September 1, 2019

Osaka Edion Arena #2
417 Fans

1. Mirai Maiumi defeated Suzume with a Lariat (5:28).
2. Himawari Unagi & YUMI defeated Pom Harajuku & Mahiro Kiryu when Unagi submitted Harajuku with the Big Fuhen Hold (9:04).
3. Miyu Yamashita & Miu Watanabe defeated Gisele Shaw & Yuki Kamifuku when Yamashita pinned Kamifuku with the Attitude Adjustment (12:08).
4. Yuna Manase, Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino defeated Natsumi Maki, Hikari Noa & Raku when Manase pinned Maki with a Lariat (10:13).
5. Su Yung defeated Maki Itoh with the Panic Switch (10:11).
6. Sakisama, Misao & Martha (w/ Yukio Saint Laurent) defeated Yuka Sakazaki, Rika Tatsumi & Antonio Honda when Misao pinned Tatsumi with the Vanitas (15:16).
7. Princess Of Princess Title: Shoko Nakajima (c) defeated Mizuki with the Diving Senton (16:44).
*V2 for Shoko Nakajima.

For the second year in a row the Tokyo Princess Cup winner has failed to win their Princess Title challenge. The champion Shoko Nakajima appeared with the original TOKYO Princess Title belt and was given the new 2nd Gen Princess Title belt after defeating Mizuki. The match took a lot out of the wrestlers. Nakajima couldn’t hold her pinning posture after hitting the Northern Lights Suplex. She was able to keep control and pinned Mizuki with the Diving Senton. In her backstage interview, Mizuki admitted that she is not the kind of person who wants to be a main character yet this past summer she overcame many challenges. So she was in fact motivated to become the main character. It was a hard summer for her but she still had fun.

When Nakajima received the new belt she said it felt like she just won a championship for the first time again. She wants to continue winning matches so she can get familiar with holding the belt. Misao came out and congratulated Nakajima, then gave her condolences because today will be the last time Nakajima successfully defends the title. Misao already has the Princess Tag Titles but that is not enough to satisfy her. Nakajima accepted her challenge. She ended the show by saying Osaka has been invaded by the Big Kaiju. She next wants to invade all of Japan!

The entire active members of NEO Biishiki-gun were victorious over the trio of Yuka Sakazaki, Rika Tatsumi & Antonio Honda. The maid Martha used her mop as a weapon and Yukio Saint Laurent used his injections to knock out Honda & Sakazaki. Tatsumi continued to fight on her own but Misao pinned her with the Vanitas. Sakisama credited her presence in Osaka as the reason why the Hanshin Tigers won their baseball game today.

Gotta give it to Maki Itoh, she was just as determined to scare Su Yung with her screams as Yung was trying to scare her. Their screams together were enough to scare away Daisuke Kiso. Yung blinded Itoh with Red Mist but Itoh tried to fight on by applying a Sleeper Hold. Yung countered it by lifting Itoh onto her shoulders to do the Panic Switch for the win.

After last week’s career high, Natsumi Maki was sent crashing back down to Earth when Yuna Manase pinned her in a trios match. Manase used a Lariat to counter the Backlash. They talked about their history together and how they are like sisters. That led to Manase challenging Maki for the International Princess Title. Maki accepted and said she won a championship within four years of wrestling while Manase hasn’t won any title in seven.

Momoiro Sparkling bounced back from their failed Princess Tag Titles match last week by beating Gisele Shaw & Yuki Kamifuku. Shaw is still looking for a way to avenge her defeat in England to Miyu Yamashita.

The hometown hero Himawari Unagi picked up the win in her tag match.

Mirai Maiumi won her first singles match by beating the other rookie Suzume. Maiumi entered the ring with a Japanese fishing flag with a good fortune written on it. She explained that she grew up near the ocean and her ring name also contains the kanji for “Sea” (海 / umi). She wants to express the feeling of the ocean when she wrestles.


August 25, 2019

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
905 Fan

1. Yuki Aino defeated Hikari Noa with the Venus DDT (9:42).
2. Himawari Unagi & Pom Harajuku defeated YUMI & Mahiro Kiryu when Unagi submitted Kiryu with the Big Fuhen Hold (8:43).
3. Yuna Manase, Yuki Kamifuku & Mina Shirakawa defeated Rika Tatsumi, Nodoka Tenma & Raku when Manase pinned Raku with the Suzuki Dynamic (11:12).
4. Special Single Match: Yuka Sakazaki Vs Su Yung ended in a Double Knockout (13:40).
5. Special Single Match: Mizuki defeated Maki Itoh with the Cutie Special (17:00).
6. Suzume Debut Match: Shoko Nakajima & Riho defeated Mirai Maiumi & Suzume when Nakajima pinned Suzume with the Northern Lights Suplex (11:16).
7. International Princess Title – 1st Champion Decision Battle: Natsumi Maki defeated Gisele Shaw with a German Suplex (14:25).
*Natsumi Maki becomes the 1st International Princess Champion!
8. Princess Tag Team Titles: Sakisama & Misao (c) defeated Miyu Yamashita & Miu Watanabe when Misao pinned Watanabe with the Vanitas (17:25).
*V2 for NEO Biishiki-gun.

NEO Biishiki-gun continue to reign as the Princess Tag Team Champions. The new Momoiro Sparkling team worked well together but the gap between them and the champions was too wide for them to handle. The history between Miyu Yamashita and Sakisama came back to the spotlight when they were in the ring together while Misao enjoyed torturing Miu Watanabe. The challengers had their moment to shine when Watanabe gave Sakisama a Giant Swing then put Misao in the Canadian Backbreaker. Yamashita then jumped off the top rope and hit a Diving Knee to Misao while she was still in the hold. However NEO Biishiki-gun used a 3D to get rid of Yamashita and Misao got the pin on Watanabe with the Vanitas.

Sakisama told Misao that the path she chose was the right one. Misao agreed. She hated this world until she found Sakisama and won the tag titles with her. Together they are searching for a new landscape to create a new strong, noble and beautiful world. Sakisama & Misao were joined in the ring by Martha and Yukio Saint Laurent to close out the show. Sakisama reminded everyone that the four of them will be fighting together in Osaka on 1st September.

The first International Princess Champion has been crowned and it is Natsumi Maki! She won a hard fought battle against Gisele Shaw to earn the honour. Shaw almost won with a Spanish Fly from the top rope. However when Shaw went to climb the turnbuckles again Maki threw her off with German Suplex. Another German Suplex came shortly afterwards to give Maki the victory. Maki said she has been waiting for a moment like this for so long that she still doesn’t believe it is happening. Since it is an international championship, she hopes to go abroad to defend it. She also mentioned Miyu Yamashita, Yuka Sakazaki and Maki Itoh as opponents she wants to defend against. Whatever it takes to make the championship valuable!

The debuting Suzume was thrown straight into the fire when the first person she faced off with was Shoko Nakajima! She got to hit a Diving Cross Body to Nakajima thanks to a Lariat set up for Mirai Maiumi. However Riho got in and hit Suzume with the 619. From there Nakajima did the Rider Kick and went for the Northern Lights Suplex. Suzume fought out of it but Nakajima dropped her with a Double Arm DDT then finished her off with the Northern Lights. Suzume appreciated the cheers from the crowd but she felt so overwhelmed by her opponents that she couldn’t do anything against them. Nakajima & Riho were happy to team up as the Twin Cam Monsters after a long time away from each other. Riho mentioned she will be busy wrestling in Stardom but she would like to wrestle in Tokyo Josho Pro again when the chance comes. She wants to continue what she has built with Nakajima.

The rivalry between Maki Itoh and Mizuki was brought back to the foreground with their latest match. Itoh quickly went for the World’s Cutest Knuckle Punch but Mizuki escaped. The two fought outside where Itoh grabbed a microphone and used the cord to strangle Mizuki against the ring post! Itoh even asked “Who is the cutest in the world” on the microphone while she was choking Mizuki. Back in the ring the two scrambled for submission holds from the Face Lock to the Itoh Special. Itoh used a Headbutt to block a Cross Body but Mizuki then beat her down with Elbow Strikes. Mizuki hit the Diving Double Stomp but did not go for the pin. Itoh struggle to get up and when Mizuki approached her, she stuck out the middle finger. Mizuki pushed her hand away and hit the Cutie Special for the win.

After the match Itoh cried into the microphone. She said she wanted to be in the leading role this summer. She now realises that Mizuki is in that leading role, not her. Itoh will now play the supporting role for Mizuki because that way she will still have an influence on how the big story plays out.

Yuka Sakazaki Vs Su Yung promised to be a chaotic match and delivered. Sakazaki quickly fled the ring when made her entrance. She went over to Tetsuya Koda and took his shoes and socks to defend herself with. Yung caught up with Sakazaki and they fought around the room. Sakazaki placed Yung flat on a table and slid her down the stairs. She then put Yung through the table with the Magical Girl Splash from the entrance gate. She threw Yung back into the ring but Yung kicked out of the pin. Yung spat Poison Mist and Sakazaki but she had her face protected from getting blinded. Yung went for the Mandible Claw so Sakazaki did the same move with Koda’s sock covering her hand. The two claws were thrown into Daisuke Kiso’s face, knocking him out. Yung and Sakazaki then applied the claws to each other at the same time, knocking each other out. Yukinori Matsui came down to replace Kiso and he called the match off because everyone was unconscious.

Yuna Manase, Yuki Kamifuku & Mina Shirakawa are now being called Cat’s Pye. Shirakawa even created a rap song for the three of them to enter the ring to. Their new unit went off to a successful start with a win over Rika Tatsumi, Nodoka Tenma & Raku.

Himawari Unagi has been using the Big Fuhen Hold for a while but today was the first time she won a match with it.

The show began with Yuki Aino defeated Hikari Noa. It took a Side Suplex, a Full Nelson style Camel Clutch and then the Venus DDT for the finish. Noa said she is doing everything she can but she is getting angry at herself for her irresponsible nature. She will use today’s result as a way to take a proper look at herself. Aino is happy to win matches on her own with the level of power she has now.

Tokyo Joshi will return to Korakuen Hall on 4th January, 2020.

Naya Wants To Visit TIF! Isami Triple Crown? Saki Brings Her Demon, Santino Coming To DDT

July 30, 2019

Tokyo Odaiba SMILE GARDEN Stage

1. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – 10 Minute Falls Count Anywhere Battle Royal: Yukio Sakaguchi (c) Vs Danshoku Dieno Vs Makoto Oishi Vs Yukio Naya Vs Maki Itoh Vs Hikari Noa Vs Miu Watanabe Vs Raku Vs Natsume Misaki (chuLa) Vs Momomi Wagatsuma (Hakoiri♡Musume) Vs Aika Sawaguchi (dela) Vs Rise Shiokawa (Transfer Girls*)

The Battle Royal will last for 10 minutes. Whoever is the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion at the end of the time limit will be crowned the winner.

Some idols have agreed to take part. Natsume Misaki is from chuLa, Momomi Wagatsuma is from Hakoiri♡Musume, Aika Sawaguchi is from dela and Rise Shiokawa is from Transfer Girls*.

Yukio Naya has demanded to be a part of the Battle Royal. According to Makoto Oishi, Naya is a big idol fan and visits the Tokyo Idol Festival every year. No matter what question Naya gets asked lately, his answer is “Please put me in TIF!”

Sanshiro Takagi is unable to compete because of his arm injury. But he will be at the Battle Royal to accompany the idols taking part in the match.

Kanagawa Tsurumi Fruit & Vegetable Market

1. Shoko Nakajima & Yuki Aino Vs Maki Itoh & Hikari Noa
2. Yuna Manase & Yuki Kamifuku Vs Makoto Kiryu & Mirai Maiumi
3. Sakisama & Misao Vs Himawari Unagi & Pom Harajuku
4. Miyu Yamashita Vs Miu Watanabe
5. “I Sincerely Hope For Peace In Tokyo Joshi Pro!”: Rika Tatsumi Vs Demonio Uno
6. Summer Vacation Special Plan, I’m Excited About Summer Tokyo Joshi Festival 2019 “Chu! Natsu Party Death Match”: Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki Vs Nodoka Tenma & Mina Shirakawa

Rika Tatsumi has plenty of experience handling paranormal wrestlers so she is the perfect opponent for Demonio Uno.**

A match between Miyu Yamashita and Miu Watanabe is supposedly going to make them a better team before they challenge for the Princess Tag Team Titles.

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

1. Union MAX Title: Ryuichi Sekine (c) Vs Isami Kodaka

Isami Kodaka gets his Union MAX Title match that he earned for winning the Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~. He is extra motivated to win so he can become a triple crown champion. He currently holds the BJW Death Match Title and the UWA World 6-Man Tag Team Titles. That last one he shares with the MAX Champ Ryuichi Sekine so Sekine is also one belt away from becoming a triple champion himself.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Izumi Debut Match: Shoko Nakajima & Riho Vs Mirai Maiumi & Izumi
2. Special Single Match: Maki Itoh Vs Mizuki
3. Special Single Match: Yuka Sakazaki Vs Su Yung
4. Princess Tag Team Titles: Sakisama & Misao (c) Vs Miyu Yamashita & Miu Watanabe
5. International Princess Title – 1st Champion Decision Battle: Natsumi Maki Vs Gisele Shaw

Su Yung isn’t taking it easy for her Tokyo Joshi Pro return. She is already gunning after one of the big names in Yuka Sakazaki.

Riho is still a freelancer, for now at least. Let’s not worry about it.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Calbee & Frito Lay Collaboration Match ~Love And Potato Snacks Save The Earth~: King Potato Chips & Dragon Potato Mask Vs Kazuki Hirata & Hiroshi Yamato
2. Saki & Su Yung Vs Asuka & Makoto
3. Summer Jumbo Special Two Big Singles Match: Puma King Vs Yuki Ueno
4. Summer Jumbo Special Two Big Singles Match: Shinya Aoki Vs Makoto Oishi
5. Konosuke Takeshita’s Summer Measures Against Shinya Aoki: Konosuke Takeshita Vs Danshoku Dieno Army Elite Members

Konosuke Takeshita found out that Danshoku Dieno is putting him through a series of high level opponents in order to prepare for his match with Shinya Aoki. Takeshita doesn’t know what to expect out of this.

The plan was to have Saki Akai team with Su Yung but Akai has the day off and will not be changing her plans. Instead Akai has made DDT book a distant non-blood relative of hers simply named Saki. Her name is written as “娑鬼” which can be translated to “Demon”. Akai claim the only times they have met in person were when they were children. Even then her memory of what Saki looks like is blurry. Akai drew a picture of what she thinks Saki looks like now. She assures to everyone that Saki is not part of the UMA Corps (Akai isn’t liked by them) but she is not certain if she is a human or a demon. Akai used her parents to contact Saki in the Kyoto mountains to set up this match with Yung against Asuka & Makoto.

Puma King is back in DDT for the first time since January.

This show will feature the DDT debut of Santino Marella! It will be his first appearance in DDT but he is a former Iron Man Champion.

Osaka Edion Arena #2

1. Mirai Maiumi Vs Izumi
2. Maki Itoh Vs Su Yung
3. Sakisama, Misao & Martha Vs Yuka Sakazaki, Rika Tatsumi & X
4. Princess Of Princess Title: Shoko Nakajima (c) Vs Mizuki

A NEO Biishiki-gun reunion is on the cards but one person isn’t looking forward to it. Tatsumi still believes that the child maid Martha is really an old man who drinks a lot. A trios match has been put together and Tatsumi is gathering her team. She already has Sakazaki on her side and she promises a super special person will be joining them.

Gisele Shaw will be on the show.

*No footnote. That’s just how the idol unit name is spelled.

**Oh wait, this is being posted on the one year anniversary of Maho Kurone leaving Tokyo Joshi Pro. There’s your footnote.


July 28, 2019

Osaka Hirano Community Hall
215 Fans

1. Maki Itoh defeated Mahiro Kiryu with the Itoh Special (8:47).
2. Mina Shirakawa defeated YUMI with the Implant DDT (5:28).
3. Yuna Manase & Yuki Kamifuku defeated Pom Harajuku & Himawari Unagi when Manase pinned Harajuku with the Suzuki Dynamic (7:27).
4. Miyu Yamashita & Miu Watanabe defeated Rika Tatsumi & Raku when Yamashita pinned Raku with the Attitude Adjustment (13:02).
5. Sakisama & Misao defeated Yuka Sakazaki & Mirai Maiumi when Misao pinned Maiumi with the Vanitas (11:19).
6. Shoko Nakajima, Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino defeated Mizuki, Natsumi Maki & Hikari Noa when Nakajima pinned Noa with the Northern Lights Suplex (14:22).

There is a big Osaka show for Tokyo Joshi Pro coming up in September so today’s visit to the area was to build up anticipation for that date. After the main event Shoko Nakajima said she is looking forward to September but right now in the summertime she is getting stronger. They have two big shows coming up in Korakuen Hall and Osaka Edion Arena #2 which is making Nakajima feel ambitious.

Sakisama mocked her opponents after Match #5 and announced that her young maid Martha will return for a match on the 1st September Osaka show. Rika Tatsumi heard this, entered the ring and called Martha an old drunk. This offended Sakisama and she demanded that NEO Biishiki-gun face Tatsumi & Yuka Sakazaki in a match. Tatsumi agreed but said since it is currently 3 Vs 2 she will bring in a special person to even the odds and make it a trios match.

Today was the first time Miyu Yamashita & Miu Watanabe teamed together for a regular tag match after their challenge for the Princess Tag Team Titles was accepted. Things are working out well so far with some double team moves established and a victory under their belts. However before their title match happens, Watanabe asked Yamashita for a singles match together. She wants to understand Yamashita at her full strength so they can become a better team afterwards.

Some of Su Yung’s upcoming matches in Tokyo Joshi were announced. She faces Yuka Sakazaki on 25th August in Korakuen and then has a match with Maki Itoh in Osaka on 1st September.

The rookie Izumi will have her debut match on 1st September. She & Mirai Maiumi will take on Shoko Nakajima & Riho. It’s the return of the Twin Cam Monsters!


July 21, 2018

Shin-Kiba 1st RING
287 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Miu defeated Raku with the Canadian Backbreaker (7:15).
2. Yuna Manase defeated Hinano with the Kakato Drop (5:50).
3. 3 Way Match: Hyper Misao defeated Yuki Kamifuku and Hikari when Misao pinned Kamifuku with La Magistral Cradle (6:15).
4. Shoko Nakajima defeated Yuki Aino with the Northern Lights Suplex (10:14).
5. Miyu Yamashita, Maki Ito & Mizuki defeated Sakisama, Azusa Christie & Martha when Mizuki pinned Christie with the Aquamarine (14:50).
6. Yuka Sakazaki & Rika Tatsumi defeated Yuu & Nodoka-oneesan when Tatsumi submitted Nodoka with the Dragon Sleeper (15:20).

Before the main event began Nodoka-oneesan told everyone she only has a few matches left before she graduates from her current gimmick. She then got booed when she said that everybody loves to work for a company. Yuka Sakazaki & Rika Tatsumi had some fun at Nodoka’s expense by stomping on her while doing the Ping Pong Pang exercises. Yuu tried to change the tide but she was kept away and Tatsumi made Nodoka submit to the Dragon Sleeper. After the match Sakazaki and Tatsumi said that it is hot as hell lately but everyone should still come to the Beer Garden show on 4th August.

NEO Biishiki-gun is falling apart! Azusa Christie’s jealousy of Martha reared its ugly head again and caused problems for the team. The worst happened when Christie grabbed Martha’s mop and accidentally hit Sakisama with it! That distraction led to Mizuki pinning Christie with the Aquamarine. Christie blamed Martha for Sakisama’s beautiful face getting defiled. However Sakisama stood up for Martha and scolded Christie for complaining so much. She thinks it is time for Christie to get her reeducation treatment again. Yukio Saint Laurent entered the ring and was ordered to use his injection on Christie. Laurent instead pointed his syringe at Sakisama! Realising what was happening, Sakisama told Tetsuya Koda to make a match between Sakisama & Martha against Christie & Laurent at the 4th August Beer Garden show. Christie must now fight Sakisama but in her mind this is the chance to show all of her love to her.

At first Hyper Misao and Yuki Kamifuku teamed up on Hikari because they are part of Up Up Girls (Fake) and Hikari is more of a real idol than they are. That plan went away when they kept on hitting each other by accident. Kamifuku eventually decided to sit out the rest of the match but that was only so she could try to steal the win when the other two got tired. Misao then caught Kamifuku with La Magistral Cradle to get the win.

Hinano tried to make Yuna Manase drop her guard by crying whenever Manase attacked her. Manase soon did the same herself to even the score.


July 8, 2018

Tokyo Ryogoku KFC Hall
404 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: Yuu defeated Nodoka-oneesan by TKO with the Katahajime (7:38).
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: Yuka Sakazaki defeated Rika Tatsumi with the Magical Magical Girl Splash (13:25).
3. 3 Way Match: Yuna Manase defeated Hyper Misao and Yuki Aino when Manase pinned Aino with the Kakato Drop (8:09).
4. Sakisama, Azusa Christie & Martha defeated Shoko Nakajima, Yuki Kamifuku & Hikari when Sakisama submitted Hikari with the Versailles Foot Choke (12:19).
5. Miyu Yamashita, Maki Ito & Mizuki defeated Miu, Raku & Hinano when Ito pinned Hinano with the DDT (10:28).
6. Tokyo Princess Cup – Final: Yuu defeated Yuka Sakazaki with the Last Ride (9:44).

For the 2nd time Yuu has won the TOKYO Princess Cup! The final rounds took place today with Yuu beating Nodoka-oneesan and Yuka Sakazaki beating Rika Tatsumi to set up the main event. Yuu’s big win happened when she caught Sakazaki in midair and Power Bombed her. She then hit the Last Ride Power Bomb for the three count. Yuu let out a big cry when she won.

Yuu said she first won the Princess Cup two years ago. She wasn’t afraid of anything back then because she was undefeated and she had a lot of fun with wrestling. This time however there is a lot on her mind. She lost the TOKYO Princess Title, the girls around her a getting stronger and there are new juniors underneath her filling up the Tokyo Joshi Pro roster. It has her wondering where her place in Tokyo Joshi is. But the one thing she can do without fail is believe in her strength. She believes in her wrestling and is happy to be a part of Tokyo Joshi. She might be in a better place now than she was two years ago. That leads to something else Yuu wants to do. She called out Miyu Yamashita and challenged her to a TOKYO Princess Title match! Yuu believes she has to be at a certain level to fight for the championship and today she reached it. Yamashita said of course she accepts the challenge. Yamashita knows her strength the best and told Yuu not to limit herself. Yamashita wants both herself and Yuu to be at their mental and physical best until one of them runs out. The match will take place on the 25th August Korakuen Hall show. Yuu promised she will be standing in the ring at the end of the summer as the TOKYO Princess Champion!

In the semi-finals, Nodoka was beaten with the Katahajime but she never gave up. The referee had to stop the match when she lost consciousness. Nodoka thanked everyone for their support and said she changed a lot of minds in just three matches. She wants to take the next step this summer.

Tatsumi threw everything she had at Sakazaki including a surprise attack to start the match. Sakazaki was able to escape the Dragon Sleeper by rolling out of it. She then countered the Dragon Twist Of Fate into the Merry Go Round. That put Tatsumi in position for the Magical Magical Girl Splash to give Sakazaki the victory. It was a blow for Tatsumi because she anticipated reaching the final.

Maki Ito Headbutted her way out of trouble and score the win for her team.

NEO Biishiki-gun won their match in spite of some tension between Azusa Christie and Martha. Christie got in the way whenever Martha & Sakisama did double team moves together. Hikari from the Up Up Girls almost got a surprise win over Sakisama with a Cobra Twist and a Sleeper Hold but Sakisama eventually made her give up to the Versailles Foot Choke. Christie and Martha continued to bother each other after the match so Sakisama ordered both of them to sit down. She told both of them how ugly they were acting today. Sakisama loves both of them equally. Christie protested and said she only wants Sakisama to love her. Sakisama asked Christie if she trusts her and Christie eventually replied with “Only Saki’s love is the truth”. Now calm, Christie admitted she may have judged Martha too soon. She promises to be more strong, friendly and beautiful for Sakisama in the future. Christie and Martha reconciled and look to be back on the same page. For now.

Hyper Misao thinks Yuki Aino needs a heroic awakening to win a match so she gave her a superhero mask similar to her own to wear. When Aino put the mask on, she found out that the mask allows Misao to talk directly to her heart. Yuki Aino turned into Hyper Yuki and she did a lot of Misao’s mannerisms. The power did help Aino when she fought Yuna Manase but every time she made progress, Misao ran in to try and steal the pin. Aino had enough of Misao taking advantage of her and wrestled the rest of the match without the mask. But without the extra power, Aino fell to Manase and lost the match.

Two new trainees introduced themselves. Mahiro is from Gunma. Himawari Unagi is a Youtuber and an actor. Both girls began their training in May.

A one day tag team lottery tournament will take place at the Tokyo Joshi Pro Beer Garden show on 4th August. The Yeah! Metcha Tag Team Tournament 2018 Summer will feature between 6 to 8 teams made up of random pairings. The winning team will receive a gorgeous prize named after the summer.

Priscilla Kelly returns to Tokyo Joshi in August. Her confirmed shows so far are 18/8 in Nagoya and 25/8 in Korakuen.

This Month’s Maji Manji Matches, Name Contra Name In BASARA, ALL OUT Joshi

July 2, 2018

DDT “DDT LIVE! MAJI MANJI #10”, 03/07/2018
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

0. NO TV Match: Mad Paulie Vs Daiki Shimomura
0. NO TV Match: Soma Takao Vs Nobuhiro Shimatani
1. Danshoku Dieno & Makoto Oishi Vs Keisuke Ishii & Kota Umeda
2. Deliver It To Mari Yaguchi! It Is A 3 Way Match!: Isami Kodaka Vs Sammy Guevara Vs Yuki Ueno
3. Timo Timo Timo Timo Dragons All Together Step!: Ultimo Dragon, Takatimo Dragon, Washitimo Dragon & Hiratimo Dragon Vs KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Yuki Iino
4. Shigehiro Irie & Mizuki Watase Vs HARASHIMA & Antonio Honda
5. Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Asuka Vs Akito, Shunma Katsumata & Saki Akai
6. Spring Special In The Summer! Falls Count Anywhere 4 Way Match: Konosuke Takeshita Vs Kazusada Higuchi Vs MAO Vs Masashi Takeda

DDT is mixing up some ideas for this month’s “DDT LIVE! MAJI MANJI” episodes. First up they are bringing in death match specialist Masashi Takeda to take part in a crazy Falls Count Anywhere 4 Way Match. Kazusada Higuchi’s involvement guarantees a broken table or two. MAO also gets a little out of control in these kind of matches too. Konosuke Takeshita is kind of the odd man out but this is the sort of variety he’s been looking to get into since losing the KO-D Openweight Title.

HARASHIMA has both of his upcoming major opponents involved in his match. He teams with Antonio Honda a week before their DDT Extreme Title match. On the opposing side, Shigehiro Irie is ramping up the pressure against his next intended challenger.

The Timo Timo Timo Dragons are hoping that Ultimo Dragon will want to team with them. The unmasking stuff isn’t going to fly with him.

As soon as Isami Kodaka found out that singer Mari Yaguchi was the special guest for this episode he asked to be a part of the show.

It’s DAMNATION versus DAMNATION in the dark match. Okay, not really. Maybe some day Nobuhiro Shimatani can get officially added to the group as a proper member instead of a gofer boy.

Tokyo Ryogoku KFC Hall

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: Yuka Sakazaki Vs Rika Tatsumi
2. Tokyo Princess Cup – Semi Final: Yuu Vs Nodoka-oneesan
3. 3 Way Match: Yuna Manase Vs Hyper Misao Vs Yuki Aino
4. Miyu Yamashita, Maki Ito & Mizuki Vs Miu, Raku & Hinano
5. Sakisama, Azusa Christie & Martha Vs Shoko Nakajima, Yuki Kamifuku & Hikari
6. Tokyo Princess Cup – Final: X Vs X

The 8 year old maid Martha returns to Tokyo Joshi Pro after she was happily reunited with her parents last year. Thing you should look out for here is how Azusa Christie will handle being in a trio. She usually doesn’t like having other women teaming with Sakisama. But Martha is already a trusted member of NEO Biishiki-gun so there shouldn’t be any trouble in the unit.

DDT “DDT LIVE! MAJI MANJI #11”, 10/07/2018
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Naomi Yoshimura & Keisuke Okuda Vs Shunma Katsumata & Kouki Iwasaki
2. Kota Umeda “Mad Dog” 7 Match Series – 4th Match: Dick Togo Vs Kota Umeda
3. DDT Extreme Title – Blindfolded Hidden Breasts Death Match: HARASHIMA (c) Vs Antonio Honda

The Extreme Title is up for grabs in a rematch of the dreaded stipulation from November 2013. Both HARASHIMA and Honda will wrestle blindfolded while wearing bras. The goal is to reach out and strip off the opponent’s bra. HARASHIMA won the first time but Honda has gained more experience in similar matches since then, winning one such bout at Sumo Hall in August 2015.

Shinjuku FACE

1. Shit Boss, Remember To Hurry!: Gouma Ryu Vs Yoshihisa Uto
2. Takumi Tsukamoto & Yasu Urano Vs Takato Nakano & Akiyori Takizawa
3. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi, SAGAT & Yusuke Kubo Vs Fuminori Abe, Manabu Hara & Takuya Nomura
4. Two Major Renaming Matches – Name Contra Name: Trans-Am ★ Ryuichi Vs Ryuichi Sekine (Special Referee: Tsutomu Oosugi)
5. Two Major Renaming Matches – Name Contra Name: Best Stretchman V3 Vs Banana Senga (Special Referee: Tsutomu Oosugi)
6. Isami Kodaka Debut 16th Anniversary Memorial Match: Isami Kodaka & Naomichi Marufuji Vs Ikuto Hidaka & Minoru Fujita
7. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Final: FUMA Vs Ryota Nakatsu

Two different Name Vs Name matches are taking place on this show. Best Stretchman V3 and Banana Senga will be fighting to escape their gimmicks. The loser will be forced to stay as they are for the rest of time. Trans-Am ★ Ryuichi and Ryuichi Sekine are trying to rename each other Ryuji. The loser of that will have to change their name from Ryuichi to Ryuji. Tsutomu Oosugi is assigned as the referee for both matches.

Osaka Konohana Community Hall

1. Nobuhiro Shimatani, Daiki Shimomura & Koju Takeda Vs Katsumi Oribe, Yuto Kikuchi & Yuki Aoki
2. Kouki Iwasaki & Tomoya Hirata Vs Brian Aki & Rekka
3. Konosuke Takeshita & Yuki Iino Vs MAO & Rising HAYATO
4. Shunma Katsumata Vs TORU
5. Kota Umeda Vs Sammy Guevara
6. Irie-gun Vs Naomi Kingdom!: Shigehiro Irie & Mizuki Watase Vs Keisuke Okuda & Akira Jo
7. DNA Naniwa Summit Decisive Battle!: Yuki Ueno Vs Naomi Yoshimura

Kota Umeda Vs Sammy Guevara should be a good one.

DDT “SUMMER VACATION 2018”, 22/07/2018
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. T2HiJoshi Vs ALL OUT Joshi ~Korakuen Super Hot Whirlpool!~: Francoise☆Takagi, Margaret★Owashi & Kazuko Hirata Vs Keiko Takeshita Jr., Akiko & Carousel❤Shun
2. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie (c) Vs Mike Bailey & MAO
3. KO-D Openweight Title: Shigehiro Irie (c) Vs HARASHIMA
*HARASHIMA will cash in his Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Gauntlet.

ALL OUT are being put through an experiment to prepare for their KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles defence against the Sendai Girls. They won’t be wrestling on 22nd July. Instead their cousins Keiko Takeshita Jr., Akiko & Carousel❤Shun will come in to take on another set of DDT cousins in a match they will probably get away with calling a “joshi” bout.

The “DAMNATION DIVA” Asuka and “The Vengeful One” Alex Ace will be on the show. Ace is a 31 year old Spanish wrestler originally trained by Joe E. Legend and now learning his trade from Angelico. He is 209cm high and weighs 115kg.

DDT “DDT LIVE! MAJI MANJI #12”, 24/07/2018
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Special Hardcore Tag Match: Shigehiro Irie & Jason Kincaid Vs Jun Kasai & Daisuke Sasaki
2. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Konosuke Takeshita, Akito & Shunma Katsumata (c) Vs Meiko Satomura, DASH Chisako & Cassandra Miyagi

This isn’t going to be a friendly day out between ALL OUT and Sendai Girls. Meiko Satomura made it clear that ALL OUT are now enemies in her eyes. ALL OUT’s plan to defend the titles against outsiders may end at the starting blocks if they don’t take this match seriously.

The last couple of times Daisuke Sasaki and Jun Kasai were in the ring together they were rivals. Now they have to be on the same page to fight Irie-gun.