February 19, 2014


Shinjuku FACE
512 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. KUDO defeated Akito with the Diving Double Knee Drop (5:20).
2. Kota Ibushi defeated Up Up Machine (w/ Up Up Girls & Shogun KY Mana) with the Sit Down Last Ride (7:39).
3. Makoto Oishi & Isami Kodaka defeated Danshoku Dino & Hiroshi Fukuda when Oishi pinned Fukuda after the Zan Isamu Leg from Kodaka (12:14).
Bonus Match: Up Up Machine (Sanshiro Takagi) defeated Up Up Machine (Kazuki Hirata) with the Sit Down Himawari Bomb (?:??).

DDT co-promoted a show with the Up Up Girls for a show that featured wrestling and musical performances. The event focused on the feud between the Up Up Girls and Homoiro Clover Z. The idols brought in some wrestlers to fight on their behalf. They were the mysterious Up Up Machine, Isami Kodaka and in a surprising betrayal Makoto Oishi! Danshoku Dino was shocked to learn that Oishi was a spy for the Up Up Girls all along! Hiroshi Fukuda stepped up to team with Dino to wrestle Kodaka & Oishi in the main event.

Kota Ibushi had to face the Up Up Machine, the secret weapon in a Strong Machine mask who was accompanied by the Up Up Girls. All of the girls except one also wore similar Super Strong Machine masks. The one who didn’t was dressed up as Shogun KY Wakamatsu. Some of the DDT fans in the audience quickly figured out Up Up Machine was Kazuki Hirata. The girls attacked Ibushi with paper fan whenever he was outside the ring but he was able to grab one of the fans and use it on Machine. Ibushi went on to beat Machine and Dino laughed at the loser afterwards.

Another Up Up Machine appeared after the main event to confront the first Machine. He ripped off the guy’s mask to reveal it was Kazuki Hirata and then challenged him to a match. During the match the new Machine was unmasked to reveal it was Sanshiro Takagi! Takagi beat Hirata and afterwards said he is so rejuvenated from the show that just happened he now feels like he is 20 years old. He hopes DDT and Up Up Girls will joint promote a show again some time.

Flu Claims Another Victim, Homoiro Clover Z To The Rescue

January 24, 2013

DDT “SWEET DREAMS! 2013”, 27/01/2013
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Makoto Oishi & Akito Vs Tetsuya Endo & Daichi Kazato
2. Planning The New Year – 1 Vs 5 Handicap Match: Hiroshi Fukuda Vs Michael Nakazawa, Hoshitango, Gota Ihashi, Batten Tamagawa & DJ Nira
3. HARASHIMA, Yasu Urano & Hiro Tsumaki Vs MIKAMI, Hikaru Sato & Masa Takanashi
4. Sanshiro Takagi & Yuzuki Aikawa Vs Danshoku Dino & Yoshiko
5. Kota Ibushi Vs Konosuke Takeshita
6. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Keisuke Ishii, Takao Soma & Shigehiro Irie (c) Vs Antonio Honda, Daisuke Sasaki & Yuji Hino
7. KO-D Openweight Title & DDT Extreme Title: Kenny Omega (c) Vs Isami Kodaka (c)

Yukio Sakaguchi is the latest wrestler to fall ill with the flu and will not wrestle on the show. The opener has been changed with Makoto Oishi & Akito now teaming together while Tetsuya Endo is paired with Daichi Kazato from Union.

The ROCK-MEN will perform Kenny Omega’s entrance song live on the night.

Chiba REINA Arena

1. HARASHIMA Vs Takao Soma
2. Kenny Omega, Kota Ibushi & Gota Ihashi Vs Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi & Akito

Former Homoiro Clover Z members team up to battle The Golden Trio.


August 3, 2012

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
650 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Muscle Offer Dark Match: Michael Nakazawa Vs Seiya Morohashi ended in a Time Limit Draw (3:00) (Special Guest Referee: Mame Endo).
*Mame Endo declared the winner via audience vote.
0. Dark Match: Yasu Urano defeated Rikiya Shindo with a Diving Foot Stomp (7:01).
1. Strange Bifurcation Allowed: Makoto Oishi & KUDO Vs Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi ended in a Draw when KUDO and Asahi both pinned Oishi after the Diving Double Knee Drop (8:41).
2. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Perfect Plex Challenge: Rikiya Shindo defeated Hiroshi Fukuda (c) (28:11).
2a. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga the Perfect Plex (6:18).
2b. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated Taichi Kazato Perfect Plex (8:00).
2c. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated a Venue Gangster the Perfect Plex (9:41).
2d. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated Daisuke Kiso the Perfect Plex (13:17).
2e. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated Tetsuya Endo the Perfect Plex (14:20).
2f. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated Tanomusaku Toba the Perfect Plex (17:49).
2g. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated Michael Nakazawa the Perfect Plex (19:29).
2h. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated Mame Endo the Perfect Plex (22:01).
2i. Hiroshi Fukuda (c) defeated Yasu Urano the Perfect Plex (25:57).
2j. Rikiya Shindo defeated Hiroshi Fukuda (c) with a Small Package (28:11).
*Rikiya Shindo becomes the 945th champion.
3. 3-On-1 Falls Count Anywhere Handicap Match: Kota Ibushi defeated Gota Ihashi, Seiya Morohashi & Masa Takanashi when Ibushi pinned Ihashi with a Power Bomb through a table (11:12).
4. Yuji Hino defeated Akito with the F***’N Bomb (21:00).
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Rikiya Shindo (c) after a Chop from Yuji Hino (9:40 pm).
*Hiroshi Fukuda becomes the 946th champion.

Hiroshi Fukuda set up the Perfect Plex Challenge to defend his Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title. It was a Gauntlet match where Fukuda only needed to give his opponent the Perfect Plex in order to eliminate him from the match. The opponents had to beat him in the usual manner in order to win. Fukuda defeated 9 wrestlers with the Perfect Plex until DDT announcer Rikiya Shindo stepped into the ring. Shindo earlier competed in the dark match in what was possibly his first ever match in DDT. He countered the Perfect Plex into a Small Package to score the upset and become the new Iron Man Champion! Unfortunately for him, Yuji Hino got in his way at the end of the show and knocked him down with a big chop. Fukuda capitalised and pinned Shindo to win back the title.

Makoto Oishi found himself in quite a perdicament. The two tag teams he regularly wrestles in were booked to face each other. So Oishi had to team with KUDO to face himself and Shiori Asahi. After tying to perform double team moves with both sides, it ended up with KUDO and Asahi unintentionally teaming together to beat up Oishi. Asahi used the kick-up portion of the Cactus Flower finisher to position Oishi for KUDO’s Diving Double Knee Drop. Then both men pinned Oishi to end the match in a draw.


June 10, 2012

Miyaji Ironworks
142 Fans – No Vacancy

3 Way Trios Match: KUDO, Makoto Oishi & Akito defeated Danshoku Dino, Kota Ibushi & Hiroshi Fukuda and Michael Nakazawa, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & DJ Nira when Oishi submitted Nakazawa with a Palo Special on top of a forklift (28:01).

Homoiro Clover Z planned a special performance over at the Miyaju Ironworks, a popular location for DDT’s infamous Anwhere Pro Wrestling shows for some fun games, singing and dancing. However, the show was met with a few setbacks. The performance was delayed for an hour due to rainy weather. Then the planned game of bingo was cancelled when everyone forgot to bring cards. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament afterwards was interrupted by Michael Nakazawa and Tomomitsu Matsunaga. The two challenged Homoiro Clover Z to a game of Musical Chairs but that soon devolved into more arguements. Everyone decided to solve their problems by holding a Falls Count Anywhere Three Way Trios match. Danshoku Dino, Kota Ibushi & Hiroshi Fukuda were the first team, KUDO, Makoto Oishi & Akito were the second team and Nakazawa & Matsunaga dragged DJ Nira over to their side to be the third team. That left Hikari Minami on her own to cheer for everyone, dance on top of the forklift and cause some extra mischief on the side.

The factory surroundings were used during the match. Ibushi and Dino used a crane to hang Nakazawa by his tights, Akito and Fukuda threw lime powder at each other and everyone else fought to get access to parked van nearby. Nakazawa called for a ceasefire when he needed to use the bathroom but while he wasy busy using the urinal, Ibushi snuck up to him and kicked him in the rear. Dino used the forklift to lift him up and down on Oishi with his Danshoku Nightmare and then Ibushi later did a moonsault from the raised forklift. Oishi and Nakazawa then fought on top of the forklift. Oishi took a page from Warsman and locked on the Palo Special on Nakazawa with the forklift lowering down towards Dino’s exposed backside. Nakazawa submitted. Homoiro Clover Z ended the performance with their idol pose and thanked all the fans for coming.

DDG, Another Homoiro Title Shot, nWJ’s Backer

June 4, 2012

Higashinari Citizens Center

0. Special Dark Match: Michael Nakazawa Vs Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa (Special Guest Referee: Gorgeous Matsuno)
1. Danshoku Rumble: Danshoku Dino Vs Antonio Honda Vs Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Don Fujii Vs Ryo “Jimmy” Saito Vs Rich Swann
2. HARASHIMA, KUDO & Shigehiro Irie Vs Akira Tozawa, Cyber Kong & Kzy
3. Masa Takanashi & Ken Ohka Vs Super Shisa & Shisa Boy
4. Kota Ibushi Vs BxB Hulk
5. Sanshiro Takagi & Takao Soma Vs Masaaki Mochizuki & Kotoka
6. Kenny Omega & Keisuke Ishii Vs Shingo Takagi & YAMATO

The time limit for the dark match has not been set. It will go from whenever they start the match up until around 10 minutes before the show itself begins properly.

Ushiku Athletic Park Gymnasium

1. Sanshiro Takagi Vs Mitsuhiro Yoshida
2. 3 Way Match: DJ Nira Vs Masa Takanashi Vs Tomomitsu Matsunaga
3. Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie Vs Hikaru Sato & Tetsuya Endo
4. Why Does Michael Nakazawa Mess With Insanely Funny Game? – Verification Match: Danshoku Dino & Akito Vs Antonio Honda & Michael Nakazawa
5. HARASHIMA Vs Takao Soma
6. KO-D Tag Team Title: Yasu Urano & Yuji Hino (c) Vs KUDO & Makoto Oishi

This will be the sixth time a Homoiro Clover Z team challenges for the KO-D Tag Team Title ever since Danshoku Dino & Kota Ibushi vacated the belts back in September 2011.

DDT “WHAT ARE YOU DOING 2012”, 24/06/2012
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Battle Royal: Ayumi Kurihara (c) Vs X
2. GM Army Vs Dissidents: Michael Nakazawa, Kenny Omega, Batten Tamagawa & X Vs Sanshiro Takagi, Takao Soma, Hero Amon & X (w/ Katsuji Nagashima)
3. Special Single Match: HARASHIMA Vs Shigehiro Irie
4. KUDO, Makoto Oishi & Hiroshi Fukuda Vs Masa Takanashi, Daisuke Sasaki & Hoshitango
5. KO-D Openweight Title: Yuji Hino (c) Vs Kota Ibushi

The feud between the GM Army led by Tsurumi Amon against New World Japan has seen Sanshiro Takagi bring in a powerful figure to help him out. Katsuji Nagashima, formerly an executive of New Japan and World Japan, is now a backer for the nWJ and his influence will be seen when the mysterious fourth wrestler of the nWJ team will be revealed. That’s not to say Tsurumi Amon has something up his sleeve with his own mystery wrestler also set to compete.

New Year Matches, Mio’s Sexxxy Problem

January 8, 2012

DDT “DDT MUSIC!”, 14/01/2012
Osaka Yodogawa Ward Center

1. Akito Vs Kazuki Hirata
2. 3 Way Tag Match: Antonio Honda & Keita Yano Vs Michael Nakazawa & Shoichi Uchida Vs Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Takao Soma
3. Big New Year’s Match: Yuji Hino Vs Daisuke Sasaki
4. Big New Year’s Match: Yasu Urano Vs Masa Takanashi
5. Big New Year’s Match: Sanshiro Takagi Vs DJ Nira
6. Big New Year’s Match: Kenny Omega Vs Shigehiro Irie
7. KUDO, Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi Vs HARASHIMA, Hikaru Sato & Keisuke Ishii

Some of the results from today’s Shin-Kiba 1st RING event has led to the card for next week’s Osaka show being reshuffled. The rivalry brewing between Crying Wolf and certain members of the DDT roster will continue with Yasu Urano facing Masa Takanashi and Daisuke Sasaki taking on the bug brute Yuji Hino. This is all setting up the KO-D Tag Team Title match which is mentioned below. Meanwhile the “First 4 Way Match Of The Year” is now the “First 3 Way Tag Match Of The Year” with Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Takao Soma representing DDT, Antonio Honda & Keita Yano representing Crying Wolf and Michael Nakazawa & Shoichi Uchida representing a DDT and Osaka Pro alliance.

DDT “IN CHIBA 2012”, 22/01/2012
Chiba Port Arena

1. Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie Vs Hikaru Sato & Michael Nakazawa
2. HARASHIMA & Ryuichi Sekine Vs Antonio Honda & Keita Yano
3. Sanshiro Takagi Vs Takao Soma
4. Lottery Bonus Match! Angel Vs Devil Showdown!: DJ Nira Vs Jaki Numawzawa
5. Danshoku Dino, KUDO & Makoto Oishi Vs Kenny Omega, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Kazuki Hirata
6. KO-D Tag Team Title: Yasu Urano & Yuji Hino (c) Vs Masa Takanashi & Daisuke Sasaki

With Daisuke Sasaki scoring the pin on Yasu Urano at Shin-Kiba, he and Masa Takanashi get the first shot at the new KO-D Tag Team Champions.

As the winner of the 2012 New Year Rumble, DJ Nira now has to face Jaki Numazawa from Big Japan. Will his Rocket Punch be able to take down the “Black Angel”?

Sanshiro Takagi’s call for wrestlers wanting to join his new “anti-establishment” unit has been answered by Takao Soma. The two are no strangers to each other as Soma was a part of Takagi’s TKG48 unit.

DDT “SWEET DREAMS! 2012”, 29/01/2012
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Makoto Oishi, Akito & Hiroshi Fukuda (w/ Hikari Minami) Vs Yasu Urano, Antonio Honda & Keita Yano
2. New Year Dream Match: Keisuke Ishii Vs Yuji Hino
3. New Year Dream Match: Kenny Omega Vs HARASHIMA
4. KO-D Openweight Title: KUDO (c) Vs Danshoku Dino

Homoiro Clover Z is doing pretty well for itself so far. Win or lose, they will still hold possession of the KO-D Openweight Title after the main event. If KUDO beats Danshoku Dino, he will set the record for most KO-D Title defences. However, now that they are being pitted against Crying Wolf a more threatening challenge could be just around the corner for them.

UNION “FORTUNE DEMONS 2012”, 10/02/2012
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Mio Shirai Vs Sexxxy Eddy
2. Ken Ohka Vs El Generico
3. Shuji Ishikawa & Shigehiro Irie Vs Kengo Ohka & Madoka

Mio Shirai is going to be in for a long night and I’m sure Sexxxy Eddy would agree with me (but not in the way I meant).

“NEVER MIND 2011” Press Conference

December 28, 2011

DDT “NEVER MIND 2011”, 31/12/2011
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

0. Dark Match: Rion Mizuki Vs Shota
1. Michael Nakazawa & Hikaru Sato Vs Antonio Honda & Keita Yano
2. Runner Vs Runner: Tomomitsu Matsunaga Vs Kazuki Hirata
3. Kenny Omega & DJ Nira Vs Masa Takanashi & Daisuke Sasaki
4. 48 Group Vs Homoiro Clover Z – 5 Vs 5 Elimination: Sanshiro Takagi, Vladamir Nagai, Ivan Markov, Poison JULIE Sawada & Hoshitango (w/ Bonnie) Vs Danshoku Dino, Makoto Oishi, Gran Hamada, Akito & Hiroshi Fukuda (w/ Hikari Minami)
5. HARASHIMA & Takao Soma Vs Katsuhiko Nakajima & Satoshi Kajiwara
6. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie (c) Vs Yasu Urano & Yuji Hino
7. KO-D Openweight Title: KUDO (c) Vs MIKAMI

Yesterday DDT held a press conference in Shinjuku to get the thoughts of several wrestlers who will compete at “NEVER MIND 2011” on New Year’s Eve. An important note about the main event was announced. The KO-D Openweight Title match between KUDO and MIKAMI will allow the usage of ladders without any risk of disqualification. KUDO is aiming to tie the record for most defences of the KO-D Title, currently held by Sanshiro Takagi with five wins. MIKAMI has gone through intensive training for this match and wants to be the man representing DDT as champion for its 15th Anniversary. With the allowance of ladders for the match now in effect, this gives MIKAMI a great advantage to win the championship.

When KUDO and MIKAMI were done, Hikaru Sato and Michael Nakazawa were next up. The two will team up to face the Crying Wolf pair of Antonio Honda & Keita Yano in the show opener. Nakazawa has begun pestering Sato to become his regular tag team partner again. He promises that if they beat Honda & Yano, they will transform into a brand new tag team and not become the Hentai team they used to be. Sato tried to ignore him and brought up the year he’s had. Sato won the DDT48 General Election, wrestled semi-actively for All Japan and bought a new suit worth 300,000 yen. He told Nakazawa that he will accept the stipulation but added that if they lose to Crying Wolf, Nakazawa will have to fight Sato in a Pancrase rules match.

The press conference finished up with Sanshiro Takagi, Danshoku Dino and Makoto Oishi making an appearance to talk about the 48 Group Vs Homoiro Clover Z 10-Man Tag Team match. Dino said he was looking forward to the “orgy” while Takagi talked about bringing in the KGB48, PJS48 and SUMO48 to join his TKG Rogue Army. The two began to argue until Tsurumi Amon interrupted them. Amon then announced that the 10-Man Tag will now be an Elimination Tag Team match.