February 28, 2014


HARD HIT “~BATTLE FRIDAY~”, 28/02/2014
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
240 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Hikaru Sato (0D/0E/0P) defeated Hayato Mashita (1D/2E/0P) by TKO with Low Kicks (7:20).
2. Mitsuyoshi Nakai (0D/2E/0P) Vs Kotaru Naso (1D/1E/0P) ended in a Time Limit Draw (10:00).
3. 2nd Grappling Tournament – First Round: Shuichiro Katsumura (0D/0E/0P) defeated Kenta Hattori (0D/0E/0P) with a Triangle Choke (0:44).
4. 2nd Grappling Tournament – First Round: Atsushi Aoki (0D/1E/0P) defeated Koji Iwamoto (0D/0E/0P) with a Cross Armlock (3:23).
5. Masaaki Mochizuki (0D/2E/0P) defeated Hiroshi Kobayashi (0D/2E/0P) by TKO with Palm Strikes (5:18).
6. Poai Suganuma (0D/0E/0P) defeated Ryuichi Sekine (0D/2E/0P) by Referee Stoppage with a Uranage Suplex (1:51).
7. Yukio Sakaguchi (0D/1E/0P) defeated SUSHI (3D/0E/0P) by TKO with a High Kick (4:54).
8. 2nd Grappling Tournament – Final: Atsushi Aoki (0D/1E/0P) defeated Shuichiro Katsumura (0D/2E/0P) by Points Decision (10:00).
9. HARASHIMA (1D/2E/0P) defeated Takafumi Ito (1D/1E/0P) by Referee Stoppage with a Cross Armlock (11:39).

Poai Suganuma has taken a liking to fighting in Hard Hit and challenged Hikaru Sato to a bout on 26th April. They last fought each other almost nine years ago in Pancrase and it was Suganama’s first fight in Japan. Suganama won that fight by decision.