March 21, 2018

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall
107 Fans

1. Young Ganbare’s Challenge!: Tomomitsu Matsunaga defeated Shuhei Washida with a Half Crab (14:21).
2. Special Pinch Hitter Match: Saki defeated Hikaru Shimizu with the Kawaii Buster (9:21).
3. Mysterious Moment! India And Panda Come Together! Special Tag Match!: Yukihiro Abe & Chikara defeated Baliyan Akki & J-Soul Pandita III IV when Abe pinned Pandita with the Kamigoye (Permission Acquired) (9:23).
4. Ganbare, Ihashi! Continue Showing It! The “U” Of Ihashi: Nobuhiro Tsurumaki defeated Gota Ihashi with a Cross Heel Hold (9:34).
5. Student Pro Wrestler Returns: MEN’S Teioh & Onryo defeated Shota & Shinichiro Tominaga when Teioh pinned Tominaga with the Tokai Special (17:36).
6. Ganpuro Family Vs Katsumura-gun 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Ken Ohka, Yumehito Imanari & Katsumi Oribe defeated Shuichiro Katsumura, Takeshi Okada & Black Ribera (19:38).
6a. Katsumi Oribe eliminated Black Ribera by Ring Out (10:23).
6b. Shuichiro Katsumura eliminated Katsumi Oribe with the Ninja Choke (12:23).
6c. Ken Ohka and Shuichiro Katsumura eliminated each other by Double Ring Out (17:38).
6d. Yumehito Imanari eliminated Takeshi Okada with the Chubby Knee (19:38).

Yumehito Imanari was the hero of the day for Ganbare☆Wrestling as they beat Katsumura-gun in an Elimination Match. The tricky Black Ribera was eliminated first when Katsumi Oribe blocked his Hurricanrana to the apron and lifted him out of the ring. Shuichiro Katsumura evened the score by choking out Oribe with the Ninja Choke. Katsumura and Ken Ohka eliminated each other when they fought on the apron and Imanari knocked both of them to the floor. That left Imanari alone against Takeshi Okada. Katsumura-gun tried to interfere but Imanari hit the Chubby Knee kick and got the winning pinfall. Okada demanded to continue and Imanari challenged him to a match on 28th April.

The Tokai Special is MEN’S Teioh and Onryo doing T-Pose Power Bombs.

Nobuhiro Tsurumaki encouraged Gota Ihashi to continue wrestling. He’s been doing this for twenty years and no bad matches have ever stopped him.

J-Soul Pandita III IV wore a Tiger Jeet Singh style turban to mark the occasion of him teaming with Baliyan Akki. A landmark event in the relationship between India and wherever on earth Pandita is from. Pandita ruined the moment by attacking his opponents with an umbrella but Yukihiro Abe & Chikara stopped him with a Sling Blade, Sabre Chops and the Kamigoye.

Saki and Hikaru Shimizu were brought in as “pinch hitters” for the women’s match because HARUKAZE was away on a family vacation.

The rookie Shuhei Washida was put through the ringer by Tomomitsu Matsunaga. When they were fighting outside the ring Matsunaga threw Washida’s knee into a wall the targeted it for the rest of the match. Matsunaga then finished off a tired Washida with a Half Crab.


February 11, 2018

134 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Shuhei Washida Debut 2nd Round: Katsumi Oribe defeated Shuhei Washida with the Katsumiga (6:51).
2. Recurrence Of Ihashi! Show Your Old Ally, Ganbare Soul: Yukihiro Abe defeated Gota Ihashi with the Kamigoe (7:05).
3. Ganpuro Vs India ~Oji, Dancing Maharaja!~: Baliyan Akki & Samara defeated Shota & HARUKAZE when Samara pinned HARUKAZE with the Snake Charmer (12:58).
4. Student Pro Wrestler Begins! ~Defeat Pioneer!~: MEN’S Teioh defeated Shinichiro Tominaga with the Spinning Toe Hold (10:43).
5. Overall War! Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Katsumura-gun: Shuichiro Katsumura & Black Ribera defeated Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari when Ribera pinned Imanari with the OSCURO (19:58).

The addition of Black Ribera to Katsumura-gun was too much for Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari to handle. The small high flyer countered a Super Power Bomb into a Hurricanrana. Shuichiro Katsumura choked out Ohka with the Ninja Choke then joined Ribera in kicking lumps out of Imanari. There was a glimpse of hope for Imanari when he hit a Double Lariat but his momentum was killed by a Fisherman Buster by Katsumura. Ribera then finished him off with the OSCURO Frog Splash. Katsumura told the Ganpuro team that no matter how many times they fight, he will never lose to them. Ribera decided that now was the time for him to introduce himself to everyone although he kept his nationality a secret. He said the Ganpuro fans are pretty good because they are lively even when they have to watch wrestlers like Ohka, Imanari and Shuhei Washida. Tension rose between the two sides which caused Katsumura-gun to leave. Washida begged Ohka to let him fight them. Ohka was touched to see the trainee has his back so he came up with a match. On 11th March in Osaka Ohka, Imanari & Washida will take on Katsumura-gun! Ohka said it has been five years since Ganbare☆Wrestling was created. Since then he has gained two families, his real one and his Ganpuro one. He doesn’t know if they can beat Katsumura-gun but they will fight them with all that they have.

Shinichiro Tominaga used some creative ideas to try and beat the legendary MEN’S Teioh. He used the referee twice to his advantage. The first time was to escape from the Spinning Toe Hold and the second time was Tominaga leap frogging over the ref to Dropkick an unsuspecting Teioh. Tominaga later countered the Miracle Ecstasy into a Hurricanrana but only got a nearfall out of it. Teioh succeeded hitting his move the second time and he made Tominaga submit to the Spinning Toe Hold. Tominaga called Teioh a god of Student Pro Wrestling but Teioh stopped him. Teioh said he isn’t a god although he did dye his hair red today to resemble a Super Saiyan God. He told Tominaga that pro wrestling isn’t just limited to 1 Vs 1. Next time they should bring together their Student Wrestling friends for another match. His university club was No. 1 but he’s welcome to take on any challengers to that claim. Tell him the place and he will be there along with Onryo! Teioh left to UWF chants but this UWF is referring to his Kanto Student Pro Wrestling club.

Shota was blinded and mistook HARUKAZE for one of his opponents. He gave her a Brainbuster and Samara followed up with a Blackout style Leg Drop called the Snake Charmer on HARUKAZE to get the pin. Samara & Baliyan Akki then taunted their opponents and told them to “Suck it!”

Gota Ihashi lost when he missed the Moonsault. Yukihiro Abe then used the Kamigoe to pin him. Ihashi bowed to the audience after the match.

Shuhei Washida refused to shake hands with Katsumi Oribe after their match.

At the end of the show Ken Ohka told the audience his e-mail address if they ever need consulting from him. Doesn’t matter what hardships they have, from debt to divorce he wants to give everyone fatherly advice. He will be everyone’s Ganbare☆Dad!


April 15, 2016


Shin-Kiba 1st RING
207 Fans

1. Ryuichi Sekine & Koji Iwasaki defeated Kazuaki Mihara & SAGAT when Sekine pinned SAGAT with the Ryusetsu (10:52).
2. 3 Way Match: Ryu Gouma defeated Hi69 and Kikutaro when Gouma submitted Kikutaro with a Ground Cobra Twist (11:58).
3. Hardcore Match: Terry Boy defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with the Spinning Toe Hold (11:48).
4. Masamune defeated Ryota Nakatsu with the Kaminarikiri (13:13).
5. Hardcore Cage 6-Man Tag Team Match: Isami Kodaka, Takumi Tsukamoto & Daichi Kazato defeated FUMA, Madoka & Yusuke Kubo when Kodaka pinned FUMA with the Diving Double Knee Drop from the cage (24:50).

BASARA and Kotetsu Gundan went to war in a 6-Man Tag Cage Match. The rules were two members of a team had to escape the cage and the remaining member needed to pin, submit or knock out an opponent to win the match. Kyohei Wada was the man put in charge of the match as all 6 wrestlers entered the cage. Kotetsu Gundan started off in control when Madoka attacked Isami Kodaka with a bamboo sword while his team mates threw their opponents into the cage. Madoka quickly tried to escape but was told to come back down by Yusuke Kubo because it was too early to stop beating up their enemies. Kodaka grabbed the bamboo sword and fired back at the Kotetsu team. Takumi Tsukamoto’s Superplex to Madoka was blocked but when Madoka followed up with a Missile Dropkick he was whacked in mid-air with a massive hammer. Tsukamoto took the opportunity to be the first wrestler to escape the cage. Kotetsu Gundan regained control because of the numbers advantage. Madoka gave Daichi Kazato a Fire Thunder onto a table. It didn’t break but Madoka didn’t care. He escaped the cage to make it 4 wrestlers left in the ring. Kazato was next to climb the cage but took a moment to decide if he should escape or Moonsault back onto everyone in the cage. Kazato went with the Moonsault and hit his target. Even better, Kazato had enough time to recover and crawl out of the cage through the door. Kodaka was the last man on his team so he couldn’t escape to win. FUMA ordered Kubo to escape the cage while he held Kodaka back. So the final stage of the match was between Kodaka and FUMA. FUMA went for the Heavy Metal Hammer but Kodaka surprised him by smashing Madoka’s ukulele over his head. Kodaka placed a ladder on top of FUMA and hit the Diving Double Knee Drop but it left him in great pain. FUMA hit the Heavy Metal Hammer and the Heavy Metal Anthem but Kodaka would not stay down. Kodaka climbed to the top of the cage and hit the Diving Double Knee Drop on FUMA and that was enough to end the match. Afterwards Kodaka told Madoka he would reimburse him for the ukulele he broke. He was told the ukulele cost 30,000 yen and in response said he might have to take money out of the upcoming tournament prize to pay for it. A defeated FUMA told Kodaka “You are also metal!” Kodaka didn’t take that as a compliment and flipped FUMA a middle finger. He then climbed the turnbuckle and did the Diving Double Knee Drop onto the unbroken table. He isn’t metal, he’s hardcore!

Kodaka invited Masamune to team with him on the 3rd May show in Miyagi.

MEN’S Teioh returned to his Terry Boy persona for a Hardcore Match with Hiroshi Fukuda. Despite the special occasion Fukuda did not hold back and busted open Terry after an ambush belt attack. Fukuda did the Perfect Plex off of a ladder but Terry kicked out of the pin. Terry used the ladder himself to give Fukuda the Calf Branding and then submitted him with the Spinning Toe Hold.

BASARA announced its first tournament called Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~. It is a round robin tournament with two blocks of five wrestlers each. The winners of both groups will face each other in the final with 500,000 yen as the grand prize. The money comes from Kodaka’s savings apparently. Block A has Isami Kodaka, Ryuichi Sekine, Ryota Nakatsu, SAGAT and Yusuke Kubo. Block B has FUMA, Takumi Tsukamoto, Daichi Kazato, Ryu Gouma and Hiroshi Fukuda. The tournament begins on 1st May and ends on 23rd June.


April 15, 2016


Oyama Municipal Cultural Center
134 Fans

1. Hi69 defeated SAGAT with a Foot And Neck Cradle (5:26).
2. Kikutaro defeated Ryu Gouma with a Russian Leg Sweep (8:56).
3. Kazuhiro Tamura & Daichi Kazato defeated Koji Iwamoto & Ryota Nakatsu when Kazato pinned Nakatsu with the Sister Abigail (11:31).
4. Hardcore Match: Ryuichi Sekine defeated Madoka with the Dragon Kick (11:35).
5. UWA Middleweight Title: MEN’S Teioh (c) defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with a European Clutch (13:45).
*V1 for MEN’S Teioh.
6. Hardcore Match: Isami Kodaka & Takumi Tsukamoto defeated FUMA & Yusuke Kubo when Kodaka pinned Kubo with the Zeyyari (21:31).

BASARA’s first two Hardcore matches were held on this show. Isami Kodaka thought it was just the thing to put Kotetsu Gundan in their place. It wasn’t as violent as a Death Match but there were chairs, a ladder and a giant hammer involved. Kodaka scored the win but wasn’t finished with FUMA. He called him into the ring for an urgent “business meeting”. He told FUMA that his heavy metal obsession is unusual and quite frankly a middle finger to everyone else. FUMA said his costume is cool because it is made out of steel and metal! Kodaka challenged FUMA to a Steel Cage Match at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in a few days time. FUMA said they could make it a 6-Man Tag Cage match. Kodaka accepted and said they should be able to squeeze six men into the cage.

MEN’S Teioh was brought over to BASARA to hold the first defence of his UWA Middleweight Title reign against Hiroshi Fukuda. The former members of World Men’s Club duked it out with Fukuda playing some dirty tricks along the way. He lured Teioh out of the ring to chase him in circles until he stopped him with a Shoulder Block. Teioh got revenge by throwing Fukuda shoulder first into the corner post. Teioh worked on the shoulder until Fukuda grabbed the referee and pulled him into the way. Fukuda hit the Perfect Plex but the referee slowly counted the pin in protest. Fukuda let go of the hold to complain but was rolled over into a European Clutch to lose the match. Fukuda took the loss in his stride and asked Teioh if they could have another fun match sometime. Teioh heard about BASARA lifting its ban on Hardcore match. He himself isn’t interested but he might know someone who could participate in a Hardcore Match again… Terry Boy! Fukuda Vs Terry Boy in a Hardcore Match was set for 14th April.

The other Hardcore Match was between Ryuichi Sekine and Madoka. Sekine brought out a guitar so Madoka found a ukelele in response. A pile of chairs was used by both as the landing zone for some big moves. Sekine smashed his guitar over Madoka and hit a chair-assisted Dragon Kick to win the match.


January 24, 2015


UNION “YUMI NIMO MAKEZU 2015”, 24/01/2015
Yokohama Radiant Hall
246 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Goro Jr. & Ryota Nakatsu defeated SAGAT & Tomoya Kawamura when Goro pinned SAGAT with the Goro Suplex (10:51).
2. Ladybeard & Riho defeated Cherry & Emi Sakura when Ladybeard pinned Cherry with a Crosscut Spring Night Love (7:01).
3. Modoka (w/ Harumi Tachibana) defeated Daichi Kazato with the Ranhyei (10:53).
4. “Mr. Perfect” Hiroshi Fukuda Comeback & Kazushi‘s GYM Bodybuilding Circle Reunion Memorial Match: Hiroshi Fukuda & MEN’S Teioh Vs Kazushi Miyamoto & Seiya Morohashi ended in a No Contest (12:04).
5. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Mio Shirai (c) defeated Aoi Ishibashi with the Egukeri (10:12).
*V2 for Mio Shirai.
6. UWA World Tag Team Titles: Isami Kodaka & FUMA (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa & Masato Shibata ended in a No Contest when MEN’S Teioh & Kazushi Miyamoto interfered (18:15).
*V3 for Isami Kodaka & FUMA.
6a. UWA World Tag Team Titles: Shuji Ishikawa & Masato Shibata defeated Isami Kodaka & FUMA (c) when Ishikawa pinned FUMA with the Splash Mountain (5:54).
*Isami Kodaka & FUMA fail in V4. Shuji Ishikawa & Masato Shibata become the 20th UWA World Tag Team Champions!

All the attention in Union is now on MEN’S Teioh and Kazushi Miyamoto. The two men both betrayed their tag team partners and joined forces. Teioh was teaming with Hiroshi Fukuda in what was Fukuda’s return to Union after injury. Miyamoto was teaming with Seiya Morohashi, a partnership formed by their love of gym workouts. However they weren’t on the same page in the match and at one point collided with a double Clothesline that missed its intended target. Fukuda was about to give Morohashi the Perfect Plex when all of a sudden Teioh whacked him with a chair! The rest of the Union roster came to the rescue and chased Teioh away.

But Teioh made his presence felt again in the main event, this time with Miyamoto with him. The UWA World Tag Team Titles were on the line, Isami Kodaka & FUMA versus Shuji Ishikawa & Masato Shibata. In the dying moments of the match Teioh & Miyamoto ran in with steel chairs and attacked everyone. The match was called a No Contest (but is still officially a successful title defence) and Teioh gave some parting words before leaving.

The UWA Tag Title match was restarted and everyone went full throttle. Ishikawa caught FUMA’s kicks and hit him with Headbutt after Headbutt. One Splash Mountain later and we have new champions! Ishikawa said he was going to eat more and wants everybody to become even stronger.

Madoka’s infatuation with AV idol Harumi Tachibana went up to another level today. He proposed to her! Harumi immediately turned him down. Madoka was in denial and said he would give her time to think about it while he wrestled Daichi Kazato. Afterwards Harumi told him he was being unreasonable but Madoka said he will not give up!

Ryu Gouma is suffering from a vomiting bug and was pulled from the show. Emi Sakura took his place in Match #2.

Union will bring back the Get The Glory! tournament next month. The first tournament was held in October 2013 and was won by Shuji Ishikawa. This year the tournament will be take place in two shows on 22nd February. This time twelve wrestlers will enter.


November 23, 2013


Yokohama Radiant Hall
280 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Daichi Kazato defeated Tomoya Kawamura with the Anna Cutter (7:46).
2. Idea Pocket Presents: Mio Shirai (w/ Tsubasa Amami) defeated Mitomi Masayuki & Ryu Gouma (w/ Rola Mizusaki) when Shirai pinned Gouma with a Small Package (6:31).
3. Seiya Morohashi & Cherry defeated SAGAT & Kyoko Kimura when Cherry pinned SAGAT with the Spring Night Love (11:53).
4. MEN’S Teioh defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with the Spinning Toe Hold (16:37).
5. Isami Kodaka defeated Menso~re Oyaji with the Zan Isamu Leg (13:44).
6. 1,000 Roses Death Match: Shuji Ishikawa defeated FUMA with the Splash Mountain onto the Rose Board (16:55).

It is recommended you listen to “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal as you read the results.

FUMA’s first ever death match was not as rosy as the name suggested. Shuji Ishikawa defeated the young wrestler in a 1,000 Roses Death Match where everything was covered in roses. Ishikawa thought it was fun while FUMA described the match as “doom and gloom” but he felt he came out as a stronger wrestler.

Naomi Susan announced the official creation of the Union MAX Championship. Susan wanted a name that was simple but represents how Union can go full force at any time. Shuji Ishikawa will face Russia’s Ivan Markov in Shinjuku FACE on 11th December to crown the first champion. Susan watched Isami Kodaka’s recent matches in Russia and was impressed with how much Markov has improved since his last visit to Japan, which is why he was selected to face Ishikawa.

Hiroshi Fukuda and MEN’S Teioh slowly bonded during their match together. Fukuda kept calling Teioh “Terry” and eventually “Terry Boy” as they wrestled. Teioh submitted Fukuda with the Spinning Toe Hold. The two reappeared after the Isami Kodaka Vs Menso~re Oyaji match. Fukuda sarcastically congratulated Kodaka for winning the match and then challenged him to a future KO-D Tag Team Titles match. Kodaka and Yuko Miyamoto already have title defences to prepare for so Naomi Susan called up Amon Tsurumi to sort it out. Fukuda named his new team Texas Tornado Broncos Tokyo.

SAGAT had his mouth stuffed with a banana while he teamed with Kyoko Kimura. Unfortunately, Kimura booted SAGAT in the face by accident, costing them the match against Cherry & Seiya Morohashi.

Ryu Gouma is the latest person to insert himself into the Idea Pocket shenanigans (minds out of the gutter please). He was added to the match as Mitomi Masayuki’s partner to make it a 2-on-1 match against Mio Shirai. Despite that, Shirai continues to grow her harem of Idea Pocket Divas by winning the services of Rola Mizusaki. Afterwards it was announced that the Aipoke World Title was declared vacant and a new champion will be crowned on 11/12.

An Australian martial artist named Richard Burn will make his Union debut on the 11/12 show. Burn has travelled the world in order to master many marial arts including taekwondo, capoeira, kick boxing and Jeet Kune Do. Burn greeted the fans and said he heard Japan has many strong fighters. His debut match will be against Daichi Kazato.

Roses Are Red, The Bruises Are Blue, Union Is Weird, That Much Is True

November 12, 2013

Yokohama Radiant Hall

1. Hiroshi Fukuda Vs MEN’S Teioh
2. Isami Kodaka Vs Menso~re Oyaji
3. 1,000 Roses Death Match: Shuji Ishikawa Vs FUMA

The 1,000 Roses Death Match returns to Union after it was introduced in March 2012. It is a hardcore match where the ropes and every weapon in the arena is covered in roses brought in by the fans. There is also a bonus rule where a rope break only counts if there are no roses on the rope being touched. This time around it will just be a singles match between Shuji Ishikawa and FUMA. This will be a good warm up for Ishikawa before he goes into the Union Championship decision match in December. A win for FUMA could very well convince Naomi Susan to pick him as Shuji’s opponent for that title match.

The legendary MEN’S Teioh will wrestle in Union for the first time this month facing Hiroshi Fukuda. If there is anyone that can put up with Fukuda’s nonsense, it’s Teioh.