February 3, 2019

DDT “WRESTLING OKEHAZAMA 2019”, 03/02/2019
Nagoya City Mid-Sports Center
226 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Kota Umeda defeated Mizuki Watase with the PK (10:25).
2. 3 Way Match: Tetsuya Endo defeated Naomi Yoshimura and Kazuki Hirata when Endo pinned Hirata with the Swandive Firebird Splash (6:22).
3. Keisuke Okuda & Makoto Oishi defeated Toru Owashi & Antonio Honda when Oishi pinned Honda with a Cradle (9:57).
4. MAO & Jason Kincaid defeated Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi when MAO pinned Takanashi with a Jackknife Pin (12:38).
5. DISASTER BOX Vs Ganbare☆Wrestling: Keisuke Ishii & Kouki Iwasaki defeated HARASHIMA & Yuki Ueno when Ishii pinned Ueno with the High Angle Double Arm DDT (12:13).
6. Nagoya Specialty! Where Are You Single Match: Kazusada Higuchi defeated Yuki Iino with the Doctor Bomb (13:37).
7. DAMNATION Vs ALL OUT!: Konosuke Takeshita, Akito & Space Monkey defeated Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao & Mad Paulie when Akito submitted Paulie with the Perfect Figure Four Leg Lock (19:38).

Remember yesterday when Daisuke Sasaki made a promise to Konosuke Takeshita that he would fight clean and never cheat again? Well believe it or not so far he is sticking to his word. When a ref bump happened in the main event, Tetsuya Endo threw a chair into the ring for Sasaki to use. Sasaki however got rid of it. Soma Takao brought the chair back in but Sasaki again threw it out. After the match Takeshita praised Sasaki for turning over a new leaf. Sasaki said he has now learned how to have fun in wrestling and today’s match made him feel good. The two then shook hands again.

Since the show was in Akito’s hometown of Nagoya, he decided to say some words about his upcoming match with T-Hawk. He calls it a match between champions of two different organisations. Akito hopes to wrestle in various places throughout 2019.

Kazusada Higuchi was hurt by Yuki Iino’s Spear but toughed it out to beat the ALL OUT wrestler. Iino is strong but Higuchi is more driven.

The visiting Ganbare☆Wrestling team were victorious over DISASTER BOX. For Keisuke Ishii and Kouki Iwasaki it was the first time in a while since they’ve wrestled in DDT. They were accompanied by Yumehito Imanari who was waving the Ganpro flag for their entrance. Today’s win removes some of the disappointment the team has from earlier in the week when they challenged for the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Titles in NOAH and lost.

MAO continues to squeak by Shuten-dōji wrestlers. Yesterday he pinned Yukio Sakaguchi with a Cradle, today he pinned Masahiro Takanashi with a Jackknife. MAO still has a headache from the High Kick Sakaguchi gave him yesterday.

Makoto Oishi and Keisuke Okuda have an unusual double team move where Oishi sits in front of his opponent, Okuda charges in to do a Penalty Kick and Oishi moves out of the way so the opponent gets hit instead. Today Oishi and one of his opponents Antonio Honda were in opposite positions and Okuda ended up hitting the Penalty Kick on his own partner. However Oishi was able to fluke cradle Honda into a Gedo Clutch style pin to win the match.

Pedro Takaishi I Hardly Know You, Takagi Vs Takao, Ohka And Isami Reunion, Yamashita Wants Nodoka

January 28, 2019

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall

1. Shoko Nakajima Vs Himawari Unagi
2. Yuki Kamifuku Vs Pom Harajuku
3. Maki Ito & Raku Vs Natsumi Maki & Hikari Noa
4. Yuna Manase Vs YUMI
5. Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki & Pinano Pipipipi Vs Reika Saiki, Marika Kobashi & Mina Shirakawa
6. Miyu Yamashita & Miu Watanabe Vs Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino

Haruna Neko will miss the show due to a back injury.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Sanshiro Takagi Vs Soma Takao

The history between Sanshiro Takagi and Soma Takao has been coming back to the surface lately. Takagi thinks that Takao is treading water and limiting himself by being a member of DAMNATION. Back when they were teaming together as nWJ, Takao had all of the potential in the world and Takagi wants him to be like that again. Takao doesn’t buy it and is satisfied with being a DAMNATION wrestler. Before they face off at Sumo Hall they will have a singles match at a special free show at Shin-Kiba 1st RING. All tickets for the show have already been given out.

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

1. Pedro Takaishi Retirement Match: Pedro Takaishi Vs X

What is there to say about Pedro Takaishi? No really, what is there? Muscle in its prime days came and went before this blog existed so the importance of this guy is unknown to me. All I know is he is a business man who learned capoeira and joined Muscle to became a pro wrestler. Now in his 50s, Takaishi will now call an end to his pro wrestling career. Or at least Super Sasadango Machine is making him do it as a selling point for this show.

So I looked up the website that was made to promote the show. Oh God my eyes! Oh and don’t think I haven’t noticed where they got the pictures. So that’s where the views for my Muscle Roster page are coming from…

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

0. Pro Wrestling BASARA Offer Match: Ryuichi Sekine & Daiki Shimomura Vs Takato Nakano & Masato Kamino
0. Tokyo Joshi Pro Offer Match: Yuna Manase, Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino Vs Natsumi Maki, Hikari Noa & Miu Watanabe
1. Shunma Katsumata Return Match: Shunma Katsumata, Yuki Ueno & Space Monkey Vs Antonio Honda, Jason Kincaid & Naomi Yoshimura
2. Special Single Match: Akito Vs T-Hawk
3. Taiho Koki’s Grandson Yukio Naya Ryogoku Kokugikan First Participation!: Go Shiozaki, Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Naya Vs Daisuke Sekimoto, Toru Owashi & Yuki Iino
4. Danshoku Dieno Produce Yuru-chara “Pokotan” Debut Match: Danshoku Dieno, Pokotan & KUDO Vs Keisuke Ishii, Kota Umeda & Mizuki Watase
5. Special Hardcore 6-Person Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi, Chigusa Nagayo & Ryuji Ito Vs Soma Takao, Mad Paulie & Takumi Iroha
6. Dramatic Dream Match: Naomichi Marufuji Vs Tetsuya Endo
7. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Time Difference Battle Royal: Asuka (c) Vs Super Sasadango Machine Vs Makoto Oishi Vs Keisuke Okuda Vs Saki Akai Vs Kazuki Hirata Vs Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Hoshitango Vs Gota Ihashi Vs Yuni Vs Yasu Urano Vs El Lindaman Vs Scorpio X2 Vs Yuka Sakazaki Vs Mina Shirakawa Vs Chinsuke Nakamura Vs Maku Donaruto
8. KO-D Tag Team Titles – 3 Way Match: Mike Bailey & MAO (c) Vs Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi Vs CIMA & Seiki Yoshioka
9. DDT Extreme Title – Souken Holdings Presents: Shinya Aoki (c) Vs HARASHIMA
10. KO-D Openweight Title: Daisuke Sasaki (c) Vs Konosuke Takeshita

No stipulations for the DDT Extreme Title match. It will be a straight forward singles rematch between Shinya Aoki and HARASHIMA.

Asuka is now expected to be the defending Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion going into the Battle Royal. Chinsuke Nakamura will still be part of the match with or without the belt. He can bring back his homemade US Title now.

With Tomomitsu Matsunaga Vs Nobuhiro Shimatani pulled from the show, a new pre-show match was made featuring BASARA wrestlers.

Shin-Kiba 1st RING

1. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Sento Minzoku ~Fate Reunion! Ohka & Isami!~: Ken Ohka & Shuichiro Katsumura Vs Isami Kodaka & Ryuichi Sekine
2. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Sento Minzoku ~Fort Of Ganpro~: Keisuke Ishii Vs Minoru Fujita
3. Are You In A Wrestling Textbook? Yumehito Imanari’s Believe S-Road: Yumehito Imanari Vs Shinjiro Otani

If there is one person who is qualified to write the definitive textbook on pro wrestling, it’s Shinjiro Otani. He’s coming to Ganbare☆Wrestling to teach a lesson or two towards Yumehito Imanari.

Keisuke Ishii is ready to defend Ganpro’s honour against Minoru Fujita. Most of the roster have fallen to Fujita so now it’s up to Ishii.

As of 26th January Shuichiro Katsumura has a full time member of Ganpro.

The Sento Minzoku feud has led to a reunion between Ken Ohka and Isami Kodaka. The two have a long history together from their Union Pro days and plenty has changed with both since they were last in the ring together.

Shinjuku FACE

1. Sakisama Vs X
2. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Titles: Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki (c) Vs Reika Saiki & Marika Kobashi
3. TOKYO Princess Of Princess Title: Miyu Yamashita (c) Vs Nodoka Tenma

Miyu Yamashita found her next challenger for the TOKYO Princess Title. The list of contenders must be running low at this point in her reign but that isn’t dampening her desire to defend the title against Nodoka Tenma.


January 26, 2019

GANBARE☆WRESTLING “IF…2019”, 26/01/2019
Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall
190 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Shuhei Washida 1st Anniversary, Show It! The Meaning Of Growing Out!: Hiroshi Yamato & Mitomi Masayuki defeated Takashi Okada & Shuhei Washida when Masayuki submitted Washida with a Cobra Twist (11:31).
2. Iwasaki, Learn From The Master Of The Momota Family: Mitsuo Momota, Chikara & Kouki Iwasaki defeated Ken Ohka, Nobuhiro Tsurumaki & Naoshi Sano when Chikara pinned Sano with the Sabre Chop (12:53).
3. Bathe In The End Of Mr. Wrestling! Women’s Obsession!: Minoru Fujita defeated Moeka Haruhi with a Spear (14:26).
4. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Sento Minzoku In Itabashi ~ Texas Tornado Singapore Cane 6-Man Tag Match: Isami Kodaka, Ryuichi Sekine & Daiki Shimomura defeated Keisuke Ishii, Yumehito Imanari & Baliyan Akki when Shimomura pinned Akki with the Swanton Bomb (15:25).
5. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Shuichiro Katsumura (c) defeated Shota with the Ninja Choke (31:01).
*V1 for Shuichiro Katsumura.

Shuichiro Katsumura and Shota went through a 30 minute war over the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title. Both wrestlers were careful in their approach to the match since neither wanted to make a mistake and open themselves up to counter attacks. Katsumura would target Shota’s left arm and it paid off when the damage prevented Shota from climbing the turnbuckles. Shota was almost beaten after he took a Benadryller but he was able to use a rope break to avoid being pinned. Shota tried to strike back at the champion but Katsumura was able to slip behind him and apply the Ninja Choke to sxore his first successful defence.

Katsumura commiserated Shota after the match then called on the Ganbare☆Wrestling roster to come out. He said he was going to be the one to pull up Ganpro in 2019 and today proved it. He won in the main event for the second show in a row while the rest lost their matches to Sento Minzoku. He asked Ken Ohka if he was ashamed about this. Ohka said it’s only January and Ganpro just starting the year off a little behind. Katsumura told Ohka he will be even more embarrassed because as of today Katsumura is joining Ganpro full time! He sent a warning out to Sento Minzoku. Watch out because Ganpro now has Shuichiro Katsumura on their side!

The trio of Isami Kodaka, Ryuichi Sekine & Daiki Shimomura defeated Keisuke Ishii, Yumehito Imanari & Baliyan Akki in a Texas Tornado Singapore Cane 6-Man Tag Match. Kodaka called out to Ohka after the match wanting to know if he was hiding from him. Ohka got in the ring to face Kodaka until Ishii stepped in. Ishii asked for a match with Kodaka but Kodaka asked him to challenge Minoru Fujita instead due to Fujita’s history with Ganpro. Fujita was confused by the idea at first but agreed to it. He’s beaten Ohka, he’s beaten Imanari and he’s beaten Moeka Haruhi. All that is left for him to do in Ganpro is to beat Keisuke Ishii!

Haruhi put up a good fight against Fujita despite the obvious result. She kicked out of the Tombstone Piledriver so Fujita had to pull out a Spear to beat her. Fujita said he thought this match was a stupid idea but now he understands that he just had a match against a wonderful wrestler. When he left, Haruhi said she spent a long time thinking about today’s match. Fujita’s words have encouraged her to become stronger so she can stand proudly in the centre of this ring.


January 6, 2019

Kitazawa Town Hall
187 Fans

1. Ganpro Kicking Force Vs Momota Parent And Child: Mitsuo Momota & Chikara defeated Kouki Iwasaki & Shuhei Washida when Chikara submitted Washida with a Crab Hold (9:14).
2. New “Spring” Ganbare☆Joshi Fight Start!: Moeka Haruhi defeated HARUKAZE with the Diving Foot Stomp (8:55).
3. Rice-ha Vs Nan-ha After A Long Struggle, Tonight! We Decide Whether We Are Nori Or Nan! Ganpro Special Single Match!: Hiroshi Yamato defeated Baliyan Akki with a Fisherman Suplex (9:43).
4. Tsuru “Ken” Fight Club Vs Rotting Combination: Ken Ohka & Nobuhiro Tsurumaki defeated Shota & Mitomi Masayuki when Tsurumaki submitted Masayuki with a Wakigatame (11:03).
5. Elegy Of Pro Wrestling A-Class War Criminals: Minoru Fujita defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Samson Clutch (13:38).
6. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Keisuke Ishii (c) with the Ninja Choke (23:43).
*Keisuke Ishii fails in V7. Shuichiro Katsumura becomes the 28th Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Champion!

2019 in Ganbare☆Wrestling begins with a title change! Shuichiro Katsumura was taken to his limit by Keisuke Ishii until he countered the Double Arm DDT into the Ninja Choke for the tapout victory. Katsumura thanked Ishii for giving him another shot at the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title even thought Ishii already defended the belt against him last June. Katsumura also said that he now feels like he belongs in Ganpro. He nominated Shota as his first challenger because they are tied one a piece in singles matches. The match takes place on 26th January.

Although he lost the match, Yumehito Imanari talked about how much he idolised Minoru Fujita ever since he was a high school student. Imanari thought Fujita had a Lion Heart like Chris Jericho. Fujita shook Imanari’s hand but then gave him an Implant DDT and the Tombstone Piledriver. He doesn’t care what some fucking idiot from Ganpro thinks about him! Suddenly Moeka Haruhi entered the ring demanding a match against Fujita. Fujita accepted and tried to flirt with Haruhi. She kicked him in the face.

A bunch of wrestlers gave their new year’s resolution at the beginning of the show. Imanari wants to develop his own style of wrestling. Ishii wants to grow more as a wrestler and also help Ganpro become bigger. Kouki Iwasaki wants Ganpro to be the place to see frenetic fights. Shota wants to meet the expectations of his fans after having a bad 2018. Shuhei Washida wants to make up for the time he was away because of injury and become stronger in the process. HARUKAZE wants to have a whirlwind 2019. Haruhi was inspired by Imanari’s speech at Korakuen Hall in December and wants to show everyone the direction the company will go this year. Ken Ohka wants everybody to be themselves. Some of the roster may think they are doing this already but he wants them to really think if they are doing what they want to do in Ganpro. And of course, Ohka wants Ganpro to become a major pro wrestling league!


December 31, 2018

Saitama Super Arena – Community Arena
??? Fans

1. Shivering Armlocker Vs Temporary Manager Of DAMNATION: Takeshi Okada defeated Nobuhiro Shimatani with an Armlock (3:50).
2. GANBARE NEW ATTITUDE: Shuichiro Katsumura & Kouki Iwasaki defeated Kota Umeda & Mizuki Watase when Katsumura submitted Watase with a Jumping Cross Armbreaker (11:46).
3. “I’m Determined To Do My Best, Do No Forget Your Talent” Special 6-Man Tag Match: Ken Ohka, Keisuke Ishii & Shuhei Washida Vs Yumehito Imanari, Shota & Mitomi Masayuki ended in a Double Countout (3:30).
3a. Replay: Ken Ohka, Keisuke Ishii & Shuhei Washida defeated Yumehito Imanari, Shota & Mitomi Masayuki when Ohka pinned Shota with a Vertical Drop Brainbuster (3:30).

The main event quickly ended in a double countout when both teams brawled out to the crowd. They were able to restart the match but almost got a double countout again. When Ken Ohka won the match he pointed towards the main hub of Saitama Super Arena and told everyone he really wants to go beyond that wall. He also said Ganbare☆Wrestling is not just an organisation but also a concept. He talked about working with Tenshin Nasukawa earlier in the year so if Nasukawa beats Floyd Mayweather on New Year’s Eve then that means Ganpro also beats Mayweather!

After the show Ohka and some of the other wrestlers found a place inside the arena to speak to the fans. Ohka revealed that the person from RIZIN who invited them to perform today used to be the general manager of Hustle. According to Yumehito Imanari, Ganpro has inherited the soul of Hustle. The wrestlers then showed their support for Nasukawa and gave him the nickname Ganbare☆Tenshin.

Puma King Sides With DAMNATION, DDT Gets Ready For New Year’s At Korakuen, Ganpro Hurt But Still Fighting

December 18, 2018

DDT “WRESTLE OYAMA HYOTEI 2018”, 23/12/2018
Tochigi Koyama City Cultural Center

1. 3 Way Match: Mad Paulie Vs Masahiro Takanashi Vs Gota Ihashi
2. Antonio Honda & Veda Scott Vs Makoto Oishi & Kazuki Hirata
3. Soma Takao Vs Mizuki Watase
4. Mike Bailey & MAO Vs Tatsuya Endo & Nobuhiro Shimatani
5. DISASTER BOX Vs ALL OUT!: HARASHIMA, Toru Owashi & Yuki Ueno Vs Konosuke Takeshita, Akito & Yuki Iino
6. Koyama Specialty! Lucky Town Special Tag Match: Daisuke Sasaki & Puma King Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Kota Umeda

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom for Daisuke Sasaki these last few days. His friendship with Puma King from outside wrestling has become strong enough for the luchador to be allied with DAMNATION for the rest of his DDT tour.

DDT “D-OU GRAND PRIX 2019 THE FINAL!!”, 30/12/2018
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

0. Under Match: Mizuki Watase Vs Yuki Ueno
1. Muscle Offer Match ~ Live Call From The Match Venue! Yearly Fortune Telling Guest Student Booking Competition!!: Super Sasadango Machine Vs Antonio Honda Vs Choun-Shiryu Vs Pedro Takaishi Vs Yasu Urano Vs Makoto Oishi
2. Mike Bailey, MAO, HARASHIMA & Kazusada Higuchi Vs Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo, Mad Paulie & Nobuhiro Shimatani
3. Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Saki Akai Vs Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata & Meiko Satomura
4. CIMA, El Lindaman & Seiki Yoshioka Vs Akito, Yuki Iino & Kota Umeda
5. Shinya Aoki & Keisuke Okuda Vs Tanomusaku Toba & Keisuke Ishii
6. Daisuke Sasaki & Puma King Vs Naomi Yoshimura & Sammy Guevara
7. D-Ou Grand Prix 2019 – Final: Go Shiozaki Vs Konosuke Takeshita

DDt’s busiest period of the year(s?) inside Korakuen Hall kicks off with the D-Ou Grand Prix 2019 final. Go Shiozaki and Konosuke Takeshita battle it out with a KO-D Openweight Title shot at Sumo Hall on the line. Meanwhile the champion Sasaki has trouble in his head with Naomi Yoshimura teasing his way into getting the first KO-D Title shot of 2019. Over in the DDT Extreme Title side, Shinya Aoki got an unlikely challenger in the form of Tanomusaku Toba so they’re both gearing up for their match. #STRONGHEARTS returns to prepare for their KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles defence against ALL OUT with a non-title match. Last but not least Meiko Satomura makes her return to DDT.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Heisei’s Last Back Comparison: El Lindaman Vs Nobuhiro Shimatani
2. 3 Way Tag Match: MAO & Jun Kasai Vs Super Sasadango Machine & Antonio Honda Vs Kazusada Higuchi & Mizuki Watase
3. DISASTER BOX Vs DAMNATION!: HARASHIMA, Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata & Yuki Ueno Vs Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo, Mad Paulie & Puma King
4. Sake & Tears & Men & Women & Foreigners & Former Wrestlers: KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi, Masahiro Takanashi & Saki Akai Vs Mike Bailey, Sammy Guevara, Veda Scott & Hoshitango
5. New Year’s Day! Burst Out Laughing! First Laughter Rumble: Kuishinbo Kamen Vs Atsushi Maruyama Vs Gorgeous Matsuno Vs Tiger Mask V (Self-Proclaimed) Vs Hen China (Jury: Sanshiro Takagi & Makoto Oishi)
6. Kota Umeda “Mad Dog” 7 Match Series – 6th Match: Daichi Hashimoto Vs Kota Umeda
7. DDT Extreme Title: Shinya Aoki (c) Vs Tanomusaku Toba
8. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: CIMA, T-Hawk & Duan Yingnan (c) Vs Konosuke Takeshita, Akito & Yuki Iino
9. KO-D Openweight Title: Daisuke Sasaki (c) Vs Naomi Yoshimura

DDT’s 2019 opener has three title matches, Kota Umeda squaring off against Daichi Hashimoto and the search for a new comedy wrestler to replace Danshoku Dieno. We also have a match between the two short tempered, short fused and just plain short wrestlers from DAMNATION and #STRONGHEARTS.

Kitazawa Town Hall

1. Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Keisuke Ishii (c) Vs Shuichiro Katsumura
2. Special Single Match: Yumehito Imanari Vs Minoru Fujita

With Ken Ohka defeated, Yumehito Imanari is now left leading the wounded Ganbare☆Wrestling against Minoru Fujita and Sento Minzoku. Imanari calls Fujita an “A Class War Criminal” who he must defeat. Fujita meanwhile is disappointed in Ganpro’s stunted growth and is struggling to find a reason to stick around. Maybe Imanari can give him a reason.

Shuichiro Katsumura previously fought and lost to Keisuke Ishii for the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title back in June. After winning Ganpro’s MVP award yesterday, Katsumura now wants another chance.


December 17, 2018

Ichigaya Nankai Memorial Clinic
58 Fans – No Vacancy

1. The 1st Sparkle! Ganbare☆Wrestling Grand Prix Joshi Grand Prize Selection Match: Moeka Haruhi Vs Fairy Iidabashi ended in a No Contest (6:13) (Special Referee: Yumehito Imanari).
2. The 1st Sparkle! Ganbare☆Wrestling Grand Prix MVP Selection Match: Keisuke Ishii & Kouki Iwasaki Vs Ken Ohka & Shota ended in a Time Limit Draw (10:00).
3. 2018 Ganbare☆Wrestling Grand Prix MVP Decision Battle Royal: Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Ninja Choke (7:03).
Order Of Elimination: Shuhei Washida, Kouki Iwasaki, Keisuke Ishii, Ken Ohka, Shota and Yumehito Imanari.

It is the day after their Korakuen Hall return and Yumehito Imanari wanted to determine the best of Ganbare☆Wrestling with his own Grand Prix awards. Rather than leaving the MVP Award decisions to Tokyo Sports or Shukan Puroresu, he wanted the winners to be determined through matches. Mainly because he couldn’t figure out who should win by himself. The MVP Award would be given to whoever got the winning pinfall in the Keisuke Ishii & Kouki Iwasaki Vs Ken Ohka & Shota tag match. However the match ended in a ten minute draw. Imanari decided to give himself the award even though he wasn’t in the match. The wrestlers argued with Imanari. Even Shuichiro Katsumura and Shuhei Washida joined in demanding to be recognised. Imanari decided to hold an immediate “Battle Royale Rules Battle Royal” match. Shota assured everyone that they didn’t have to kill each other despite the implication from Imanari’s Beat Takeshi impersonation. Katsumura won the Battle Royal and was given Imanari’s suit jacket to represent the MVP award. Katsumura said that last year he acted a little rebellious against Ganpro because he wanted to be the MVP. He challenged Ishii to a Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title Match on 6th January.

Fairy Nihonbashi is still missing. She was replaced by Fairy Iidabashi who was only just a few train stops nearby. Imanari made himself the referee for the women’s match. He is still disappointed that Moeka Haruhi is staying thin but liked what he saw from Iidabashi. Haruhi complained that Imanari is always the referee for her matches. Eventually Haruhi and Iidabashi both attacked Imanari. He fought back with a Double Brainbuster but the numbers game soon overwhelmed him and the match was thrown out. Imanari then announced that the Joshi MVP goes to Yuna Manase because of her gravure body.

The Best Bout award went to Imanari Vs Shin Mokujin Ken from the Ganbare☆Climax 1st Round on 11th August. The runner-up was Ishii Vs Katsumura for the Independent Jr. Title on 17th June. Third place went to the Ganbare☆Climax Final between Imanari and Shinichiro Tominaga from 12th August. Imanari named himself the winner of the Best Referee Award. Daisuke Kiso fainted from shock at the result. There was a Best Harmonica category but it was scrapped for having no nominees. Michiko Nonaka was the Best Ring Announcer. She was a one time replacement for the regular announcer Mr. Aiba when he skipped a show to attend his favourite idol’s handshake event.

Ishii took part in a fan club interview before the show. He told everyone that he is now the fourth person to take the Sternness Dust α from Jun Akiyama.