March 20, 2017

Saitama Super Arena
10,702 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. DNA Offer Match: Nobuhiro Shimatani, Naomi Yoshimura & Dai Suzuki defeated Rekka, Daiki Shimomura & Yuki Ueno when Yoshimura pinned Ueno with the Throw Away Power Bomb (8:08).
0. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Yuu, Mil Clown & Itoh Maki defeated Reika Saiki, Rika Tatsumi & Azusa Takigawa when Clown pinned Takigawa with the Mil Clutch α (10:23).
0. Iron Man Heavymetalweight & King Of Dark Titles – DDT Pro Wrestling 20th Anniversary Memorial Celebration Dramatic Rumble: Guanchulo (I/c) defeated Ken Ohka and Munenori Sawa by Ring Out (17:06).
0a. Tomohiko Hashimoto eliminated Rion Mizuki with the Choke Slam (3:56).
0b. Poison Sawada JULIE eliminated Daichi Kakimoto by Ring Out (5:17).
0c. Poison Sawada JULIE eliminated GENTARO and BAMBI by Ring Out (5:27).
0d. Poison Sawada JULIE eliminated MIKAMI by Ring Out (5:35).
0e. Poison Sawada JULIE eliminated Tomohiko Hashimoto by Ring Out (5:53).
0f. Gorgeous Matsuno eliminated Poison Sawada JULIE by Pinfall when DJ Nira pushed Matsuno on top of JULIE (6:45).
0g. Yoshihiko eliminated Tomomitsu Matsunaga by Ring Out (11:21).
0h. Yoshihiko eliminated Hoshitango by Ring Out (11:23).
0j. Yoshihiko eliminated Gorgeous Matsuno with the Reincarnation (11:27).
0k. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi eliminated Yoshihiko with the Michinoku Driver II from Kotatsu (12:20).
0k. Mad Paulie eliminated Gota Ihashi (D/c) with the Reverse Splash (13:30).
*D1 for Gota Ihashi.
0l. Kotatsu (I/c) eliminated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi and Mad Paulie by Pinfall (14:37).
*V? for Kotatsu.
0m. Guanchulo eliminated Kotatsu (I/c) by Pinfall after the Rabbit Punch from Munenori Sawa (15:08).
*Guanchulo becomes the 1,208th champion.
0n. Guanchulo (I/c) eliminated Ken Ohka and Munenori Sawa by Ring Out (17:06).
*V1 for Guanchulo.
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Yoshihiko defeated Guanchulo (c) with the Superfly From The Stage (1:43 pm).
*Yoshihiko becomes the 1,209th champion.
1. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles – 3 Way Match: Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO defeated Kazusada Higuchi, Kouki Iwasaki & Mizuki Watase (c) and Soma Takao, Akito & Yasu Urano when MAO pinned Urano with the Cannonball 450 (8:11).
*Team DNA fails in D2. NωA becomes the 29th KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Champions!
2. Special 8-Man Tag Match: Jaguar Yokota, Keisuke Ishii, Masahiro Takanashi & Yuni defeated Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata, Antonio Honda & Lady Beard when Yuni pinned Hirata with a Hurricanrana (10:09).
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Kotatsu defeated Yoshihiko (c) by Pinfall (2:41 pm).
*Kotatsu becomes the 1,21oth champion.
Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Joey Ryan defeated Kotatsu (c) by Pinfall (2:42 pm).
*Joey Ryan becomes the 1,211th champion.
3. Shigehiro Irie Triennial Special Single Match: Shigehiro Irie defeated Mike Bailey with the Tazzmission (8:44).
4. Super Joshi Pro Wars 2017: Saki Akai, Meiko Satomura & Syoko Nakajima defeated Aja Kong, Cherry & Miyu Yamashita when Satomura pinned Yamashita with the Death Valley Bomb (7:56).
5. Shungo Oyama Pro Wrestling Challenge Match: Yoshihiro Takayama & Dick Togo defeated KUDO & Shungo Oyama when Takayama pinned Oyama with the Everest German Suplex (13:15).
6. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – PRO WRESTLING TEES Presents “DDT Is DDT” 20 Years Entertainment Culmination! The Best In The World Bad Guy Decisive Battle Anal Explosion Death Match: Danshoku Dino defeated Joey Ryan (c) with the Danshoku Driver (12:03).
*Danshoku Dino becomes the 1,212th champion.
7. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Masakatsu Funaki & Yukio Sakaguchi (c) defeated Shuji Ishikawa & Tetsuya Endo when Sakaguchi pinned Ishikawa with the Top Rope Right Knee Of God (12:16).
*V2 for Masakatsu Funaki & Yukio Sakaguchi.
8. Kou Shibusawa 35th Anniversary “Nobunaga’s Ambition ~Our Warring States~” Sengoku Warlords Match: Katsuie Shibata (Daisuke Sekimoto), Kenshin Uesugi (Jun Akiyama) & Nobunaga Oda (Kota Ibushi) (w/ Oichi (Mai Iriya)) defeated Toyotomi Hideyoshi (Sanshiro Takagi), Shingen Takeda (Keiji Muto) & Yukimura Sanada (Isami Kodaka) (w/ Matsu-hime (Kimika Tokuta)) when Ibushi pinned Takagi with the Phoenix Splash (14:57).
9. DDT Extreme Title – Sekichu Presents Hardcore Match: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Jun Kasai (c) with the Diving Elbow Drop From The Ladder (19:07).
*Jun Kasai fails in V4. Daisuke Sasaki becomes the 39th DDT Extreme Champion!
10. KO-D Openweight Title – Good Com Asset Presents: Konosuke Takeshita defeated HARASHIMA (c) with the Cross Arm German Suplex (31:28).
*HARASHIMA fails in V4. Konosuke Takeshita becomes the 61st KO-D Openweight Champion!

Welcome to The Future! DDT celebrated 20 years in business by running the main stage of Saitama Super Arena for “JUDGEMENT 2017”. In the main event the torch was passed as the 21 year old Konosuke Takeshita defeated HARASHIMA to become the KO-D Openweight Champion for the second time in his career. The biggest stage called for a major main event and both wrestlers delivered with a 30 minute long clash. HARASHIMA’s neck was targeted early and his title reign was under threat when Takeshita gave him a Vertical Drop Brainbuster on the arena floor. HARASHIMA was left outside to get counted out but he returned on 18. He then turned the tables by avoiding a Dragon Suplex and attacking Takeshita’s knees. The damaged limb would later prevent Takeshita from hitting the German Suplex because HARASHIMA would grab onto them. A Short Range Lariat kept him down for a two count but that only riled HARASHIMA up and made him provoke Takeshita to attack even harder. Takeshita went high risk by placing HARASHIMA on the top turnbuckle. That backfired when HARASHIMA turned it into an Avalanche Reverse Frankensteiner followed by the Somato! Takeshita kicked out at two so HARASHIMA went for the Swan Dive Somato. Takeshita caught him in mid-air but HARASHIMA twisted around for another Reverse Frankensteiner. This time Takeshita blocked it and gave HARASHIMA a Croyt’s Wrath style German Suplex for a nearfall. HARASHIMA took control again and this time gave Takeshita the Yama-ori head drop. With both men completely spent they traded Elbow Smashes until Takeshita punched the champion and followed up with the Bionic Elbow taken from his mentor Antonio Honda. He hit the German Suplex but HARASHIMA was still able to kick out. Finally Takeshita crossed HARASHIMA’s arms together for one more German Suplex and this time the champion was down for the count.

Takeshita thanked HARASHIMA after the match. Takeshita became a pro wrestler because he loves DDT so to be in the main event for the company’s 20th Anniversary means everything to him. He feels the pressure of being the future of this company but he will show everyone why he deserves that title as DDT moves into its 21st year. When the new champion finished the prize ceremony he was approached by Daisuke Sasaki and Tetsuya Endo. Sasaki said he knew Takeshita would beat HARASHIMA then pretended to cry. In truth, he doesn’t care about Takeshita’s accomplishment. DAMNATION will finish him and to prove it his first challenger will be Tetsuya Endo! Takeshita’s former friend said he does not know what the future really is but he’s not interested. In fact, the future he sees now is an eyesore. Takeshita accepted the challenge and they will get their match at Korakuen Hall on 29th April. The show then ended with a curtain call to DDT’s old theme song “Into The Light”. The final scene in the ring had Takeshita and HARASHIMA fist bump and agree to wrestle each other again some day. HARASHIMA went to leave the ring but Takeshita stopped him so they could leave together.

The weapons in the DDT Extreme Title match were provided by a company called Seki-chu and boy did Jun Kasai and Daisuke Sasaki use a lot of them. Tables, ladders, chairs, trash cans, rakes and even a wire mesh fence were used throughout the match. Sasaki came out on top but he had to put his body on the line to do so. Kasai was still alive and kicking after an Avalanche Power Bomb from the ladder through the fence. Even the NOW OR NEVER couldn’t put Kasai away. So Sasaki had to put Kasai on a table and climb up the ladder. With his last words being “I am Charisma!” Sasaki jumped off the ladder and hit a Diving Elbow Drop on Kasai. The table didn’t break but Kasai did and Sasaki became the new Extreme Champion! He threw the belt away, claiming he does not need it. He has words to say to Kasai, many of them that cannot be broadcast on TV but he cannot deny Kasai was at his craziest today. Still, Sasaki won’t conform. He won’t kiss ass. And he definitely won’t get married. “We are DAMNATION! And I am the Charisma, Daisuke Sasaki!”

Saitama Super Arena was taken back to the Romance Of The Three Kingdoms for a special 6-Man Tag promoting the Nobunaga’s Ambition video game. The series produce Kou Shibusawa greeted the audience before the match, telling everyone to enjoy video games and pro wrestling. All the wrestlers took part in their character costumes. Sanshiro Takagi wasted no time in building a castle of chairs in the ring. It was no surprise to anyone that he was thrown into the castle later. Isami Kodaka took out Daisuke Sekimoto with a Topé Suicida. Keiji Muto and Jun Akiyama faced off and had a stalemate when Akiyama hit the Exploder Suplex then Muto immediately fired back with the Shining Wizard. That left Kota Ibushi to give Takagi the Sit Down Last Ride followed by the Phoenix Splash to win the match.

When the segment was over Takagi stayed in the ring for an important announcement. He is happy to see so many people come out to see DDT’s 20th Anniversary. There is nothing left for him to do so he will retire immediately. Even though he is going away he is confident that DDT will grow bigger and bigger without him. He has no regrets even though he had announced a major goal at the 15th Anniversary show in Budokan Hall that never came to pass. He demanded the staff at ringside to give him the 10 bell salute and thanked everyone he could during each ringing of the bell. On the 8th toll he suddenly received a phone call. It turns out there is something left for him to do after all. Suddenly a picture of the Tokyo Dome appeared on the screen. Takagi announced that DDT will hold a Street Wrestling Match inside the Tokyo Dome later this year! Takagi immediately cancelled his plans to retire. There are still dreams and ambitions for DDT to come true!

Masakatsu Funaki & Yukio Sakaguchi overcame an ambush by DAMNATION to keep the KO-D Tag Team Titles over their shoulders. Even though Sakaguchi’s goal for the match was to kill Endo, he instead settled with pinning Shuji Ishikawa to win the match. Not an easy feat at all! Ishikawa blocked the Right Knee Of God the first time so Sakaguchi had to climb the turnbuckles and hit an elevated version of his finisher to put the big dog down. Their victory ceremony was interrupted when Danshoku Dino snuck into the ring and gave the match sponsor a Lip Lock. Dino told Funaki he’s made a lot of enemies over his career but he has never fought a hybrid body like Dino’s, nor has he fought a real Dramatic Dream Team like Danshoku Dino & Yoshihiro Takayama! Dino is here to lay out the challenge. Real No Fear wants the KO-D Tag Team Titles! Funaki realised the match is unavoidable. He and Sakaguchi will fight Real No Fear. But until then the champions will drink.

There is a lot to go through for the next match. A lot! At some point in the show Joey Ryan won the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title. I’ll get into more detail with that later. For now just know that Ryan now had to defend the championship against Danshoku Dino in an Anal Explosion Death Match. But first, Donald Trump appeared for a complete English PowerPoint presentation. Trump revealed that the most powerful person in DDT is not the president Sanshiro Takagi or the KO-D Champion HARASHIMA. It is really the referee Yukinori Matsui! If there is one thing that Matsui hates more than anything else in wrestling it is explicit sexual humour. Do too much of it in front of Matsui and you will get fired. However Dino is the “World’s Strongest Gay Wrestler” and Ryan is the “World’s Strongest Penis Fighter”. Matsui will watch the match backstage so they need to find a way to wrestle explicitly in a way that won’t offend him. Somehow, some way, an Anal Explosion Death Match is acceptable because in this situation “ANAL” stands for “All Nations Anal Love”. If that wasn’t enough, Ryan revealed that Dino’s friend and former Iron Man Champion Ryota Yamazato has been kidnapped by foreign agents. In 20 minute’s time Yamazato’s rear end will be used for the Anal Explosion unless Dino can win the match before then.

The time began to count down and the match was ready to begin. But first the National Anthems of America and Japan had to be played. Additional commentary was provided by Trump and Guanchulo in English, Hoshitango in Spanish and Rekka in Chinese. As the match went on Matsui kept a close eye on the action from backstage. Dino and Ryan fought up the ramp towards the commentary stations. Ryan’s penis flung Dino off the ramp and crashing through the Spanish announce table. Dino was later thrown off the top turnbuckle and he crashed through the Chinese table. The commentators were so mad that they attacked Ryan but he fought them off with his penis. When Dino recovered he gathered the commentators in the ring and placed them on the corner turnbuckles with their backsides exposed. He then overpowered Dino’s penis, getting revenge for the spot that caused all this in the first place. By the time he put the Lip Lock on Ryan, Matsui had seen enough and made his way to the ring. Trump realised the match was in danger of being cancelled so he sprinted backstage. Some of the DNA wrestlers distracted Matsui by treating him like a celebrity, shaking his hand and asking for autographs. Then a mascot blocked his path but Matsui knocked it down with one punch. He then shook its hand. Matsui walked past the women’s locker room and the temptation to peak inside was too much. When it turned out that Cherry was the only person in there Matsui was grossed out and moved on. Finally Trump caught up with Matsui and confronted him. They chopped each other back and forth until they both leaned in closer and closer. Then they kissed. Back in the ring Dino pulled Ryan’s lollipop out of one of the commentator’s backside and he then put it in Ryan’s mouth. That stunned Ryan long enough for Dino to do the Danshoku Driver for the victory. The two congratulated each other after the match and Ryan handed both the Iron Man Title and the bomb button over to Dino. Dino threw the button away and left his buddy Yamazato to get his ass exploded with three firecrackers outside the building. The screen went blank and we’re left with the message “There can be no peace on earth without pro wrestling” along with a picture of Sanshiro Takagi naked. Backstage Dino and Ryan started to act like friends but quickly started fighting again over the Iron Man Title.

Shungo Oyama did well in his debut but ultimately fell to Yoshihiro Takayama. The two locked up and threw punches in a scene that resembled Takayama’s famous fight with Don Frye. The slugfest ended with Takayama pinning Oyama with the Everest German Suplex. Dick Togo respected Oyama’s effort and noticed Oyama respects pro wrestling enough to fear it. KUDO hopes to team with Oyama again if Oyama decides to continue wrestling. Oyama said he felt at home fighting in Saitama Super Arena again.

Miyu Yamashita has caught Meiko Satomura’s attention but she’ll probably wish she hadn’t. Satomura pinned Yamashita to win the women’s match for her team but their interaction did not end there. Yamashita stood up to her from the apron after the match and Satomura’s reaction was to kick her away. In the post-match interview Satomura said she see will never forget what she saw in Yamashita’s eyes today. She’s motivated, that’s for sure. She would like to fight her one on one. Satomura’s partners however she is more friendly with. She felt a sense of unity with Saki Akai and Syoko Nakajima throughout the match. Akai admitted feeling a little of jealous of Yamashita for firing up Satomura. Aja Kong thought Nakajima was okay but small. Cherry was happy to wrestle in front of many fans and she appreciates the women coming together for this show when she previously spent years as the only female wrestler in DDT.

In the match between Shigehiro Irie and Mike Bailey, the Tazzmission proved to be the difference maker. Irie caught Bailey with the submission hold in mid-air and turned it into a Camel Clutch variat to make Speedball tap out. Irie still isn’t finished with his warrior training but at least he got to show everyone in Japan that his trips to America are not going to waste. Irie credited Ohio’s Rockstar Pro Wrestling in particular for his recent improvement. Bailey says Irie is now on the same level as HARASHIMA and Takeshita.

In the 8-Man Tag Match, Yuni found an opportunity to wear the Hirata GO! glasses and start dancing. Kazuki Hirata ruined the moment by knocking Yuni out with a chop to the back of the neck. Hirata put the glasses on and cleared the ring with his dance fighting. But he was then stopped with a Triple Dropkick from Jaguar Yokota, Keisuke Ishii & Masahiro Takanashi. Yuni then pinned Hirata with a Hurricanrana.

The 3 Way Trios match for the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles was a crazy sprint but NωA came out of it with the belts. Yasu Urano countered Kazusada Higuchu’s Power Bomb into a Frankensteiner but Urano was then knocked down by MAO’s Screw Kick. Urano avoided the Firebird Splash from Shunma Katsumata but didn’t see MAO coming with the Cannonball 450. That move won NωA the championship and all three were in tears when they were handed the belts.

Many wrestlers from DDT’s past, some unexpected, came back for the Dramatic Rumble with the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title and King Of Dark Title both on the line. MIKAMI was out first with his ladder. Daichi Kakimoto was a surprise entrant wearing the mask he used in his Union Pro run. Poison Sawada JULIE eliminated loads of people with his snake magic. Unfortunately his endurance is not what it used to be and he fainted from overuse. Gorgeous Matsuno eliminated JULIE by accident when DJ Nira (who was not an official participant) pushed Matsuno on top of JULIE with his umbrella. Mad Paulie eliminated Gota Ihashi which means Ihashi is still the King Of Dark Champion. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi stood on top of Kotatsu and leapt off it to deliver a super Michinoku Driver II to Yoshihiko. Kotatsu eliminated a few wrestlers with its comfy quilt until Guanchulo decided to wear Kotatsu over him like a backpack. Munenori Sawa was the last surprise entrant. He hit Guanchulo with a Rabbit Punch and Guanchulo fell on top of Kotatsu. That counted as a pin so Guanchulo won the Iron Man Title. Ken Ohka was the final entrant but he and Sawa spent so long singing to his entrance music that Guanchulo eliminated them both to win the Rumble. His celebration was short lived when Yoshihiko dove on top of him from the stage to win the belt. Later on in the show Kotatsu won the title by pinning Yoshihiko backstage. Joey Ryan congratulated Kotatsu then used his penis strength to flip it over and claim the title for himself.

Mil Clown was accidentally unmasked during the Tokyo Joshi Pro dark match. Her mask flew off when Azusa Takaigawa gave her the X Factor. As much as she tried to hide her face, Clown eventually gave up and focused on beating Takigawa with the Magical Merry Go Round followed by the Mil Clutch α. Clown fled the ring as soon as she got her mask back on.

Naomi Yoshimura continues his aggressive streak by winning the DNA dark match for his team.

Kota Umeda was invited to the ring during the opening announcements. He was at the show as Yoshihiko’s handler but informed everyone that his recovery is going well and he will return to the ring this year. The other injured DNA wrestler Suguru Miyatake was supposed to be at the show but had to miss it because of the flu.

Naomichi Marufuji will participate at “RYOGOKU PETER PAN 2017” in Sumo Hall on 20th August.


January 8, 2017


Nagoya Chikusa Sports Center
291 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & Ultraman Robin defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Oishi pinned Hirata with the Jikiden Tornado Clutch (7:07).
2. Daisuke Sasaki & Mad Paulie defeated Shinya Ishida & Rekka when Sasaki submitted Rekka with the Cross Facelock (11:17).
3. Keisuke Ishii, Kazusada Higuchi & Yoshihiko defeated Antonio Honda, Guanchulo & Candice LeRae when Yoshihiko pinned Honda with a Back Drop (9:54).
4. 3 Way Tag Match: Akito & Yasu Urano defeated Mike Bailey & Kouki Iwasaki and Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi when Akito submitted Sakaguchi with a Perfect Figure Four Leg Lock (11:19).
5. Shigehiro Irie, Konosuke Takeshita & Kengo Takai defeated HARASHIMA, Yoshihiro Takayama & Soma Takao when Irie pinned Takao with the Beast Bomber (14:47).
6. KO-D Openweight Title Challenger Decision Tournament – Round 1: KUDO defeated Tetsuya Endo with Three Backspin Kicks (24:00).

KUDO joins Konosuke Takeshita in the final of the KO-D Openweight Title contender tournament. Tetsuya Endo’s chance of beating him was ruined by his surroundings. The ceiling was so low that he hesitated to do the Sky Twister Press from the top rope. That allowed KUDO to recover and trip Endo into a Tree Of Woe position. KUDO hit the Diving Double Knee Drop and then hit another one to the back of Endo’s head when he stood up. KUDO then hit three Backspin Kicks for the victory. Takeshita approached KUDO after the match and offered a handshake. KUDO rejected it by knocking Takeshita’s hand away with his knee.

Today was Shigehiro Irie’s final match in Japan before his next tour of North America. Irie spoke to everyone involved in his match after it ended. He told Soma Takao he still likes him even though they drifted apart after Team Dream Futures split up. Irie was also happy to wrestle with his teacher Kengo Takai again. He wants to repay Takai by growing into a bigger wrestler overseas and returning to DDT better than ever.

Akito scored a huge accomplishment in the 3 Way Tag match by being the first person to submit Yukio Sakaguchi in DDT! He put Sakaguchi in a Figure Four Leg Lock, then grabbed Sakaguchi’s arms and pulled them towards him to apply a “perfect” version of the hold until Sakaguchi submitted. Sakaguchi was furious afterwards and swore revenge. He will never forgive Akito for this and will destroy him as payback!

Candince LeRae said wrestling Yoshihiko felt like a dream. Not as in it was a dream come true, more like she isn’t sure it really happened. She was told beforehand that Yoshihiko is a legend around these parts but she thought a joke was being played on her. For one thing she doesn’t know if Yoshihiko is male or female.

MAO was unavailable so Sanshiro Takagi went ahead and found a temporary replacement and possible new member for NωA. Their music played and out came Ultraman Robin wearing MAO’s entrance gear and badly singing along. Makoto Oishi was insulted but had no choice but to team with Robin when T2Hide attacked them to start the match. Robin got rid of Takagi & Toru Owashi, allowing Oishi to pin Kazuki Hirata with the Tornado Clutch. Despite his good performance, he wasn’t accepted into NωA. Oishi and Shunma Katsumata instead flipped him off and left the ring.


September 10, 2016


Shizuoka Hamamatsu Create
214 Fans

1. Soma Takao & Guanchulo defeated Kazuki Hirata & Kouki Iwasaki when Takao pinned Hirata with the Gin And Tonic (8:58).
2. Hamamatsu Specialty! Continued Small Special Single Match: Keisuke Ishii defeated Yasu Urano with (9:17).
3. Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazusada Higuchi defeated Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Kota Umeda when Higuchi submitted Takanashi with the Canadian Backbreaker (11:21).
4. This Jewel Box Of The Wrestling World! – 6-Man Tag Team Match: Danshoku Dino, Joey Ryan & Yoshihiko defeated Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & Saki Akai when Dino, Ryan & Yoshihiko all pinned Oishi after the 4P Driver (14:33).
5. Emperor & Wrestling Master Vs Smile Squash! Special Tag Match: Yoshihiro Takayama & Dick Togo defeated HARASHIMA & Akito when Togo pinned Akito with the Diving Senton (13:29).
6. Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo defeated Konosuke Takeshita & Antonio Honda when Sasaki submitted Honda with La Mistica Cross Facelock (19:23).

Konosuke Takeshita and Tetsuya Endo continued fighting out of the ring after the main event. As they were pulled apart Takeshita yelled at Endo “At Osaka just remember. Fight fair and square.” Daisuke Sasaki taunted Takeshita and dared him to fight Endo. He said next week Endo will stab the final nail in Takeshita’s coffin. Then on the 25th he and Endo will win the KO-D Tag Team Titles for DAMNATION.

Yoshihiro Takayama & Dick Togo were successful in their first time tagging together. However both of them don’t know if they will continue teaming together in the future. Takayama noted how hard HARASHIMA kicks while Togo thought wrestling against Akito was a fresh experience.

After winning their match Danshoku Dino, Joey Ryan & Yoshihiko declared they are the most dangerous trio the city of Hamamatsu have ever seen. They won by giving Makoto Oishi a triple team Danshoku Driver.

One day away from his DDT Extreme Title shot, Keisuke Ishii remembers when he won the belt for the first time. He was booed back then although in that situation he was an outsider wrestling in Union Pro. He thinks this time when he wins it will be different.

Soma Takao sent a message to Kazuki Hirata by pinning him in the opening tag bout. The AJPW Jr. Heavyweight Champion said Hirata isn’t good enough to help him become a stronger champion.

Yoshihiko Reappears, The Emperor Settles In, Higuchi Gets Prepared

September 6, 2016

From 15th to 18th September DDT and Tokyo Joshi Pro will be providing wrestling matches at the annual Tokyo Game Show in Makuhari Messe, Chiba. Each day will have two sessions taking place containing two or three matches. The Ring☆Dream online game will be collaborating with DDT on the 15/9 event, which will have five matches. The matches might find their way to Youtube but I don’t know if DDT’s channel will have them or another channel will.

Shizuoka Hamamatsu Create

1. Soma Takao & Guanchulo Vs Kazuki Hirata & Kouki Iwasaki
2. Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Kota Umeda Vs Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Kazusada Higuchi
3. This Jewel Box Of The Wrestling World! – 6-Man Tag Team Match: Danshoku Dino, Joey Ryan & Yoshihiko Vs Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & Saki Akai
4. Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Antonio Honda
5. Hamamatsu Specialty! Continued Small Special Single Match: Yasu Urano Vs Keisuke Ishii
6. Emperor & Wrestling Master Vs Smile Squash! Special Tag Match: Yoshihiro Takayama & Dick Togo Vs HARASHIMA & Akito

As far as I know this will be the first time Yoshihiro Takayama & Dick Togo are in the same match, let alone the same team together.

Yoshihiko is a last minute addition to this weekend’s shows.

DDT “THREE OF A DREAM 2016”, 11/09/2016
Hiroshima Industrial Hall – East Exhibition Hall

1. Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Kota Umeda Vs Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi & Yuto Aijima
2. Hypocrite! Idol! Chilean! Battle Doll! Special Full Of Feeling 4 Way Match: Yasu Urano Vs Makoto Oishi Vs Guanchulo Vs Yoshihiko
3. Soma Takao & Kenshin Chikano Vs Kazuki Hirata & Shunma Katsumata
4. Hungry Black Bass Vs US Indie World Of Super Heavyweights!: Akito Vs Joey Ryan
5. Wrestling Master And The Future’s First Encounter! Special Tag Match: HARASHIMA & Dick Togo Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Antonio Honda
6. Emperor & DNA Vs DAMNATION! Hiroshima Specialty Special 6-Man Tag Team Match: Yoshihiro Takayama, Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki Vs Daisuke Sasaki, Shuji Ishikawa & Tetsuya Endo
7. DDT Extreme Title: Danshoku Dino (c) Vs Keisuke Ishii

Kazusada Higuchi is gearing up for his KO-D Openweight Title match with Shuji Ishikawa at the end of the month.

Kenshin Chikano wrestled against Soma Takao in a 6-Man Tag back in April. He’s back and this time teaming with Takao.

Saitama Kasukabe Hall

1. Infomercial Match – Up Up Girls Nippon Budokan Great Battle: Sanshiro Takagi, X & X Vs Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO
2. Yoshihiro Takayama, Toru Owashi & Kazusada Higuchi Vs KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Kota Umeda

The Up Up Girls will be special guests promoting their concert in the Budokan Hall this November.

KAI will be on the show. He is still involved with the Dramatic General Election.

Toyama Takaoka Ecoeur

1. Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO Vs Yasu Urano, Gota Ihashi & Kouki Iwasaki
2. Sanshiro Takagi & Soma Takao Vs Kazuki Hirata & Guanchulo
3. Ken Ohka Toyama Triumph! Takaoka Specialty Special Single Match: Ken Ohka Vs Antonio Honda
4. Yukio Sakaguchi & Kota Umeda Vs Danshoku Dino & Keisuke Ishii
5. Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo Vs HARASHIMA & Akito
6. 4 Way Match: Konosuke Takeshita Vs Mad Polly Vs Kazusada Higuchi Vs Masahiro Takanashi

Ken Ohka is included on the card because it takes place in his home area of Toyama.

DDT “OSAKA BAYS BLUE SPECIAL 2016”, 18/09/2016
Osaka Edion Arena #2

1. Tenori Mad Dog Showdown!: Kota Umeda Vs Mizuki Watase
2. 3 Way Match: Danshoku Dino & Keisuke Ishii Vs Akito & Yasu Urano Vs Antonio Honda & Yoshihiko
3. Original Shuten-dōji Vs NωA!: KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi Vs Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO
4. AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Soma Takao (c) Vs Kazuki Hirata
5. Daisuke Sasaki, Shuji Ishikawa & Mad Polly Vs HARASHIMA, Yuko Miyamoto & Kazusada Higuchi
6. Special Single Match: Konosuke Takeshita Vs Tetsuya Endo

Former best friends collide! Konosuke Takeshita goes one on one with Tetsuya Endo in a rematch of their KO-D Title bout from July. Endo has developed into a different person ever since joining DAMNATION. Is it enough to finally beat Takeshita?

Aichi Loisir Hotel Toyohashi Holiday Hall

1. HARASHIMA & Akito Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Antonio Honda
2. Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Polly Vs Makoto Oishi, Shunma Katsumata & MAO
3. Yoshihiro Takayama & Soma Takao Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki

Yoshihiro Takayama and Kazusada Higuchi face off, hopefully the first of many.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Get The Name Recognition! Groom Decision Special 5 Way Match: Mizuki Watase Vs Makoto Oishi Vs Super Sasadango Machine Vs Bernard Ackah Vs Danshoku Dino
2. Special 6-Man Tag Team Match: Sanshiro Takagi, Yoshihiro Takayama & Dick Togo Vs Konosuke Takeshita, Antonio Honda & Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi
3. KO-D Tag Team Titles: HARASHIMA & Yuko Miyamoto (c) Vs Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo
4. KO-D Openweight Title: Shuji Ishikawa (c) Vs Kazusada Higuchi

KENSO and Chikara will both be on the card somewhere.


March 21, 2015


Saitama Kasukabe Hall
1,344 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Dark Match: Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki defeated Ryota Nakatsu & Kota Umeda when Higuchi submitted Umeda with the Canadian Backbreaker (8:17).
1. Yasu Urano & Akito defeated Tomoya & Shunma Katsumata when Akito pinned Katsumata with the Kinniku Big Move (10:01).
2. Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi defeated Daisuke Sasaki & Suguru Miyatake when Dino pinned Miyatake with the Gotch-Style Danshoku Driver (12:37).
3. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Do It Or Die! – Special Single Match: Aja Kong (c) defeated Saki Akai with the Vertical Drop Brainbuster (7:13).
*V? for Aja Kong.
4. Teletama Presents 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Infomercial Match: Antonio Honda, Konosuke Takeshita, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & DJ Nira defeated Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata & MIKAMI (11:36).
4a. DJ Nira eliminated MIKAMI by Ring Out (5:06).
4b. DJ Nira was eliminated by Ring Out (6:04).
4c. Kazuki Hirata eliminated Tomomitsu Matsunaga by Ring Out (6:16).
4d. Konosuke Takeshita eliminated Toru Owashi by Ring Out (9:00).
4e. Konosuke Takeshita eliminated Sanshiro Takagi by Ring Out (9:04).
4f. Konosuke Takeshita eliminated Kazuki Hirata with the Touchdown (11:36).
5. Eat Or Be Eaten! – Special Single Match: HARASHIMA defeated Tetsuya Endo with the Somato (16:30).
6. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi defeated Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao (c) when Takanashi pinned Takao with the Takatonic (14:22).
*Team Dream Futures fails in V1. Shuten-dōji becomes the 18th KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Champions!
7. KO-D Openweight Title: Kota Ibushi (c) defeated Yoshihiko with the Phoenix Splash (18:56).
*V1 for Kota Ibushi.

DDT returned to Kasukabe Hall to celebrate their one year anniversary of running shows in the venue. The main event was a rematch of one of DDT’s most infamous KO-D Openweight Title matches in recent memory. Kota Ibushi defended his championship against Yoshihiko in their first singles match since 2009. The challenger had been very aggressive to Ibushi in the build up to the match. Here it refused to shake hands before the match began. It also wrestled in a T-shirt which makes me wonder if Yoshihiko was in bad shape today. Yoshihiko did what it could to Ibushi. Piledrivers, Dangerous Back Drops, Brainbusters, Dragon Suplexes. It even countered Ibushi’s Phoenix Plex into a Hurricanrana! All this did was build up Ibushi’s meter and the champion unleashed a devastating top rope Power Bomb Driver followed by the Swan Dive German Suplex! Ibushi then hit the Phoenix Splash and it was the end for Yoshihiko’s title chances. Both fighters were wiped out after the match but Ibushi grabbed Yoshihiko’s hand and showed his respect. Ibushi was told his next defence will be on 29th April against the winner of the Battle Royal section of the Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere match. He also has an IWGP Heavyweight Title match against AJ Styles before then. Ibushi said he hopes to defend his title and that the next time he is in Saitama he will be a double champion!

What is up with the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles? The list of short title reigns continue after Team Drift lost the belts back to Shuten-dōji in their first defence. Shigehiro Irie asked for a rematch. Masa Takanashi said no but KUDO & Yukio Sakaguchi said yes, so another match is on the way.

An 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match was sponsored by Television Saitama Co., Ltd, or Teletama for short. DJ Nira got a taste of success when he eliminated MIKAMI with a Rocket Punch that sent MIKAMI out of the ring. However Nira eliminated himself seconds later when he somehow slipped while climbing to the top rope and fell to the floor. Konosuke Takeshita and Antonio Honda both wore headgear in the shape of Teletama’s mascot and together danced to Teletama’s theme song to power up and win the match. Their prize is they will soon get to produce a video of themselves singing the theme song for Teletama.

I guess due to legal reasons DDT censors the name of Kazuki Hirata’s theme song in its show report. It is instead written as “●O●●O ●O!” while the Battle-News website writes it as “T●KY●,G●!”

Saki Akai is starting to show some growth in her wrestling career. In her pre-match video she admitted she was originally only going to wrestle for one year but has since become determined to regain the Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title from Aja Kong. And she wants to do it as a DDT wrestler rather than as a guest celebrity. Unfortunately she still has a lot of work to do as Kong was still too much of a challenge for her to overcome. Kong complained about a lack of strong challengers to fight until Gota Ihashi suddenly ambushed her with his King Of Dark Title belt. Akai surprisingly defended Kong and stopped Ihashi with a High Kick. Kong knocked out Ihashi with the Uraken and despite being annoyed by what just happened, thanked Akai for helping. Kong then granted Akai a future rematch for the Iron Man Title.

Danshoku Dino is continuing his latest mission: to turn every town he visits into a “Gay Town”! It begun with Fukushima and today Saitama was his target. Sugaru Miyatake wanted to stop him but couldn’t after falling foul to the Gotch-Style Danshoku Driver.

The DDT Extreme Champion was not in attendance but he did leave a message for Akito about their title match next week. X wants to wrestle in a Total Count Match. It is a ten minute Ironman match and a point is scored for every second you pin your opponent. If there is a tie at the end then it will be sudden death with one more point needed to win.

Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki both qualify for the Right To Challenge Anytime, Anywhere Battle Royal on 29th March.

A Road Wrestling match will be held in Izuguranparu Park, Saitama on 15th April. The match is Sanshiro Takagi & Jun Kasai Vs Gota Ihashi & Suguru Miyatake Vs Danshoku Dino & Saki Akai Vs Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki.

Ibushi Prepares For Yoshihiko & AJ Styles, Mitomi Masayuki Comeback

March 18, 2015

Kota Ibushi’s run in New Japan just keeps getting better. After winning the New Japan Cup last weekend he now has an IWGP Title against AJ Styles match at Sumo Hall on 5th April. If Ibushi beats Yoshihiko this Saturday then the New Japan main event is guaranteed to be IWGP Champion Vs KO-D Champion, a first for New Japan and DDT’s relationship.

Saitama Kasukabe Hall

0. Dark Match: Kazusada Higuchi & Kouki Iwasaki Vs Ryota Nakatsu & Kota Umeda
1. Yasu Urano & Akito Vs Tomoya & Shunma Katsumata
2. Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi Vs Daisuke Sasaki & Suguru Miyatake
3. Teletama Presents Infomercial Match: Sanshiro Takagi, Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata & MIKAMI Vs Antonio Honda, Konosuke Takeshita, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & DJ Nira
4. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Do It Or Die! – Special Single Match: Aja Kong (c) Vs Saki Akai
5. Eat Or Be Eaten! – Special Single Match: HARASHIMA Vs Tetsuya Endo
6. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie & Soma Takao (c) Vs KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masa Takanashi
7. KO-D Openweight Title: Kota Ibushi (c) Vs Yoshihiko

So DDT has put up a fact sheet and list of career highlights for Yoshihiko before his KO-D Title match with Ibushi. Apparently Kurt Angle gave plenty of praise when he saw footage of Yoshihiko attacking Ibushi and laying down the challenge. When Ric Flair watched the same clip he just said “This is wrestling!” Also of note is Yoshihiko feels strongly about getting the 5th April IWGP Title shot if he beats Ibushi.

UNION “MARCH OF UNION 2015”, 28/03/2015
Yokohama Radiant Hall

1. Yuuya Kubo Vs Yuki Sato
2. Hiroshi Fukuda Vs Madoka (w/ Harumi Tachibana)
3. Mio Shirai & Aoi Ishibashi Vs Ryu Gouma & Ladybeard
4. Isami Kodaka Vs Ryota Nakatsu
5. Mitomi Masayuki Comeback: Seiya Morohashi & Tomoya Kawamura Vs Mitomi Masayuki & Daisuke Kanehira
6. Union Fly To Everywhere World Title: Cherry Vs Shu Shibutani
7. FUMA, Kazushi Miyamoto & SAGAT (w/ MEN’S Teioh) Vs Shuji Ishikawa, Masato Shibata & Daichi Kazato

Mitomi Masayuki is back after going through a bad period last December. He was suspended from Union and DDT for bad behaviour on Twitter and then got himself injured while wrestling on a micro indie show a week later. He will be teaming with Daisuke Kanehira from Pro Wrestling HEAT-UP for his comeback.

DDT “INTO THE FIGHT 2015” Results

February 21, 2015


DDT “INTO THE FIGHT 2015”, 21/02/2015
Shinjuku FACE
670 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. King Of Dark Title: Suguru Miyatake defeated Gota Ihashi (c) with the Heart Attack (2:39).
*D1 for Gota Ihashi.
0. Dark Match: Kazusada Higuchi & Shunma Katsumata defeated Kota Umeda & Kouki Iwasaki when Higuchi submitted Iwasaki with the Canadian Backbreaker (6:10).
1. Keisuke Ishii, Shigehiro Irie, Soma Takao & MIKAMI defeated KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi, Masa Takanashi & Tomomitsu Matsunaga when Takao pinned Takanashi with the Gin And Tonic (10:35).
2. No DQ Match: Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine defeated Toru Owashi & DJ Nira when Machine pinned Nira with the Super Power Bomb (9:26).
3. Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi Vs Akito & Yasu Urano ended in a Draw when Asahi and Urano pinned each other after the Modern Times (12:50).
4. Kazuki Hirata Tokyo GO Numbers Game – 1st Round: HARASHIMA defeated Kazuki Hirata with the Somato (9:55).
5. Yuji Okabayashi defeated Tetsuya Endo with the Golem Splash (17:36).
6. Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki defeated Antonio Honda & Konosuke Takeshita when Ibushi pinned Honda with the Sit Down Last Ride (18:36).

The first DDT show since “SAITAMA SUPER DDT 2015” saw some bad blood brewing for the upcoming KO-D Openweight and KO-D Tag Team Title matches. Kota Ibushi & Daisuke Sasaki beat Antonio Honda & Konosuke Takeshita in the main event. But their post-match speech was interrupted by Yoshihiko! The doll attacked both of them and left Ibushi laying with a Dragon Suplex. It then grabbed the microphone and said in a machine like voice that it will be the next KO-D Champion! After the show Ibushi said he never expected Yoshihiko would do this to him.

Yuji Okabayashi furthered his dominance of Tetsuya Endo with a singles win in the semi-main event. Danshoku Dino snuck up on Okabayashi after the match along with Daisuke Kiso wearing a Super Sasadango Machine mask (explained below). Okabayashi shrugged him off Dino’s attack and grabbed Kiso thinking he was Sasadango. He then gave Kiso the Torture Rack! Dino swore revenge and said the KO-D Tag Title match is now about more than just the belts.

Kazuki Hirata challenged HARASHIMA in a bid to improve his number of Twitter followers. HARASHIMA beat him with the Somato. HARASHIMA said in an interview backstage that he would like to regain the KO-D Title.

Makoto Oishi was a little upset that Shiori Asahi is no longer labelled as the X mystery wrestler. Asahi is fine with it but Oishi still instructed the fans to cheer for him. Asahi and Yasu Urano wound up pinning each other at the same time when the Modern Times Backslide Pin wound up with both of their shoulders pinned to the canvas.

Match #2 was turned into a No DQ match when everyone involved demanded it. An unwilling Daisuke Kiso Power Bombed DJ Nira with the help of Danshoku Dino & Super Sasadango Machine. After the match Sasadango said that the “Wrestling Cannonball 2014” movie begins screening tonight and he heard Minoru Suzuki arrived early looking for him. Sasadango took off his mask and placed it over Kiso’s face to use him as the scapegoat before quickly leaving the ring.

Team Dream Futures have earned themselves a KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Title shot. Soma Takao pinned Masa Takanashi in the 8-Man Tag match and afterwards said he wants the white belts. Takanashi was pissed off that he lost and said he is not a clown. The title match will be in Osaka on 1st March.

Gota Ihashi scored an unwanted first defence of the King Of Dark Title when he lost to Suguru Miyatake. Amon Tsurumi told Miyatake after the match that he’s starting to remind him of Michael Nakazawa.

The King Of DDT tournament returns in June. The first round take place on 6th June, second round on 14th June, the semi-finals and final on 28th June.