DDT “GET ALIVE 2020” Results

September 7, 2020

DDT “GET ALIVE 2020”, 07/09/2020
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
??? Fans – Withheld

1. Akito & Yukio Naya defeated Makoto Oishi & Mizuki Watase when Akito submitted Watase with the Goliath Birdeater (8:42).
2. Super Sasadango Machine & Antonio Honda defeated Kazuki Hirata & Keigo Nakamura when Honda pinned Nakamura with the Diving Fist Drop (9:34).
3. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai (c) defeated Danshoku Dieno, Seigo Tachibana & Yoshiko when Sakaguchi pinned Dieno with the Gay-do Clutch (11:57).
*V2 for Eruption.
4. Team Big Boomers Vs ALL OUT!: Jun Akiyama & Sanshiro Takagi defeated Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata when Akiyama pinned Katsumata with the Exploder Suplex (10:48).
5. DDT UNIVERSAL Title – No DQ Match: Chris Brookes (c) defeated Drew Parker with the Praying Mantis Bomb (13:55).
*V1 for Chris Brookes.
6. DAMNATION Vs DISASTER BOX Full Scale Battle! Elimination 10-Man Tag Match: Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo, Soma Takao, Mad Paulie & Nobuhiro Shimatani defeated HARASHIMA, Naomichi Marufuji, Yuki Ueno, Naomi Yoshimura & Toru Owashi (23:37).
6a. Soma Takao eliminated Naomichi Marufuji by Ring Out (13:48).
6b. Mad Paulie & Nobuhiro Shimatani and Toru Owashi were all eliminated by Triple Ring Out (15:24).
6c. Daisuke Sasaki eliminated Naomi Yoshimura with a School Boy (17:11).
6d. HARASHIMA eliminated Soma Takao by Ring Out (18:43).
6e. Tetsuya Endo eliminated HARASHIMA by Ring Out (21:13).
6f. Yuki Ueno eliminated Daisuke Sasaki by Ring Out (22:36).
6g. Tetsuya Endo eliminated Yuki Ueno with the Shooting Star Press (23:37).

The main event elimination match had No Tag and Over The Top Rope rules added to it before everyone came out. Naomichi Marufuji was the surprise first elimination when Soma Takao blocked the Shiranui, knocked him onto the apron and then Missile Dropkicked him to the floor. Toru Owashi evened the score in a big way by holding on to both Mad Paulie and Nobuhiro Shimatani in the apron. HARASHIMA & Yuki Ueno understood his plan and Dropkicked the group to the floor, bringing the match down to 3 Vs 3. Paulie & Shimatani stuck around however and distracted the referee so Daisuke Sasaki could Low Blow Naomi Yoshimura twice before pinning him. The entire DAMNATION side continued their attack until the full DISASTER BOX team fought back and HARASHIMA eliminated Takao by countering the Gin And Tonic into a Headscissors over the rope and out of the ring. Sasaki hit a Topé Suicida to Ueno while Tetsuya Endo caught HARASHIMA with the Overhead Kick. He lifted him up for the Torture Rack but instead of going for the Bomb like he normally does, he ran across the ring and threw HARASHIMA to the floor instead. DAMNATION’s 2 on 1 advantage backfired when Endo accidentally kicked Sasaki out the ring when he aimed for Ueno. Endo recovered from that mistake and pinned Ueno with the Shooting Star Press to win.

After the match there were two things DAMNATION had to talk about in regards to “ULTIMATE PARTY 2020”. Takao was discussing his tag match against HarashiMarufuji when he received two video messages from CIMA. The first message was CIMA saying how much he is looking forward to the match after it was delayed. Then the second video was CIMA suggesting he and Takao have a warm up match before that. But instead of them teaming together CIMA and Takao will have a match against each other on 27th September!

The other issue needing attention was Endo’s big announcement. Who will he choose to defend the KO-D Openweight Title against at Ota Ward Gymnasium? He chooses Daisuke Sasaki! Endo explained there are two wrestlers left he has to surpass. One is Kenny Omega but that match cannot happen for now. That means he will go with his other influence and that is Sasaki. The challenge was accepted but Sasaki made something clear. DAMNATION has nothing to do with this. It will be Endo Vs Sasaki, nothing else!

Years of friendship was put aside when Chris Brookes defended the DDT UNIVERSAL Title against Drew Parker in a No DQ Match. Parker had Abdullah Kobayashi in his corner while Masahiro Takanashi accompanied Brookes to the ring. The smashed birthday mug that led to all of this was a hint of what was to come. Parker Double Stomped Brookes through a pile of plastic cases from a ladder. He also threw him through a board of plastic forks. Brookes stapled paper to Parker’s cheeks and broke a chair over his head. He then used the Praying Mantis Bomb to put his friend away. The two got along again after the match and Brookes told the fans this won’t be the last time Parker is in DDT. Together they will go after the KO-D Tag Team Titles! They got permission from Hisaya Imabayashi to challenge Nautilus and the match will happen on 27th September.

Team Big Boomers put those young up ‘n comers in their place. Shunma Katsumata had his back targeted because he still had wounds over it from a recent death match he had in Big Japan. There was a small setback when Sanshiro Takagi accidentally kicked Jun Akiyama in the face outside the ring but other than that their teamwork was flawless. Konosuke Takeshita got to fight evenly with Akiyama again but was taken aside and had to watch his rival pin Katsumata with the Exploder Suplex. Makoto Oishi approached Takeshita after the match with a challenge. He wants to do three Junretsu Vs ALL OUT singles matches at the next Korakuen Hall show. They will put down three tug of war ropes hidden from view and whichever wrestlers choose the same rope will wrestle each other. Akito pointed out the possibility of Takeshita and Akiyama choosing the same rope which means their first singles match could happen before “ULTIMATE PARTY 2020”. But this rivalry between the two factions is now more than just Takeshita Vs Akiyama. The rest of ALL OUT also want to get that match against Akiyama.

The pantyhose joke is still funny to Yukio Sakaguchi so Eruption’s challengers had their gameplan ready. That was until Yoshiko refused to wear pantyhose over her head. Danshoku Dieno got her to wear jokey sunglasses instead and that worked just as well on Sakaguchi. Kazusada Higuchi wasn’t in a laughing move though. His goal was to slice off Seigo Tachibana’s little finger with a karate chop! Saki Akai was the only one on the champion team fully focused on the match and that’s because she was in the ring with her career rival Yoshiko again. Dieno took out more masks to make Sakaguchi laugh including a horse head he put over one of the production staff. Sakaguchi finally figured out he could unmask his opponents but Dieno still put the masks on other people to distract him. Sakaguchi got out of the ring only to come back in wearing the horse head himself. Dieno pulled it off to reveal Sakaguchi was wearing pantyhose on his head underneath! Dieno burst into laughter allowing Sakaguchi to put him in a Sleeper Hold. He then rolled him into a Gaydo Clutch to get the three count.

Normally in pro wrestling rookies get yelled at because they are not taking things seriously. In DDT rookies get yelled at when they do take things seriously! Keigo Nakamura got a grilling from Super Sasadango Machine, Antonio Honda and Kazuki Hirata because all he was doing in the match was wrestling. He didn’t dance, tell rude jokes or even do a PowerPoint presentation. Why even be in DDT if you don’t want to do stuff like this? To show Nakamura what he is missing, the others came up with a creative musical called TOKYO Gon. Honda sang “TOKYO GO!” with his own rude lyrics and Hirata danced to them. Nakamura got into it and joined in until Sasadango & Honda attacked Hirata & Nakamura with Bionic Elbows. Sasadango gave Nakamura the Verdict and Honda pinned him with the Diving Fist Drop while still singing “TOKYO GO!”

Junretsu came close to winning in the opener but they are still an unpolished product when Akiyama isn’t in the match. Oishi wiped out Yukio Naya with a Plancha. Mizuki Watase used a Wrist Clutch DDT and got a nearfall out of it. But Akito countered the Back Drop into an Anklelock. He turned it into the Goliath Birdeater submission and that made Watase give up.

The D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 will take place between 22nd November and 27th December. Three of the shows from the tournament will be broadcast on DDT TV SHOW when the series comes back on WRESTLE UNIVERSE.


September 5, 2020

Osaka Azalea Taisho Hall
??? Fans – Withheld

1. Yukio Naya & Keigo Nakamura defeated Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata when Naya pinned Hirata with a Lariat (0:09).
1a. Rematch: Toru Owashi & Kazuki Hirata defeated Yukio Naya & Keigo Nakamura when Hirata pinned Nakamura with the Miracle One Shot Cradle (9:32).
2. 3 Way Match: Soma Takao defeated Akito and Antonio Honda when Takao pinned Honda with a School Boy (9:00).
3. Eruption Vs Junretsu!: Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Mizuki Watase & Hideki Okatani when Higuchi submitted Okatani with the Torture Canadian Backbreaker (11:03).
4. Taisho Ward Specialty! Jun To Ai Special Tag Match: Chris Brookes & Maku Donaruto Vs Sanshiro Takagi & Danshoku Dieno ended in a No Contest (11:56).
5. Junretsu Vs ALL OUT!: Jun Akiyama & Makoto Oishi defeated Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata when Oishi submitted Katsumata with the Fujiyama Knee Lock (11:58).
6. DAMNATION Vs DISASTER BOX: HARASHIMA, Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura defeated Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie when Ueno pinned Paulie with the BME (16:22).

It’s been a while since Yuki Ueno got to wrestle in his hometown of Osaka again, eight months to be exact. In that time he has gotten stronger and became the KO-D Tag Team Champion with Naomi Yoshimura. Since Ueno won the fall in the main event, HARASHIMA gave him the spot in closing out the show. He said the next time he will wrestle in Osaka will be for Yukinori Matsui’s produce show next month.

Jun Akiyama heard that Keiko Takeshita was in attendance today. He greeted her before the show and joked he would tease her a little bit by bullying her son in the ring. Konosuke Takeshita spent too much time fighting Akiyama during the match. He couldn’t make it to the ring in time to save Shunma Katsumata from submitting to Makoto Oishi. They will face off in another tag at Korakuen Hall this Monday before facing off again in Nagoya two weeks later. All of this is preparation for their big singles match at “ULTIMATE PARTY 2020”.

From the beginning Chris Brookes didn’t want to team with Maku Donaruto. He walked out on the match when he got fed up with getting involved in Donaruto’s lewd spots. Sanshiro Takagi tried to keep the match going but he ran off when the back of his tights were pulled down. Danshoku Dieno had Donaruto beaten with the Danshoku Driver when Brookes returned dressed like Donaruto! Takagi also came back wearing Donaruto gear too. The three Donarutos attacked Daisuke Kiso forcing the match to be called off.

Yukio Naya immediately pinned Kazuki Hirata in the opening match. Hirata got a rematch confirmed because he didn’t want the first DDT show in 8 months to start this way. Naya pulled out the penlights and danced with them to counter Hirata. However he got too focused on dancing while Hirata pinned Keigo Nakamura.

Ueno & HUB Vs Takeshita & Billy Ken Kid along with Masato Tanaka & Shigehiro Irie Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi were both announced for Matsui’s show on 18th October.


August 29, 2020

Shinjuku FACE
??? Fans – Withheld

1. Reiwa’s Summer Battle!: Chikara defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani with the Saber Chop (10:12).
2. 3 Way Match: El Lindaman defeated Antonio Honda and Intelligence Sensational Grand Passion Mask #4 when Lindaman pinned Honda with the German Suplex (14:10).
3. Soma Takao & T-Hawk defeated Mineo Fujita & Leo Isaka when Takaon pinned Isaka after an Accidental Dropkick from Fujita (11:58).
4. Shuji Ishikawa & Mad Paulie defeated Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Naya when Paulie pinned Naya with the Reverse Splash (12:54).
5. Tetsuya Endo Debut 8th Anniversary Match: Tetsuya Endo defeated Ryuichi Sekine with the Shooting Star Press (15:04).
6. Special Single Match: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Tsutomu Oosugi with La Mistica Cross Facelock (20:40).

The main event lost control when Tsutomu Oosugi accidentally knocked down Yukinori Matsui. After that happened, Daisuke Sasaki pulled Oosugi into the Cross Facelock and made him tap out with no referee there to see it. Matsui was revived in time to see Oosugi roll himself on top of Sasaki almost pinning him for the three count. Sasaki went for La Mistica Cross Facelock and eventually got it in. Oosugi reached for the ropes but gave up when Sasaki re-positioned themselves back to the middle of the ring.

After the match, Sasaki did something that is rare for him. He thanked his opponent. He chose Oosugi to be his opponent today because Oosugi showed him how fun pro wrestling is. There’s probably other reasons but Sasaki can’t remember them. He told Oosugi he respects him. Oosugi asked if Sasaki kicks every person he admires in the crotch? He thinks Sasaki’s life has gotten a lot worse, more than he ever realised in their previous tag matches. However, Sasaki showed him his true colours in today’s singles match. Oosugi believes wrestling is all inclusive and he will always remember the Sasaki he knew from their days in Mexico. Sasaki said they should go back to Mexico and have a match there.

Tetsuya Endo has been warned before by Sasaki not to get too close to Ryuichi Sekine. However Endo respects Sekine so much that he got him to be his opponent for his 8th anniversary match. Although Endo admitted afterwards that Sekine was his third choice. Still, he thinks they had a really good match.

The return of Shuji Ishikawa was meant to be a good time. It looked that way when he and Mad Paulie defeated Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Naya. But after the match Ishikawa told Paulie he only came here to wrestle, not to sing. This was not the time for karaoke. He would only sing when he thinks the time is right. Ishikawa apologised for the disappointing news.

The master of unintentional groin attacks Mineo Fujita showcased his abilities. Soma Takao in particular was scared to fight him and backed off whenever he felt his crotch was in danger. T-Hawk also refused to tag in when Fujita was in the ring. Fujita eventually found ways to do his thing, falling headbutt first onto Takao’s groin then giving T-Hawk a Facecrusher onto the same spot. Fujita’s cursed ability was his team’s downfall because he accidentally Dropkicked Leo Isaka in the dick. Takao pinned Isaka to save everyone’s manhoods from further harm.

When the 3 Way Match began, Antonio Honda got upset over being left out. He was about to tell a Gongitsune joke when El Lindaman and Intelligence Sensational Grand Passion Mask #4 both attacked him. Lindaman (25) and Passion Mask (39) then began arguing over their ages. It led to everyone sitting down in the middle of the ring and refusing to be the first to move. Honda yelled at everyone to stand back up and start Chopping each other. The three wrestlers eventually had their tights accidentally pulled down and they all fought in their underwear. Honda hit the Diving Fist Drop 2020 ~Homecoming~ on Passion Mask but Lindaman then gave him a German Suplex to steal the win.

Nobuhiro Shimatani and Chikara kept yelling their names at each other inbetween moves. They mostly Chopped each other a lot.

All of DAMNATION got in the ring at the end of the show. Ishikawa explained to Sasaki his self-ban on singing karaoke. Sasaki called him stupid and asked what does Ishikawa want to do? Ishikawa wants to sing! He got to sing while Takao, Endo and Paulie danced around him. When they finished, Sasaki announced “DAMNATION ILLEGAL ASSEMBLY RETURNS VOL.2” will happen on 11th December!

Sasaki had a message to give at the start of the show. It is something everyone is thinking. “Fuck Corona!” Everyone applauded.


August 27, 2020

Tokyo Toshimaen
128,500 ABEMA Viewers

1. Jiro Kuroshio defeated Shunma Katsumata by submission when Katsumata was too scared to fall into the pond (14:36).
2. Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai defeated Danshoku Dieno, Yukio Naya & Kazuki Hirata when Akai pinned Dieno, Naya & Hirata with a Diving Body Attack from the Yumbo (9:45).
3. Akito, Mizuki Watase & An Chamu (w/ Otake) defeated Super Sasadango Machine, Keigo Nakamura & Yuna Manase (w/ Kuro-chan) when Chamu pinned Akamura with a Running Double Knee Attack from poolside (10:52).
4. Daisuke Sasaki, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie defeated HARASHIMA, Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura when Sasaki pinned Ueno with a Diving Elbow Drop from a vending machine (16:18).
5. Retirement Match If Onita Loses ~ Street Current Blast 3 Vs 4 Handciap Death Match: Atsushi Onita, Sanshiro Takagi & Chris Brookes defeated Shinya Aoki, Konosuke Takeshita, Caol Uno & Kuro-chan when Onita pinned Kuro-chan with a Current Blast Swing (15:44).

DDT bid the Toshimaen theme park farewell by putting Atsushi Onita’s career on the line in a Current Blast Death Match. It was supposed to be 3 Vs 3 but Onita wanted Kuro-chan to get involved. He refused, only staying around to serve as witness to the match. It began with a full brawl until they split off. Onita and Shinya Aoki fought over to a Current Blast Baseball Bat. Aoki swung the bat but Chris Brookes blocked it with a Stop sign and no explosion went off. Onita had to hit Caol Uno with the bat twice for it to explode. Kuro-chan ran in to break pins so Sanshiro Takagi forced him to enter the match on Aoki’s team. Onita and Aoki fought over to a staging area where the experimental Blast Rocket was aimed. Konosuke Takeshita hesitated setting the rocket off so Kuro-chan fired it instead! Aoki crawled on top of Onita for the pin but Takagi broke it up. Takeshita shouted out “Thank you Toshimaen for 94 years of hard work!” before putting Brookes through a table with a Diving Body Press. Kuro-chan stomped on Onita until Onita stood back up, grabbed the Blast Bat and hit Kuro-chan with it. Kuro-chan went down and Onita pinned him to win and avoid retirement for the 7th(?) time. Onita demanded a singles match with Kuro-chan afterwards.

DAMNATION made their entrances on slow moving animal vehicles. Daisuke Sasaki was clad in Toshimaen shirts and towels, blaming his opponents for closing the theme park down. When DISASTER BOX had the upper hand in the match, Sasaki pleaded to go on one of the rides one last time. HARASHIMA accepted his request and all of the wrestlers went on the Magic ride. When it ended they all fought each other again except for Mad Paulie and Naomi Yoshimura. They had difficulty getting on and off the ride because of their size. HARASHIMA was thrown onto the lion vehicle and very slowly went away. Sasaki sprayed Yuki Ueno with a fire extinguisher. Tetsuya Endo pinned Ueno down between chairs and a ladder while Sasaki climbed a vending machine. He shouted “Toshimaen forever!” and landed a Diving Elbow Drop onto Ueno for the finish. He really doesn’t want the place to close down.

One of the matches took place in the poolside area. Yuna Manase and An Chamu got their teams to lift them up for a game of horseback riding. It got so rough it turned into a wrestling match. Wrestlers suplexed each other into the pool. Kuro-chan kept trying to lick Manase’s knee so they threw him onto a float and pushed him across the pool away from everyone else. Mizuki Watase unmasked Super Sasadango Machine and pushed his face under the water. Chamu stripped off Manase’s top and threw it into the pool. Manase jumped in afterwards to retrieve it. Akito gave Keigo Nakamura an Avalanche Brainbuster into the pool from the observation platform. Chamu ran along poolside and hit a Double Knee Attack onto Nakamura on a floating ring. She pinned him on the water’s surface.

Over at the stage, Danshoku Dieno came up with some very lewd ideas to use on Eruption. He called in samba dancers to come in while he did the Brazilian Nightmare to Saki Akai. “TOKYO GO!” then played and Kazuki Hirata made a grand entrance on the stage. That ended when Yukio Sakaguchi drove in on a jumbo digger and attacked Hirata with it. Kazusada Higuchi also grabbed onto the digger’s shovel to swing around and knock over his opponents. Dieno found a large bubble blower on the stage and unleashed the “Anal Soap Samba”, soaking everyone in foam while the samba dancers performed on stage. Akai climbed the digger and dove onto everyone below, pinning the entire opposing team to win.

Jiro Kuroshio and Shunma Katsumata kept trying to throw each other into any pool of water they could find. Kuroshio was about to succeed pushing his opponent over a fence when Katsumata verbally gave up. He can’t swim so he would rather lose the match. Kuroshio pushed him into the water anyway.


August 25, 2020

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
??? Fans

1. The Mystery Of Laos! Amazing Mecha Pandita First Time Out!: Shunma Katsumata defeated Mecha Pandita with a Diving Body Press (10:36).
2. Gake no Fuchi Joshi Vs Pocchari Joshi Full Face To Face Battle!: Yuna Manase & Yumehito Imanari defeated Miyako Matsumoto & Chris Brookes when Manase pinned Matsumoto with the Suzuki Dynamic (11:41).
3. Hage Torongezu Vs #STRONGHEARTS! – No DQ Match: T-Hawk & El Lindaman defeated Jiro Kuroshio & Seigo Tachibana when Lindaman pinned Tachibana with the German Suplex (12:27).
4. STREET FIGHT CLUB Special Match ~Royal Traditions Match~: Jun Akiyama defeated Yukio Naya with the Exploder Suplex (12:04).
5. Street Fight Scramble Bunkhouse 6-Man Tag Death Match: Atsushi Onita, Yuko Miyamoto & Rocky Kawamura defeated Takashi Sugiura, NOSAWA Rongai & Kaz Hayashi when Onita pinned Rongai with a Chair Attack (15:49).

Normally in a Scramble Bunkhouse, both teams stand in opposite sides of the room, wait for a countdown and then charge down to the ring to grab the weapons first. Atsushi Onita’s team didn’t have the patience for that and he attacked Takashi Sugiura during Sugiura-gun’s entrance. Chairs were whacked over heads, people were thrown into barbed wire boards and NOSAWA Rongai smashed a guitar over Onita’s head. Yuko Miyamoto and Kaz Hayashi briefly brought some athleticism into the match but other than that it was a brawl. Rocky Kawamura got some punches in on Sugiura. In the end, Onita hit NOSAWA with chairshots until NOSAWA couldn’t get back up. After the match, Onita said he might have broken some ribs so he couldn’t do his usual Onita Theatre ending where he spits water into the crowd. That’s the reason along with the Coronavirus. Onita assured everyone he tested negative before the show but he wouldn’t risk passing along the virus that way.

Jun Akiyama was surprised to see the rest of Junretsu standing in Yukio Naya’s corner for their match. Makoto Oishi explained to him it was only for today. Naya got a nearfall with a Running Kneelift. Akiyama hit his own one then lowered his kneepad down before doing it again. Naya was able to kick out but he was done for after the Exploder Suplex.

An electric shaver came into play for Match #3. El Lindaman bought it before the show but it went missing. Seigo Tachibana revealed he snuck into the locker room and stole it from Lindaman’s bag. They demanded the match be made No DQ and threatened to shave each other’s heads. T-Hawk and Jiro Kuroshio did the same when they faced off. Lindaman grabbed the shaver and chased after Yukinori Matsui until the ref gave him a Lariat. Tachibana went to give Lindaman a Back Drop but Tachibana escaped by shaving a straight line through the middle of Tachibana’s hair! When Tachibana figured out what happened he was left in a shocked state. It was easy pickings for Lindaman to pin him with the German Suplex. He shaved off more of Tachibana’s hair after the match.

Chris Brookes created a new double team move called the Holy Diver. It involves picking up Miyako Matsumoto and Crucifix Power Bombing her onto the opponent through a plastic box. They tried it on Yuna Manase but Manase rolled out of the way and Matsumoto crashed through the box on her own. She still had enough fight left to counter the Suzuki Dynamic into a Roll Up but Manase hit the move on the second attempt to win. After the match Yumehito Imanari called Brookes and Matsumoto crazy. He wants both Gake no Fuchi Joshi and Pocchari Joshi to show the world how crazy they are.

The debut of Mecha Pandita shows the robot has plenty of kinks that need to be worked out. Controlled by Onita from the locker room, Pandita tried locking up when Shunma Katsumata was nowhere near it. When Pandita was able to attack properly, Katsumata placed it outside the ring and hoped it would get counted out. Pandita got back in on time and took over. It missed a 450 Splash allowing Katsumata to Body Slam it despite being a heavy robot. Katsumata grabbed a cold spray and climbed the top rope, expecting Pandita to follow him. His guess was right and Katsumata froze Pandita with the cold spray, causing it to fall down to the canvas. Katsumata landed a Diving Body Press and got the three count. Backstage Katsumata said the next time he fights Pandita he will destroy it. And someday he will fight Onita too!

Daisuke Kiso was officiating some of the matches so he is safely out of self-isolation.


August 23, 2020

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
??? Fans

0. Under Match – 5 Way Match: Kazuki Hirata defeated Toru Owashi, Antonio Honda, Tomomitsu Matsunaga and Yukio Naya when Hirata pinned Honda with the Miracle One Shot Cradle (5:33).
1. King Of DDT 2020 – Semi-Final: Tetsuya Endo defeated Kazusada Higuchi by Referee Stoppage with the Modified Yurikamome Hold (10:19).
2. King Of DDT 2020 – Semi-Final: T-Hawk defeated Akito with the Night Ride (11:19).
3. Danshoku Dieno & Seigo Tachibana defeated Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai when Dieno pinned Sakaguchi with the Gaydo Clutch (7:32).
4. KING OF DDT 2020 Special 10-Man Tag Match: HARASHIMA, Yuki Ueno, Naomi Yoshimura, Chris Brookes & Minoru Tanaka defeated Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao, Mad Paulie, El Lindaman & Nobuhiro Shimatani when HARASHIMA pinned Shimatani with the Somato (12:47).
5. Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata, Shinya Aoki & Keigo Nakamura defeated Jun Akiyama, Makoto Oishi, Mizuki Watase & Hideki Okatani when Takeshita pinned Oishi with the German Suplex (14:55).
6. King Of DDT 2020 – Final: Tetsuya Endo defeated T-Hawk with the Shooting Star Press (20:24).

Today confirms without a shadow of a doubt that Tetsuya Endo is the number one wrestler in DDT. The reigning KO-D Openweight Champion survived an early setback in the tournament to end up winning King Of DDT 2020! This is the second time in four years that Endo won King Of DDT. He had to beat his #DAMNHEARTS stablemate T-Hawk in the final. When the final began, Endo grabbed Hawk’d leg and attempted the Golitah Birdeater hold that Akito uses but Hawk dodged it. Hawk also used a rope break to stop the Modified Yurikamome Hold Endo used to beat Kazusada Higuchi earlier. Hawk’s strength came into play but whenever he tried the BT Bomb, Endo had it countered. Endo kicked out of the Night Ride and pulled out his new Wrist-Clutch Driver move (which DDT’s website is calling a Modified One-Winged Angel). After that Endo got the pin with the Shooting Star Press.

As the champion, Endo now gets to choose his challenger for “ULTIMATE PARTY 2020” this November. Hisaya Imabayashi entered the ring to get his answer. Endo said it is somebody he has mentioned over and over… Tomomi Morisaki. No, Imabayashi told him to pick someone else. So Takei? No. Kanna Hashimoto? No. Tomoya Nagase? No. Okay, okay, okay, Endo picks Kenny Omega! He is the only one he wants to fight. Imabayashi accepted the choice but warned Endo that the match is unlikely to happen because of the current global travel restrictions caused by the Coronavirus. Imabayashi will try to negotiate but if that plan falls through then Endo will have to pick another opponent. Endo admits it is an irresponsible choice and accepts that it might not happen but he wants to follow through on the promise he made last month to wrestle Omega at Ota Ward Gymnasium. With that settled, Endo also decided to split his tournament winnings evenly among the other DAMNATION members. Daisuke Sasaki is busy trying to claim 90% of it for himself.

The “ULTIMATE PARTY 2020” isn’t set in stone but the undercard has some confirmed matches. One of the big ones is Konosuke Takeshita and Jun Akiyama facing off in a singles match! Takeshita’s team defeated Junretsu in an 8-Man Tag bout. Akiyama had his hands full with both Takeshita and Shinya Aoki across the ring from him. Makoto Oishi tried to take the load off him but Takeshita escaped from the Fujiyama Knee Lock to pin Oishi with the German Suplex. Takeshita told Akiyama they are even in tag matches so he challenged him to the singles match. Akiyama said he will stand in front of Takeshita in his best condition.

HARASHIMA led his team to victory against #DAMNHEARTS in the King Of DDT 10-Man Tag. Afterwards, Imabayashi told HARASHIMA and Soma Takao not to leave the ring because he had news for both of them. The HarashiMarufuji Vs CimaSoma match that was supposed to happen back in June will now take place at “ULTIMATE PARTY 2020”! Takao said backstage he is happy to team with CIMA in his hometown.

A couple of weeks ago DDT had a match where all of the wrestlers wore pantyhose over their heads. Danshoku Dieno found out the joke makes Yukio Sakaguchi laugh so much it makes him weak. So that was the battle plan for Dieno and Seigo Tachibana today, wrestle Sakaguchi & Saki Akai while wearing pantyhose over their faces. It worked! Sakaguchi kept laughing at the silly faces seen beneath the pantyhose. Dieno’s was pulled off but he put it over Yukinori Matsui’s head, gave Sakaguchi the Lip Lock and pinned him with the Gaydo Clutch! Tachiabana was left impressed by Dieno’s wrestling knowledge. With a KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles match against Eruption coming up, how can they lose? Akai is annoyed at Sakaguchi for laughing at basic comedy. She’s from Kansai and grew up watching a lot of comedy so she learned how to no sell it.

T-Hawk had to go past Akito in the semi-final. The CyberFight Vice President kept to what worked for him so far. He targeted Hawk’s legs, weakening the Cerberus knee strike in the process. What saved Hawk was his ability to avoid the Goliath Birdeater. He used a Reverse Power Slam to put Akito on the ropes and won with the Night Ride. Akito said this year was the strongest feeling he had to win but T-Hawk is stronger than him. Still, he learned a lot and thinks it was his best showing in the King Of DDT.

Higuchi’s sumo charge momentum met its end against Endo in the other semi-final. He went for big hit after big hit but when he went for the Buchikamashi, Endo countered it into the Yurikamome Hold. Endo maneuvered himself on top of Higuchi in the hold for added pressure, causing Higuchi to pass out. Endo was ruled the winner by referee stoppage.

The audience was introduced to Mecha Pandita for the first time. The robot entered the ring and attacked Shunma Katsumata while he promoted the “STREET FIGHT CLUB” happening this Tuesday. Pandita landed a Dropkick, a Standing Shooting Star and then poured coffee beans into Katsumata’s mouth.

The 5 Way dark match turned into a dance rave when Yukio Naya took out penlights to dance differently against Kazuki Hirata’s glasses. Soon everyone in the match danced with penlights until Hirata pinned Antonio Honda with the Miracle One Shot Cradle. Naya finished his dance anyway.

It’s worth noting that Shota was the referee for some of the matches today. Daisuke Kiso is still absent from shows.


August 15, 2020

Tokyo Kanda Myojin Hall
??? Fans

1. Team Big Boomers Vs Young Dramatics: Jun Akiyama & Sanshiro Takagi defeated Keigo Nakamura & Hideki Okatani when Akiyama pinned Nakamura with the Exploder Suplex (9:46).
2. 4 Way Match: Danshoku Dieno defeated Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata and Nobuhiro Shimatani when Dieno pinned Hirata with a Cradle (0:10).
2a. Rematch: Danshoku Dieno & Toru Owashi defeated Kazuki Hirata & Nobuhiro Shimatani when Owashi pinned Hirata with a Cradle (4:28).
3. Chris Brookes, Makoto Oishi & Mizuki Watase defeated HARASHIMA, Antonio Honda & Yukio Naya when Oishi pinned Naya with a Crucifix Pin (9:46).
4. #DAMNHEARTS Vs ALL OUT!: Daisuke Sasaki, T-Hawk & Soma Takao defeated Konosuke Takeshita, Akito & Shunma Katsumata when T-Hawk pins Katsumata with the Night Ride (12:20).
5. DAMNATION Vs Eruption!: Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie when Higuchi pinned Paulie with the Buchikamashi (11:29).
6. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura (c) defeated MIKAMI & Tanomusaku Toba when Ueno pinned Toba with the WR (18:50).
*V6 for Nautilus.

Nothing’s gonna stop the Nautilus train, not even the past! There was a point in DDT’s history when The Suicide Boyz were the glue that held the tag team division together. Nautilus beating them today for their 6th KO-D Tag Team Titles defence is a scalp they can claim with pride. Naomi Yoshimura kept MIKAMI at bay while Yuki Ueno got into a scrap with Tanomusaku Toba. Ueno took Toba’s best shot and fired back before hitting the WR to win. It was a hard shot though. Ueno admitted after the match he was still feeling light headed from one of the punches. Yoshimura said Nautilus will continue to build excitement in DDT.

Kazusada Higuchi is ready for Tetsuya Endo at the King Of DDT semi finals. Today’s preview match saw Higuchi Choke Slam Endo on top of Mad Paulie then followed up with a Diving Elbow onto Paulie. Yukio Sakaguchi nailed Paulie with the God’s Right Knee to the back of the head. What little fight Paulie had left was knocked out of him with the Buchikamashi sumo charge. Higuchi said he didn’t release his full power today too. Endo is confident he still knows how to handle Higuchi. You’ll see the real fight out of him at the semi final.

With Yuki Iino missing from the show due to a small back injury, Konosuke Takeshita led ALL OUT in the Haka in tribute to him at points in the match. T-Hawk taunted Akito after winning the match for #DAMNHEARTS. Akito responded that he isn’t stupid enough to show his hand before the semi final. Their final battle will be at Korakuen Hall. T-Hawk shrugged him off and said he will win the King Of DDT for both #DAMNHEARTS and #STRONGHEARTS.

Yukio Naya had Makoto Oishi held in a Samoan Drop position when Chris Brookes Super Kicked him. That caused Oishi to inadvertently roll Naya over into a Crucifix Pin and win the match.

Danshoku Dieno is still upset he cannot physically interact with the crowd during his entrance. He got with Kazuki Hirata while Hirata danced until Nobuhiro Shimatani knocked Hirata down with a Lariat. Dieno got rid of Shimatani with the Lip Lock and then pinned Hirata. This all happened before Toru Owashi could do anything so everyone agreed to an immediate tag team rematch.

The rookies wore their own black T-shirts that said “Wakazo” on them with “OK Boomer” underneath. Keigo Nakamura hates old fashioned companies and Hideki Okatani promised to do his best and kill old fashioned people. Sanshiro Takagi was offended by the shirts and said he was young. He and Okatani then argued about being old and young. Jun Akiyama beat up Nakamura and pinned him with the Exploder. He promised to stand on the front line with Takagi and fight together as Team Big Boomers. Takagi will do the same until their T-shirt sells out.


August 8, 2020

Tokyo Kanda Myojin Hall
??? Fans

1. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: El Lindaman defeated Yukio Naya with a Cradle (10:17).
2. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Toru Owashi defeated Seigo Tachibana with the Nodowa Otoshi (4:31).
3. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Danshoku Dieno defeated Antonio Honda with two Moonsaults (2:57).
4. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Kazusada Higuchi defeated Mizuki Watase with a Short Range Lariat (3:37).
5. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Yuki Ueno defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani with the BME (10:11).
6. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Daisuke Sasaki defeated Tomomitsu Matsunaga with the Crossface Lock (6:51).
7. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Shunma Katsumata defeated Yukio Sakaguchi with a Cradle (3:46).
8. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: HARASHIMA defeated Mad Paulie with the Somato (11:19).
9. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Shinya Aoki defeated Yuki Iino with an Armpit Lock (0:36).
10. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Makoto Oishi defeated Chris Brookes with the Fujiyama Knee Lock (8:41).
11. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: T-Hawk defeated Kazuki Hirata with the Nightride (7:45).
12. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Minoru Tanaka defeated Soma Takao with the Minoru Special (8:30).
13. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Konosuke Takeshita defeated Naomi Yoshimura with the German Suplex (8:07).
14. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1: Akito defeated Tetsuya Endo with the Goliath Birdeater (17:21).

The KO-D Openweight Champion is out in the 1st Round! Akito scored what is no doubt the biggest upset of the 2020 King Of DDT by beating Tetsuya Endo. Akito targeted Endo’s arm but switched to the legs in reaction to his opponent going for his own. The arm work paid off when Akito grabbed Endo’s wrist to free himself from the Swivel Torture Rack Bomb. He shifted over to an Anklelock and when Endo tried to escape, Akito turned it into the Goliath Birdeater. With no chance of escaping the hold, Endo gave up. Akito said he can’t be as acrobatic as Endo but with his own pro wrestling style, the new CyberFight Vice President can make it to the top of DDT for a long time!

Naomi Yoshimura surprised everyone by showing off his freshly shaved head. It was the latest dramatic turn in his lifelong rivalry with Konosuke Takeshita. Sadly for him the rivalry continues to be one sided. Takeshita beat him again, this time with the German Suplex.

The visiting Minoru Tanaka is entering the tournament in his best condition. He took everything Soma Takao threw at him from the Running Elbow Butt to the Official Endless Waltz. Takao couldn’t do the same, he tapped to the Minoru Special.

Kazuki Hirata wanted T-Hawk to shake his hand before their match because Hirata claims to be Hawk’s former senpai. Apparently there was a brief window of a few months where both of them trained in Kobe at the same time. It’s safe to say T-Hawk has surpassed Hirata.

There were a few Round 1 upsets today. The DDT UNIVERSAL Champion lost his match too! Chris Brookes gave up to Makoto Oishi when the Praying Mantis Bomb was countered into a Complete Shot. Oishi then applied the Fujiyama Knee Lock for the submission victory.

36 seconds is the time to beat for the quickest match of the tournament. Yuki Iino quickly Speared Shinya Aoki and hit an Elbow Drop. Aoki scrambled out of the pin and caught Iino in an Armpit Lock for the quick submission.

HARASHIMA thinks he was a little off today despite beating Mad Paulie. He managed to keep his pace but still felt he rushed his attacks against Paulie.

Another upset was Shunma Katsumata over Yukio Sakaguchi. Katsumata went for roll ups and cradles throughout the match. He got his three count eventually, rolling up Sakaguchi from the Sleeper Hold position.

DAMNATION is already having a bad tournament. Only Daisuke Sasaki won his 1st Round match with a victory over Tomomitsu Matsunaga. If you count DAMNHEARTS things are looking better though.

An even pace from both Yuki Ueno and Nobuhiro Shimatani kept them on their toes. Ueno kicked out of the Fisherman Buster and used a Dropkick to turn the match in his favour. A Blizzard Suplex and the Best Moonsault Ever got Ueno the win.

A Headbutt and a Lariat gave Kazusada Higuchi the win over Mizuki Watase. That’s all you need to know. That’s not meant to disparage Watase, it was that big of a Headbutt and a Lariat from Higuchi.

Antonio Honda already tripped into the ring before the match began to set up his Gongitsune spot. He and Danshoku Dieno wasted no time in finding a winner. They immediately went for the big moves and Dieno won with two Moonsaults.

The bad attitude of Seigo Tachibana didn’t intimidate Toru Owashi at all. He fought him face to face, eye to eye and crouch to crouch. Tachibana was tough enough to kick out after most of Owashi’s big attacks but he was down for good when he was given the Choke Slam.

The complaints of Yukio Naya not fighting like a big man was proven when the big boy was lifted off his feet by El Lindaman. Some cheating from Lindaman went a long way too. He blinded Naya with cold spray, used tape to wrap his limbs together and rolled him into a pin for the three count.

The 2nd Round matches are T-Hawk Vs Makoto Oishi, Yuki Ueno Vs Danshoku Dieno, Toru Owashi Vs Akito, Daisuke Sasaki Vs Shinya Aoki, Shunma Katsumata Vs Minoru Tanaka, El Lindaman Vs Konosuke Takeshita, HARASHIMA Vs Kazusada Higuchi. There is also the Loser Revival Battle Royal featuring all of the losers from Round 1 in an all or nothing chance to get into the Quarter Final.

King Of DDT Round 1 Comments, Big Old Men, Akiyama Vs Naya, UNIVERSAL No DQ

August 5, 2020

Tokyo Kanda Myojin Hall

1. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1M: El Lindaman Vs Yukio Naya
2. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1G: Seigo Tachibana Vs Toru Owashi
3. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1B: Danshoku Dieno Vs Antonio Honda
4. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1L: Kazusada Higuchi Vs Mizuki Watase
5. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1A: Nobuhiro Shimatani Vs Yuki Ueno
6. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1E: Daisuke Sasaki Vs Tomomitsu Matsunaga
7. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1I: Shunma Katsumata & Yukio Sakaguchi
8. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1K: Mad Paulie Vs HARASHIMA
9. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1F: Yuki Iino Vs Shinya Aoki
10. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1D: Chris Brookes Vs Makoto Oishi
11. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1C: Kazuki Hirata Vs T-Hawk
12. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1J: Minoru Tanaka Vs Soma Takao
13. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1N: Konosuke Takeshita Vs Naomi Yoshimura
14. King Of DDT 2020 – Round 1H: Tetsuya Endo Vs Akito

Some of the wrestlers have commented on the King Of DDT tournament in the lead up to Round 1. Yukio Sakaguchi simply said “we’ll do it this Summer.” Shunma Katsumata feels like there is a big wave coming for him. Soma Takao is looking forward to facing Minoru Tanaka and also wants to take on his allies in DAMNHEARTS on route to becoming a champion in his hometown. Tanaka believes he will win and beat DDT’s best without any reservations. HARASHIMA is going to blow the cobwebs away in this blazingly hot summer tournament. Mad Paulie’s grunts were translated into “Hey, Mad Paulie! Kill HARASHIMA! I’m going to win! Cheer for me!” Kazusada Higuchi will fight for himself, win or lose. Mizuki Watase would rather have a discussion with Higuchi instead of fighting him. Yukio Naya wants to win the first tournament he enters. El Lindaman can’t do the math on how many wrestlers are in this thing so he will just have to deal with them one by one. Naomi Yoshimura’s short term goal is to beat Konosuke Takeshita. Last year Takeshita broke his nose in the semi-final. He doesn’t like the fact he looks like a different person in his photos after he won the final. He wants to win with a more dignified looking face so everyone will recognise him.

Tokyo Kanda Myojin Hall

1. Team Big Old Men Vs Young Dramatics: Jun Akiyama & Sanshiro Takagi Vs Keigo Nakamura & Hideki Okatani
2. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura (c) Vs MIKAMI & Tanomusaku Toba

Past versus present and old versus young are the themes for the two matches listed above. The Suicide Boyz made their return to DDT and got a team win over Yuki Ueno. They now get a KO-D Tag Team Titles shot because of it. Both MIKAMI & Tanomusaku Toba have held the titles multiple times but only twice together.

Meanwhile Jun Akiyama & Sanshiro Takagi have become kindred spirits because of their similar age and agreed to team together to put the young ones in their place. Keigo Nakamura has stubbornly tried to match up with Akiyama while Hideki Okatani has been soaking all of his coach’s teachings like a sponge.

Tokyo Kanda Myojin Hall

1. Dress Code Tag Match: Antonio Honda & Yumehito Imanari Vs Hiroshi Yamato & Mizuki Watase
2. BOYZ-like Exchange Battle!: Tetsuya Endo & Soma Takao Vs Keisuke Ishii & Shota
3. “Danshoku-ryu” Are You Really ALL OUT!?: Akito Vs Shunma Katsumata (Special Referee: Danshoku Dieno)
4. Shall We Dance??: Chris Brookes Vs Kazuki Hirata
5. Smile Nishinari Yankee First Formation!: HARASHIMA, Konosuke Takeshita & Yuko Miyamoto Vs Kazusada Higuchi, Keigo Nakamura & Hideki Okatani
6. Nautilus Vs Oishi Asahi!: Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura Vs Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi

A threatening email from an address beginning with “new.damnation.japan” was sent to the DDT office. In response to this, Akito booked Tetsuya Endo & Soma Takao to be on the next BOYZ show.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. STREET FIGHT CLUB Special Match ~Royal Traditions Match~: Jun Akiyama Vs Yukio Naya

Earlier in the week Yukio Naya was getting criticisms from Jun Akiyama for not wrestling like a man his size should. Atsushi Onita wants to see Akiyama prove his point in the ring so he made a request to book Akiyama Vs Naya on his own show. Takagi told him to go ahead. Naya is eager to learn directly from Akiyama this way.

DDT “GET ALIVE 2020”, 07/09/2020
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi & Saki Akai Vs Danshoku Dieno, Seigo Tachibana & Yoshiko
2. DDT UNIVERSAL Title – No DQ Match: Chris Brookes (c) Vs Drew Parker

Chris Brookes and Drew Parker got to wrestle each other in a Falls Count Anywhere tag match at Gake no Fuchi Joshi last weekend. Parker’s team won but Brookes wants to get his win back in a similar match. Their DDT UNIVERSAL Title match is now No DQ. This might be a mistake by the champion because the only times Parker has beaten him in their careers were in death matches.


August 1, 2020

Shinjuku FACE
202 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. Special Under Match “I Cannot Stand Losing”: Tetsuya Koda defeated Hisaya Imabayashi by TKO with a Sleeper Hold (8:24).
1. Mizuki Watase defeated Yukio Naya with a Frankensteiner (7:26).
2. Crocodile Triple Hell Death Match: Daisuke Sasaki Vs Yukio Sakaguchi Vs Yuki Iino ended in a No Contest (R9 0:28).
3. Soma Takao & Mad Paulie defeated Danshoku Dieno & Akito when Takao pinned Dieno with a School Boy (8:58).
4. Rock And Roll 4 Way Death Match: A.YAZAWA defeated Saki Akai, “brother” KAZUKI and Shunma Katsumata when YAZAWA pinned KAZUKI with an Upright Kick (12:54).
5. HARASHIMA, Toru Owashi & Keigo Nakamura defeated Jun Akiyama, Makoto Oishi & Hideki Okatani when HARASHIMA pinned Okatani with the Somato (11:19).
6. Customer Lottery 6-Man Tag Match That Looks Like A Beer Garden Specialty: Chris Brookes, Naomi Yoshimura & Kazusada Higuchi defeated Tetsuya Endo, Konosuke Takeshita & Yuki Ueno when Yoshimura pinned Ueno with the Throwaway Power Bomb (18:38).

The lottery draw for the main event pitted friends against each other and had enemies teaming together. Nautilus found themselves on opposite sides but agreed that they would do their best when it was time for them to fight. Tetsuya Endo surprised Konosuke Takeshita and everyone else by coming out wearing his old Happy Motels gear! He was on his best behavior and shook everyone’s hands to prove it. But in the end it was all a big ruse. He Headbutted Takeshita then gave Yuki Ueno the Testuya In The Sky. Endo took off his Happy Motels clothes to show he was wearing his regular gear underneath then walked out on the match. Chris Brookes, Naomi Yoshimura & Kazusada Higuchi took advantage of the situation to win the match. Ueno still had some fight left in him but Yoshimura put him away with the Power Bomb. Afterwards Yoshimura tried to cool things down and thanked Ueno for wrestling him after a long time. He hopes next year everyone will actually be able to drink beer at the Beer Garden shows. But first he will beat Takeshita at the King Of DDT tournament!

Jun Akiyama got to wrestle with HARASHIMA for the first time ever. Hideki Okatani is making progress hitting the Northern Lights Suplex on a consistant basis but he can’t say the same when he attempts the Double Arm Suplex. HARASHIMA countered that and pinned him with the Somato. Keigo Nakamura refused to shake hands with Akiyama after the match. Makoto Oishi had to apologize to Akiyama for the rookie’s rudeness.

Antonio Honda was too lovesick to wrestle in the Rock And Roll 4 Way Death Match. A.YAZAWA took his place. It was already announced yesterday that “brother” KAZUKI was substituting for the recently banished Kazuki Hirata. Everyone had to dance whenever rock music played. Shunma Katsumata complained because it was not the kind of death match he was expecting. The music player broke halfway through the match which meant any genre of music would be randomly chosen from now on. “Never Give Up☆I LOVE YOU” by NωA played so Katsumata and KAZUKI sang karaoke for it. YAZAWA and Saki Akai did the same when “Otoko To Onna No Love Game” played. A song used for drinking games then came on causing all four to get drunk. KAZUKI was about to beat YAZAWA when “TOKYO GO!” of all things played. KAZUKI couldn’t resist and danced until YAZAWA pinned him with an Upright Kick.

After the match YAZAWA told KAZUKI he knows he is really Kazuki Hirata in disguise. He could tell from the way he danced. KAZUKI tried to deny it but eventually admitted it to no reaction. He admitted it again so the crowd would react this time. He can’t leave the country because of the Coronavirus so he bought a bandana and made hair extensions out of vinyl tape to create this disguise. “brother” KAZUKI will be retired today and he will go back to normal.

Akito warned DAMNATION that Danshoku Dieno was feeling frustrated today. The Coronavirus prevents him from running through the crowd kissing fans during his entrance so it left him with pent up energy. Soma Takao in particular was told to beware of him. Dieno immediately entered the ring from another part of the room so he could get his hands on Takao. He later went for the Lip Lock but got Akito by mistake instead. Mad Paulie then gave Dieno the Lip Lock. He stretched out his tights wanting to give Dieno the Danshoku Driver but Takao instead rolled Dieno over in a School Boy for the three count.

The Crocodile Triple Hell Death Match involves a toy crocodile with button teeth that you push. If the toy bites you then you have to drink a cup of tequila. The other participants get to drink beer. Every round lasted 30 seconds as an excuse to play the game and drink more alcohol. Daisuke Sasaki, Yukio Sakaguchi and Yuki Iino all got drunk then got Yukinori Matsui to play so he could get drunk too. Iino stripped down to his underwear. Sasaki and Sakaguchi used scissors to cut the strings off his underwear and pulled them off so he was completely naked (except for his wrestling shoes). Iino used the crocodile toy to cover his shame as the match got called off.

Yukio Naya is getting criticism for not being dominant like a man with his size snd power should be. Mizuki Watase took the wind out of his sails by countering the Choke Slam into a Hurricanrana to steal the win from him.

The annual summer clash between the DDT and Tokyo Joshi Pro authority figures was as desperate looking as always. Hisaya Imabayashi told everyone to look out for his new Rainmaker Backfist move. However, Tetsuya Koda said he is sick of this feud being used as a joke for the wrestlers to laugh at backstage. He would instead lay down for Imabayashi and let him pin him. It was a trap and Koda caught him in a deadly Sleeper Hold. Imabayashi reached the rope but Koda would attack him with foreign objects and put him in another Sleeper Hold. Imabayashi was about to lose consciousness when voices of his children spoke to him. They told him they’ve been studying at home because they can’t go to school. They are also upset they can’t go to the shows this year but they still want their daddy to do his best! Suddenly Imabayashi woke up and fought back. He hit Koda with the Backfist and then the Kamigoye! Koda kicked out and put Imabayashi in one more Sleeper Hold. Imabayashi tried to fight it but could no longer go on. He shouted out the names of his kids and said he loved them before going out cold.