Ibushi’s Health Problems Revealed


After a week long absence from the ring attributed to illness, a press conference was held to discuss the current and future status of Kota Ibushi. Both Sanshiro Takagi and Naoki Sugabayashi were in attendance since the news effected both DDT and New Japan. It was explained that at midnight on 24th October Ibushi picked up a high fever that forced him to be taken off of DDT’s Korakuen Hall show the next day. The illness also cancelled an autograph signing for his new book. During the summer Ibushi had been feeling numbness in the left side of his body. He was sent to a doctor for a check-up and diagnosed with a herniated cervical disc. The decision was made that Ibushi will not be wrestling for either company until he has healed from his injury. According to Takagi, Ibushi has decided not to go under surgery as part of his treatment. There is no time given for how long his recovery will take but Takagi reckons he will be gone until the start of 2016 at the earliest.

In DDT, Ibushi is one half of the KO-D Tag Team Champions with Daisuke Sasaki. Takagi announced that the titles will be vacated and he does not want to interfere with Ibushi’s daily life while he recovers. He wants Ibushi to completely recover and will wait for his return if he has to. Takagi also apologised to Ibushi’s fans for the inconvenience. Sugabayashi said Ibushi’s contract with New Japan which is about to run out will be renewed and he will wait for his return to the company.

On the DDT side of things this injury comes at a bad time. With Ibushi and KUDO both out of action for the time being that is two big absences in the main event scene. HARASHIMA is still there to carry the load as he always does, it’s too early to tell if Yukio Sakaguchi is a draw as the KO-D Openweight Champion, I have no idea how much mileage is in another Danshoku Dino push and Isami Kodaka will be busy with BASARA and his outside bookings. While DDT has done a great job in the last 12 months introducing and debuting new wrestlers, the younger generation hasn’t been fully embraced by the fans judging by the Dramatic General Election results. With a big Sumo Hall show booked for March next year they need something big and if Ibushi hasn’t recovered by then it will put a big dent in that plan. They better pray to whatever deity that can protect HARASHIMA from getting injured.


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