February 16, 2020

Saitama Wrestle Arena
91 Fans

1. Mirai Maiumi defeated Sena Shiori with the Sea Rider (4:24).
2. Rika Tatsumi defeated Haruna Neko with a Small Package (7:27).
3. Nodoka Tenma & Nodoka-oneesan (Yuki Aino) defeated Nodoka-oneesan (Shoko Nakajima) & Nodoka-oneesan (Hyper Misao) when Tenma, Nodoka (Aino) and Nodoka (Nakajima) pinned Nodoka (Misao) (6:20).
4. Valentine Death Match: Pom Harajuku (2) defeated Yuka Sakazaki (1).
4a. Handmade Chocolate Showdown: Yuka Sakazaki defeated Pom Harajuku by Audience Judgement (13:25)
4b. Who Ate The Wasabi Cream Puff: Pom Harajuku defeated Yuka Sakazaki (13:31).
4c. Hot Water Roasted Chocolate, Which One Can Eat More: Pom Harajuku (1) defeated Yuka Sakazaki (0) (13:40).
5. 2 Count Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Mizuki & Mahiro Kiryu (2) defeated Miyu Yamashita & Suzume (1) (3:27).
5a. Mizuki pinned Suzume with a Crab Scissors (0:28)
5b. Miyu Yamashita pinned Kiryu with a Middle Kick (3:21).
5c. Mahiro Kiryu pinned Miyu Yamashita after the Foot Stomp from Mizuki (3:27).

The main event was Best 2 out of 3 Falls with only two count pins needed to win each fall. Mizuki quickly won the first fall by countering Suzume’s Crab Hold into a Scissors Cradle. Miyu Yamashita evened the score by pinning Mahiro Kiryu. In the final fall, Mizuki used a Casadora on Yamashita to roll her in position for a Jumping Foot Stomp. Kiryu then leapt on top of Yamashita for the surprise pinfall. Yamashita blamed the loss on her forgetting the 2 count rule. Kiryu was happy to close out the Fan Club show for the second time in a row.

Yuka Sakazaki and Pom Harajuku faced off in a Valentine Death Match. The contest wasn’t dangerous at all for those two. In Round 1 random members of the audience were given two pieces of chocolate made by Sakazaki and Harajuku without being told which one was which. Afterwards they had to choose which one they liked more. After the vote it was revealed that Sakazaki’s chocolate was the winner. The second game was a cream puff eating challenge. Whoever ate the cream puff filled with wasabi would win. However the Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) joined them and Hikari Noa ate the wasabi puff. The game went to sudden death and Harajuku eventually ate another puff filled with wasabi to win. The final round involved the Up Up Girls all attempted to feed Sakazaki and Harajuku a piece of hot chocolate while blindfolded. Sayuri Nanba and the referee were fed the chocolate by accident but Harajuku ended up getting bite too so she ultimately won the Death Match.

Unfortunately Shoko Nakajima, Hyper Misao and Yuki Aino were all missing from the show. Luckily replacements were found, three Nodoka-oneesans! The one that looked like Aino teamed up with Nodoka Tenma while the two that looked like Nakajima and Misao were paired together. The one that looked like Misao attempted the I Am A Hero but missed and was pinned by the other three. After the match all four women bumped into each other. They tried to do a Miyu Yamashita victory pose in their stunned state but all collapsed instead.

The last time Rika Tatsumi and Haruna Neko faced off at a Fan Club show, Neko had two other tag partners for a Handicap Match. Tatsumi was confident she would win today and gave Neko a less than 1% chance of beating her. Neko got some help from the Up Up Girls but it backfired when she got a bat and hit all of her allies by accident. Tatsumi cradled Neko for the win.

The Sea Rider used by Mirai Maiumi is a Modified Camel Clutch with one knee pressed against the victim’s back.

Himawari Unagi and the trainee Aona held a quick Rock Paper Scissors tournament for the fan club members during intermission.


August 12, 2019

Saitama Warabi Wrestle Battlehouse
107 Fans – No Vacancy

0. Exhibition Match: Mirai Maiumi Vs Izumi ended in a Time Limit Draw (3:00).
1. Shoko Nakajima defeated YUMI with a European Clutch (7:42).
2. Lucha Rules: Mil Nodocaras & Yuki Caras defeated Warrior Miu & Warrior Raku when Nodocaras pinned Miu with La Magistral Cradle (6:15).
3. Three Game Series: Hikari Noa (37) defeated Yuka Sakazaki (10).
3a. Insect Catching Showdown: Yuka Sakazaki (10) defeated Hikari Noa (7).
3b. Drawing Showdown: Hikari Noa (37) defeated Yuka Sakazaki (10) by Audience Decision.
3c. Human Watermelon Split Match: Yuka Sakazaki (10) Vs Hikari Noa (37) ended in a Time Limit Draw.
4. Captain’s Fall 2 Count Match: Mizuki, Himawari Unagi & Mahiro Kiryu (C) defeated Miyu Yamashita, Rika Tatsumi & Pom Harajuku (C) (13:50).
4a. Miyu Yamashita eliminated Himawari Unagi with the Cobra Clutch (6:20).
4b. Mizuki eliminated Miyu Yamashita with a Casadora (8:09).
4c. Rika Tatsumi eliminated Mizuki with a Backwards Cradle (10:51).
4d. Mahiro Kiryu defeated Pom Harajuku with the Oklahoma Roll (13:50).

The main event was a Mystery Captain’s Fall tag match with 2 count pins needed to win. The two captains were privately chosen backstage and would not be revealed until they were eliminated from the match. That led to the wrestlers trying to figure out who the opposing captain was while they fought each other. Rika Tatsumi suffered an embarrassing moment when she approached Mizuki to shake hands but was ignored. Miyu Yamashita submitted Himawari Unagi but she was not the captain so the match continued. When Yamashita went on offence against Mizuki, Tatsumi pleaded with her to stop. That distraction allowed Mizuki to pin Yamashita with a Casadora. Tatsumi tried to wrestle Mizuki but couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was even overcome with joy when Mizuki put her in a Sleeper Hold. Pom Harajuku pushed the sleeping Tatsumi on top of Mizuki for an unexpected 2 count elimination. An upset Mizuki said she hates Tatsumi after that. Mahiro Kiryu was the last one left on her team which meant she was the captain. Tatsumi missed the Missile Hips and struck Harajuku by mistake. Kiryu capitalized and pinned Harajuku with the Oklahoma Rool. It was revealed that Harajuku was the other captain so Kiryu’s team wins! Mizuki reconciled with Tatsumi after the match.

Yuka Sakazaki and Hikari Noa were challenged to a series of games. First was a bug catching contest. They were told that 5 cicadas, 10 stag beetles, 15 rhinoceros beetles and 20 butterflies were hidden around the venue. Noa found four cicada shells and a dung beetle which earned her 7 points. Sakazaki caught two proper cicadas which was enough to win with 10 points.

The 2nd game was a drawing contest. The rules here was both girls had to wrestle a brief match and their allotted drawing time depended on how many seconds they pinned their opponent for. Noa pinned Sakazaki for four seconds so she was given 40 seconds to draw her picture. Sakazaki pinned Noa for 7 seconds so she got 70 seconds drawing time. The subject they had to draw was Sanshiro Takagi. Despite having a shorter time limit, Noa’s drawing won the fan vote and she received 30 points.

The final and deciding game was a Human Watermelon Split Match. Sayuri Nanba wore a paper balloon over their head and sat down in the ring. Sakazaki and Noa were blindfolded and their goal was to hit the balloon with their bat. Whoever hit it first got 10,000 points. However Nanba had Tetsuya Koda and the new trainee Shiori sitting down beside her to act as a misdirection. Both Sakazaki and Noa were tricked by the audience into hitting Koda over and over until the time ran out. The game was a draw but since Noa had the most overall points from the three games she was declared the winner. When the blindfolds were taken off Sakazaki couldn’t resist hitting the balloon over Nanba’s head.

For the third time The Bakuretsu Sisters overate before a fan club show and became too ill to wrestle. They were replaced by the Mexcian lucadoras Mil Nodocaras & Yuki Caras who were in the country for some sightseeing. They were in for a fight because “Iron Man” played and the Up Up Warriors rushed down to the ring! The Nodocaras Sisters used their Japanese souvenirs to successfully fight off Warrior Miu & Warrior Raku.

YUMI had the size advantage to throw Shoko Nakajima around the ring but the gap in experience prevented her from winning. Nakajima countered the Full Nelson Buster into a European Clutch for the victory.

Izumi was given a short exhibition bout with Mirai Maiumi just to give her some ring time. She will reveal her official ring name and wrestling costume at an event in Akihabara tomorrow.


July 20, 2019

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall
260 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Hikari Noa defeated Mirai Maiumi with the Blue Racer (8:10).
2. Yuka Sakazaki defeated Mahiro Kiryuwith an Omoplata (8:17).
3. Nodoka Tenma, Mina Shirakawa & Himawari Unagi defeated Miyu Yamashita, YUMI & Pom Harajuku when Tenma pinned Harajuku with the Killswitch (7:58).
4. Sakisama & Misao defeated Miu Watanabe Vs Raku when Sakisama submitted Raku with the Versailles Foot Choke (11:08).
5. Maki Itoh & Mizuki defeated Shoko Nakajima & Yuki Aino when Mizuki submitted Aino with a Face Lock (10:31).
6. International Princess Title Japanese Representative Decision 4 Way Match: Natsumi Maki defeated Rika Tatsumi, Yuna Manase and Yuki Kamifuku (13:36).
6a. Natsumi Maki eliminated Yuna Manase with a Cradle (6:40).
6b. Yuki Kamifuku eliminated Rika Tatsumi with a Crucifix Pin (11:49).
6c. Natsumi Maki eliminated Yuki Kamifuku with the Backlash (13:36).

The opportunity to compete for a brand new championship means a lot to Natsumi Maki. So much so that in today’s main event she wore the wrestling gear Kairi Sane gave to her before she went to WWE! The 4 Way Match was held under elimination rules. Yuna Manase was the first to go. She attempted the Suzuki Dynamic but Maki countered it into a Rolling Cradle and Rika Tatsumi assisted with giving Manase a Facecrusher on the way down. Tatsumi was next when Yuki Kamifuku countered the Dragon Twist Of Fate into a Crucifix Pin for the upset. Maki was able to win the match entirely when she pinned Kamifuku with the Backlash. Maki said she’s only been in Tokyo Joshi Pro for half a year but there is a new wind approaching in the form of the International Princess Title. She will be a part of the new wind!

The Itoh Respect Army won today but Maki Itoh dropped a bombshell after the match. They’re splitting up! Itoh announced this to everyone but didn’t tell Mizuki about it until then so she was as surprised as everyone else. Itoh explained that they haven’t been a regular team lately so the unit should no longer exist. Also Mizuki is currently on the road to success from winning the Tokyo Princess Cup while Itoh got eliminated in the 2nd Round so that means they should be rivals. Itoh challenged Mizuki to a match at Korakuen Hall on 25th August. The two shook hands until Itoh gave Mizuki both middle fingers.

Miu Watanabe is getting stronger but she isn’t getting the wins to back her up. How strong? Strong enough to Body Slam Sakisama & Misao at the same time! However Misao put Watanabe in the Ribera Me while Sakisama submitted Raku with the Versailles Foot Choke. Watanabe called out to NEO Biishiki-gun after the match telling them that their actions are not beautiful. Misao called her a weed but Watanabe said no matter what happens to weeds they stand up again and again. She challenged them to a Princess Tag Team Titles match to prove it. Miyu Yamashita came out and told Watanabe she will be her partner. Sakisama said it is her right to choose her challengers and it is not them. They were about to leave when Yamashita asked if Sakisama was scared? Sakisama denied being scared and accepted the challenge.

The opening show announcements were interrupted when Shota came down and handed Sayuri Namba a rose with a message attached to it. The message was a receipt for NEO Biishiki-gun’s new photobook coming out this summer. Azusa Takigawa entered the ring and told Namba she has no memory of working on a photobook even though Azusa Christie appears on the cover. Tetsuya Koda ordered Takigawa to sell the photobooks anyway.

“The Gatekeeper From Hell” Demonio Uno, an old gimmick from IWA Japan, will be on the 4th August show held at a Tsurumi market. That is a very obscure gimmick to bring back.


July 13, 2019

Aichi Nagoya Sports Plaza Third Stadium
260 Fans

1. Pom Harajuku defeated YUMI with the Pom de Justice (3:59).
2. Rika Tatsumi defeated Mahiro Kiryu with the Dragon Twist Of Fate (5:58).
3. 3 Way Match: Yuka Sakazaki defeated Mina Shirakawa and Himawari Unagi when Sakazaki pinned Unagi with the Magical Girl Splash (9:36).
4. Natsumi Maki & Hikari Noa defeated Maki Itoh & Raku when Maki pinned Raku with the Backlash (8:39).
5. Mizuki, Yuna Manase & Yuki Kamifuku defeated Miyu Yamashita, Miu Watanabe & Mirai Maiumi when Mizuki pinned Maiumi with the Diving Foot Stomp (10:57).
6. Tokyo Princess Tag Team Titles: Sakisama & Misao (c) defeated Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino when Misao pinned Aino with the Vanitas (14:09).
*V1 for NEO Biishiki-gun.

Nodoka Tenma was able to bite Sakisama again but it didn’t do her team any good in the end. While they were busy fighting outside the ring, Misao got Yuki Aino where she wanted her and got the pin with the Vanitas. Sakisama mocked The Bakuretsu Sisters even more after the match. Until today she was calling them pigs but they’re really just pork on bones. Sakisama’s teasing caught a glare from Miyu Yamashita at ringside which led to the two confronting each other. Yamashita helped the sisters up and left the ring without saying a word.

Mizuki was in danger of losing when she took a Laserbeam Punch from Miu Watanabe and then a Lariat from Mirai Maiumi. But Yuna Manase & Yuki Kamifuku were there to save her. Mizuki turned things around and hit the Diving Foot Stomp for the win.

There is still some beef between Natsumi Maki and Maki Itoh that’s probably never going to go away. Itoh gave Maki the middle finger then her team jumped their opponents at the start of the match.

Today is Mahiro Kiryu’s birthday! Sayuri Nanba got the audience to wish Kiryu a happy birthday during the ring announcements. Rika Tatsumi also gave her a sash that said “Happy Birthday” on it then kicked her to start their match.


November 24, 2018

Tokyo Narimasu Act Hall
303 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Pom Harajuku Debut Match: Yuka Sakazaki defeated Pom Harajuku with the Sliding Lariat (7:26).
2. Yuna Manase defeated Haruna Neko with the Neck Screw Hold (6:36).
3. 3 Way Match: Mizuki defeated Nodoka Tenma and Hinano when Mizuki submitted Hinano with a Facelock (8:15).
4. Reika Saiki, Raku & Mina Shirakawa defeated Hyper Misao, Yuki Kamifuku & Miu when Saiki submitted Kamifuku with a Tower Bridge (12:42).
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Sayuri Nanba defeated Rika Tatsumi (c) with a Binder Strike (6:16 pm).
*Sayuri Nanba becomes the 1,335th champion.
5. Shoko Nakajima Vs Yuu ended in a Time Limit Draw (15:00).
6. Maki Ito & Yuki Aino defeated Miyu Yamashita & Hikari when Ito pinned Hikari with the Flying Big Head (10:05).
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Tetsuya Koda defeated Sayuri Nanba (c) with a Sleeper Hold (6:56 pm).
*Tetsuya Koda becomes the 1,336th champion.

Maki Ito had been losing confidence since her humiliating submission defeat to Miyu Yamashita last week so she was happy to win today. In fact Ito thanked Yamashita for dropping her back down to the bottom so she can climb up and become stronger. Ito pointed at Yuki Aino and told her she is the same after failing to win the TOKYO Princess Tag Team Titles. That makes Ito and Aino bottom buddies. They will both crawl from the bottom to get to the top. Ito asked the crowd who is the 2nd cutest in the world. It’s Aino! And who is the 1st cutest? It’s Ito!

Shoko Nakajima Vs Yuu ended in a draw but neither will forget the match anytime soon. Nakajima especially because her chest was left raw by Yuu’s chops. Yuu is grateful that she got to wrestle Nakajima one on one before she goes freelance. Yuu is inspired because Nakajima will always fight no matter if she wins or loses. Nakajima regrets not winning the match because she has never beaten Yuu. She hopes they will fight again some day.

Rika Tatsumi came out after intermission to sing her entrance song. Sayuri Nanba knocked her out mid-performance and pinned her to win the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title. Later when the show had just finished, the GM Tetsuya Koda ambushed Nanba and made her submit to a Sleeper Hold to become the new champion. He ran away with the belt while everyone booed him.

When Haruna Neko debuted she made fun of Nakajima’s height by reaching too high for a test of strength. Today Yuna Manase did the same to Haruna.

The debuting Pom Harajuku acted very playful with Yuka Sakazaki. She said the match felt like it came and went in an instant. She couldn’t do 100% of what she wanted to do but she had fun out there.

A new trainee introduced herself to the audience before the show began. Unagi had never seen pro wrestling before discovering Tokyo Joshi Pro. She debuts on 4th January and is part of the same class as Haruna, Harajuku, Yumi and one other girl who has yet to introduce herself. Unagi said she cannot wait until all five have made their debut.


June 3, 2018

Shinjuku Village Studio C 106
384 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Tokyo Princess Cup – Take A Chance: Hikari defeated Miu with a Leg Roll Clutch (5:44).
2. 3 Way Match: Shoko Nakajima defeated Rika Tatsumi and Yuki Aino when Nakajima pinned Aino with the Northern Lights Suplex (7:55).
3. Azusa Christie defeated Yuki Kamifuku with the Christie Agape (5:36).
4. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1: Nodoka-oneesan defeated Yuna Manase with the Back Flip (7:58).
5. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1: Hyper Misao defeated Saki-sama by Disqualification when Saki-sama unmasked Misao and was caught with a weapon (10:01).
6. Mizuki & Hinano defeated Yuka Sakazaki & Raku when Mizuki pinned Raku with the 2nd Rope Diving Foot Stomp (9:41).
7. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1: Miyu Yamashita defeated Maki Ito with the Attitude Adjustment (12:01).
8. Tokyo Princess Cup – Round 1: Yuu defeated Reika Saiki with the Last Ride (11:55).

The winners of the two previous Tokyo Princess Cups faced off in the main event. Yuu blocked the Jackhammer and sent Reika Saiki into the corner with the John Yuu dropkick. She then finished her off with the Last Ride to advance. Yuu said it’s been a long time since she last won a main event match so she is really happy today! She can feel her own momentum returning and Tokyo Joshi Pro itself is getting bigger because of all the hard work everyone is doing. Yuu wants to win the tournament so Tokyo Joshi can grow more by using her kind of pro wrestling.

Miyu Yamashita and Nodoka-oneesan also advanced with wins over Maki Ito and Yuna Manase respectively. Yamashita noted that Ito has improved since their last match against each other. Ito was more driven and Yamashita admits she had difficulty escaping from Ito’s Inverted Crab Hold. Ito is upset over the defeat but she assures everyone she will never break because she will not lose forever. Nodoka is happy to win her match and wants to win the next one because she is greedy.

Hyper Misao came up with several traps to use against Saki-sama. She held something wrapped up in cloth and claimed it was Saki-sama’s possessions. Misao asked Saki-sama to forfeit the match if she wanted her stuff back. Saki-sama didn’t fall for it. Misao then went over to the announce table and dressed Sayuri Namba with Misao’s old mask and jacket to trick Saki-sama into thinking Namba was Misao. That also didn’t work. Saki-sama chased Misao up a nearby staircase and Misao taped Saki-sama’s hands to the railings to get her counted out. Saki-sama escaped by slipping her hands out of her gloves and made it back to the ring in time. Misao grabbed a chair but she got into a back and forth moment with the referee over it. That ended when Saki-sama hit the ref with a Big Boot by mistake. Misao then taped Saki-sama’s arms and feet together. Azusa Christie came in with scissors and cut Saki-sama free but Misao took out a spray can and blinded both girls with it. She then woke the ref up, unmasked herself and gave the mask and the spray can to Saki-sama. When the ref regained his bearings he saw that Misao was huddled over unmasked, Saki-sama was holding both the mask and a spray can and Christie was armed with a pair of scissors. He had no choice but to disqualify Saki-sama and award the match to Misao!

The 2nd Round matches made today are Yuu Vs Hyper Misao and Miyu Yamashita Vs Nodoka-oneesan. Yuu said she envied Misao for getting to wrestle Jun Kasai in a Hardcore Match. Misao gets to wrestle in matches that nobody else in Toyko Joshi get to do. so she is experienced in ways that Yuu is not. Yamashita wonders if Nodoka has progressed like Ito has. Yamashita is confident that her own power is enough to beat Nodoka regardless.

Yuki Kamifuku and Azusa Chrisite quizzed each other over who knew Saki-sama better during their match. Christie eventually had enough of Kamifuku’s antics and beat her with the Christie Agape.

Hikari won the Up Up Girls Take A Chance match so she qualifies for the Princess Cup. She is expected to face Marika Kobashi in her 1st Round match on 9th June. Speaking of Kobashi, she was pulled from today’s show because of a left shoulder injury she suffered during training yesterday. She is hoping to recover in time for her Princess Cup match next week.

Because of Kobashi’s injury and Maho Kurone’s absence, the scheduled 6-Woman Tag for Match #6 was turned into a regular tag match.