does not have a new generation wrestler to replace the likes of him and Danshoku Dieno. Sasadango said today was the first time he took the Verdict. He never thought anyone other than Brock Lesnar would give it to him. He discovered that the move hurts his nose.

The rules for the 10 Vs 1 Captain’s Fall match were made a little bit clearer before it began. HARASHIMA was on the champion team, which meant he was on his own. DJ Nira was part of the 10 man team with other members of the roster. However the captain of that team was purposely kept secret so the audience could have fun solving the mystery with HARASHIMA. Nira had Masahiro Takanashi, Antonio Honda, Makoto Oishi, Keigo Nakamura and even the referee Yukinori Matsui helping him. However the ring announcer Inoue Mic noticed that Nira’s team did not have 10 people in it. He then admitted that he was the team captain! The team all beat up HARASHIMA until Nira told them to stop. This was supposed to be him challenging for the DDT Extreme Title so he wanted the match to just be between himself and HARASHIMA. The ring emptied. Nira went for the Rocket Punch. HARASHIMA went for the Somato. When they hit the room went dark. An old Hisaya Imabayashi appeared sitting on a chair telling the story of this legendary battle. A voice asked “Hey Grandpa, what happened after that?” Imabayashi did not respond. A narrator told the audience “Grandpa was dead. Nobody knows who won this match.”

DAMNATION won the 6-Man Tag but things were looking shaky within the group. At one point Daisuke Sasaki accidentally Clotheslined Soma Takao. They patched things up but later on Sasaki accidentally hit Soma again with a Spear. They still won but Takao left the ring and took no part in the post-match group pose.

Tatsumi Wants Her Hero Back, 10 Vs 1, November Korakuen, Another GWC Title Rematch

November 11, 2019

Aichi Nippon Gaishi Sports Plaza 3rd Stadium

1. Hikari Noa Vs Haruna Neko
2. Yuki Aino Vs Suzume
3. 3 Way Match: Nodoka Tenma Vs Pom Harajuku Vs Mahiro Kiryu
4. Miyu Yamashita & Yuna Manase Vs Miu Watanabe & Mirai Maiumi
5. Sakisama & Misao Vs Rika Tatsumi & Raku
6. Nagoya Special Tag Match: Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki Vs Yuki Kamifuku & Mina Shirakawa
7. International Princess Title: Maki Itoh (c) Vs Nightshade

After everything they have been through this year, Rika Tatsumi is still convinced she can turn Misao back into Hyper Misao. She gets another attempt to get this message through in the ring.

Niigata Kobari Aoyama Public Hall

1. Mad Paulie Vs Keigo Nakamura
2. Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao & Tetsuya Endo Vs Masahiro Takanashi, Makoto Oishi & Mizuki Watase
3. Kazuki Hirata & Yuki Ueno Vs Antonio Honda & Yuki Iino
4. DISASTER BOX Vs ALL OUT!: Toru Owashi & Naomi Yoshimura Vs Akito & Shunma Katsumata
5. “Local Celebrity” Super Sasadango Machine Local Triumph! Niigata Specialty Ultra Super Mechanko Special Single Match: Super Sasadango Machine Vs Konosuke Takeshita
6. DDT Extreme Title – 10 Vs 1 Captain’s Fall Match: HARASHIMA (c) Vs DJ Nira

The main event is now 10 Vs 1. What we don’t know is who is on the team of 10 wrestlers. That includes the champion and the challenger. It might end up being HARASHIMA leading 9 others against DJ Nira. I don’t know!

Aichi NGK Sports Plaza 3rd Stadium

1. Special Tag Match That Is Obsessed With The Distant Night Sky: Shuichiro Katsumura & Shinichiro Tominaga Vs Masked Mystery & Shota
2. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs DEP All Out Battle! The Third Trial Singles Match Of Shuhei Washida: Shuhei Washida Vs Takaya Shibayama
3. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs ~Barren Twitter’s Perfect Match~: Ken Ohka & Kouki Iwasaki Vs Kengo Takai & Intelligence Sensational Grand Passion Mask #4
4. Pocchari Joshi World Tryout: Yumehito Imanari Vs Nightshade
5. Ganjo Tag Match: Moeka Haruhi & HARUKAZE Vs Kaho Kobayashi & Konatsu
6. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title – Monthly Young Communication November Issue ~The First Time In Nine Years~: Keisuke Ishii (c) Vs Michio Kageyama

Fresh off of defending his Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title against Makoto Oishi a few days ago, Keisuke Ishii wants to keep his momentum going. He wants to beat his previous title run of 6 title defences. He’ll be at 3 if he beats the freelancer Michio Kageyama.

DDT “GOD BLESS DDT 2019”, 24/11/2019
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. 4 Way Tag Match: Akito & Shunma Katsumata Vs Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie Vs Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura Vs Yukio Sakaguchi & Yukio Naya
2. Time Difference Battle Royal: Michiaki Nakano Vs Toru Owashi Vs Kazuki Hirata Vs Makoto Oishi Vs Mizuki Watase Vs Asuka Vs Hiroshi Yamato
3. Danshoku Dieno & Super Sasadango Machine Vs Shinya Aoki & Keigo Nakamura
4. After Ultimate Party 2019 Special Tag Match: Konosuke Takeshita & Jiro Kuroshio Vs Antonio Honda & Miyu Yamashita
5. Saki Akai “Okibariyasu” 7 Match Series – 1st Match: Saki Akai Vs Tsukasa Fujimoto
6. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao (c) Vs Masahiro Takanashi & Chris Brookes
7. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) Vs Yuki Iino

Yuki Iino won last weekend’s Gauntlet match to get the KO-D Openweight Title shot.

Jiro Kuroshio’s dad requested that Jiro and Konosuke Takeshita team together for Jiro’s final match in DDT. Takeshita agreed to it as long as Antonio Honda could be one of their opponents. Honda accepted the offer because he already has a tag team with Miyu Yamashita.

Honda was supposed to be in Match #3 but he pulled out to do the Kuroshio match. Danshoku Dieno takes his place as Super Sasadango Machine’s tag partner.

There is a problem with the Battle Royal. The Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title was supposed to be defended in it for the sake of Souken’s Michiaki Nakano. However Dieno is now the champion and he is booked on the match afterwards. So what does Nakano have to fight for?

Tokyo Art Center White Studio

1. GWC 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Kenichiro Arai, Masked Mystery & Shota (c) Vs Ken Ohka, Yumehito Imanari & Miss Mongol

The feud between True GUTS-gun and GPW over the GWC 6-Man Tag Team Titles continues for another round. The challengers had to email Kenichiro Arai for his permission to do the match again.


November 8, 2019

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
195 Fans

1. Danshoku Dieno, Kazuki Hirata & Hiroshi Yamato defeated Akito, Yukio Naya & Keigo Nakamura when Hirata submitted Nakamura with a Sol Naciente (8:11).
-. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Danshoku Dieno defeated Kazuki Hirata (c) by Pinfall (7:23 pm).
*Danshoku Dieno becomes the 1,439th champion.
2. 3 Way Match: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Antonio Honda and Fuminori Abe when Takeshita submitted both Honda and Abe with the Walls Of Takeshita (11:43).
3. DAMNATION Send Off Match: Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani when Sasaki submitted Shimatani with the Cross Facelock (0:23).
3a. Rematch: Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani when Sasaki submitted Shimatani with the Cross Facelock (10:02).
4. HARASHIMA & Toru Owashi Vs Masahiro Takanashi & Ken Ohka ended in a Double Countout (11:04).
5. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) defeated Makoto Oishi with the Avalanche High Angle Double Arm DDT (12:19).
*V2 for Keisuke Ishii.
6. KO-D Openweight Title Next Challenger Gauntlet Match: Yuki Iino defeated Shunma Katsumata, Mizuki Watase, Yuki Ueno, Naomi Yoshimura and Asuka.
6a. Asuka defeated Mizuki Watase with the Moonsault Press (3:58).
6b. Yuki Ueno defeated Asuka with a Frankensteiner (1:55).
6c. Yuki Ueno defeated Shunma Katsumata with a Frankensteiner (6:43).
6d. Yuki Iino defeated Yuki Ueno with the Spear (3:38).
6e. Yuki Iino defeated Naomi Yoshimura with the Spear (10:37).

The show began with each participant in the main event gauntlet picking out balls to determine their order of entry. Mizuki Watase drew #1 but said if he can beat everyone then he can beat HARASHIMA. Well, he fell at the first hurdle to Asuka. Yuki Ueno was the next entrant and he eliminated Asuka with a Headscissors style Hurricanrana. He then used the Frankensteiner again to beat Shunma Katsumata. His run came to an end when Yuki Iino entered the fray. Iino avoided getting rolled up and won with the Spear. That left Naomi Yoshimura as the last entrant. Iino blocked the Shonenba, gave Yoshimura the Bubba Bomb then had to hit two Spears to win the match.

HARASHIMA came out and congratulated Iino for winning. They will now face each other for the KO-D Openweight Title on 24th November at Korakuen Hall. HARASHIMA told him he won’t lose the title easily because he worked so hard to win it in Sumo Hall. Iino thanked everyone for supporting him. He’s been wrestling for three years now but missed periods because of injury and acting work. He is taking a chance on himself so he will hit HARASHIMA with 120% of his power!

Keisuke Ishii said he was honored to defend the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title against Makoto Oishi. His goal as the champion is to beat his previous reign of 6 successful defences. Oishi lost but his message to everyone today is old warriors don’t die, they just leave. But he hasn’t given up yet. The eruption of Volcano Oishi has yet to happen!

Late in Match #4, the legal wrestlers HARASHIMA and Masahiro Takanashi fought around ringside. DJ Nira snuck down to the ring and struck them with his umbrella, resulting in the double countout. Nira got on the microphone and asked how did he get a shot at the DDT Extreme Title? Was it because he tried to steal it? He was about to leave when Hisaya Imabayashi asked about the stipulation for the title match on 16th November. Nira pointed to the screen and a message came up saying it’s going to be a 10 Vs 1 Captain’s Fall Handicap Match! Imabayashi wanted more information like who will be fighting on his own and who is on the team of 10 wrestlers? Nira just told him to use his imagination then left. HARASHIMA assured Imabayashi that he is fine with the rule.

Nobuhiro Shimatani’s final match under DDT contract could not have gone any worse. He tapped out to Daisuke Sasaki in under 30 seconds. They agreed to a rematch and this time around Shimatani convinced Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie to help him try and beat Sasaki! However Shimatani’s sign attacks kept missing Sasaki and hitting the others so often that they turned back on him. Shimatani tried fighting against the 4 on 1 odds but tapped out to Sasaki again. Sasaki said he doesn’t know why Shimatani is quitting DDT and he doesn’t care. But he’ll leave it up to Shimatani if he wants to quit DAMNATION too. Shimatani told the audience that from tomorrow they will see him begin to grow up in the ring. One more thing. He will stay in DAMNATION!

A video message was sent to Konosuke Takeshita after the 3 Way Match. It was from Jiro Kuroshio’s dad! He wants Takeshita to team with “Ikemen” for his final DDT match on 24/11. Takeshita accepted the request and asked for Antonio Honda to included. Honda already has a match booked on the 24th but he will do it to honour Kuroshio. He already has a tag partner too. It’s Miyu Yamashita!

It’s not often that Kazuki Hirata gets to bully around an underdog. With Keigo Nakamura in the ring, Hirata had the opportunity to remind everyone his extended moveset is heavily Dragon Gate influenced. He hit the Doi 555, the Bakatare Sliding Kick and then applied the Sol Naciente on the rookie to get his team the win. Hiroshi Yamato attacked Hirata after the match so he could win the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title. He went for the pin but Danshoku Dieno stunned him with the Lip Lock then pinned Hirata to take the title.

Ultimate Hangover, Omega Comments, New Title Matches, MMA Shrek

November 4, 2019

A couple days rest then everyone gets back on the grind. But first, Kenny Omega had a lot to say following his return appearance to DDT. He was happy with yesterday’s match and would like to wrestle in DDT again, preferably in mixed tag matches if DDT can provide the teams for him. He also has some opinions on two wrestlers in particular: Konosuke Takeshita and Tetsuya Endo. He said Takeshita has grown big and Endo has a bodybuilder physique but he couldn’t sense any heart from their performances. They wrestle the same as they did five years ago when Omega left DDT. How can they compare to the elite wrestlers from around the world that Omega faces regularly? How can they ever win something as great as an IWGP or G1 victory? How well do they do outside of Tokyo? Omega kind of feels like a father disappointed in his children. Between today’s comments and his tense behavior towards HARASHIMA yesterday it seems like Kenny is kicking a hornet’s nest in his old stomping grounds.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Danshoku Dieno, Kazuki Hirata & Hiroshi Yamato Vs Akito, Yukio Naya & Keigo Nakamura
2. 3 Way Match: Konosuke Takeshita Vs Antonio Honda Vs Fuminori Abe
3. HARASHIMA & Toru Owashi Vs Masahiro Takanashi & Ken Ohka
4. Send Of Match From DAMNATION: Nobuhiro Shimatani Vs Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie
5. KO-D Openweight Title Next Challenger Gauntlet Match: Shunma Katsumata Vs Mizuki Watase Vs Yuki Ueno Vs Naomi Yoshimura Vs Yuki Iino Vs Asuka
6. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) Vs Makoto Oishi

One decade ago Makoto Oishi held the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title. He still feels a link with the belt but was never able to challenge for it again until now. He would never forgive himself if he does not take this chance.

With no clear contender in sight for HARASHIMA, his first KO-D Openweight Title defence will be against the winner of a 6 person Gauntlet match. HARASHIMA chose the six wrestlers and wanted to put a focus on the younger generation.

Nobuhiro Shimatani will be ending his contract with DDT on 8th November. He will continue wrestling in DDT but will do so as a freelancer from now on. To mark the end of his contract, Shimatani will be facing against the other members of DAMNATION in a 4 Vs 1 match. Shimatani was unhappy to take the loss at “ULTIMATE PARTY 2019!” and made the decision to take his career in a new direction. That may mean he will leave DAMNATION too.

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

1. Nodoka Tenma Vs Haruna Neko
2. Rika Tatsumi & Miu Watanabe Vs Mirai Maiumi & Suzume
3. Sakisama & Misao Vs Yuna Manase & Mahiro Kiryu
4. Maki Itoh & Yuki Aino Vs Nightshade & Yuki Kamifuku
5. 3 Way Match: Mizuki Vs Mina Shirakawa Vs Pom Harajuku
6. Yuka Sakazaki & Hikari Noa Vs Miyu Yamashita & Raku

YUMI will be taking a break from wrestling after this show to focus on her junior high school education. She is currently in 3rd grade and is reaching an important time of the year for class studies. No time is set for her return but when she does, Tokyo Joshi Pro will give her enough practice time to prepare for it.

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

1. Itabashi Three Major Singles Match ~The Second Trial Singles Match Of Shuhei Washida~: Shuichiro Katsumura Vs Shuhei Washida
2 Ganjo Vs Mongolia & Britain Allies: Moeka Haruhi & HARUKAZE Vs Miss Mongol & Nightshade
3. Itabashi Three Major Singles Match ~ Power Of Dream Vs Pancrase P’s Lab Yokohama~: Kouki Iwasaki Vs Shunsuke Sayama
4. Young Communication Vs Gakusei Pro Wrestler Special 6-Man Tag Match: Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Kazuki Hirata Vs Yumehito Imanari, Mitomi Masayuki & Shinichiro Tominaga
5. Itabashi Three Major Singles Match ~ Mr. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Mr. Showtime~: Ken Ohka Vs Shota

Kazuki Hirata makes his Ganbare☆Wrestling debut reuniting with Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie. Their match is a clash of ideals between the Young Communications generation (think of it like a prototype DNA) and wrestlers with the student pro wrestling background.

BASARA “BASARA 111 ~OSHU BATTLE~”, 10/11/2019
Miyagi Miyagino Cultural Center

1. Ryota Nakatsu & Daiki Shimomura
2. Ryuichi Sekine & Minoru Fujita Vs Daichi Kazato & Masato Kamino
3. Special Single Match: Naoki Tanizaki Vs Fuminori Abe
4. 3 Way Match: Masahiro Takanashi Vs Isami Kodaka Vs Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi
5. UWA World 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Takumi Tsukamoto, Yasu Urano & Takato Nakano (c) Vs FUMA, Yusuke Kubo & SAGAT

IRON PRIEST couldn’t win the KO-D Tag Team Titles at Sumo Hall but they get another chance to become double champions. SAGAT can also get a belt again after briefly holding the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title.

YAROZ “YAROZ PART 8”, 12/11/2018
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. FFF (Fundoshi For Future) Match: Ryuichi Sekine & Hoshitango Vs Yuki Iino & Yumehito Imanari
2. Cherry Vs Banny Oikawa
3. Sensual Novel Death Match: Naoki Tanizaki Vs Hiroshi Yamato
4. Rounds Handicap Match: Hideki Sekine Vs Gota Ihashi & Keigo Nakamura
5. YaroZ-gun Vs Ikemen-gun All Out Battle!: SAGAT & Naomi Yoshimura Vs Akito & Shunma Katsumata
6. YaroZ-gun Vs Ikemen-gun All Out Battle!: Ken Ohka, Antonio Honda & Toru Owashi Vs Jiro Kuroshio, Makoto Oishi & Mizuki Watase

MMA Shrek is coming to YaroZ! Hideki Sekine is a monstrous heavyweight but his MMA career is currently in the slumps. Feeding Gota Ihashi & Keigo Nakamura to him will probably put him back on the right track.

Niigata Kobari Aoyama Public Hall

1. Mad Paulie Vs Keigo Nakamura
2. Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao & Tetsuya Endo Vs Masahiro Takanashi, Makoto Oishi & Mizuki Watase
3. Kazuki Hirata & Yuki Ueno Vs Antonio Honda & Yuki Iino
4. DISASTER BOX Vs ALL OUT!: Toru Owashi & Naomi Yoshimura Vs Akito & Shunma Katsumata
5. DDT Extreme Title: HARASHIMA (c) Vs DJ Nira
6. “Local Celebrity” Super Sasadango Machine Local Triumph! Niigata Specialty Ultra Super Mechanko Special Single Match: Super Sasadango Machine Vs Konosuke Takeshita

Should an attempt to steal the DDT Extreme Title be rewarded with a match where the thief can win the championship? In this situation, sure! It’s DJ Nira we’re talking about here so it shouldn’t be a problem for HARASHIMA.

Toyama Nanto City Fukuno B & G Ocean Center

1. Tetsuya Endo Vs Keigo Nakamura
2. Soma Takao & Mad Paulie Vs Naomi Yoshimura & Mizuki Watase
3. 3 Way Match: Daisuke Sasaki Vs Masahiro Takanashi Vs Makoto Oishi
4. Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata Vs Shunma Katsumata & Saki Akai
5. DISASTER BOX Vs ALL OUT!: HARASHIMA & Yuki Ueno Vs Akito & Yuki Iino
6. Ken Ohka Local Triumph! Nanto Specialty Special Tag Match: Ken Ohka & Antonio Honda Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Super Sasadango Machine

One day after they face each other in a singles match, Takeshita & Super Sasadango Machine will team up for Ken Ohka’s homecoming match.

DDT “GOD BLESS DDT 2019”, 24/11/2019
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Saki Akai “Okibariyasu” 7 Match Series – 1st Match: Saki Akai Vs Tsukasa Fujimoto
2. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao (c) Vs Masahiro Takanashi & Chris Brookes
3. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) Vs Winner Of 8/11 Gauntlet

DAMNATION mentioned a plan that will take the KO-D Tag Titles to the next level once they make 10 defences. They will be at 9 if they beat The Calamari Drunken Kings.

Shinya Aoki, Jiro Kuroshio and Hiroshi Yamato will be on the show.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Union MAX Title: Masahiro Takanashi (c) Vs Isami Kodaka

The new Union MAX Champion is not wasting any time and wants the strongest in BASARA to challenge him. Masahiro Takanashi knows that Isami Kodaka would not resist the chance to win the title back from an outsider.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Princess Of Princess Title: Yuka Sakazaki (c) Vs Miyu Yamashita

The first 2020 match in the DDT family has been announced and it is a big one. Yuka Sakazaki failed to defend the Princess Of Princess Title during her first reign. She is now at risk of a repeat because her first challenger this time around is Miyu Yamashita! Sakazaki doesn’t want Yamashita for her first defence but she eventually agreed to it. On the bright side at lease she is guaranteed to hold the belt for two months. Just like last time… Oh. Ohhhhhh that’s not good.

DDT “ULTIMATE PARTY 2019!” Results

November 3, 2019

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
5,869 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Under Match: Daichi Kazato, Masato Kamino & Shuhei Washida defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Mizuki Watase & Keigo Nakamura when Kazato pinned Nakamura with the Explosive Axe Bomber (6:58).
0. Under Match – Tokyo Joshi Pro 8-Woman Tag Match: Hikari Noa, YUMI, Mahiro Kiryu & Suzume defeated Raku, Pom Harajuku, Haruna Neko & Mirai Maiumi when Noa pinned Harajuku with the Uranage (8:22).
-. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Chair defeated Shota (c) by Pinfall (2:30 pm).
*Chair becomes the 1,433rd champion.
-. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Chair defeated Chair (c) by Pinfall (2:31 pm).
*Chair becomes the 1,434th champion.
0. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Time Difference Battle Royal: Kazuki Hirata defeated Chair (c), Shota, Toru Owashi, Gorgeous Matsuno, HARUKAZE, SAGAT, Yuki Kamifuku, Mina Shirakawa, Pokotan and Yoshihiko (15:20).
0a. Shota, Kazuki Hirata and Yoshihiko eliminated Pokotan by Ring Out (3:57).
0b. Shota eliminated Yoshihiko by Ring Out (4:41).
0c. Yuki Kamifuku eliminated Chair (c) with the Gravure Pin (5:51).
*Yuki Kamifuku becomes the 1,435th champion.
0d. SAGAT eliminated Yuki Kamifuku (c) with a School Boy (8:55).
*SAGAT becomes the 1,436th champion.
0e. Gorgeous Matsuno eliminated SAGAT (c) by Pinfall (13:29).
*Gorgeous Matsuno becomes the 1,437th champion.
0f. Toru Owashi eliminated Mina Shirakawa by Ring Out (13:56).
0g. Shota eliminated HARUKAZE by Ring Out (13:57).
0h. Gorgeous Matsuno (c) and Kazuki Hirata eliminated Toru Owashi and Shota by Simultaneous Ring Outs (14:21).
*V1 for Gorgeous Matsuno.
0i. Kazuki Hirata eliminated Gorgeous Matsuno (c) by Pinfall (15:20).
*Kazuki Hirata becomes the 1,438th champion.
1. 100 Plastic Cases Match: Isami Kodaka defeated Sanshiro Takagi with the Isamiashi Zan (5:49).
2. KO-D 10-Man Tag Team Titles: Danshoku Dieno, Asuka, Yuki Iino, Mizuki & Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi defeated Super Sasadango Machine, Yuna Manase, Jiro Kuroshio, Hiroshi Yamato & Makoto Oishi when Iino pinned Sasadango with the Spear (13:43).
*Danshoku Dieno, Asuka, Yuki Iino, Mizuki & Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi become the 2nd KO-D 10-Man Tag Team Champions!
3. Gauntlet Tag Match: Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura defeated Yukio Naya & Cody Hall, Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura, Yukio Sakaguchi & Ryota Nakatsu, Shuichiro Katsumura & Kouki Iwasaki, Maki Itoh & Chris Brookes and Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino.
3a. Yukio Sakaguchi & Ryota Nakatsu defeated Shuichiro Katsumura & Kouki Iwasaki when Sakaguchi pinned Iwasaki with the God’s Right Knee (3:55).
3b. Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino defeated Yukio Sakaguchi & Ryota Nakatsu by Ring Out (1:52).
3c. Maki Itoh & Chris Brookes defeated Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino when Itoh pinned Aino with the Flying Big Head (2:56).
3d. Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura defeated Maki Itoh & Chris Brookes when Ueno pinned Itoh with a Crucific Pin (2:35).
3e. Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura defeated Yukio Naya & Cody Hall when Yoshimura pinned Naya with a Lariat (4:29).
4. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) defeated Fuminori Abe with the Pink Kneel Kick (7:26).
*V1 for Keisuke Ishii.
5. UWA World 6-Man Tag Team Titles – 3 Way Match: Takumi Tsukamoto, Yasu Urano & Takato Nakano (c) defeated Tetsuya Endo, Mad Paulie & Nobuhiro Shimatani and Ken Ohka, Yumehito Imanari & Miss Mongol when Tsukamoto pinned Shimatani with the Dragon Kicker (9:09).
*V1 for Takumi Tsukamoto, Yasu Urano & Takato Nakano.
6. Princess Tag Team Titles: Rika Tatsumi & Miu Watanabe defeated Sakisama & Misao (c) when Tatsumi pinned Misao with the Missile Hips (13:46).
*NEO Biishiki-gun fails in V4. Daydream becomes the 6th Princess Tag Team Champions!
7. KO-D Tag Team Titles – 4 Way Hardcore Match: Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao (c) defeated Akito & Shunma Katsumata, FUMA & Yusuke Kubo and Minoru Fujita & Daiki Shimomura when Sasaki submitted Shimomura with the Cross Facelock (13:24).
8. Union MAX Title: Masahiro Takanashi defeated Ryuichi Sekine (c) with the Takatonic (9:59).
*Ryuichi Sekine fails in V3. Masahiro Takanashi becomes the 13th Union MAX Champion!
9. Princess Of Princess Title: Yuka Sakazaki defeated Shoko Nakajima (c) with the Magical Magical Girl Splash (14:12).
*Shoko Nakajima fails in V4. Yuka Sakazaki becomes the 7th Princess Of Princess Champion!
10. Souken Holdings Presents Dramatic Dream Match: Kenny Omega & Riho defeated Antonio Honda & Miyu Yamashita when Omega pinned Honda with the One-Winged Angel (21:22).
11. BLACK OUT Presents – KO-D Openweight Title & DDT Extreme Title: HARASHIMA (E/c) defeated Konosuke Takeshita (K/c) with the Somato (25:38).
*V1 for HARASHIMA. Konosuke Takeshita fails in V3. HARASHIMA becomes the 73rd KO-D Openweight Champion!

HARASHIMA fought past his limit to win the KO-D Openweight Title for the 10th time in his career! His win against Konosuke Takeshita today is also revenge for their Sumo Hall match back in March 2017, the last time HARASHIMA held the title. Takeshita focused on HARASHIMA’s weakened back like he did in the matches leading up to today. He used the Walls Of Takeshita and dared the DISASTER BOX wrestlers in HARASHIMA’s corner to throw in the towel. But HARASHIMA persisted and swung momentum to his favour in a big way with a Reverse Frankensteiner from the top turnbuckle. He struggled to capitalise but found an opening when he maneuvered himself out of the Cross Arm German Suplex and then pulled Takeshita into a Short Range Somato. HARASHIMA hit a full force Somato for the victory and the title change.

Wrestlers from HARASHIMA’s generation came out and congratulated him after the match. HARASHIMA thanked them all from Ken Ohka to KUDO to Isami Kodaka to Yasu Urano and also to everyone else who came to Sumo Hall today. Since this was an Ultimate Party, HARASHIMA wanted everyone in the DDT family to join him in the ring for a celebration including Kenny Omega and Riho. When Omega & Riho came out HARASHIMA then called for Takeshita and the rest of ALL OUT to come back. As Takeshita stood on the apron, HARASHIMA thanked him for not holding back. Today he won but next time he might not so they should wrestle against each other again some day. After a little bit of hesitation, Takeshita shook HARASHIMA’s hand and they embraced.

Takeshita left the ring with ALL OUT but the rest of the roster continued the party. HARASHIMA said he could see everyone’s smiles. The DDT groups will continue to work together to create more wonderful wrestling, this time in Saitama Super Arena next June! As the party went on, DJ Nira walked down the aisle and entered the ring. He shook HARASHIMA’s hand then tried to steal the DDT Extreme Title. He played dead when he failed and was carried out of the ring. That was the sign for the wrestlers to leave the ring one by one until only HARASHIMA and Omega were left. Omega shook HARASHIMA’s hand but he sure was staring at the KO-D Title a lot when the new champion wasn’t looking…

Omega returned to DDT so he could go back to his roots. He proved this by switching his AEW theme to the Dr. Wily remix he used during his DDT days. He also wore the AAA Mega Title belt around his waist during his entrance while Riho had her AEW Women’s Title. Their opponents were ready for a big match. Miyu Yamashita wore new wrestling gear and Antonio Honda even attempted a Suicide Dive. Unfortunately he tripped in the middle of the canvas and hurt himself. He told his story and asked for a “Too Sweet!” but it was a trap to unleash Gongitsune on Omega! Yamashita pushed Omega back with her kicks until Omega carried her to the top rope in a Fireman’s Carry position. Riho climbed on top of them and hit a Super Diving Double Stomp onto Honda. Riho later dived out of the ring onto Yamashita leaving Omega alone to finish off Honda. However Honda still had life left in him and he fought out of the One-Winged Angel. Honda’s comeback was cut short with a V-Trigger and Omega finally pinned him with the One-Winged Angel.

Omega spoke to the fans in Japanese after the match. He said the match took longer than he expected so he would keep this message short. Honda was as strong as ever and Omega found out that Yamashita is strong too. He doesn’t know what will happen between himself and DDT in the future but of course he would like to come back again. He was happy to see so many people choose to see this show today during a very busy week for pro wrestling in Japan. He said his goodbyes then quickly remembered to finish off his “Goodbye & Goodnight” catchphrase. A few comments from the post-match interview include Omega feeling nostalgic the moment he stepped into the ring. Enough so that he did the STOP! Enzuigiri during the match but he forgot to do a Hadouken. He feels embarrassed at falling for Honda’s Gongitsune trick. He was expecting the move but thought Honda was giving him the “Too Sweet!” because he used to be the leader of Bullet Club. Omega and Riho said Yamashita is unlike anyone else in the AEW women’s division. Riho admitted she doesn’t have the authority to get Yamashita in AEW but maybe if Yamashita challenges her to a title match, maybe something could happen. Part of the reason Omega wants to do more mixed tag matches is so he can find a rival for Riho.

Tokyo Joshi Pro had a newsworthy day across the show, the biggest of which is a Princess Of Princess Title change! Yuka Sakazaki kicked out of Shoko Nakajima’s Northern Lights Suplex then resisted a repeated attempt of the move. She was able to give Nakajima the Merry-Go-Round and won with the Magical Magical Girl Splash. Sakazaki was so overcome with emotions over the match that she couldn’t say much during the post-match interview. She just wanted to go home and eat hamburgers. Nakajima is sorry that she lost but still feels like she achieved her dream today. She hopes everyone will still support her when she goes on her tour of Mexico.

The big BASARA match also involved a major title change. Masahiro Takanashi won the Union MAX Title from Ryuichi Sekine! Takanashi targeted Sekine’s left arm from the start. It paid off because Sekine was never really able to apply the Let’s Combine. Takanashi was able to roll out of the submission set up and hit the Takatonic from out of nowhere to become the new champion. Isami Kodaka confronted Takanashi after the match but did not say a word to him. After a tense moment Kodaka left and helped Sekine to the back. Backstage Takanashi said he is ready to defend the belt against BASARA and singled out Kodaka as his preferred first challenger. He knows Kodaka will not refuse him.

The most chaotic match of the night was the KO-D Tag Team Titles 4 Way. Hardcore rules meant that there were plenty of weapons about and it did not take long for the ring to fill up. Shunma Katsumata came out dressed as the Joker. That was his first mistake. Soma Takao piled chairs on top of Akito then Double Stomped onto them. A large board with Lego blocks stuck to them was propped between chairs and steel cans. FUMA & Yusuke Kubo slammed Katsumata onto the board. Minoru Fujita helped position two different towers of ladders with tables bridged between them on opposite corners of the ring. Akito & Katsumata later moved them together to be one big tower. Katsumata wanted to dive off of it but Daisuke Sasaki knocked him off instead by throwing chairs at him. Fujita gave Akito the SAYONARA then instructed Daiki Shimomura to climb the tower. Takao blinded Fujita with red Poison Mist then tied his arms to the ring ropes. Sasaki joined Shimomura on the top of the tower and broke a guitar over his head. He gave Shimomura the Pedigree onto the tables then made him submit to the Cross Facelock at the top of the tower. With 8th defences in a row, DAMNATION now wants the KO-D Tag Titles to be considered the top championship in DDT. When they reach 10 defences, they will take the title “to the next stage.” What does that mean? We’ll find out if they can defend the belts two more times.

NEO Biishiki-gun had been unstoppable during their reign as Princess Tag Team Champions. That ended today thanks to Daydream! It was an uphill battle for the challengers. But that all changed when Miu Watanabe got rid of Sakisama with the Tear Drop. From there Rika Tatsumi was pitted with Misao. She countered the Vanitas with a Forward Dropkick then hit the Missile Hips for the three count. Backstage Sakisama was outraged and demanded Misao to tell her why they lost today. Misao stayed silent and took the abuse. Obviously the new champions are in a much better mood. Watanabe said she will cherish her new championship. Tatsumi cannot wait to wear her first title belt around her waist.

The action for the UWA World 6-Man Tag Team Titles match was frantic from the get go. Yumehito Imanari found himself getting separated and outnumbered. Tetsuya Endo used Mad Paulie as a launcher for some of his high flying attacks. Paulie also turned out to be a difficult wall for Urano and Miss Mongol to break but Ohka helped out with the Fire Spear. Nobuhiro Shimatani and Takato Nakano faced off. Shimatani got the advantage thanks to Endo. However DAMNATION’s chance at winning the titles went pair shaped when the champions got back into the match. Takumi Tsukamoto stunned Shimatani with the Thrust Kick and got the win for his team with the Dragon Kicker. Shimatani feels so crushed by the loss he told the others he may leave DAMNATION and go some place new.

Keisuke Ishii is filled with confidence going into the D-Ou Grand Prix. It took a Tiger Suplex into the turnbuckles, the Double Arm Clutch Driver and the Kneel Kick for Ishii to put Fuminori Abe away. His goal today was to both defend the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title and spread awareness of Ganbare☆Wrestling. He succeeded in both. Abe admits that maybe he wasn’t mentally prepared for today after going through a 60 minute Ironman Match with Naoshi Sano yesterday. However he also thinks the more you wrestle, the better your condition gets so they cancelled each other out. He is afraid today was the final chapter of him getting to wrestle against the Ganpro roster. He hopes it won’t be.

Nautilus came out on top in the Tag Gauntlet. It begun with a strike heavy battle between Yukio Sakaguchi & Ryota Nakatsu against Shuichiro Katsumura & Kouki Iwasaki. Sakaguchi pinned Iwasaki for the elimination. The Bakuretsu Sisters surprisingly eliminated Sakaguchi & Nakatsu by having Nakatsu bump Sakaguchi out of the ring. The NEO Itoh Respect Army came out with a questionable dance performance to “Setsunairo”. Chris Brookes and Nodoka Tenma faced off, showing everyone the massive height difference between them. Tenma then gave Brookes a Fall Away Slam. Brookes gave Yuki Aino the Praying Mantis Bomb and Maki Itoh pinned her with the Flying Big Head. Nautilus were out next and Naomi Yoshimura attempted to do the World’s Cutest Knuckle Punch to Itoh. Brookes gave Yuki Ueno a Cutter and Itoh hit a Falling Headbutt. But when Itoh went for a pin Ueno rolled her into a Crucifix Pin for the three count. Yukio Naya & Cody Hall were the final team to enter. Ueno & Yoshimura had the advantage of more tag team experience together and were able to beat them and win the Gauntlet. Both of them will now focus on the D-Ou Grand Prix.

In the dying moments of the KO-D 10-Man Tag Team Titles match Yuki Iino led Danshoku Dieno, Asuka, Mizuki & Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi into doing the Haka then sent them out to keep the opposing team away. He hit the Haka Elbow to Makoto Oishi and went for the pin but time froze just before the three count. “Etupirka” played and we got Oishi giving a monologue about him trying to pick a name for his unborn child. Time slowly passed as Oishi kicked out. Jiro Kuroshio, Yuna Manase, Hiroshi Yamato & Super Sasadango Machine slowly attacked Iino, ending with the Lehmann Shock. Sasadango went for the pin but time froze again. This time we got a monologue from Iino’s father! His father never wanted Iino to become a pro wrestler but he doesn’t him to be a loser even more. That was enough motivation for Iino to slowly kick out. The two teams collided and paved the way for Iino to Spear Sasadango so hard his mask came off. That was what it took for Iino’s team to win the 10-Man Tag Titles!

It took about 30 seconds for Sanshiro Takagi and Isami Kodaka to regret wrestling inside a ring filled with plastic cases. They began with standard opening match moves but even they were dangerous because of the cases breaking beneath them. Takagi hit the Sit Down Himawari Bomb onto some cases but Kodaka kicked out. Takagi missed a Diving Body Press and crashed onto more cases. Kodaka was able to beat him with the Isamiashi Zan from that point on. Kodaka celebrated by piling together more cases then he dove onto them from the top rope.

The Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title changed hands several times on the pre-show. Two chairs fell on top of Shota backstage. Yukinori Matsui found Shota unconscious and counted to three, declaring one of the chairs as the new champion. He then immediately noticed the other chair on top and counted the pin again, meaning another chair won the title. Then in the Battle Royal Yuki Kamifuku did a sexy pose on the chair during her entrance. Matsui counted it as a pin and gave the title to her. SAGAT won the belt with a Backslide Pin on Kamifuku. Gorgeous Matsuno sang while everyone did a train attack on SAGAT. Matsuno pinned him while singing with everyone piled on top to win the title. He continued singing as the field whittled down to just him and Kazuki Hirata. Matsuno pretty much no sold Hirata’s attacks but was pinned when he missed the Gorgeous Superstar Elbow. Hirata celebrated with the Iron Man Title until Michiaki Nakano from Souken Holdings tried to win the belt from him. Hirata left as champion while Nakano complained to Hisaya Imabayashi. If he really wants to win the Iron Man Title he should face Hirata at Korakuen Hall on 24th November!

Tokyo Joshi had an 8-Woman Tag take place in the pre-show. Hikari Noa took the win for her team by pinning Pom Harajuku with the Uranage.

The very first match of the day had the recently debuted Keigo Nakamura determined to be a big factor. Tomomitsu Matsunaga was a bit annoyed by his behavior and slapped him across the face for the tag. Despite the rookie’s enthusiasm, he was cut down by Daichi Kazato’s Explosive Axe Bomber.

The president Of CyberAgent, Susumu Fujita has been appointed the Executive Chairman of “WRESTLE PETER PAN 2020” in Saitama Super Arena. A street wrestling match inside (or around?) the venue is being planned. This was all announced during one of Sasadango’s PowerPoint presentations. Takagi also promoted his new book about pro wrestling company management.


September 15, 2019

Tokyo Ryogoku KFC Hall
430 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Under Match: Tomomitsu Matsunaga, Mizuki Watase & Naomi Yoshimura defeated Akito, Shunma Katsumata & Nobuhiro Shimatani when Yoshimura pinned Shimatani with the Shonenba (8:59).
0. Masahiro Takanashi Vs Danshoku Dieno Proxy War – Glove Match: Pokotan (w/ Sayaka Obihiro) defeated Chupacabra (w/ Miyako Haru) with a Straight Right Punch (R1 1:15).
1. Ryogoku Gauntlet Tag Match: Hoshitango & Seiya Morohashi defeated Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata, Antonio Honda & Riho, Gaijin A & Gaijin A, Konosuke Takeshita & Gorgeous Matsuno, Emi Sakura & Cherry, Saki Akai & Mei Suruga, Gota Ihashi & Shota (w/ Chinsuke Nakamura) and Yasu Urano & Ken Ohka.
1a. Antonio Honda & Riho defeated Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Riho pinned Hirata with the Kurukuru Ribbon (1:47).
1b. Antonio Honda & Riho defeated Gaijin A & Gaijin A by Ring Out (5:46).
1c. Konosuke Takeshita & Gorgeous Matsuno defeated Antonio Honda & Riho when Takeshita submitted Honda with the Walls Of Takeshita (9:44).
1d. Emi Sakura & Cherry defeated Konosuke Takeshita & Gorgeous Matsuno when Sakura pinned Matsuno with a Cradle (3:14).
1e. Saki Akai & Mei Suruga defeated Emi Sakura & Cherry when Suruga pinned Sakura with the Shoulder Wheel Propeller Clutch (3:37).
1f. Saki Akai & Mei Suruga defeated Gota Ihashi & Shota (w/ Chinsuke Nakamura) when Akai pinned Ihashi with the Rookie Award (1:38).
1g. Yasu Urano & Ken Ohka defeated Saki Akai & Mei Suruga when Urano pinned Suruga with a Cradle (1:12).
1h. Hoshitango & Seiya Morohashi defeated Yasu Urano & Ken Ohka when Morohashi submitted Ohka with the Crippler Crossface (4:00).
2. Super Sasadango Machine defeated DJ Nira with the Vertical Drop Lehmann Shock (10:40).
3. Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Takashi Sasaki, GENTARO & Tanomusaku Toba (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) when Sasaki pinned Takagi with a School Boy (10:18).
4. Kagetora & Yukio Sakaguchi defeated HARASHIMA & Yuki Ueno when Kagetora pinned Ueno with the Gurumakakari (12:50).
5. Masahiro Takanashi defeated Danshoku Dieno with the Takatonic (17:45).

There were a lot of reunions and old faces appearing today to celebrate Masahiro Takanashi’s 16 years as a pro wrestler. In the main event Takanashi fought Danshoku Dieno with Muscle Sakai and Yusuke Inokuma in Dieno’s corner. Takanashi used some of Dieno’s own moves against him including a Lip Lock on the top turnbuckle. It was to set up an Avalanche Takatonic but Dieno countered it into an Avalanche Implant. But there was still life left in Takanashi. He avoided the Danshoku Driver and stunned Dieno with Thrust Kicks until he could win with the Takatonic.

After the match Takanashi was reunited with KUDO and Yukio Sakaguchi. KUDO said it felt good to be inside a wrestling ring again. It’s not a place to talk but a place to fight. He assured everyone that he will come back to wrestling in the near future. Takanashi said that today felt like everybody was coming home. Everyone here is different but they all protect DDT with their own way of fighting. He will continue to do the same because there must be a ring for everyone to come home to, no matter where they are. Last year Takanashi lost his 15th anniversary match in this venue. He walked out without saying a word. This year things went better for him and he wants to stand in front of the fans, thanking them for coming today to see him. Later backstage Takanashi announced that he is will not be entering the upcoming D-Ou Grand Prix tournament. He cited his poor performances in the previous two tournaments as his reason. DDT was going to offer him a spot again but Takanashi turned it down so he can go on a different path he wants to take.

HARASHIMA and Kagetora shook hands after their tag match.

DAMNATION thought they were going to have a 4 on 1 advantage against Sanshiro Takagi. However Takagi gathered together an all star team of DDT legends to even the odds. Takashi Sasaki, GENTARO & Tanomusaku Toba fought with Takagi while Poison Sawada JULIE watched from their corner. But in a twist JULIE betrayed Takagi by spraying Green Mist into his face while Takagi tried to give Daisuke Sasaki the Sit Down Himawari Bomb. Sasaki slipped out and pinned Takagi with a School Boy. JULIE told Takagi that they are enemies for life. Takashi Sasaki and Daisuke Sasaki teased a Sasaki Contra Sasaki Showdown. Daisuke Sasaki then told JULIE that if he ever comes back, he will quit DAMNATION so the two of them can run the Snake World together.

Before Match #2 began Takanashi reminded everyone that the Consumption Tax in Japan will increase to 10% this October. There are many things Takanashi wants to do before this change happens, like sending a message to two important people in his life in order to settle a lifelong rivalry between them. Hence the match between Super Sasadango Machine and DJ Nira. Sasadango came out as Muscle Sakai dressed in casual clothes. Sakai refused to wrestle Nira because he is retired. He got tricked into doing some moves and had his clothes removed to reveal his wrestling gear underneath. He still refused to wrestle. Hisaya Imabayashi got in the ring and put the Sasadango mask over Sakai’s head, granting him his approval to wrestle the match. Sasadango took control of the match and hit an F5. He then went for a Vertical Drop Brainbuster but the room went dark. A voiceover said that the Brainbuster went wrong and this was how Sasadango created his famous Vertical Drop Lehmann Shock finishing move! This entire match turned out to be Sasadango’s origin story called “Super Sasadango Machine Episode Zero”!

The Gauntlet Tag match was a visit through DDT’s past as well as Takanashi’s wrestling relationships outside the company. Antonio Honda & Riho first eliminated Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Riho blocked Hirata’s knockout chop and rolled him up. The next team was supposed to be Yusuke Inokuma & MAO but they were injured before the show and a expected to be out of action for the next 30 years. Replacing them was the menacing return of Gaijin A & Gaijin A! They attacked Honda, Riho and Yukinori Matsui with sellotape, even hanging Riho over the ring ropes with it! Honda fought back and used the tape to hang both of the Gaijin A’s before knocking them to the floor for the elimination. Riho recovered in time for Konosuke Takeshita & Gorgeous Matsuno’s entry into the match. The unexpectedly sharp teamwork between Takeshita & Matsuno led to Takeshita submitting Honda with the Walls Of Takeshita after Matsuno his the Gorgeous Star Elbow. When Emi Sakura & Cherry came out, Takeshita attempted the Gorgeous Star Elbow but got caught in the ropes. Sakura was easily able to pin Matsuno without anyone there to stop her. A collision between Sakura & Cherry allowed Mei Suruga to pin Sakura with the Shoulder Propeller Clutch. Next up were Gota Ihashi, Shota & Chinsuke Nakamura all dressed up like Shuten-dōji wrestlers. Ihashi was Yukio Sakaguchi, Shota was Masahiro Takanashi and Chinsuke was KUDO. Suruga stopped Chinsuke from doing the Diving Double Knee Drop while Saki Akai pinned Ihashi with the Rookie Award. The joshi team’s run came to an end when Yasu Urano & Ken Ohka eliminated them. Urano countered the Propeller Clutch into a Cradle for the pin. The last team to come out was Hoshitango & Seiya Morohashi. They won the match when Morohashi made Ohka give up to the Crippler Crossface. However Morohashi and Ohka continued to fight after the match prompting Hoshitango and Urano to break them up.

In the boxing match Miyako Haru whistled Chupacabra down to the ring. It knocked Pokotan’s head off with an uppercut, revealing a rubber Danshoku Dieno mask underneath. Pokoton then knocked out Chupacabra with a Straight Right. Afterwards Sayako Obihiro pulled the rubber mask off to reveal Pokotan was Daichi Kakimoto!

Tomomitsu Matsunaga decided to wrestle in a sumo mawashi.