September 13, 2017

Shibuya Club ATOM
244 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Soma Takao defeated Diego with the Gin And Tonic (3:19).
2. Club House No Touch Tag Team Death Match: Keisuke Ishii & Mike Bailey defeated Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Ishii pinned Hirata with the Kneel Kick (4:56).
3. Tetsuya Endo defeated Antonio Honda with the Swiveling Torture Rack Bomb (9:42).
4. 4 Way Match: Ken Ohka defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Danshoku Dino and Muscle Sakai when Ohka pinned Takagi with the Fire Spear (6:28).
5. Konosuke Hebikita, Hebikito & Poison Sawada JULIE defeated Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO when Hebikeshimo submitted Oishi with the Cattle Mutilation (8:52).
6. Daisuke Sasaki & Mad Paulie defeated Shigehiro Irie & Kazusada Higuchi when Paulie pinned Higuchi with the Paulie Buster (9:09).
7. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi (c) defeated HERO!, MIKAMI & Tanomusaku Toba when KUDO pinned Toba with the Diving Double Knee Drop (13:00).
*V3 for Shuten-dōji.

DDT took a trip through its past for a special show held inside their old venue Shibuya Club ATOM. It was the first time in 13 years that DDT was at the building. Some old friends and faces stopped by and even some of the current generation of DDT wrestlers gave a few references to past members of the company. The main event was a big reunion as HERO!, MIKAMI & Tanomusaku Toba returned to face Shuten-dōji. The decision was made at the start of the show to turn the match into a KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles defence. The champions defeated their retro opponents then were joined by the rest of the roster to celebrate 20 years of DDT to end the show.

The YaroZ Vs DAMNATION 6-Man Tag Match was split into two matches by order of Producer Danshoku Dino. He wanted Antonio Honda to have a singles match so he was put in a match against Tetsuya Endo. The remaining Yaroz and DAMNATION wrestlers would then fight in a normal tag match. DAMNATION came out on top in both matches.

Konosuke Takeshita wanted himself and Akito to team with Poison Sawada JULIE because he was the one who pinned JULIE in his retirement match five years ago. JULIE told both of them that ALL OUT is missing something vital. Entertainment! He gave both of them a bottle labelled “ALL OUT POISON” and encouraged them to drink. They were hesitant to do so until JULIE said is was a state of the art 100% protein drink. Takeshita & Akito went ahead and drank their bottles. JULIE then revealed it is Snake World Protein and they are now under his spell! When it was time for their match, Takeshita & Akito wore JULIE style gear and were now called Konosuke Hebikita & Hebikito! With a hiss and a rattle, JULIE controlled his subjects to defeat NωA. Hebikito gave Shunma Katsumata the Maoi Of Easter then put him in a Figure Four Leg Lock. Hebikita put Makoto Oishi in the Cattle Mutilation to make him submit. The snake potion wore off 10 minutes after the match and JULIE only brought two bottles. Neither Takeshita nor Akito noticed.

When Ken Ohka arrived in the building, so many memories came flooding back. Not all of them good. He flashed back to 2004 when he was wrestling as the musketeer O.K. Revolution and was forced by Sanshiro Takagi to retire. With this fresh in his mind he wanted revenge on Takagi. He tried to convince Danshoku Dino and Muscle Sakai to join him and gang up on Takagi. But when the bell rang to start the match Takagi, Dino and Sakai all attacked Ohka instead. Takagi tried to give Ohka the Sit Down Himawari Bomb but Cherry rolled into the ring and stopped him. Takagi got rid of Cherry and tried his finisher again. This time Sakai stopped him and then to everyone’s surprise Super Sasadango Machine entered the ring. Takagi’s confusion at seeing Sakai and Sasadango standing next to each other distracted him long enough for Ohka to hit him with the Fire Spear for the three count. Ohka told Takagi afterwards that he dreamt of nothing but beating him in Club ATOM. Now that he did it, he forgives him for what happened between them in the past. Ohka cried for his music to play but there was silence. Takagi reminded Ohka who is the real thing around here and screamed for his own song to play. This time it did.

Kazuki Hirata brought down Tetsuya Koda to be a DJ for the Club House Death Match. DJ Koda was instructed to play only one song throughout the match, “TOKYO GO”. Koda kept getting accidentally cut off by Toru Owashi. When he eventually recovered and played the song again, Mike Bailey put on the HIRATA GO! glasses and sang along while Keisuke Ishii pinned Hirata with the Kneel Kick.


Gran MilliMeters, JULIE Enters Dramatic Rumble, Ganbare Tag Tournament

March 8, 2017

This will be the last blog update for a couple of days. I’m travelling to Germany for wXw 16 Carat Gold this weekend and won’t be back until Monday. Other than the BASARA and Tokyo Joshi shows on Sunday I reckon it will be a little quiet for DDT news while I’m gone. If anything crazy does happen I’ll try to tweet about it. When I’m back I’ll be working on my preview for “JUDGEMENT 2017”. Also there’s the Japanese Audio Wrestling podcast episode I was a guest on to look forward to when that comes out. Until then enjoy the weekend!

Shinjuku FACE

1. Gran MilliMeters Team Leader Decision Battle: Daiki Shimomura Vs Nobuhiro Shimatani
2. Awake Your Eyes, Dai Suzuki! Seven Match Trial 1st Battle: Dai Suzuki Vs Kohei Sato
3. Road To The Best Tag Manager In 2017 ~ One Nominated Bout Without Permission: Atsushi Aoki & Hikaru Sato Vs Guanchulo & Rekka
4. Our DNA ~ Six Men Full Of Grudges: Mizuki Watase, Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura Vs Akebono, Shogun Okamoto & LEONA
6. “THE RIVALS” Each Stand By Me: Kazusada Higuchi & Mike Bailey Vs Shunma Katsumata & Kotaro Suzuki

Daiki Shimomura and Nobuhiro Shimatani have been teaming together and fighting each other since their debuts. Now they are officially forming a team called Gran MilliMeters. The name is inspired by Gran Hamada because he was small but strong and that is what they aspire to be in the ring. The only thing left to do now is determine who is the team leader.

Saitama Super Arena

0. Iron Man Heavymetalweight & King Of Dark Titles – DDT Pro Wrestling 20th Anniversary Memorial Celebration Dramatic Rumble: Kotatsu (I/c) Vs Gota Ihashi (D/c) Vs Tomomitsu Matsunaga Vs Mad Paulie Vs Guanchulo Vs Hoshitango Vs Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi Vs Ken Ohka Vs MIKAMI Vs Poison Sawada JULIE Vs GENTARO Vs Tomohiko Hashimoto Vs Rion Mizuki Vs Bambi Vs Yoshihiko
0. DNA Offer Match: Rekka, Daiki Shimomura & Yuki Ueno Vs Nobuhiro Shimatani, Naomi Yoshimura & Dai Suzuki
0. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Yuu, Mil Clown & Itoh Maki Vs Reika Saiki, Rika Tatsumi & Azusa Takigawa
1. Super Joshi Pro Wars 2017: Saki Akai, Meiko Satomura & Syoko Nakajima Vs Aja Kong, Cherry & Miyu Yamashita
2. Kou Shibusawa 35th Anniversary “Nobunaga’s Ambition ~Our Warring States~” Sengoku Warlords Match: Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Sanshiro Takagi), Shingen Takeda (Keiji Muto) & Yukimura Sanada (Isami Kodaka) (w/ Matsu-hime (Kimika Tokuta)) Vs Katsuie Shibata (Daisuke Sekimoto), Kenshin Uesugi (Jun Akiyama) & Nobunaga Oda (Kota Ibushi) (w/ Oichi (Mai Iriya))
3. Special 8-Man Tag Match: Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata, Antonio Honda & Lady Beard Vs Jaguar Yokota, Keisuke Ishii, Masahiro Takanashi & Yuni
4. Shungo Oyama Pro Wrestling Challenge Match: Yoshihiro Takayama & Dick Togo Vs KUDO & Shungo Oyama
5. Shigehiro Irie Triennial Special Single Match: Shigehiro Irie Vs Mike Bailey
6. “DDT Is DDT” 20 Years Entertainment Culmination! The Best In The World Bad Guy Decisive Battle: Danshoku Dino Vs Joey Ryan
7. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles – 3 Way Match: Kazusada Higuchi, Kouki Iwasaki & Mizuki Watase (c) Vs Soma Takao, Akito & Yasu Urano Vs Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO
8. DDT Extreme Title – Sekichu Presents Hardcore Match: Jun Kasai (c) Vs Daisuke Sasaki
9. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Masakatsu Funaki & Yukio Sakaguchi (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa & Tetsuya Endo
10. KO-D Openweight Title – Good Com Asset Presents: HARASHIMA (c) Vs Konosuke Takeshita

Actresses Mai Iriya and Kimika Tokuta will be a part of the Nobunaga’s Ambition match. Iriya is playing the role of Oichi the wife of Daisuke Sekimoto’s character. Tokuta will be playing Matsu-hime the daughter of Keiji Muto’s character.

You can’t celebrate 20 years of DDT without including Poison Sawada JULIE somewhere in there. The snake magician is coming out of retirement for one day only to take part in the Dramatic Rumble.


1. World’s Strongest Ganbare☆Tag Tournament – Round 1: X & X Vs X & X
2. World’s Strongest Ganbare☆Tag Tournament – Round 1: X & X Vs X & X
3. World’s Strongest Ganbare☆Tag Tournament – Round 1: X & X Vs X & X
4. World’s Strongest Ganbare☆Tag Tournament – Round 1: X & X Vs X & X


1. World’s Strongest Ganbare☆Tag Tournament – Semi Final: X & X Vs X & X
2. World’s Strongest Ganbare☆Tag Tournament – Semi Final: X & X Vs X & X
3. World’s Strongest Ganbare☆Tag Tournament – Final: X & X Vs X & X

A one day tag team tournament is the current focus for Ganbare☆Wrestling. The 8 teams competing are:

– Yumehito Imanari & Bambi
– Yukihiro Abe & Keisuke Ishii
– Hi69 & Shinichiro Tominaga
– Nobuhiro Tsurumaki & Chikara
– Shuichiro Katsumura & Takafumi Ito
– Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki
– Ken Ohka & X


March 5, 2017

Tokyo Asakusabashi Hulic Hall
405 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Makoto Oishi & Shunma Katsumata defeated Kouki Iwasaki & Guanchulo when Oishi pinned Guanchulo with the Miracle Ecstasy (7:30).
2. Akito & Yasu Urano defeated Kazusada Higuchi & Mizuki Watase when Akito pined Watase with the Hanamasa (9:55).
3. KUDO defeated MAO with the Diving Double Knee Drop (8:33).
4. Yoshihiro Takayama, Danshoku Dino & Keisuke Ishii defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Takayama pinned Hirata with the Running Knee Lift (7:48).
5. DAMNATION Vs FREEDOMS!: Jun Kasai & GENTARO defeated Daisuke Sasaki & Mad Paulie when GENTARO pinned Paulie with a School Boy (13:55).
6. Shuten-dōji Vs DAMNATION!: Shuji Ishikawa & Tetsuya Endo defeated Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi when Ishikawa pinned Sakaguchi with the Splash Mountain (10:08).
7. ROAD TO SSA MAIN EVENT Special Tag Match: HARASHIMA & Soma Takao Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Antonio Honda ended in a Time Limit Draw (30:00).

DDT’s go home show for “JUDGEMENT 2017” ended with a 30 minute draw in the main event. HARASHIMA and Konosuke Takeshita fought hard in the final minutes and the bell rang as Takeshita attempted to do the German Suplex. When the two calmed down Takeshita pleaded with HARASHIMA to be the strongest he has ever been when they wrestle in the Saitama Super Arena. Takeshita wants nothing more than to win the KO-D Openweight Title by beating HARASHIMA at his absolute best. HARASHIMA questioned Takeshita’s implication that he was the stronger wrestler today. He assured his challenger that he trains to become stronger everyday and he will be at his strongest in Saitama. Amon Tsurumi ended the show by hyping up the title match as the two wrestlers stared each other down as they shook hands.

Size was the difference maker between Shuji Ishikawa and Yukio Sakaguchi and Sakaguchi found that out the hard way. He had to piggyback onto Ishikawa to apply a Sleeper Hold but that was countered into the Fire Thunder Driver. One Splash Mountain later and that was it. Ishikawa told Sakaguchi that he would kill him here but he’s tired. So Sakaguchi and Masakatsu Funaki better be prepared for DAMNATION in Saitama.

Daisuke Sasaki stole Jun Kasai’s goggles during their tag match and wore them to mimic the Pearl Harbour Splash. In return Kasai stole Sasaki’s leather jacket, leading to a duel of chairs between the two. The two were separated to prevent more fighting and Kasai left with the jacket still in his possession. Another brawl took place and both wrestlers got their items back when they were pulled apart.

Things have been rough for Team DNA lately. The KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Champions have been losing their preparation matches against their upcoming opponents and today was no different. Over in the Smile Squash camp Yasu Urano isn’t certain over his team’s chances despite being victorious today. Their teamwork has been good since Soma Takao joined but Urano thinks their recent wins come more from their individual strength rather than teamwork. Elsewhere Makoto Oishi thinks NωA have the best chances of winning the belts in Saitama. He says they are all in perfect condition and are the most familiar with their own weaknesses.

Poison Sawada JULIE has been added to the Dramatic Rumble. He is coming out of retirement for the special occasion.


April 13, 2016


Saitama Kasukabe Hall
350 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Yuu defeated Hyper Misao with the Kesa-Gatame Arm Lock (0:39).
1a. Rematch: Yuu defeated Hyper Misao with the Kesa-Gatame Arm Lock (2:38).
2. Nonoko defeated Nodoka-oneesan with the Pai Fly Flow (10:27).
3. KANNA & Yuka Sakizaki defeated Azusa Takigawa & Marika Kobashi when Sakizaki pinned Takigawa with the Osaekomi Backslide (8:01).
4. Iron Mask Girl Legend ~ Farewell Saki Akamiya: Saki Akamiya defeated Poison Miura (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) with the Two Stage Face Kick (12:31).
5. Ai Shimizu Tokyo Joshi Pro Graduation Match: Ai Shimizu & Syoko Nakajima defeated Miyu Yamashita & Rika Tatsumi when Nakajima pinned Tatsumi with the Northern Lights Suplex (11:28).
6. Special Match: Saki Akai, Ai Shimizu & KANNA defeated Miyu Yamashita, Syoko Nakajima & Yuka Sakazaki when Shimizu pinned Nakajima with a Diving Body Attack (5:51).

This show had Ai Shimizu’s final match for Tokyo Joshi Pro since she was graduating from the brand. Her and Syoko Nakajima won the main event but she wished she could have reunited her Biishiki-gun team one more time. Suddenly Saki Akai and KANNA appeared in their Biishiki-gun gear. Akai said she rushed in from France and arrived just in time to see Shimizu’s last match in Tokyo Joshi. They challenged Miyu Yamashita, Syoko Nakajima & Yuka Sakazaki to an impromptu match for Shimizu’s farewell. They hit Nakajima with the Spear Of Versailles, the Big Boot and finally a Diving Body Attack for the win. Shimizu’s graduation ceremony began and she talked about being a voice actor who became a pro wrestler at 32 years old. She feels indebted to Tokyo Joshi for the friends she has made. She thinks she will feel lonely now that her regular day-to-day activities with the other joshi is now a thing of the past. But there are new challenges she wants to face. She thanked everyone for her time here and the show ended with a commemorative group photo.

Saki Akamiya had her final battle with Snake World. If she could beat Poison Miura then Miura would drink an antidote and return to normal. But if Miura won then Poison Sawada JULIE would brainwash Akamiya into joining his ranks. Daisuke Kiso was knocked out during the match so JULIE interfered and tried to force feed Akamiya a Snake Potion. But Tetsuya Koda came to the rescue and drank the potion himself. He gained snake powers and used them to drive JULIE out of the ring allowing Akamiya to beat Miura. JULIE admitted defeat and allowed Miura to drink the antidote. He also used his magic to return Koda back to normal. JULIE said he will leave Tokyo Joshi Pro but as long as there is darkness in the world he can descend at any time. Akamiya said it was now time for her to leave as well and go back to being a normal high school girl. She gave Hyper Misao the task of protecting Tokyo Joshi and said her goodbyes.


March 13, 2016


Kitazawa Town Hall
294 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Yuu defeated Marika Kobashi with the Cross Armbreaker (3:27).
2. Yuka Sakazaki & Nodoka-onesan defeated Rika Tatsumi & Azusa Takigawa when Sakazaki pinned Takigawa with the Magical Girl Splash (9:36).
3. Syoko Nakajima defeated Ai Shimizu with a Rolling Leg Clutch (8:25).
4. Sukeban-gun Vs Snake World: Saki Akamiya & Hyper Misao (w/ Tetsuya Koda) defeated Poison KANNA & Poison Miura (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) when Akiyama pinned KANNA with the Two Stage Face Kick (11:28).
5. TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title: Miyu Yamashita (c) defeated Nonoko with the Crash Rabbit Heat (12:05).
*V1 for Miyu Yamashita.

It was a difficult challenge to climb but Miyu Yamashita was able to beat Nonoko for the second time in their rivalry. To record it as her first TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title defence was even sweeter. The key moment in the match was Yamashita finally giving Nonoko a German Suplex, something she wasn’t able to do successfully until now. At one point Nonoko used her cleavage to catch Yamashita’s foot when she attempted the Crash Rabbit Heat penalty kick. But Yamashita countered the Boinemaker into the aforementioned German Suplex to turn the tide in her favour. She then hit the Crash Rabbit Heat twice, once to the back of the head and the second to the face and that was enough to keep Nonoko down. Afterwards Yamashita said the power she has is kind of spooky. Nonoko is both a good and bad presence for her. Bad because her first pro loss was to her and good because she brings out the best in her. Yamashita hasn’t decided who her next challenger will be but invited anyone who can be her match to step up.

The stakes were high for Sukeban-gun Vs Snake World. If Saki Akamiya & Hyper Misao lost they would be forced to join Snake World and be remodelled into whatever Poison Sawada JULIE desires. But if they win then Poison Miura & Poison KANNA would have to accept defeat and take an antidote to return back to normal. Snake World ambushed their opponents to start the match. The referee at one point was knocked out so JULIE and Mitsuya Hebigai stormed the ring and interfered. Tetsuya Koda came to the rescue but was immediately beaten down. KANNA attempted to feed Akiyama a snake potion but Koda sacrificed himself and drank it. He became KODA and was now under JULIE’s command. Misao tried to remind KODA who he really is and he became conflicted. JULIE ordered KODA to use his new snake magic to attack Sukeban-gun but he refused. KODA instead turned on his new master and attacked both him and Hebigai with the spell instead! Misao then held down Miura while Akamiya hit KANNA with the Two Stage Face Kick to win the match.

KANNA admitted she hated being under JULIE’s control and wanted to be human again so she took an antidote first. Misao was about to hand Miura the remaining antidote when she noticed KODA was now dying from the spell because he is not as strong as the wrestlers. Misao asked what should she do and someone in the audience yelled “It cannot be helped!” Akamiya grabbed the antidote and fed it to KODA, turning him back to normal. JULIE laughed maniacly. Both antidote bottles were used yet Poison Miura is still under his spell. They never broke any promises so Miura gets to stay the way she is. He told Akamiya her sweetness will be fatal and he left with Miura and Hebigai. Misao suggested that Akamiya should face Miura one on one next month to win her freedom from JULIE once and for all. Meanwhile KANNA regained her bearings and asked why she was wearing an ugly snake pattern costume.


February 21, 2016


150 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. 3 Way Match: Yuu defeated Azusa Takigawa and Nodoka Onesan when Yuu submitted Takigawa with a Heel Hold and Nodoka with a Modified Armlock at the same time (4:12).
2. Poison Miura (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) defeated Hyper Misao with a Rock Bottom (6:25).
3. Poison KANNA (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) defeated Saki Akamiya with the Poison Serpent (8:14).
4. Nonoko, Ai Shimizu & Rika Tatsumi defeated Miyu Yamashita, Syoko Nakajima & Yuka Sakazaki when Nonoko pinned Yamashita with the Pai Fly Flow (14:29).

Miyu Yamashita’s title reign is in peril when she was pinned by her upcoming challenger Nonoko in the main event. The size difference was too much for Yamashita to handle and she was literally bouncing off of Nonoko at one point. Nonoko countered the Crash Rabbit Heat with a Body Block called the K Cup Oppai Launch. Nonoko hit the Boinemaker and then the Pai Fly Flow to pick up the victory. Nonoko said 13th March will be a historic day for Tokyo Joshi Pro because that is when she will beat Yamashita for the Tokyo Princess Of Princess Title. From that day forth the legend of big breasted Nonoko the permanent champion will begin!

Poison Sawada JULIE went into the show swearing he will brainwash two people into joining Snake World Joshi. Saki Akamiya and Hyper Misao (now known as Sukeban-gun) were joined by Mitsuya Nagai for their matches. Nagai had been training both of them in preparation of the war with JULIE’s army. First up was Misao Vs Poison Miura. Misao tried her best but Miura overpowered her quite easily. Akamiya Vs Poison KANNA took place afterwards and this time the match was more in Sukeban-gun’s favour. Akamiya had KANNA beaten with the Two Stage Face Kick until the rattling sound of JULIE’s snake magic could be heard. Suddenly Nagai’s arm raised high and shook to the sound of the rattle. He was brainwashed! Nagai put Akamiya in a Choke Hold until KANNA recovered and hit the Poison Serpent for the three count. JULIE introduced everyone to Snake World’s newest member Mitsuya Hebigai! Now it was Akamiya’s turn to join. Sanshiro Takagi ran out for the rescue and used snake repel spray to run off JULIE and his cronies. JULIE threw out a challenge for 13th March for a final battle between Sukeban-gun and Snake Magic Joshi. It will be Akamiya & Misao with Takagi in their corner against Miura & KANNA with JULIE in their corner. However Takagi said he will be busy that day working at the annual Gorgeous Matsuno produced DDT event in Fukushima. Luckily he knows someone who can take his place, Tokyo Joshi’s GM Tetsuya Koda! Koda wasn’t sure of the decision and fretted that he was not a wrestler. Akamiya had to slap him across the face to calm him down.


February 6, 2016


150 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Yu & Nodoka Onesan defeated Rika Tatsumi & Azusa Takigawa when Onesan submitted Takigawa with a Cross Armbreaker (9:59).
2. Syoko Nakajima defeated Marika Kobashi with the Northern Lights Suplex (6:01).
3. Saki Akamiya & Hyper Misao defeated Poison Miura & Poison KANNA (w/ Poison Sawada JULIE) when Akamiya pinned KANNA with the Two Stage Face Kick (8:13).
4. Nonoko & Ai Shimizu defeated Miyu Yamashita & Yuka Sakazaki when Nonoko pinned Shimizu with the Pai Fly Flow (11:49).

Nonoko got the pin on Yuka Sakazaki after Ai Shimizu hit the Triebflügel and Nonoko followed up with the Pai Fly Flow. Nonoko confronted Miyu Yamashita after the match and brought up an interview she gave from the last show. Nonoko remembered Yamashita saying anybody can challenge her for the TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title. Nonoko asked Yamashita if she remembers who won the first Tokyo Princess Cup or who was the wrestler she suffered her first defeat to? It was Nonoko and she wants a title shot! Yamashita accepted the challenge and said she is raring to defend the belt. Even though she lost today the belt won’t be leaving her side. Nonoko replied that she was the first person to beat her and she will also take her first championship too.

Saki Akamiya & Hyper Misao have spent the past few weeks under intensive training from Mitsuya Nagai. But their plan to destroy Snake World Joshi was almost ruined before it began when Poison Sawada JULIE poisoned Misao with his snake magic at the start of the show. Sanshiro Takagi came to the rescue and gave Misao the antidote. She recovered in time for Match #3 to begin. Misao tried to talk Poison Miura & Poison KANNA out of their poisoned state but it was too strong. However the hero team capitalised on a mistaken Lariat Miura gave to KANNA and Akamiya got the victory. Miura told Miura & KANNA that teamwork was where they could get real strength, not snake magic. She gave them the antidote and encouraged them to drink it. KANNA Speared Misao instead. She and Miura went back to Sawada who called their defeat a fluke. He demanded a singles match between Poison KANNA and Akamiya at the next show.

Although she was defeated in her first singles match, Marika Kobashi is learning from her experience. She’s thinking about gaining weight and muscles so her Machine Gun Shops can become stronger.