October 4, 2015


Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,530 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Mitomi Masayuki & Ryota Nakatsu defeated Yusuke Kubo & Daichi when Masayuki pinned Kubo with the Salty Splash (7:09).
2. Selection!! Memorial Tag Team Special Rules Match: Sanshiro Takagi & New Sanshiro Takagi, Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang (w/ Princess Makoto), A.YAZAWA & Mame Endo (w/ Rumi Kazama), Ricky Fuji & DJ Nira and Gaijin A & Gaijin A (3) defeated Seiya Morohashi, Hiroshi Fukuda & Ryu Gouma (w/ Kazuhiko Ogasawara) (1).
2a. Seiya Morohashi & Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Ricky Fuji & DJ Nira when Morohashi submitted Nira with the Crippler Crossface (2:59).
2b. Sanshiro Takagi & New Sanshiro Takagi defeated Seiya Morohashi & Hiroshi Fukuda when Takagi pinned Fukuda with the Sit Down Himawari Bomb (2:54).
2c. Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang defeated Seiya Morohashi & Ryu Gouma when Zhang pinned Gouma with the Huge Hammer Attack (3:09).
2d. Seiya Morohashi & Ryu Gouma Vs Gaijin A & Gaijin A ended in a No Contest when God appeared (8:02).
2e. A.YAZAWA & Mame Endo defeated Hiroshi Fukuda & Ryu Gouma whe YAZAWA pinned both Fukuda & Gouma with a Double School Boy (4:45).
3. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Cherry (c) defeated Masako Takanashi with the Union Lock (11:06).
*V1 for Cherry.
4. 3 Way Tag Team Match: MEN’S Teioh & SAGAT defeated Kengo Ohka & Madoka and Ken Ohka & Shinichiro Tominaga (w/ Mio Shirai) when Teioh pinned Tominaga with a Jackknife Pin (10:20).
5. FUMA defeated Daichi Kazato with the Jawbreaker (16:22).
6. Union MAX Title: Isami Kodaka (c) defeated Shuji Ishikawa with the Isamuashi Zan (23:46).
*V1 for Isami Kodaka.

After ten years of indie sleaze, Union Pro Wrestling has today closed its doors. The sub-brand was DDT’s bratty little brother consisting of hardcore matches and crazy stipulations amongst its small roster over the years. But with Naomi Susan leaving her role as the brand’s manager it was agreed that today was time for Union to end.


The main event was between two wrestlers who have been with Union Pro since it begun back in 2005. Isami Kodaka defended the Union MAX Title against Shuji Ishikawa to determine who was the better ace of the promotion. Both believed that this was not the end but the beginning for every Union wrestler. Union’s founder Poison Sawada was in attendance for the match and he handed a bouquet of flowers to both champion and challenger. Isami kicked out of Shuji’s Splash Mountain Bomb but Shuji later kicked out of Isami’s Diving Double Knee Drop. Shuji hit a barrage of Knee Lifts and also a Rainmaker Headbutt. He attempted a Cross Arm Splash Mountain but Isami escaped and hit Sliding Lariats and Sliding Kicks to take down Shuji. Another Splash Mountain was countered into a Hurricanrana for a nearfall. The two traded Elbow Strikes and Isami got the better of the exchange. He hit another Diving Double Knee Drop but Shuji kicked out at one! Shuji blocked the Isamuashi Zan once but Isami wore him down and tried the finisher again, this time nailing Shuji in the jaw. That was enough to put him away and end Union with Isami as the champion.


Isami was handed the title belt by Sawada and the Union roster filled up the ring. He called Shuji his older brother and said Sawada was like their father. Sawada congratulated both of them for becoming great wrestlers. He said there was no shame in Union ending on the match they just had. Ishikawa said he will now become a freelancer but he is disappointed he couldn’t win the MAX Title. He said his sweetness was his weakness today and he will work on becoming stronger when he wrestles in other companies. Everybody thanked the fans for attending the show and asked to continue supporting them wherever they go. Susan said that from now on everybody will be walking down a new road.


One by one each of the wrestlers said their goodbye. Ryu Gouma said he spent the last ten years as a rip off of someone else (Ryuma Go). Yusuke Kubo said he developed a deep love of wrestling during his time here. Daichi said he was grateful to be standing here even though he was only in Union for a short while. Mitomi Masayuki said Union was where he was born and it will always be his hometown. Tomoya Kawamura, who could not wrestle today due to injury, said he was the last rookie to debut in Union and he was happy to be part of it. Hiroshi Fukuda said from now on he wants to fight the strongest wrestlers in honour of Union. Seiya Morohashi’s message was interrupted by the fans chanting “USA!” at Fukuda but he was able to tell fans to remember the “Love Muscle”. Cherry also said she hopes the fans will remember her because she won’t forget them. SAGAT said he came to Union as part of an experiment and it he lived the best life because of it. FUMA thanked everyone for their support and also for their future support. Daichi Kazato thanked the fans over and over. Sawada said Union wrestlers will never die. Susan and Ishikawa both said Union was the best. Kodaka finished the roll call by promising to stop crying. Let’s all laugh instead. The show ended with the combined cries of “3, 2, 1, Thank You Union!”


The Union MAX Title is now sealed, at least temporarily. Kodaka may bring the MAX Title back some day but he thinks a new championship should be made if a successor to Union appears.


Daichi Kazato had a chance to kill off the King Legion for his final Union match. The unit would be forced to dissolve if Kazato could beat its leader FUMA. He came close when he hit the Sister Abigail but FUMA recovered and hit the Jawbreaker kick for the three count. FUMA grabbed Kazato by the hair after the match and lifted him to his feet. He then offered a handshake which Kazato accepted. FUMA said he was disappointed not to be in the MAX Title match but was satisfied to go against another Union made wrestler. There was no mention about what the King Legion will get up to now.


The 3 Way Tag Match had Ken Ohka and Mio Shirai reunite for one last time. The retired Shirai was in Ohka’s corner and wore a Ganbare☆Wrestling shirt to support him and Shinichiro Tominaga. Ohka also got to be in the ring with his replacement model Kengo (Mashimo) Ohka one more time. The King Legion benefited from the match going out of control. Ken Ohka got rid of Kengo Ohka with the Spear Of Flame but he then accidentally collided with his partner Tominaga. MEN’S Teioh capitalised and pinned Tominaga with a Jackknife.


Cherry was happy to defend the Fly To Everywhere Title against her “best pupil” Masako Takanashi. She pinned Takanashi with an over-rotated School Boy she calls the Union Lock. Cherry has not decided what to do with the championship now Union has closed. She will take her time making her decision over the belt’s future.


A bunch of old faces returned to Union for a special series of tag matches. Seiya Morohashi, Hiroshi Fukuda and Ryu Gouma paired into various combinations to go against various wrestlers from Union’s past. Ricky Fuji and DJ Nira came out wanting to rock and roll. Gouma told them it’s 2015 and nobody wants to hear the old kind of rock music. Morohashi and Fukuda defeated Fuji and Nira while Gouma yelled “Rock ‘n’ roll is dead!” They did not fare as well in the second match against Sanshiro Takagi & New Sanshiro Takagi. New Takagi gave Fukuda a Stunner and old Takagi pinned him with the Sit Down Himawari Bomb. Team #3 was New Beijing Pro Wrestling. Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang came out with a giant tonkachi hammer as well as the lovely Princess Makoto. She distracted the referee with her charms so Zhang could hit Gouma with the giant hammer for the win. The next team was supposed to be Yusuke Inokuma & Keisuke Masuda but it was announced that they injured themselves during their pre-match warm up. Taking their place was the violent team of Gaijin A & Gaijin A! They attacked Morohashi, Fukuda, Gouma and even the referee with sellotape until the lights dimmed. God came out and he began singing badly while Gaijin A & Gaijin A hung the other wrestlers over the rope with sellotape wrapped around their necks. The match ended in a no contest. When all the tape was cleared up out came the final team A.YAZAWA and Mame Endo with Rumi Kazama. Everybody danced to Swan Lake until YAZAWA pinned the entire Union team with a School Boy to end the match.


The show opened with some of the unsung heroes from Union. Mitomi Masayuki was a big signing when he turned pro but a car crash, some bad behaviour on Twitter and another serious injury wrestling elsewhere kept him out of the ring for a significant amount of time. Ryota Nakatsu only debuted last year as part of the DNA brand. Yusuke Kubo previously wrestled under a mask as Goro Jr. and only unmasked back in February. Daichi was a part timer with only a few appearances in Union under his belt.

I think Naomi Susan might still be working for DDT behind the scenes. She mentioned her decision to quit as Union’s manager does not mean she is retired from the pro wrestling industry entirely. She has in the past helped DDT bring in foreign talent.

One Last State Of The Union, Tomodachi-gun Life

October 2, 2015

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Selection!! Memorial Tag Team Special Rules Match: Seiya Morohashi, Hiroshi Fukuda & Ryu Gouma (w/ Kazuhiko Ogasawara) Vs Sanshiro Takagi & New Sanshiro Takagi, Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang (w/ Princess Makoto), A.YAZAWA & Mame Endo (w/ Rumi Kazama), Ricky Fuji & DJ Nira and Yusuke Inokuma & Keisuke Masuda
2. Yusuke Kubo & Daichi Vs Mitomi Masayuki & Ryota Nakatsu
3. 3 Way Tag Team Match: MEN’S Teioh & SAGAT Vs Kengo Ohka & Madoka Vs Ken Ohka & Shinichiro Tominaga (w/ Mio Shirai)
4. FUMA Vs Daichi Kazato
5. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Cherry (c) Vs Masako Takanashi
6. Union MAX Title: Isami Kodaka (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

Poison Sawada will be in attendance to oversee the Union MAX Title main event. Sawada was the key founding member of Union so it is fitting that he will be there.

Ken Ohka has invited Mio Shirai to be in his & Shinichiro Tominaga’s corner for the 3 Way Tag match. The original Union Diva Rumi Kazama will also come back to be in A.YAZAWA & Mame Endo’s corner in Match #1.

Former DDT wrestlers Yusuke Inokuma & Keisuke Masuda are an unexpected addition to Match #1. Inokuma explains that he and Masuda always wanted to wrestle in Union but never could so this is their last chance. Whenever they were booked in Union they always wound up becoming sick on the day of the show. They were also always supposed to take on the hideous and violent team of Gaijin A and Gaijin A. Now that I think of it what ever happened to them? Hmm…

DDT “DNA 10”, 12/10/2015
Kitazawa Town Hall

1. Mizuki Watase Vs Yuko Miyamoto
2. Shunma Katsumata & Kouki Iwasaki Vs Ryota Nakatsu & Mao Inoue
3. Kazusada Higuchi & Katsuhiko Nakajima Vs Yukio Sakaguchi & Kota Umeda

Yuko Miyamoto returns to put the chops to another unfortunate rookie. This time it’s Mao Inoue.

Shin-kiba 1st RING

1. World Wrestling Ganbare: Shota Vs Tigger Bedscene
2. Power Of Dreams Vs Enjo-gun Vs OTK48 3 Way Tag Team Match: Chikara & Yumehito Imanari Vs Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki Vs Hayato Mashita & Kotaro Nasu
3. Ganpuro-gun Vs Tomodachi-gun: Yukihiro Abe & Shinichiro Tominaga Vs Hi69 & Madoka
4. Loser Leaves Army Match: Ken Ohka & Manami Kanda Vs Minoru Fujita & Bambi
5. The Real Tiger Mask Vs Mr. No!!: Shuichiro Katsumura Vs Mr. No

Manami Kanda has come to Ken Ohka’s aid in the latest deadly fight between Ganpuro and Tomodachi-gun.

Union Memorial Tag, Cramped Election Finale, Higuchi & Nakajima Team Up

September 29, 2015

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Yusuke Kubo & Daichi Vs Mitomi Masayuki & Ryota Nakatsu
2. Selection!! Memorial Tag Team Special Rules Match: Seiya Morohashi, Hiroshi Fukuda & Ryu Gouma (w/ Kazuhiko Ogasawara) Vs Sanshiro Takagi & New Sanshiro Takagi, Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang (w/ Princess Makoto), A.YAZAWA & Mame Endo, X & X and X & X
3. 3 Way Tag Team Match: MEN’S Teioh & SAGAT Vs Kengo Ohka & Madoka Vs Ken Ohka & Shinichiro Tominaga
4. FUMA Vs Daichi Kazato
5. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Cherry (c) Vs Masako Takanashi
6. Union MAX Title: Isami Kodaka (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

Match #2 is a Gauntlet tag match rounding up a bunch of wrestlers who have been in Union throughout the years. Seiya Morohashi, Hiroshi Fukuda & Ryu Gouma are on one side and for every round two of them will team together. They will be facing five teams in total no matter how many rounds they win or lose.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Kazusada Higuchi & Mao Inoue Vs Ryota Nakatsu & Kota Umeda
2. Danshoku Dino, Super Sasadango Machine & Ken Ohka Vs Antonio Honda, Konosuke Takeshita & Tetsuya Endo
3. 3 Way Tag Team Match: Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi Vs Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata Vs Makoto Oishi & Shunma Katsumata
4. 4 Way 6-Man Tag Team Match: Kota Ibushi, Daisuke Sasaki & Suguru Miyatake Vs HARASHIMA, Akito & Yasu Urano Vs Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao Vs Gota Ihashi, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Kouki Iwasaki

The final days of voting for the DDT Dramatic General Election has loads of guys bunched together for a cramped show in Korakuen Hall.

DDT “DNA 10”, 12/10/2015
Kitazawa Town Hall

1. Kazusada Higuchi & Katsuhiko Nakajima Vs Yukio Sakaguchi & Kota Umeda

Katsuhiko Nakajima’s been impressed by Kazusada Higuchi after their match at “DNA 9”. So much so that he wants to team with him. This show also marks the first time a reigining KO-D Openweight Champion wrestles in DNA.

DDT “DDT SPECIAL 2015”, 25/10/2015
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. KO-D Openweight Title: Yukio Sakaguchi (c) Vs DDT Dramatic General Election Runner Up

If Yukio Sakaguchi finishes second in the General Election he gets to nominate his opponent. The winner of the election gets his/her title shot in Osaka on 28th November.

DDT “SUPER STAR LANES 2015”, 13/12/2015
Hakata Star Lane

1. KO-D Openweight Title: Yukio Sakaguchi (c) Vs X

Maki Ito from the idol group LinQ returns to wrestle again. Yuto Aijima, Azul Dragon and Batten x Burabura (formerly Batten Tamagawa) will also be on the show.


September 20, 2015


Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,724 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. Dark Match – Timely Help From YMZ: Kaori Yoneyama & Madoka defeated Isami Kodaka & Ryu Gouma when Yoneyama pinned Gouma with the Amerika-ZOU (8:22).
1. Mio Shirai Last Tag Match: Mio Shirai & Aoi Kizuki defeated Yumi Ohka & Mayumi Ozaki when Shirai pinned Ozaki with the Tsuchigumo (11:22).
2. 4 Organisation Representative 8-Person Tag Team Match: Fairy Nihonbashi, Shuji Ishikawa, Dynamite Kansai & Neko Nitta defeated Ayako Hamada, Hiroshi Fukuda, Aja Kong & Mochi Miyagi when Nihonbashi pinned Fukuda with a Small Package (11:22).
3. Mio Shirai Last Single Match: Isami Kodaka defeated Mio Shirai with the Isamuashi Zan (11:11).
4. 4 Organisation Time Difference Battle Royal: Sonoko Kato defeated Cherry with a Cradle Cutback (18:27).
Order Of Elimination: Yusuke Kubo, Kyuri, SAGAT, Mika Iida, Maruko Nagasaki, Sawako Shimono, FUMA and Mitomi Masayuki, Moeka Haruhi, Kaho Kobayashi, Yuki Miyazaki, Yu Yamagata and Seiya Morohashi, Miyako Matsumoto, Yuka, Rina Yamashita, Ryo Mizunami, Hamuko Hoshi, Cherry.
5. Mio Shirai Final Wrestling Match: Hiroe Nagahama, Tsukushi & Risa Sera defeated Mio Shirai, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Misaki Ohata when Tsukushi pinned Shirai with the Tiger Suplex (14:09).


After a long career spanning over 8 years with countless different championships and companies, Mio Shirai has today retired from pro wrestling. The final M.I.O. co-promoted show brought together Union, Oz Academy, Pro Wrestling WAVE and Ice Ribbon to celebrate Shirai’s final matches. With three matches left to do it was clear Mio was not going to take it easy today.


The show began with her final tag team match with Aoi Kizuki against Yumi Ohka & Mayumi Ozaki. Ohka and Ozaki quickly took Shirai and Kizuki out of the ring while their lackey Police threw chairs over to them. Ozaki also used her chain whenever the opportunity arose. The tables turned when Mio Headbutted Ozaki and knocked down Police. A Big Boot from Ohka missed Shirai and hit Ozaki by accident. She then locked in the Tsuchigumo on Ozaki to get the pin. After the match Shirai was given hugs by the other three wrestlers.


Shirai’s final singles match was against Union’s Isami Kodaka. The reason he was her opponent is when Shirai originally joined Union she said she wanted to be the female Isami Kodaka. They had a hard fought match with Shirai kicking out of the Diving Double Knee Drop. Shirai went for the Tsuchigumo but Kodaka blocked it. Shirai then went for her Purple Flash Shining Wizard but Kodaka caught her and applied a Cross Kneelock. Shirai avoided a German Suplex and got a two count with a Samson Clutch. Kodaka applied a European Clutch for a two count but that was countered into the Tsuchigumo for another nearfall. Kodaka hit Shirai with a Sliding Lariat and won the match with the Isamuashi Zan. Kodaka patted Shirai on the back after the match.


The main event was Shirai’s retirement match. She teamed with her closest friends Tsukasa Fujimoto & Misaki Ohata to take on the trio of Hiroe Nagahama, Tsukushi & Risa Sera. In the pre-match video Shirai said she wanted to leave pro wrestling without any regrets and also show it will be in a good place with the younger women. The WAVE and Ice Ribbon wrestlers at ringside all got involved by joining in on the train attacks as a parting gift to Mio. In the ending stretch each of Mio’s opponents yelled “Thank you forever!” as they hit their finishing move but Mio kept kicking out! Eventually Fujimoto and Ohata attacked Mio themselves to keep her down. They let Tsukushi hit one more Tiger Suplex to end the match. “Thank you forever!”


The retirement ceremony begun and Mio shook hands with all of the wrestlers. She and Ohata vacated their WAVE Tag Time Titles and handed the belts over to WAVE president Mikiko Futagami. She then received bouquets from a number of people including Sanshiro Takagi from DDT, Makoto and Maki Narumiya from REINA, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Nagisa Nozaki, Kagetsu, AKINO, Shu Shibutani, Kyoko Kimura, Toshie Uematsu, Nagashima and finally Takashi Sasaki from FREEDOMS. Next up Mio was greeted by the WAVE and Ice Ribbon rosters, then the Oz Academy roster and then the Union roster. But the biggest bouquet of all came from a Stardom wrestler… also Mio’s sister. They’ve had their differences over the years but Mio and Io Shirai smiled together. Then they headbutted each other. They embraced afterwards when their mother entered the ring.


Mio took the microphone and wondered if any young girls or even young boys in audience felt something when they saw today’s matches. She thinks today’s show was a success and someone in the audience yelled “Cheers for the good work!” Mio said she was tired after 8 and a half year in the business and her body was tattered. She thanked everyone and stood still for the 10 bell salute. Her name was announced one more time and she was then flooded with streamers in the ring.


However that wasn’t all Mio had to announce. She interrupted her music and raised her hand, showing a ring on her finger. She’s going to get married! She said 8 and a half years is a long time and she worked hard to be a good wrestler but from now on she is going to be a good wife. She thanked everyone for coming and told everyone not to worry, that was the last shocking announcement she had.


Hiroshi Fukuda was able to convince everyone in Match #2 to sing with him, even Aja Kong. They sang a song called “Gift Words” but slightly changed the lyrics so they could sing about how much they love Mio.


During the dark match Ryu Gouma gave Kaori Yoneyama a general knowledge quiz. Everytime she got a question wrong Gouma would do a wrestling move on her. Yoneyame eventually hed enough of the lesson and countered Gouma’s Neckbreaker Drop into the Amerika-ZOU to win the match.


September 20, 2015

Kanazawa Konohana-cho Parkland
??? Fans

1. Hoshitango & Cherry defeated Hiroshi Fukuda & Kaho Kobayashi when Hoshitango pinned Fukuda with the Kanazawa Press (12:16).
2. Isami Kodaka & Madoka defeated (16:29).Seiya Morohashi & Kazusada Higuchi when Kodaka pinned Morohashi with the Diving Double Knee Drop (16:29).

Report to come soon.

Mio’s Retirement Card, Replacing Wolf With A Gorilla, Union’s Decisive Joshi Battle

September 17, 2015

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

0. Dark Match – Timely Help From YMZ: Kaori Yoneyama & Madoka Vs Isami Kodaka & Ryu Gouma
1. 4 Organisation Time Difference Battle Royal: Cherry Vs Seiya Morohashi Vs FUMA Vs Mitomi Masayuki Vs SAGATO Vs Yusuke Kubo Vs Haruki Kato Vs Hamuko Hoshi Vs Risa Sera Vs 235 Vs Akane Fujita Vs Kyuri Vs Yuka Vs Maruko Nagasaki Vs Moeka Haruhi Vs Ryo Mizunami Vs Mika Iida Vs Kaho Kobayashi Vs Yu Yamagata Vs Yuki Miyazaki Vs Sawako Shimono Vs Rina Yamashita
2. 4 Organisation Representative 8-Person Tag Team Match: Fairy Nihonbashi, Shuji Ishikawa, Dynamite Kansai & Neko Nitta Vs Ayako Hamada, Hiroshi Fukuda, Aja Kong & Mochi Miyagi
3. Mio Shirai Last Single Match: Mio Shirai Vs Isami Kodaka
4. Mio Shirai Last Tag Match: Mio Shirai & Aoi Kizuki Vs Yumi Ohka & Mayumi Ozaki
5. Mio Shirai Final Wrestling Match: Mio Shirai, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Misaki Ohata Vs Hiroe Nagahama, Tsukushi & Risa Sera

For her retirement Mio Shirai is making her last matches count by wrestling not once or twice but three times!

Shinjuku FACE

1. Animal Planet Special 3 Way Match: J-Soul Pandita III IV Vs Neko Nitta Vs Gorilla
2. Do Judge!!: Yukihiro Abe Vs Shinichiro Tominaga
3. GANBARE SUPER FIGHT!!: Kotaro Nasu Vs Tigger Bedscene
4. Go Beyond The Asia ~3rd Generation Grandson Vs 94th All Asia Tag Team Champions~: Chikara & Yumehito Imanari Vs Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie
5. Resonance To The Major Sports ~The Real Tiger Mask And Disciple Of Tiger Mask Vs Enjo-gun~: Shuichiro Katsumura & Hayato Mashita Vs Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki
6. Texas Tornado Hardcore Special Handicap Match: Ken Ohka, GENTARO, Shota & Bambi Vs Minoru Fujita, Hi69 & Osamu Namiguchi

Unfortunately Kris Wolf has to miss the show because she is recovering from a concussion. Ken Ohka contacted Stardom president Rossy Ogawa to get a replacement but he was told there won’t be one. Ohka still wants the 3 Way Match to go ahead so he is replacing Wolf with a gorilla to make this match even more of a crime against animal rights than it already is. Ohka assures everyone it is an actual gorilla and not a person in a gorilla costume.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. FUMA Vs Daichi Kazato
2. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Cherry (c) Vs Masako Takanashi
3. Union MAX Title: Isami Kodaka (c) Vs Shuji Ishikawa

Union’s final joshi match will pit Cherry and Masako Takanashi against each other in what is described as the decisive battle for women’s wrestling in Union. Nothing has been said yet about the future of the Fly To Everywhere Title.


September 15, 2015


Shin-kiba 1st RING
303 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Hiroshi Fukuda defeated Ryu Gouma (w/ Kazuhiko Ogasawara) with the Perfect Plex (3:08).
2. Madoka & Ayumu Honda defeated Mitomi Masayuki & Ryota Nakatsu when Madoka pinned Masayuki with the Ranhyei (11:32).
3. Mio Shirai Last Union Match: GENTARO & Kyoko Kimura defeated Mio Shirai & Ladybeard when GENTARO pinned Shirai with a Figure Four Neck Lock Cutback (16:41).
4. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title – Three Match Special Rules: Cherry (2) defeated Aoi Kizuki (c) (1).
4a. 3 Way Match: Cherry defeated Aoi Kizuki (c) and Miyako Matsumoto when Cherry pinned Matsumoto with the Spring Night Love (3:27).
4b. Rock ‘N’ Roll Death Match: Aoi Kizuki (c) defeated Cherry with a Backslide Pin (9:27) (Special Referee: A.YAZAWA).
4c. Irregular Count Fall Match: Cherry defeated Aoi Kizuki (c) with the Union Lock (2:46).
*Aoi Kizuki fails in V1. Cherry becomes the 9th Union Fly To Everywhere World Champion!
5. 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: FUMA, MEN’S Teioh, Kazushi Miyamoto & SAGAT defeated Isami Kodaka, Daichi Kazato, Yusuke Kubo & Masato Shibata (16:40).
5a. Kazushi Miyamoto eliminated Masato Shibata by Ring Out (5:41).
5b. FUMA eliminated Yusuke Kubo with a Buzzsaw Kick (10:18).
5c. Isami Kodaka eliminated Kazushi Miyamoto by Ring Out (11:58).
5d. Isami Kodaka eliminated SAGAT by Ring Out (12:31).
5e. FUMA eliminated Isami Kodaka by Ring Out (12:40).
5f. Daichi Kazato eliminated MEN’S Teioh by Ring Out (13:40).
5g. FUMA eliminated Daichi Kazato with the Diving Headbutt (16:40).
6. Last Man Standing Match: Shuji Ishikawa defeated Seiya Morohashi by KO with the Running Knee Lift Barrage (16:56).

In a Last Man Standing match between Union’s two beefiest men, Shuji Ishikawa came out on top. Seiya Morohashi survived the Splash Mountain but his Quarrel Bomber was countered with a Knee Lift. Ishikawa then spammed Running Knee Lifts until Morohashi could no longer answer the ten count. Ishikawa and Isami Kodaka met in the ring at the end of the show to talk about their Union MAX Title match on the final Union event in Korakuen Hall on 4th October.

The King Legion once more reigned victorious over Union, this time in an 8-Man Elimination Tag match. FUMA was the last man standing but Union’s last man Daichi Kazato did not go down without a fight. FUMA challenged Kazato to a match on 4th October and to spice things up he will put the fate of the King Legion on the line. If Kazato beats FUMA then King Legion will de dissolved.

Cherry regained the Union Fly To Everywhere World Title for the third time after beating Aoi Kizuki two falls to one. Miyako Matsumoto took part in the first fall because the goal was for either Cherry or Kizuki to pin her. The second fall was called a Rock ‘N’ Roll Death Match but music from Swan Lake was used rather than anyting rock ‘n’ roll. In the deciding fall Cherry pinned Kizuki with a special version of the Spring Night Love she calls the Union Lock. After the match Cherry said she wanted to face Masako Takanashi on the final Union show in the decisive battle between Union’s two female(ish) wrestlers.

Mio Shirai was pinned in her final Union match. She put GENTARO in the Figure Four Neck Lock but he countered the move into a pin for the three count. Shirai described the people she wrestled with in the match as a group rich with variety. She said her final match in Union was a good experience. She also got to give a closing speech at the end of the show.