Challengers Form For Princess Tag Titles, Tsukamoto Vs FUMA Get Steel Can Match, Chinsuke Defends Iron Man Title

January 21, 2019

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

1. Haruna Neko Vs Pom Harajuku
2. Maki Ito & Raku Vs Yuna Manase & Pinano Pipipipi
3. Yuka Sakazaki Vs YUMI
4. Mizuki Vs Mina Shirakawa
5. Miyu Yamashita, Yuki Kamifuku & Miu Watanabe Vs Shoko Nakajima, Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino
6. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Titles Next Challengers Decision Match: Reika Saiki & Marika Kobashi Vs Natsumi Maki & Hikari Noa

With Marika Kobashi back in the groove she wants to team up with Reika Saiki again and regain the TOKYO Princess Tag Team Titles. The Muscle JK team won the belts last May but had to vacate them three months later when Kobashi went down with her injury. They did not get an immediate title shot for two reason. One, Saiki already had a chance to win them back when she teamed with Maki Ito during Kobashi’s absence but lost the match. And two, another team wants to be in the next title match. Natsumi Maki & Hikari Noa are that other team. In her short time here in Tokyo Joshi Pro, Maki has spent most it in the ring with Noa both as teammates and opponents.

BASARA “BASARA 87 ~FEAST~”, 29/01/2019
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Yusuke Kubo & SAGAT Vs Takato Nakano & Jun Masaoka
2. Ryuichi Sekine & Daiki Shimomura Vs Masato Kamino & Yasu Urano
3. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi, Trans-Am ★ Ryuji & Gouma Ryu Vs Best Stretchman V3, Best Stretchman Amazon & Stretchman Man
4. Sento Minzoku Vs Sparky!: Isami Kodaka & Minoru Fujita Vs Naoki Tanizaki & Akiyori Takizawa
5. Steel Can Hardcore Death Match: Takumi Tsukamoto Vs FUMA
6. Union MAX Title: Ryota Nakatsu (c) Vs Fuminori Abe

The feud between Takumi Tsukamoto and FUMA has been bubbling for months. BASARA is bringing back their can filled version of the Hardcore Match to settle their differences.

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

0. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Yuna Manase, Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino Vs Natsumi Maki, Hikari Noa & Miu Watanabe
0. Under Match: Tomomitsu Matsunaga Vs Nobuhiro Shimatani
1. Shunma Katsumata Return Match: Shunma Katsumata, Yuki Ueno & Space Monkey Vs Antonio Honda, Jason Kincaid & Naomi Yoshimura
2. Akito Vs T-Hawk
3. Go Shiozaki, Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Naya Vs Daisuke Sekimoto, Toru Owashi & Yuki Iino
4. Danshoku Dieno Produce Yuru-chara “Kari Tachinu” Debut Match: Danshoku Dieno, Kari Tachinu & KUDO Vs Keisuke Ishii, Kota Umeda & Mizuki Watase
5. Special Hardcore 6-Person Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi, Chigusa Nagayo & Ryuji Ito Vs Soma Takao, Mad Paulie & Takumi Iroha
6. Dramatic Dream Match: Naomichi Marufuji Vs Tetsuya Endo
7. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Time Difference Battle Royal: Chinsuke Nakamura (c) Vs Super Sasadango Machine Vs Makoto Oishi Vs Keisuke Okuda Vs Saki Akai Vs Kazuki Hirata Vs Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Hoshitango Vs Gota Ihashi Vs Yuni Vs Yasu Urano Vs El Lindaman Vs Scorpio X2 Vs Yuka Sakazaki Vs Mina Shirakawa Vs Asuka Vs Maku Donaruto
8. KO-D Tag Team Titles – 3 Way Match: Mike Bailey & MAO (c) Vs Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi Vs CIMA & Seiki Yoshioka
9. DDT Extreme Title – ??? Match: Shinya Aoki (c) Vs HARASHIMA
10. KO-D Openweight Title: Daisuke Sasaki (c) Vs Konosuke Takeshita

Chinsuke Nakamura spent today fighting off other pro wrestling impersonators outside Shin-Kiba 1st RING. The impersonators Hiroshi Tanabota and Monooki Goto approached Chinsuke several times to try and win the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title. Chinsuke chased them off each time until the venue’s manager Mr. Sato opened a door and accidentally knocked Chinsuke out. Mr. Sato unintentionally pinned Chinsuke while he checked on him and ended up becoming the champion. Chinsuke won back the title a little while later when he ambushed Sato inside the building and trapped him under a ringside mat. Tanabota and Goto applauded from the bleachers.

Shinjuku FACE

1. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Titles: Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki (c) Vs Winners Of 26/1 Tag Match

Yuka Sakazaki stood beside the arguments going on between the two teams vying for a title shot. She misread the situation and thought they were asking for a 4 Vs 2 match of some sort. To her credit, that kind of thinking might have avoided putting the Magical Sugar Rabbits in a situation where they would defend the titles against both teams in a 3 Way Tag Match. Instead they will go head to head with the better team out of the two potential challengers.


January 6, 2019

BASARA “BASARA 85 ~SHUFFLE~”, 06/01/2019
Kitazawa Town Hall
294 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Yasu Urano defeated Masato Kamino with a Wristlock (10:32).
2. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & SAGAT defeated Takato Nakano & Tatsuhiko Yoshino when SAGAT pinned Nakano with the Goregrind (11:40).
3. Sento Minzoku Vs Best Stretchmen: Ryuichi Sekine, Daiki Shimomura & Minoru Fujita defeated Best Stretchman V3, Best Stretchman Amazon & Stretchman Man when Sekine submitted V3 with the Combine (11:40).
4. Takumi Tsukamoto & Jun Masaoka defeated FUMA & Yusuke Kubo when Tsukamoto pinned FUMA with a School Boy (12:38).
5. Isami Kodaka Returns To War: Naoki Tanizaki defeated Isami Kodaka with a Reverse Cradle (12:27).
6. NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Titles: Fuminori Abe & Ikuto Hidaka (c) defeated Ryota Nakatsu & Akiyori Takizara when Abe submitted Nakatsu with the O-Manjigatame (19:46).
*V3 for Fuminori Abe & Ikuto Hidaka.

Fuminori Abe sent his message loud and clear. By making Ryota Nakatsu submit he now wants a shot at the Union MAX Title! Abe admits he doesn’t know about the history of the championship or who has fought for it before him. But he thinks the two strongest wrestlers in BASARA are himself and Nakatsu. He has to beat Nakatsu to become the strongest and lead BASARA into the future! Nakatsu didn’t like hearing that because he thinks he is BASARA’s future. The title match takes place on 29th January.

The return of Isami Kodaka fro injury was spoiled by Naoki Tanizaki. When Kodaka avoided the Implant it led to a scramble of pins that Tanizaki got the best of, countering one Cradle into another for the three count. The defeat stops any immediate chance Kodaka had of getting a Union MAX Title rematch with Nakatsu. Kodaka said he feels the pain but this is pro wrestling. BASARA moved on while he was gone. It’s now his goal to catch up and overtake everyone else!

Takumi Tsukamoto held onto the back of FUMA’s pants during the School Boy to pin him. The two fought after the match and had to be pulled apart.

In Match #2 Takato Nakano went for a Swan Dive but SAGAT caught him with the Goregrind in midair for the win.

Video – FUMA Vs Great Sasuke

December 12, 2018

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
269 Fans – No Vacancy

Hardcore Match: FUMA Vs Great Sasuke


December 9, 2018

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
269 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Jinbeizamen defeated Stanley Nakano with a Falcon Arrow (8:36).
2. Ryuichi Sekine & Daiki Shimomura defeated Nakatsu Dickinson & Abe Halford when Sekine submitted Halford with the Combine (11:32).
3. Ricky Fuji defeated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi with the 9999 (5:34).
4. Takumi Tsukamoto & Yuka Miyamoto defeated Yusuke Kubo & SAGAT when Tsukamoto pinned SAGAT with a Cradle (15:38).
5. Hardcore Match: Great Sasuke defeated FUMA with the Sasuke Special X Ver.10.2 (Imitation Prohibited) With TLC (24:31).

It was heavy metal galore in Shin-Kiba 1st RING for the second FUMA FEST show. Bands like Hellhound, Barbatos, Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu, Black Sweet, Nihonto, Alice In Hell, Dragon’s Den and The Kandarivas all performed songs inbetween matches.

In the main event FUMA took on The Great Sasuke in a Hardcore Match. A ladder was laid down onto one of the bleachers for FUMA to do an Exploder Suplex onto. Sasuke got revenge by Power Bombing FUMA onto a table then Thunder Fire Bombing him onto a pile of chairs on top of the ladder. To finish it off Sasuke placed FUMA on the table, laid the chairs over him and stood the ladder beside him. Sasuke then hit the Sasuke Special X Ver.10.2 Missile Dropkick into the pile to get the three count.

FUMA thanked Sasuke for wrestling him today. He told Sasuke that he’s admired him for championing smaller wrestlers during the 90s and had been longing to wrestle him. FUMA took back what he said earlier this year when he accused Sasuke of blasphemy towards heavy metal for liking the band Anvil. FUMA now understands that Sasuke has had the heavy metal spirit inside him all along. Sasuke said “Hell yeah!” and they shook hands. FUMA then put his jacket on Sasuke and they sang together with the last rock performance from Hellhound. FUMA said FUMA FEST will definitely be coming back next year. As long as he is here, FUMA FEST is immortal!

Nakatsu Dickinson is Ryota Nakatsu acting like Bruce Dickinson. Abe Halford is Fuminori Abe acting like Rob Halford.

Former DNA wrestler Masato Kamino announced he signed a contract with BASARA on 1st December and will debut for the group on the 18th. Kamino didn’t get to wrestle much in DNA because he was plagued with knee injuries. At the time he was known for wearing a fancy ring jacket but he seems to have gotten rid of it.


November 23, 2018

BASARA “BASARA 83 ~TENACITY~”, 23/11/2018
Saitama Industrial Technology Center
204 Fans

1. Yasu Urano defeated Daichi Kazato with the Tombstone Piledriver (8:22).
2. FUMA & Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi Vs Takumi Tsukamoto & Fuminori Abe ended in a Double Countout (12:54).
3. Yuko Miyamoto defeated Takato Nakano with the Moonsault (9:40).
4. Sento Minzoku Vs Ganbare☆Wrestling: Minoru Fujita & Ryuichi Sekine defeated Ken Ohka & Shota when Sekine pinned Shota with a Sunset Flip (11:32).
5. Sparky Vs Sakigake!! Iron Family: SAGAT & Yusuke Kubo defeated Ryota Nakatsu & Akiyori Takizawa when SAGAT pinned Takizawa with the Goregrind (12:05).
6. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) defeated Daiki Shimomura with the Tiger Suplex (16:49).
*V6 for Keisuke Ishii.

Daiki Shimomura told everyone that he only had to travel 10 minutes by car from his parent’s house to arrive at the venue. For Keisuke Ishii, he had other thoughts on his mind. Mainly Jun Akiyama. Ishii used an Akiyama style knee strike and then the Sternness Dust α but only got a nearfall. Ishii then did a Tiger Suplex and that got him the win. Ishii didn’t stick around long to celebrate another Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title defence. Instead he left Shimomura in the ring to get consoled by the other Sento Minzoku members. Shimomura promised the next time he comes home he will be a champion.

Sparky suffers its first defeat. Akiyori Takizawa went for a Swan Dive but was caught in midair by SAGAT’s Goregrind.

Minoru Fujita babyface’d himself by talking about living in Maekawa Town near Kawaguchi over ten years ago. He knows more about Saitama then anyone else in the room. The Ganbare☆Wrestling team told him that doesn’t matter and attacked. Ryuichi Sekine got to pin Shota to win the match for Sento Minzoku but the fighting continued. Fujita and Ken Ohka in particular had to be kept apart.

More out of the ring fighting was found in Match #2 between FUMA and Takumi Tsukamoto. The two brawled around ringside for so long that they were both counted out. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi and Fuminori Abe both tried to hold them back afterwards.

Video – HUB Vs FUMA

October 16, 2018

Osaka World Pavilion
169 Fans

BASARA World’s Three Big Singles Match ~FUMA FEST extra track~: HUB Vs FUMA


October 14, 2018

Osaka World Pavilion
169 Fans

1. Best Stretchman V3 & Stretchman Man defeated Takato Nakano & Yasu Urano when V3 pinned Nakano with the Best Stretch Bomb (9:04).
2. BASARA World’s Three Big Singles Match ~Yoga Also Handled Care~: Naoki Tanizaki defeated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi with the Implant (12:01).
3. Takumi Tsukamoto & Jun Masaoka defeated Yusuke Kubo & SAGAT when Masaoka pinned Kubo with the Caldera (12:50).
4. BASARA World’s Three Big Singles Match ~Buddha Slash On The Tail Of The Monkey~: Fuminori Abe defeated Daiki Shimomura with a Tiger Suplex (10:57).
5. Ryuichi Sekine & Minoru Fujita defeated Ryota Nakatsu & Akiyori Takizawa when Sekine pinned Takizawa with a Cradle (17:00).
6. BASARA World’s Three Big Singles Match ~FUMA FEST extra track~: HUB defeated FUMA with the Snake Knife Package Hold (19:14).

After the main event HUB told FUMA it’s been a long time since they first met in Okinawa Pro around 6 or 7 years ago. Today was HUB’s first match in a month because he was recovering from an injury. He was afraid to wrestle today because he didn’t trust his relationship with FUMA. He is delighted to be proven wrong and he thanked FUMA and BASARA for the match today. FUMA called the result a perfect defeat for him. His goal for a long time was to be good enough to beat HUB and he is now more motivated than ever to achieve it. HUB encouraged FUMA to continue on as the leader of the Iron Family. FUMA promoted the next “FUMA FEST” to the Osaka crowd and apologised to them that the only show of the “tour” is in Tokyo. He brought up the idea of bringing “FUMA FEST” to Osaka next year.

The Sento Minzoku team told Ryota Nakatsu he has to keep leading BASARA as the Union MAX Champion while Isami Kodaka is absent. They warned him it’s a big challenge and he should be able to take it. Sento Minzoku then attacked Nakatsu & Akiyori Takizawa until Naoki Tanizaki surprised everyone by coming to the rescue. Sento Minzoku fled and Nakatsu accepted their challenge. He wants BASARA’s strongest to join together. He knows this is sudden but Nakatsu asked Tanizaki to join his sider. Nakatsu accepted and we now have a new unit. Ryota Nakatsu, Naoki Tanizaki and Akiyori Takizawa will fight for BASARA against Sento Minzoku, the Iron Family, the Best Stretch wrestlers and so on!

Jun Masaoka is starting to win more and more in his BASARA appearances. This time he got the pin on Yusuke Kubo and that got under the masked man’s skin. Kubo attacked Masaoka after their tag match and the two had to be pulled apart.

Tanizaki played along with Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi’s yoga antics. It went to the point where Tanizaki worked as a base for Hiroshi’s stretches. Hiroshi ended up putting himself in position for Tanizaki to drop him with the Implant.