Video – Sekine Vs SAGAT From Heaven Summit 1st Round

June 3, 2019

BASARA “BASARA 97 ~BANQUET~”, 29/05/2019
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
239 Fans – No Vacancy

Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: Ryuichi Sekine Vs SAGAT


May 29, 2019

BASARA “BASARA 97 ~BANQUET~”, 29/05/2019
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
239 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: Takato Nakano defeated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi with the Warrior’s Return (5:30).
2. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: Ryota Nakatsu defeated Yusuke Kubo with a Cradle (9:20).
3. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: Isami Kodaka defeated Daiki Shimomura with the Fundo No Tsumi (8:49).
4. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: Tsutomu Oosugi (w/ Banana Senga) defeated Takumi Tsukamoto with a School Boy (2:52).
5. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: Minoru Fujita defeated Fuminori Abe with a Double Wristlock (10:30).
6. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: FUMA defeated Daichi Kazato with the Jawbreaker (10:17).
7. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: Yasu Urano defeated Masato Kamino with an Inverted Hurricanrana (9:52).
8. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1: SAGAT defeated Ryuichi Sekine with the Goregrind (11:35).

The opening show of this year’s Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ began with news that the winner will receive a 500,000 yen cash prize. The big news coming out of the 1st Round is Ryuichi Sekine getting eliminated by SAGAT! The Union MAX Champion couldn’t get the Let’s Combine locked in and that ended up costing him. SAGAT took him down with a Short Range Lariat and pinned him with the Goregrind. SAGAT kept asking himself in his victory speech if this was a dream. The audience cheers made him realise this was real.

Daichi Kazato was in for a bit of a fright when FUMA found the hood belonging to Best Stretchman V3 hidden in Kazato’s tights. FUMA put on the hood for a taunt but suddenly transformed into a Best Stretchman and did his moves! Kazato took the hood back and wore it himself. He also attached a large rubber band from his waist to the ropes to keep him grounded against FUMA’s attacks. That backfired when Kazato dove off the top rope and the band held him back. That allowed FUMA to hit the Jawbreaker kick for the win.

If Minoru Fujita wins the tournament, he wants to spend the 500,000 yen on his own independently produced show using the BASARA roster.

A knee injury early into the match ruined Takumi Tsukamoto’s chances of advancing. He missed a top rope attack and landed on his knee. Tsutomu Oosugi targeted the injury with a low Dropkick and quickly got the pin with a School Boy.

Isami Kodaka used a Double Wrist Clutch Exploder to win against his stablemate Daiki Shimomura. The move is now called the Fundo No Tsumi (Sin Of Rage).

The other big upset in Round 1 was Takato Nakano eliminating the first Heaven Summit winner Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi! Nakano used the Warrior’s Return as a counter for Hiroshi’s Riki Lariat.

The 2nd Round matches are Takato Nakano Vs Ryota Nakatsu, Isami Kodaka Vs Tsutomu Oosugi, Minoru Fujita Vs FUMA and Yasu Urano Vs SAGAT.

Gunso appeared during the show to ask Kodaka when and where the annual summertime rivalry between BASARA and Dove Pro will begin? They agreed to do shows in August. There will also be a prelude bout on 28th July.

Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ 2019

May 27, 2019

BASARA’s annual tournament the Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ will be held under a single elimination for the second year in a row. So far there has been no mention of a prize but a Union MAX Title shot is usually the direction taken for the winner.

BASARA “BASARA 97 ~BANQUET~”, 29/05/2019
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1A: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi Vs Takato Nakano
2. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1B: Yusuke Kubo Vs Ryota Nakatsu
3. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1C: Daiki Shimomura Vs Isami Kodaka
4. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1D: Takumi Tsukamoto Vs Tsutomu Oosugi (w/ Banana Senga)
5. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1E: Fuminori Abe Vs Minoru Fujita
6. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1F: FUMA Vs Daichi Kazato
7. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1G: Masato Kamino Vs Yasu Urano
8. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 1H: SAGAT Vs Ryuichi Sekine


Okayama Saint Inn Kurashiki

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 2: X Vs X
2. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 2: X Vs X

BASARA “BASARA 98 ~ASUKAYAMA~”, 16/06/2019

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 2: X Vs X
2. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 2: X Vs X

The 2nd round of the tournament will be played out over two shows. A decision will be made later over the match schedule but the playoff bracket will go in the order below.

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 2A: Winner Of Match 1A Vs Winner Of Match 1B
2. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 2B: Winner Of Match 1C Vs Winner Of Match 1D
3. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 2C: Winner Of Match 1E Vs Winner Of Match 1F
4. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Round 2D: Winner Of Match 1G Vs Winner Of Match 1H


BASARA “BASARA 99 ~BANQUET~”, 25/06/2019
Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Semi Final: Winner Of Match 2A Vs Winner Of Match 2B
2. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Semi Final: Winner Of Match 2C Vs Winner Of Match 2D


BASARA “BASARA 100 ~TENKA ISHIN~”, 07/07/2019
Tokyo Ryogoku KFC Hall

1. Heaven Summit ~Itadaki~ – Final: X Vs X

Video – Sekine/Kodaka Vs FUMA/Abe In Lottery Tag Tournament Final

May 17, 2019

Aichi Sportiva Arena
95 Fans

Nagoya Limited Audience Lottery Tag Tournament – Final: Ryuichi Sekine & Isami Kodaka Vs FUMA & Fuminori Abe


May 12, 2019

Aichi Sportiva Arena
95 Fans

1. Nagoya Limited Audience Lottery Tag Tournament – Round 1: Ryuichi Sekine & Isami Kodaka defeated Yasu Urano & Ryota Nakatsu when Sekine pinned Nakatsu with a Crucifix Pin (12:10).
2. Nagoya Limited Audience Lottery Tag Tournament – Round 1: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Takumi Tsukamoto defeated SAGAT & Daichi Kazato when Tsukamoto submitted SAGAT with a Strangle Hold γ (8:49).
3. Nagoya Limited Audience Lottery Tag Tournament – Round 1: FUMA & Fuminori Abe defeated Masato Kamino & Daiki Shimomura when Abe pinned Shimomura with an Aussie Suplex Hold (10:27).
4. Nagoya Limited Audience Lottery Tag Tournament – Semi Final: Ryuichi Sekine & Isami Kodaka defeated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Takumi Tsukamoto when Kodaka pinned Hiroshi with the Samson Clutch (9:19).
5. Nagoya Limited Audience Lottery Tag Tournament – Semi Final: FUMA & Fuminori Abe defeated Takato Nakano & Yusuke Kubo when FUMA submitted Nakano with the Iron Maiden (12:29).
6. Nagoya Limited Audience Lottery Tag Tournament – Final: Ryuichi Sekine & Isami Kodaka defeated FUMA & Fuminori Abe when Sekine submitted FUMA with the Combine (18:46).

The new Union MAX Champion continues to rack up the achievements. Ryuichi Sekine along with Isami Kodaka outlasted six other teams to win the lottery tournament. Their final match against FUMA & Fuminori Abe went outside the building for a couple of minutes but in the end, Sekine made FUMA tap out back inside the ring. They thanked Nagoya for coming to see BASARA over two days.


May 11, 2019

BASARA “BASARA 96 ~BANQUET~ AO”, 11/05/2019
Aichi Sportiva Arena
109 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Ryota Nakatsu defeated Masato Kamino with the Powerslave (10:03).
2. Imprint Yoga War!: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & SAGAT Vs Best Stretchman V3 & Konaka = Pale One ended in a Draw when Hiroshi and Pale One pinned each other with Indian Yoga and Pakistani Yoga at the same time (11:22).
3. Yasu Urano & Kengo Takai defeated FUMA & Yusuke Kubo when Urano pinned Kubo with a Jackknife Pin (14:31).
4. Isami Kodaka defeated Fuminori Abe with the Samson Clutch (17:24).
5. Ryuichi Sekine & Daichi Shimomura defeated Takumi Tsukamoto & Takato Nakano when Sekine submitted Nakano with the Let’s Combine (11:19).

After the main event Ryuichi Sekine called out the roster so they could hold the lottery for tomorrow’s tag team tournament. The 1st Round matches are Yasu Urano & Ryota Nakatsu Vs Ryuichi Sekine & Isami Kodaka, SAGAT & Daichi Kazato Vs Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Takumi Tsukamoto and FUMA & Fuminori Abe Vs Masato Kamino & Daiki Shimomura. The team of Takato Nakano & Yusuke Kubo get a bye to the semi finals and will face the winners of FUMA/Abe Vs Kamino/Shimomura.

For some reason Nakatsu’s name was not included in the draw. When the lottery ended with Urano having no tag partner, it was decided that Nakatsu would join his team.

Kodaka defeated Abe in the clash of champions. Kodaka used a punching pad and a mini stepladder against Abe then caught him in a Samson Clutch during a scramble to get the pin.

Kengo Takai dressed like Yasu Urano for their tag match. FUMA & Yusuke Kubo tried to manipulate the two into hitting each other but Urano was able to duck Takai’s Lariat and Kubo took the blow instead. Urano then used a Jackknife to pin Kubo.

When Konaka = Pale One was introduced by the ring announcer as the “Pakistan Monster” Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi tried to intimidate him by calling SAGAT the “Juice Monster”. Later when SAGAT got Best Stretchman V3 out of the ring, Hiroshi and Konaka got into a test of strength. It resulted in both of them using their yoga abilities to roll onto their own shoulders. Both of them were counted as a pin and the match was declared a draw.

Ryota Nakatsu’s Powerslide is a modified Camel Clutch.

Video – Nakatsu Vs Sekine For The Union MAX Title!

May 10, 2019

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall
212 Fans – Super No Vacancy

Union MAX Title: Ryota Nakatsu (c) Vs Ryuichi Sekine