Peter Pan Match Order, Tokyo Ramen Show, Ganpro Party

October 17, 2018

I’m aiming to get my Ryogoku Peter Pan preview finished by Friday night at the latest.

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

0. Time Difference Battle Royal: Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Hoshitango Vs Gota Ihashi Vs Nobuhiro Shimatani Vs Yumehito Imanari Vs Shota Vs Michael Wolf Vs 5th Tiger Mask (Self-Named) Vs Monster Halloween Vs Gundan Hitori
0. Mina Shirakawa DDT First Participation War! Tokyo Joshi Pro 6-Woman Tag Match: Miyu Yamashita, Yuki Kamifuku & Mina Shirakawa Vs Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki & Shoko Nakajima
1. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie (c) Vs Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata & Yuki Ueno
2. Gauntlet Tag Match: Mike Bailey & Antonio Honda Vs Mizuki Watase & Jason Kincaid Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Kota Umeda Vs KUDO & Masahiro Takanashi Vs Tanomusaku Toba & Keisuke Okuda Vs Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Michael Nakazawa
3. Super Joshi Pro Wars 2018: Saki Akai & Maki Ito Vs Meiko Satomura & Cassandra Miyagi
4. ALL OUT Vs STRONG HEARTS! Special 6-Man Tag Match: Akito, Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Iino Vs T-Hawk, El Lindaman & Tian Yunan
5. The World’s Crazy Couple Battle: Makoto Oishi & Misaki Ohata Vs Joey Ryan & Laura James
6. Soken Holdings Present – Will You Eat Or Be Eaten!? Giant Special Single Match: Super Sasadango Machine Vs Andreza Giant Panda
7. The Difference In 27 Years Of Age! Representative Director And President (48 Years Old) And Belonging Wrestler (21 Years Old) Waste Blood Washing Conflict Play – Final Settlement Weapon Rumble!: Sanshiro Takagi Vs MAO
8. Shigehiro Irie’s Grand Fight: Shigehiro Irie & Keisuke Ishii Vs HARASHIMA & Yukio Sakaguchi
9. Dramatic Dream Match: Konosuke Takeshita Vs CIMA
10. KO-D Openweight Title: Danshoku Dieno (c) Vs Daisuke Sasaki

This is the confirmed match order for the Sumo Hall show.

DDT “TOKYO RAMEN SHOW 2018”, 26/10/2018
Tokyo Komazawa Olympic Park

1. Miyu Yamashita & Hyper Misao Vs Yuka Sakazaki & Azusa Takigawa
2. DDT Ramen-bu Vs ALL OUT!: Akito, Kazusada Higuchi & Mizuki Watase Vs Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Iino

A few days after Sumo Hall, DDT will be heading back outdoors for their annual appearance in the Tokyo Ramen Show. Not only will a mat be laid out for some wrestling matches on one of the days but the Ebisuko Tavern will be offering samples of their salty Chinese noodle dish all week during the festival.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. DDT Extreme Title – Wrestling Rules: HARASHIMA (c) Vs Shinya Aoki
2. Special Tag Match: Naomichi Marufuji & Konosuke Takeshita Vs Daisuke Sasaki & Shuji Ishikawa

Slight update on the DDT Extreme Title Match. HARASHIMA, Shinya Aoki and Gouma Ryu have agreed on calling it a Wrestling Rules match but they are still hammering out the details on the exact ruleset.

The STRONG HEARTS will be at this show as will Yuki Arai, the SKE48 idol who is currently the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion.

Ichigaya Nankai Memorial Clinic

1. There Is Not Enough Fat! I Do Not Want Such A Thing! Ganpro International No Diet Day Memorial Special Match!: Moeka Haruhi Vs Manami Kanda (Special Referee: Yumehito Imanari)
2. Mr. Showtime Vs Real Tiger Mask!!: Shota Vs Shuichiro Katsumura
3. Ganbare☆Wrestling’s Great Crazy Party!!: Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari Vs Keisuke Ishii & Kouki Iwasaki

The new team of Keisuke Ishii & Kouki Iwasaki take on the two faces of Ganbare☆Wrestling.

Moeka Haruhi is now a part of the Ganpro roster. He first match is against one of the early figures Ganpro attempted to build a joshi division around, Manami Kanda. The match-up seems more to be an excuse for Yumehito Imanari to perv over Kanda’s figure again though.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Sento Minzoku Again!: Ken Ohka Vs Ryuichi Sekine

Ganpro will be running Shin-Kiba 1st RING on the same day as BASARA. As part of the growing feud between Ganpro and Sento Minzoku, Ken Ohka has agreed to wrestle two singles matches on the day. Here in his home promotion he faces the Sento leader Ryuichi Sekine. He will face Minoru Fujita on the BASARA show although that match has not been officially advertised by BASARA yet.


October 12, 2018

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
157 Fans

1. Fanfare Supporting Imanari Revolution: Shuichiro Katsumura & Nobuhiro Tsurumaki defeated Hiroshi Yamato & Yumehito Imanari when Katsumura submitted Imanari with the Ninja Choke (11:07).
2. “Spring” Is Not Over Yet!: Moeka Haruhi & Koharu Hinata defeated Saki & Manami Kanda when Haruhi pinned Kanda with the Diving Foot Stomp (9:27).
3. Ganpro Flow! Shigehiro Irie Spectacular Match!: Shigehiro Irie defeated Chikara with the Beast Bomber (11:47).
4. THE ROOT OF WRESTLING: Hideki Suzuki defeated Kouki Iwasaki with the Double Arm Suplex (11:37).
5. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Sento Minzoku Singles Series: Ryuichi Sekine, Daiki Shimomura & Minoru Fujita (3) defeated Ken Ohka, Keisuke Ishii & Shota (2).
5a. Shota eliminated Daiki Shimomura with a Casadora (5:41).
5b. Minoru Fujita eliminated Shota with the SAYONARA (3:18).
5c. Minoru Fujita eliminated Keisuke Ishii by Ring Out (11:50).
5d. Ken Ohka eliminated Minoru Fujita by Ring Out (1:15).
5e. Ryuichi Sekine eliminated Ken Ohka with the Dragon Kick (11:26).

The first meeting between Ganbare☆Wrestling and Sento Minzoku took place as a singles Gauntlet match with Ring Out rules in effect until the final match. Things started off well for Ganpro when Shota pinned Daiki Shimomura. Sento Minzoku’s newest member Minoru Fujita turned the tables by beating Shota and then Keisuke Ishii. When Ken Ohka stepped into the ring to fight him, Fujita instead decided to eliminate himself. Ryuichi Sekine then attacked Ohka from behind to begin the final round of the match. Sekine bloodied Ohka’s forehead outside the ring and he blocked the Fire Spear with a Kneelift inside the ring. Sekine wrapped his tail around his leg and hit Ohka with the Dragon Kick. The extra power behind the move got Sekine and Sento Minzoku the victory, although Ohka did kick out right as the ref counted three.

The disputed finish led to a brawl between the two sides. During Sekine’s attempts to tell everyone it was a three count, Shimomura grabbed the microphone off him and told Ishii he was coming after him. He’s ready for a fight anytime, anywhere. Fujita then bragged about being back in the main story of Ganpro. He both won and lost his matches today, showing that this invasion isn’t as black and white as it seems. His purpose in the unit is to make everything good in both BASARA and Ganpro. Ohka said his side lost today but losing is never the end when it comes to wrestling. Life goes on and Ohka still has fight in him to have another match. He told everyone that both Ganpro and BASARA will be holding shows in Shin-Kiba 1st RING on 17th November. Ohka wants singles matches against Sekine on one show and Fujita on the other. They both accepted. Sekine promised to be in perfect condition while Fujita told Ohka to borrow the power of B’z and “BAD COMMUNICATION” when they face off again.

Hideki Suzuki isn’t sure if Kouki Iwasaki has earned his respect yet, but Suzuki never wanted to give him that in the first place. Suzuki would rather have Iwasaki show no respect and come at him with a killer instinct. That is how Suzuki does it and he wants his opponents to do that too. With that said he did shake Iwasaki’s hand after the match.

The match between Shigehiro Irie and Chikara featured unexpected interference from Shin Mokujin Ken, Mizuki Watase and Keisuke Ishii. Both Watase and Ishii launched an attack train on Irie as a good gestured farewell. They encouraged the referee Daisuke Kiso to join in but Irie caught him. He threatened to give Kiso the Black Hole Slam but instead gently put him down and gave him a hug. Irie went on to beat Chikara and they shook with their left hands. Irie left the ring with a big smile on his face.

Both teams in the women’s match wanted to be called Team HARUKAZE. At the beginning of the show Moeka Haruhi announced she is joining Ganpro to support the Ganbare☆Joshi division in HARUKAZE’s absence.

Hiroshi Yamato & Yumehito Imanari brought radishes to the ring and used them as weapons on their opponents. Shuichiro Katsumura & Nobuhiro Tsurumaki turned the radishes against the team and won the match.


October 11, 2018

BASARA “BASARA 79 ~FEAST~”, 05/10/2018
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
243 Fans

1. Manabu Hara, Jun Masaoka & Akiyori Takizawa defeated Takumi Tsukamoto, Takato Nakano & Yasu Urano when Masaoka pinned Nakano with the Trace Kick (12:12).
2. Reversal Pro Wrestling Trial: Michael Wolf defeated Gouma Ryu and Banana Senga when Wolf pinned Senga with the Blue Thunder (6:49).
3. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Yusuke Kubo defeated Best Stretchman V3 & Best Stretchman Amazon when Hiroshi pinned V3 with the Halasana (9:28).
4. Minoru Fujita & Ryuichi Sekine Vs Ikuto Hidaka & Fuminori Abe ended in a Time Limit Draw (20:00).
5. Sakigake!! Iron Family Vs Brahman Brothers!: Brahman Shu & Brahman Kei defeated FUMA & SAGAT when Kei pinned SAGAT after the Five Body Dissatisfaction (8:30).
6. Union MAX Title: Ryota Nakatsu (c) defeated Daiki Shimomura with the V Slider (13:58).
*V1 for Ryota Nakatsu.

Ryota Nakatsu was sombre in victory after his first successful Union MAX Title defence. Daiki Shimomura has changed since he came to BASARA. They had an exciting match for the title but Nakatsu isn’t ready to lose to him yet. With no trouble brewing between them, Nakatsu encouraged Shimomura and the rest of Sento Minzoku to go beat Ganbare☆Wrestling at their next show. Nakatsu raised a toast on his own to end the show and said he felt lonely. He knows that somewhere Isami Kodaka is watching. Nakatsu is here waiting for him. Kodaka can feel confident in Nakatsu leading BASARA in his absence.

The Brahman Brothers are back to make a mess in BASARA. They did their bowling ball and suitcase spot but FUMA & SAGAT later turned the tables and did the same spot to them. They lifted up Brahman Kei for a double Razor’s Edge move called the Crucifixion Of Death but Brahman Shu stopped them by throwing powder in their faces. They later blinded SAGAT with the black India Ink and pinned him with the Five Body Dissatisfaction pinning combination. The Brahmans led a “Heavy Metal” chant after they won.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Minoru Fujita is definitely a member of Sento Minzoku. He has a tail now so it is undeniable. Fujita & Ryuichi Sekine couldn’t beat Ikuto Hidaka & Fuminori Abe within the time limit. Both teams demanded extra time to be added. They even did push ups and squats to prove to the referee that they were all still able to continue. Their appeal was interrupted when suddenly Ken Ohka & Shota from Ganpro ran into the ring and attacked Sekine! Ohka grabbed the microphone and was about to speak when Daiki Shimomura blindsided him with a Missile Dropkick knocking him out of the ring. Sekine regrouped with Shota outside and declared Ganpro’s upcoming match with Sento Minzoku to be an all out fight! They’re even willing to fight outnumbered 3 Vs 2 now that Fujita is involved with them. Fujita taunted the Ganpro duo and reminded them of their history together. Ohka attempted to get in the ring but Shimomura kicked him off, forcing Ganpro to retreat. Sekine then properly invited Fujita to join Sento Minzoku, placing his red hoodie over his back. Fujita accepted the invitation.

Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi convinced Best Stretchman V3 to try out some yoga stretches. When V3 went into the Halasana position where he lies on his back and rolls onto his shoulders by lifting his legs, he felt so relaxed that he fell asleep. Hiroshi then gently pinned him for the three count.

The former Banana Senga returned to this form so he could participate in the Reversal Pro Wrestling Trials again. However his transformation wasn’t entirely complete because he still had the Stretch Man Man hook worn over his hand. American wrestler Michael Wolf was under trial for fraud. Apparently they thought Wolf was Ryuichi Sekine in disguise. Both Senga and Gouma Ryu attacked Wolf thinking he was a fake foreigner. Wolf hit them with a Double Lariat and pinned Senga with the Blue Thunder to prove his innocence. Wolf then called the both of them fake lawyers and fake wrestlers in Japanese.

FUMA will take on The Great Sasuke in the main event of “FUMA FEST VOL.2” on 8th December. FUMA doesn’t like how Sasuke used a song from the movie “Anvil” as his entrance music years ago. FUMA thinks that song was boring so he wants to give Sasuke a real lesson in heavy metal!

An update was given for Isami Kodaka’s current health. He was allowed to leave his hospital earlier than planned but it is unknown when he will be fit to return to the ring.


September 30, 2018

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall
148 Fans

1. Passion Overflowing! Stop Endeavor! Hiroshi Yamato, First Look At Ganpro!: Hagane, Takashi Okada & Katsumi Oribe defeated Hiroshi Yamato, Shota & Shota Nakagawa when Hagane pinned Shota with the Ranhei (10:14).
2. Spring! Summer! Autumn! Spring Comes Without Winter! Ganjo Special Tag Match!: Yuu Yamagata & Shiori Akiba defeated Moeka Haruhi & Sumire Natsu when Yamagata pinned Natsu with the L.A. (13:26).
3. Do Judge!! “Typical Disqualification” Or “Representative Resurrection”!?: Ken Ohka defeated Nobuhiro Tsurumaki with a Vertical Drop Brainbuster (10:52).
4. Roar of POWER OF DREAM: Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Kouki Iwasaki by TKO with the Ninja Choke (15:07).
5. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Throwaway Tiger Suplex (16:04).
*V5 for Keisuke Ishii.

Keisuke Ishii called Yumehito Imanari a suitable challenger and someone he hopes to wrestle again someday. But for now Ishii is looking for his next opponent to defend the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title against. Ishii wants the new and improved Ken Ohka! There’s a reason for this. Ishii wants to help Ganbare☆Wrestling compete against BASARA and he is offering to side with them! Ohka accepted his offer and said he’s been working hard at changing himself for the last month. He told Imanari that the Imanari Revolution is not over yet. It is now united with Ohka as they go towards Korakeun Hall this December! It’s not just the two of them either. The rest of the Ganpro roster joined them in the ring to rally together.

It’s been a big couple of weeks for Kouki Iwasaki. After joining Ganpro he also went over to Real Japan and won the UWA Asia Pacific Heavyweight Title from Rey Angel. Now today he was taking on Shuichiro Katsumura. Although he lost by ref stoppage, Iwasaki seems to have won Katsumura’s respect. Katsumura asked Iwasaki to team up together in other places to show more people the strength of Ganpro. He offered a handshake but Iwasaki kicked it away and left the ring.

The new and improved Ken Ohka now wears red trunks and kneepads. His return to Ganpro was a successful one, defeating Nobuhiro Tsurumaki with a Vertical Drop Brainbuster. His victory was cut short when Ryuichi Sekine from BASARA entered the ring. He had a monkey tail attached to him and introduced himself as a member of a unit called Sento Minzoku. He congratulated Ohka but when they shook hands he attacked Ohka with the Kamikaze! Sekine challenged Ohka to a Ganpro Vs Sento Minzoku match at the 11th October Ganpro show in Shin-Kiba.


September 13, 2018

Ichigaya Nankai Memorial Clinic
70 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Rain With Fists In Ichigaya In Fine Weather! Summer Punching Fever In Ichigaya!!: Yumehito Imanari Vs Tanomusaku Toba ended in a Time Limit Draw (3R 2:00).
2. From Commando To Tomb Raider! The Soul Was Handed Over! Rain Of Slaughter Falls In Ichigaya In Fine Weather!!! Tomb Raider Haruhi Is Born!!!: Moeka Haruhi Vs Shin Mokujin Ken ended in a No Contest when Yumehito Imanari turned it into a 3 Way Match. (Special Referee: Yumehito Imanari)
2a. 3 Way Match: Moeka Haruhi defeated Shin Mokujin Ken and Yumehito Imanari when Haruhi pinned Imanari with a School Boy (4:20).
3. Kouki Iwasaki Belongs To Ganbare 1st Round Special Tag Match: Keisuke Ishii & Shota defeated Yumehito Imanari & Kouki Iwasaki when Ishii pinned Imanari with a Back Sky Kick (10:45).

Ganbare☆Wrestling was back with a show that felt like a Yumehito Imanari Appreciation Night because he was involved in every match. In the main event he teamed with Kouki Iwasaki in Iwasaki’s first match as a Ganpro regular. He turned a match between Moeka Haruhi and Shin Mokujin Ken he was officiating into a 3 Way Match so he could also be in it. Also he fought Tanomusaku Toba to a draw to kick off the show.

Imanari went through the entire show without winning any matches. Despite that record, Imanari asked Keisuke Ishii if they could have a match for the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title. He wants to fight for the belt that was created in FMW because he admires Atsushi Onita and Koji Nakagawa so much. Ishii accepted the challenge and it will take place on 29th September. Kouki Iwasaki Vs Shuichiro Katsumura is also booked on that show. Iwasaki will also get a match against Hideki Suzuki on 11th October. He was given a signed copy of Suzuki’s book “Introduction To Catch As Catch Can” that he can read to prepare for the match. Iwasaki said this was the reason why he wanted to join Ganpro.

Somebody in the audience then called out to Imanari. It was Hiroshi Yamato! He enjoyed today’s show and wants to give Ganpro a shot. Imanari happily booked him on the 11th October show. One last figure then appeared in the room. It was Ken Ohka! However Ohka looked different from the last time he was seen storming out of a Ganpro show. He was wearing a ten gallon hat and cowboy boots. He told Imanari he only came here to see the show, nothing else. Imanari asked Ohka what he was doing and tried to encourage him to come back. Imanari wants Ohka to work together with him as Ganpro heads towards Korakuen Hall later this year. He offered Ohka a match with Nobuhiro Tsurumaki on 29th September to determine if Ohka is still capable of doing his best. Ohka agreed to the match and told everyone that the 29th will be his resurrection day! He will change, Ganpro will change and the entire world will change too!

Moeka Haruhi brought a machine gun as part of her Tomb Raider cosplay. She wanted to shoot Shin Mokujin Ken with it but Imanari stopped her because of Ichigaya’s gun laws. Imanari was the referee of the match but he got so into it he begun to wrestle the others so it was turned into a 3 Way Match. Imanari pissed off Haruhi when he implied she will soon get fat. That comment also pissed off Ken apparently because it then decided to help Haruhi beat Imanari. Haruhi thanked Ken after the match by planting a rose on its head.


August 12, 2018

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall
196 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Ganbare☆Climax 2018 – Semi-Final: Yumehito Imanari defeated Shota with the Chubby Knee (15:00).
2. Ganbare☆Climax 2018 – Semi-Final: Shinichiro Tominaga defeated Survival Tobita with a Moonsault (3:24).
3. Over The Top Rope Only 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Hagane, Yuu Yamagata & Takeshi Okada defeated Ayumu Honda, Moeka Haruhi & Ryan Davidson (11:02).
3a. Moeka Haruhi eliminated Hagane by Ring Out (1:43).
3b. Takeshi Okada eliminated Ayumu Honda by Ring Out (6:02).
3c. Takeshi Okada and Moeka Haruhi eliminated each other by Double Ring Out (8:10).
3d. Yuu Yamagata eliminated Ryan Davidson by Ring Out (11:02).
4. Mitsuo Momota & Chikara defeated Ken Ohka & Shuichiro Katsumura when Momota pinned Ohka with the Backdrop (12:06).
5. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) defeated HARUKAZE with a Knee Drop (12:32).
*V4 for Keisuke Ishii.
6. Ganbare☆Climax 2018 – Final: Yumehito Imanari defeated Shinichiro Tominaga with the Chubby Knee (19:08).

Change is afoot in Ganbare☆Wrestling. The Imanari Revolution has succeeded in its goal in making Yumehito Imanari a main eventer but there were plenty of other stories on this show that mark a new landscape for the brand. Imanari’s hard fought victories over Shota and Shinichiro Tominaga resulted in him winning the second ever Ganbare☆Climax. To celebrate his achievement, Imanari said Ganpro will return to the location of its very first show, the Nanhai Ichigaya Memorial Clinic on 13th September.

Imanari’s victory speech was interrupted by an unexpected figure. Kouki Iwasaki entered the ring. He said there is a lot he wants to do in Ganpro like the match with Shuichiro Katsumura he was supposed to have on New Year’s Eve. Imanari thanked Iwasaki for coming and is happy to have him on board with Ganpro. Imanari then invited Sanshiro Takagi to enter the ring for a favour. He told him he wants Ganpro to run Korakuen Hall again and he found out that DDT has the venue booked for 16th December. Takagi wanted to know who leaked him that information but Imanari said Takagi left the schedule visible on his desk at DDT HQ. Imanari invited everyone to tweet non-stop at Takagi to give over the date but he immediately gave it up.

You may have noticed something isn’t right about what was written so far. How come Imanari gets to make the decisions now instead of Ganpro’s founder Ken Ohka? Well that’s because Ohka has walked out! He was beaten again today this time by Mitsuo Momota in a tag match. Afterwards Ohka grabbed his suitcase and left the building yelling “I don’t know” and “I am in trouble” at nearby reporters.

HARUKAZE put up a good effort against Keisuke Ishii by targeting his arm with Cross Armbreakers. But she fell to a Lariat and a Middle Kick both to the back of the head followed by a Knee Drop.

It looks like Survival Tobita isn’t up to scratch when he wrestles a regular match. He quickly ran out of steam and was easily put away by Tominaga in the Ganbare☆Climax semi-final.


August 11, 2018

Tokyo Narimasu Act Hall
158 Fans

1. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) defeated Ayumu Honda with the High Angle Double Arm DDT (12:43).
*V3 for Keisuke Ishii.
2. Ganbare☆Climax 2018 – Round 1: Shota defeated Mitsuo Momota with a School Boy (7:23).
3. Ganbare☆Climax 2018 – Round 1: Shinichiro Tominaga defeated Yuu Yamagata with an Inside Cradle (6:03).
4. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title Next Challenger Battle Royal: HARUKAZE defeated Hagane by Ring Out (11:23).
Order Of Elimination: Ryan Davidson, Moeka Haruhi, Chikara, Shuichiro Katsumura, Takeshi Okada and Hagane.
5. Ganbare☆Climax 2018 – Round 1 – No DQ & No Ropes Match: Survival Tobita defeated Ken Ohka with the Piledriver onto a Chair (13:10).
6. Ganbare☆Climax 2018 – Round 1 – No DQ & No Ropes Match: Yumehito Imanari defeated Shin Mokujin Ken by Knockout with a Diving Elbow from the balcony (8:10).

The 2018 Ganbare☆Climax kicked off in violent fashion with the top two matches of the 1st Round. It was agreed that the main event and semi-main event would take place under Saitama Wrestling rules which meant no DQs, no countouts and no ropes attached to the ring. Yumehito Imanari knew that he had to go the extra mile to beat the stiff wooden monster known as Shin Mokujin Ken so he dressed Commando style for the match. He hid underneath a box so he could ambush Ken during its entrance but Ken was ready for him. Next, Imanari took out a machine gun and fired at Ken but the creature was not effected by the bullets. They brawled outside over to the balcony and Imanari knocked Ken into the wall with the Chubby Knee strike. Ken fell on top of a pile of boxes and couldn’t get up. Imanari then finished it off by finding his way up to the balcony and jumping off to hit a Diving Elbow Drop! Imanari was able to get up but Ken couldn’t answer the referee so Imanari was declared the winner by Knockout! When the match was over Imanari said for the last month he hated Ken. But today he felt a fresh sensation when they fought each other. Imanari now realises Ken isn’t a monster, he’s more like a forest fairy! Imanari broke down into tears and apologised for shooting Ken with a machine gun. He admits that was unnecessary. The world needs to be more peaceful and to do that Imanari will wrestle his enemies instead of shooting guns at them. Ken accepted his apology and the two gave each other a fist bump.

The other No Ropes, No DQ Match did not have as happy of an ending. Last year’s Ganbare☆Climax winner Ken Ohka was eliminated by Survival Tobita! Ohka was busted open early during an outside brawl and Tobita made it worse with more weapon attacks including a sawblade and a plunger. Ohka fought back with his own weapons which were all ordinary items found inside a suitcase. He got a nearfall with the Fire Spear outside the ring. The match went back into the ring and Ohka tried to finish off Tobita with a Piledriver. But Tobita countered it with a Back Body Drop onto chairs and the suitcase. Tobita hit a Piledriver of his own onto the chairs and that got him the win. Both men were on the mat by the end but Tobita still had enough in him to speak. He questioned if Ohka did his best today. Tobita gives his best because he knows as a 50 year old man that it will all be taken away from him someday. If Ohka is just going to tread water he may as well go smoke cigarettes instead of wrestle. Tobita told Ohka to ask himself again what is Ganbare☆Wrestling? Ohka still has more to do to answer that.

In the remaining 1st Round matches Shota beat a grumpy Mitsuo Momota by holding onto his tights during a School Boy. Shinichiro Tominaga eliminated Yuu Yamagata from the tournament by kissing her for a distraction then rolling her up with a Small Package for the three count. The semi-finals tomorrow will be Shota Vs Imanari and Tobita Vs Tominaga.

Besides the Ganbare☆Climax opening round, the rest of the show was all about the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title. The day kicked off with Keisuke Ishii successfully defending the belt against Ayumu Honda. Later in the show HARUKAZE won a Battle Royal to get the next title shot tomorrow. The match included a last minute entry from Texas wrestler Ryan Davidson. He looked to be a threat early so the rest of the field all joined forces to eliminate him. Ishii congratulated HARUKAZE for winning the match and told her it was great to see a woman getting a title match. He then called for his next challenger to come into the ring. HARUKAZE told Ishii that she is the next challenger. Ishii was a little annoyed by the idea but he agreed to the match. He won’t lose to a chick show! HARUKAZE got fired up and told Ishii she will beat him to become the new champion tomorrow!