Video – Savage Death Match For DDT Extreme Title

December 2, 2020

Tokyo Survival Game Field OPS
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DDT Extreme Title – Savage Death Match: Sanshiro Takagi (c) Vs Rambo Kawamura


December 2, 2020

Tokyo Survival Game Field OPS
0 Fans

1. DDT Extreme Title – Savage Death Match: Sanshiro Takagi (c) (2) defeated Rambo Kawamura (1).
1a. Center Flag Match: Rambo Kawamura defeated Sanshiro Takagi by Flag Capture (3:07).
1b. Don’t Scream Torture Death Match: Sanshiro Takagi defeated Rambo Kawamura when Kawamura succumbed to torture (8:13).
1c. Falls Count Anywhere Survival Death Match: Sanshiro Takagi defeated Rambo Kawamura with the Spicolli Driver (6:08).
*V2 for Sanshiro Takagi.

When last we saw the DDT Extreme Title it was being held hostage by Rambo Kawamura. He was previously Rocky Kawamura but he transformed into Rambo when an exploding bat death match on one of Atsushi Onita’s shows left him shell shocked. Sanshiro Takagi met with Kawamura in the battlefield and his mission was to regain possession of his championship belt. Daisuke Kiso explained to them the rules of the Savage Death Match. It is Best 2 out of 3 Falls with a different stipulation for every fall. Firearms are permitted and both men were encouraged to keep their goggles on the entire time for their safety. Kawamura said the battlefield means he is the law here!

The first fall was Capture The Flag. Both Takagi and Kawamura walked over to their starting points each armed with an air gun. Kawamura quickly went Rambo which caused Takagi to go hide. The spot he took cover in was where Takagi found Keigo Nakamura. He ordered Nakamura to run across the field to act as a decoy. Nakamura refused until he was told he can either run and get shot by Kawamura or stay and get shot by Takagi! Nakamura ran over but quickly got gunned down. Takagi tried to run during the distraction but Kawamura shot him too. Kawamura then reached the flag to win the first fall. Takagi thanked a motionless Nakamura for helping him.

Before the second fall began, Kawamura sensed something dangerous was about to happen. Kiso announced a Don’t Scream Torture Death Match! Takagi and Kawamura would have to take turns being tortured with cane strikes. First one to yell in pain is the loser. Kawamura said this match is his specialty because he is a prisoner of war. A revived Nakamura was joined by Hideki Okatani to cane the POWs. The rookies were hesitant to do it but they were encouraged to put their full power into it. Neither Takagi or Kawamura would fall to the torture. Eventually they agreed to swap places with the rookies, Nakamura for Takagi and Okatani for Kawamura. Also the cane shots went from one hit to five per turn. Impressively, Nakamura and Okatani took the shots and neither made a sound! A winner needed to be determined so the cane shots were increased to 10 at a time. Nakamura beat Okatani in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors so Okatani had to go first. Takagi hit Okatani 9 times and Kawamura couldn’t take it anymore. He stepped in front of Okatani to protect him and took the final cane shot, screaming in pain. Takagi won the second fall.

The third and deciding fall was a Falls Count Anywhere match with the entire battlefield in play. The firearms were now changed to rapid fire mode to make it the most dangerous rule yet. Takagi and Kawamura ran all over the battlefield hunting for each other. Takagi shot Kawamura, forcing the challenger to pull the bullet out of his wound with a knife. Okatani then jumped in front of him to be a human shield until Takagi ran out of bullets. Takagi wanted to finish the job but Nakamura turned on him! He held onto Takagi while Kawamura armed himself with a bow and arrow. Kawamura fired but Takagi ducked and Nakamura got hit with a headshot! Takagi picked up his gun and riddle Kawamura with bullets. He then gave him the Spicolli Driver and pinned him for the three count.

Takagi fired his remaining ammo into the air to celebrate his victory. He told Kawamura that the war is over but Kawamura refused to listen. He was abandoned by his country and also by DDT. He lives an empty life and the only thing keeping him going is living for tomorrow. Takagi threw him a gun and told him they can fight again and again on any battlefield. Kawamura said he will live and he walked off firing his gun. Takagi reclaimed his Extreme Title and again declared that anyone can challenge him. Suddenly Danshoku Dieno appeared in a suit laughing. He told Takagi he wants to see him lose against amateurs, not professionals. For the last year Dieno has been recruiting amateurs to train them into becoming pro wrestlers. He now has five elite amateurs all ready to fight Takagi. The champion accepted Dieno’s challenge and will take all five of them on!

Video – Akiyama Vs Katsumata From D-Ou Grand Prix 2021

December 2, 2020

DDT “D-OU GRAND PRIX 2021 IN NARIMASU”, 28/11/2020
Tokyo Narimasu Act Hall
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D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Jun Akiyama (0) Vs Shunma Katsumata (0)

Sanshiro Channels Sonny, A Break From D-Ou, New Match For New Year’s

December 1, 2020

Tokyo Savage Field

1. DDT Extreme Title – Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls: Sanshiro Takagi (c) Vs Rambo Kawamura

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Rambo Kawamura is heavily inspired by Sylvester Stallone. To combat this, Sanshiro Takagi tweeted he take inspiration from Sonny Chiba!

The match is now 2 Out Of 3 Falls and firearms are permitted because of the location it is taking place in. This could be the most dangerous match in DDT history!

Tokyo Narimasu Act Hall

1. Rika Tatsumi, Miu Watanabe & Nao Kakuta Vs Maki Itoh, Pom Harajuku & Suzume
2. Haruna Neko Vs Mirai Maiumi
3. Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki Vs Hyper Misao & Raku
4. Shoko Nakajima, Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino Vs Miyu Yamashita, Marika Kobashi & Hikari Noa
5. Sakisama & Mei Saint-Michel Vs Sena Shiori & Moka Miyamoto
6. International Princess Title: Yuki Kamifuku (c) Vs Mahiro Kiryu

Moka Miyamoto gets to be introduced to NEO Biishiki-gun. Who knows, maybe Sakisama will like her fashion enough to have mercy on her.

DDT “SATURDAY KASUKABIAN! 2020”, 19/12/2020
Saitama Kasukabe Fureai Cube

1. Nobuhiro Shimatani Vs Keigo Nakamura
2. Danshoku Dieno & Toru Owashi Vs Chris Brookes & Antonio Honda
3. HARASHIMA & Yukio Naya Vs Yuki Ueno & MAO
4. Young Communication Generation Vs Junretsu!: Akito, Kazuki Hirata & Shota Vs Jun Akiyama, Makoto Oishi & Hideki Okatani
5. Eruption Vs DAMNATION!: Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi Vs Soma Takao & Mad Paulie
6. DAMNATION Vs ALL OUT!: Tetsuya Endo & Hiroshi Yamato Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata

There are a handful of non tournament shows going on once all of the D-Ou Grand Prix block matches are finished.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Shuffle Tag Tournament – Round 1: BJW X & DDT X Vs BJW X & DDT X
2. Shuffle Tag Tournament – Round 1: BJW X & DDT X Vs BJW X & DDT X
3. Shuffle Tag Tournament – Round 1: BJW X & DDT X Vs BJW X & DDT X
4. Shuffle Tag Tournament – Round 1: BJW X & DDT X Vs BJW X & DDT X
5. New Year’s Wrestling 2020 Special 8-Man Tag Match: Yukio Sakaguchi, Kazuki Hashimoto, Daichi Hashimoto & Kazusada Higuchi Vs Takuho Kato, Kosuke Sato, Keigo Nakamura & Hideki Okatani
6. Shuffle Tag Tournament – Semi Final: X & X Vs X & X
7. Shuffle Tag Tournament – Semi Final: X & X Vs X & X
8. Fluorescent Lighttube Death Match: Ryuji Ito Vs Shunma Katsumata
9. Shuffle Tag Tournament – Final: X & X Vs X & X

Daisuke In The Sky (Daisuke Sekimoto & Tetsuya Endo)
Sodomy & Scars (Drew Parker & Danshoku Dieno)
HOT Real JAPAN (Yuya Aoki & Yukio Naya)
Smile Pissari (Yuji Okabayashi & HARASHIMA)
Nakanoueno (Yasufumi Nakanoue & Yuki Ueno)
Nomutake (Takuya Nomura & Konosuke Takeshita)
LINE Tomodachi (Hideyoshi Kamitani & Chris Brookes)
170cm (Akira Hyodo & Makoto Oishi)

Time to bring in the new year by getting some kickass wrestlers to beat up the rookies!


November 29, 2020

DDT “D-OU GRAND PRIX 2021 IN OSAKA!”, 29/11/2020
Osaka Azalea Taisho Hall
??? Fans – Withheld

-. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: HARASHIMA (6) defeated Daisuke Sasaki (2) by Forfeit.
1. Antonio Honda defeated Keigo Nakamura with a Backslide Pin (8:36).
2. Blow Away The D-Ou GP 2021 From The DDT Variety Team!: HARASHIMA & Toru Owashi defeated Danshoku Dieno & Kazuki Hirata when HARASHIMA pinned Hirata with the Somato (10:17).
3. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Kazusada Higuchi (5) defeated Soma Takao (4) with the Buchikamashi (11:30).
4. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Jun Akiyama (4) defeated Makoto Oishi (2) with the Fujiyama Knee Lock Cutback (10:49).
5. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Tetsuya Endo (7) defeated Yuki Ueno (2) with the Shooting Star Press (22:56).
6. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: MAO (4) defeated Yukio Sakaguchi (4) with the Michinoku Driver II (9:53).
7. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: Chris Brookes (6) defeated Konosuke Takeshita (4) by Referee Stoppage with a Modified Armlock (24:21).

A Block

-. Chris Brookes (6)
3. Akito (4)
-. MAO (4)
-. Yukio Sakaguchi (4)
6. Daisuke Sasaki (2)
-. Konosuke Takeshita (2)

B Block

1. Tetsuya Endo (7)
2. Kazusada Higuchi (5)
3. Jun Akiyama (4)
-. Soma Takao (4)
5. Yuki Ueno (2)
-. Makoto Oishi (2)
7. Shunma Katsumata (0)

The injuries inflicted in the D-Ou Grand Prix have reached the point where it determines who wins or loses. Chris Brookes put all of his focus on Konosuke Takeshita’s injured left arm and it paid off with a referee stoppage. Brookes held Takeshita in a Modified Armlock with his leg clasped around Takeshita’s neck. Takeshita went motionless and Yukinori Matsui called for the match to stop. Brookes and Takeshita did shake hands afterwards and Brookes thanked the Osaka fans for coming to see the show. Backstage Brookes said that even a slight mistake would have cost him the match against Takeshita. But his plan worked and he now has a 3 win, 1 loss record against him. Takeshita is disappointed with the loss but has no complaints over how it ended. With his left arm injured, he can only train with his right. He believes he is strong enough to German Suplex opponents with only one arm but it wasn’t possible today.

MAO bounced back with his first proper win of the tournament, beating Yukio Sakaguchi in a scrap. He avoided the God’s Right Knee and hit Sakaguchi with a Palm Strike. From there he did the Michinoku Driver II and got the pin. Sakaguchi said he is happy to see MAO has gotten stronger and he even had fun wrestling him today. MAO wants everyone to know he is showing growth every time he wrestles.

The KO-D Openweight Champion defeated the DDT UNIVERSAL Champion. Yesterday’s double knockout meant Tetsuya Endo was not 100% for today’s match and he wrestled with the back of his neck all taped up. Yuki Ueno wanted to win the battle of champions in his hometown but couldn’t hit his finishers. Endo blocked the BME and countered the WR into a Backslide Pin for a nearfall. Endo relied on Overhead Kicks and Headbutts to lead into the match winning Shooting Star Press. Endo said backstage that the champion wins no matter what the situation. He was still hurt from yesterday while Ueno had the day off (Ueno went to the sauna, then the gym, got sunburned then spent the the night resting). This result proves that the KO-D Title is the strongest championship is DDT.

The two members of Junretsu in the Grand Prix finally faced each other one on one. It was a chance for Makoto Oishi to prove himself against Jun Akiyama. He toughened it out by taking Akiyama’s Knee Strikes then escaped out of the Wrist Clutch Exploder to roll Akiyama into the Fujiyama Knee Lock. Oishi put all his might into the move but Akiyama used that momentum to roll Oishi onto his shoulders and pin him for the three count. Oishi told Akiyama after the match he entered the Grand Prix this year so he could have a match against him. Next time he will be even more driven even if it means breaking Akiyama’s knees! Akiyama said it is impossible to break his knees.

It isn’t enough that Kazusada Higuchi is down his left leg. Soma Takao spent their match trying to injure his right arm too. Takao got the idea to target the arm when Higuchi missed a Chop and struck the ring post outside. Higuchi endured his injuries and still found ways to use his power moves. Takao tried using his elbow to cut off Higuchi but he was put away with the Buchikamashi sumo charge. Higuchi has two block matches left so he will continue to push forward. When Takao found out his next opponent is Akiyama he said he will go on a winter break. He’ll pay money to Akiyama if it means he can get a bye and avoid having to wrestle him.

Kazuki Hirata came out with another home made championship to be awarded to the No. 1 Crazy Awesome Guy in Osaka! Hisaya Imabayashi was fed up with Hirata’s fake titles made out of show posters so he took the belt off him and ripped it apart because the gag didn’t work in Tokyo. Imabayashi said HARASHIMA is at the top of his block so he cannot afford to lose concentration because of this non-tournament match. So he ordered Toru Owashi to stop doing fake lucha, Danshoku Dieno to stop showing his ass because he is over 40 and Hirata to stop dancing because he should have some self-respect as a KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Champion. Everyone ignored his demands. Imabayashi complained until HARASHIMA stepped in. He thanked him for being thoughtful but all of these wrestlers are doing their acts with pride. Imabayashi understood and offered to sit on the top turnbuckle with the back of his pants pulled down so he could understand Dieno’s feelings. The match continued and HARASHIMA won it for his team. Dieno thanked HARASHIMA because he stood up for them. They are putting their support behind him to win the Grand Prix. Imabayashi was the last to leave the ring because it had to be disinfected after the match.

The opening match between Antonio Honda and Keigo Nakamura turned into both wrestlers attempted to Gongitsune poke each other. They chased each other under the ring and reappeared wearing each other’s wrestling gear! They ended up swapping personalities to so Nakamura was copying Honda’s physical movements. Honda pinned Nakamura with a Backslide and then celebrated as if he was Nakamura finally winning a match for the first time. The feeling quickly wore out because Honda’s body was still the same so he remembered who he was. So sadly this does not count as Nakamura’s first win.


November 29, 2020

Kanagawa Tsurumi Fruit & Vegetable Market
??? Fans – Withheld

1. Ricky Fuji defeated Gota Ihashi with the 9999 (6:11).
2. Maku Donaruto defeated Mizuki Watase when Donaruto pressed his crotch onto Watase’s face (11:39).
3. Yuna Manase defeated Ayumi Hayashi with the Suzuki Dynamic (6:48).
4. Rikidozan III Vs Taiho III: Yukio Naya & Hoshitango Imachi defeated Chikara & Yumehito Imanari when Naya pinned Imanari with the Back Drop (12:25).
5. First In History! Air Time Bomb & Current Blast Bat x 3 Death Match: Takashi Sugiura, NOSAWA Rongai & Hidetaka Monma defeated Atsushi Onita, Mecha Pandita & Rambo Kawamura when Sugiura pinned Pandita with the Current Blast Bat Swing (12:28).

For the main event, three Current Blast bats were placed in the ring while an Air Time Bomb hung over everyone from above, rigged to explode after ten minutes. Sugiura-gun came out armed with weapons. Takashi Sugiura had a chair, NOSAWA Rongai had a guitar and Hidetaka Monma had a barbed wire bat. The two teams brawled around the venue for the first five minutes. Atsushi Onita put NOSAWA through a table with a Piledriver. Monma immediately grabbed Onita so Sugiura could hit him with a Barbed Wire Bat. Rambo Kawamura got into the ring and mimicked firing a machine gun until he ran out of bullets. Time ran out and the Air Time Bomb exploded over everyone. Onita covered Daisuke Kiso to protect him while sparks poured down from the ceiling. When things calmed down, Sugiura grabbed a Current Blast Bat and hit Onita with an explosion. Monma picked Onita up so Sugiura could hit him with a second Blast Bat but Onita got out of the way and Monma took the blow instead. Onita yelled at Sugiura to keep fighting so Sugiura attacked him. He then grabbed the last Blast Bat and hit Mecha Pandita with it. He pinned the robot afterwards to win the match.

Sugiura & NOSAWA posed for their victory over Onita but didn’t stick around for the ending. Onita put on his leather jacket and thanked the fans for coming despite the cold weather and also the epidemic. Onita joked that he doesn’t notice the cold because he lives in the countryside where it is zero degrees everyday. He invited Sanshiro Takagi and guest The Great Kojika in to join in the closing speech. Onita later confronted Takagi accusing him of avoiding the Bakuha Koshien shows so he wouldn’t have to do any explosion death matches. They then argued over what is stronger, pandas or dogs. Takagi said dogs because the dog beat the panda today. Onita admitted that Mecha Pandita probably needs to be sent back to the factory in Laos for maintenance.

For the first time since 2017, the Power Of Dreams were together again. Chikara teamed up with Yumehito Imanari to take on the sumo pairing of Yukio Naya & Hoshitango. The match focused on Chikara and Naya, two 3rd generation wrestlers fighting each other. Chikara missed a Diving Saber Chop and hit his partner by mistake, causing Naya to pin Imanari with the Back Drop. Chikara challenged Naya to a singles match afterwards but Naya told him to go home.

Ayumi Hayashi encouraged Yuna Manase to join in her wasshoi chants just so she would drop her guard. Manase had trouble pinning her opponent down until she hit a Lariat and won with the Suzuki Dynamic. She praised Hayashi for a good match afterwards.

Mizuki Watase was thrown off by Maku Donaruto’s behavior after Donaruto tried to pull his tights off. Watase got so annoyed that he pulled down his tights himself and threw them at Donaruto. Both wrestlers were reduced to fighting in their underwear with Donaruto encouraging Watase to give him more. He countered Watase’s Back Drop into a Triangle Choke, purposely pressing Watase’s face into his crotch. Watase gave up from this.

Yesterday was Gota Ihashi’s birthday. Sadly he couldn’t celebrate today because he lost to Ricky Fuji. Ihashi missed the Moonsault and Fuji capitalised with the 9999.

BASARA Update, Usui Leaving Wrestling For Now, Tomorrow’s Match Orders

November 28, 2020

There is an update from BASARA over the members who went into self-quarantine this week. Earlier in the week Daiki Shimomura, Tetsuo Usui and Yuya Okada were in close contact with a person who was suspected to have Coronavirus (it’s not Yasu Urano, he is a separate case). This person has since reported that their PCR test came back negative and the people mentioned above are all free to return. Shimomura and Okada have ended their self-quarantine. Usui has as well but he also decided to take a break from pro wrestling. Usui also works in a welfare facility outside of his wrestling career. He had permission from BASARA and his other job to do both pro wrestling and social work but COVID-19 has made balancing those two parts of his life difficult. After this week’s scare, he made the decision to take a break from wrestling until the epidemic is over.

Kanagawa Tsurumi Fruit & Vegetable Market

1. Ricky Fuji Vs Gota Ihashi
2. Mizuki Watase Vs Maku Donaruto
3. Yuna Manase Vs Ayumi Hayashi
4. Rikidozan III Vs Taiho III: Chikara & Yumehito Imanari Vs Yukio Naya & Hoshitango Imachi
5. First In History! Air Time Bomb & Current Blast Bat x 3 Death Match: Atsushi Onita, Mecha Pandita & Rambo Kawamura Vs Takashi Sugiura, NOSAWA Rongai & Hidetaka Monma

Here’s the match order tomorrow. The show should end up being quick and to the point. They’re here for the explosions so no point keeping them waiting for long.

DDT “D-OU GRAND PRIX 2021 IN OSAKA!”, 29/11/2020
Osaka Azalea Taisho Hall

-. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: HARASHIMA (6) defeated Daisuke Sasaki (2) by Forfeit.
1. Antonio Honda Vs Keigo Nakamura
2. Blow Away The D-Ou GP 2021 From The DDT Variety Team!: HARASHIMA & Toru Owashi Vs Danshoku Dieno & Kazuki Hirata
3. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Kazusada Higuchi (3) Vs Soma Takao (4)
4. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Makoto Oishi (2) Vs Jun Akiyama (2)
5. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Tetsuya Endo (5) Vs Yuki Ueno (2)
6. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: Yukio Sakaguchi (4) Vs MAO (2)
7. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: Konosuke Takeshita (2) Vs Chris Brookes (4)

HARASHIMA is currently on top of the A Block but he already got his points from tomorrow’s forfeit. Yukio Sakaguchi and Chris Brookes can catch up to him. Over in the B Block there will be a DAMNATION wrestler in first place after tomorrow’s show. If Tetsuya Endo loses he may have to share the spot with his enemy Kazusada Higuchi. But if Higuchi loses to Soma Takao then Takao could leapfrog over Endo.


November 28, 2020

DDT “D-OU GRAND PRIX 2021 IN NARIMASU”, 28/11/2020
Tokyo Narimasu Act Hall
??? Fans – Withheld

-. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: Yukio Sakaguchi (4) defeated Daisuke Sasaki (2) by Forfeit.
1. Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Hideki Okatani with the Modified Haneorigatame (2:43).
2. No Touch Rules: Saki Akai, Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Yukio Naya defeated Danshoku Dieno, Antonio Honda & Keigo Nakamura when Naya pinned Nakamura with the Choke Slam (9:56).
3. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: Chris Brookes (4) defeated Akito (4) with the One More Round (13:10)
4. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – A Block: HARASHIMA (6) defeated MAO (2) with the Somato (12:49).
5. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Soma Takao (4) defeated Makoto Oishi (2) with the Running Elbow Butt (2:30).
6. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Jun Akiyama (2) defeated Shunma Katsumata (0) by Countout (9:53).
7. D-Ou Grand Prix 2021 – B Block: Tetsuya Endo (5) Vs Kazusada Higuchi (3) ended in a Double Knockout (20:56).

A Block

2. Yukio Sakaguchi (4)
-. Chris Brookes (4)
-. Akito (4)
5. MAO (2)
-. Daisuke Sasaki (2)
-. Konosuke Takeshita (2)

B Block

1. Tetsuya Endo (5)
2. Soma Takao (4)
3. Kazusada Higuchi (3)
4. Yuki Ueno (2)
-. Makoto Oishi (2)
-. Jun Akiyama (2)
7. Shunma Katsumata (0)

For the first time in D-Ou Grand Prix history a match has ended in a Double Knockout! A bout between Tetsuya Endo and Kazusada Higuchi guaranteed to have bombs thrown at both sides but nobody expected it to exceed the limits of both men. Endo pulled off one of the turnbuckle pads and used a chair to wreck Higuchi’s leg. Higuchi had so much trouble standing up that the referee attempted to count him out. Higuchi was able to stay on his feet and used a Brain Claw to cut off Endo’s momentum. Endo hit the Canadian Destroyer expecting it to be the finish but Higuchi spent his last gasp charging Endo right into the exposed turnbuckle with the Buchikamashi. Higuchi couldn’t stand up again due to the pain while Endo was knocked right out by the move. Both were counted out and the match was ruled a draw. When Endo recovered he was sat up and given the microphone. He thought he had no enemies left to beat after Jun Akiyama but Higuchi proved him wrong. Still, Endo leads the B Block and promises to win his remaining Grand Prix matches. He has to because he is carrying the KO-D Openweight Title, the pride of beating Akiyama and the thoughts of Daisuke Sasaki on his back! Backstage Higuchi said his leg is in bad shape after his back to back matches with Makoto Oishi and Endo. He’ll crawl to Osaka for tomorrow’s match if he has to!

Shunma Katsumata promised that his Super Hardcore form was gone for the rest of the year. Akiyama didn’t get that message and walked down to the ring armed with a Lego covered baseball bat. Katsumata tried to get Akiyama counted out by taping his feet together but Akiyama was able to rip the tape off. Katsumata later got Akiyama back out of the ring and the two of them tried to stop each other from getting back in. Katsumata thought he pulled one out of the bag when he hit a 619 out of nowhere. But Akiyama got back up and bounced his opponent away with a Jumping Knee. Akiyama got back into the ring and won by countout. That result was another first in D-Ou history, the first block match to end by countout!

Soma Takao currently has the fastest win of the Grand Prix so far. He and Makoto Oishi quickly exchanged roll ups before going straight for their finishing moves. When the Miracle Ecstasy and the Gin And Tonic were both avoided, Oishi ran the ropes. He aimed to do a Running Forearm but Takao cut him off with the Running Elbow Butt for the three count out of nowhere. Oishi complained that his shoulder was up and there should be a video replay to back him up. Takao was happy to win quickly because normally that means he can go home early. He can’t though because he now has to travel to Osaka. Also his late start in the tournament means he has no breaks in the remaining schedule.

Three shows in and HARASHIMA leads the A Block with a perfect score of 6 points. Today he beat MAO, avenging his defeat to him back in D-Ou 2019 (the one held in 2018). After the match HARASHIMA told the fans he came into the match with a good feeling and won thanks to their support. He brought up how injuries are already taking their toll on the DDT roster during this Grand Prix but everyone will do their best to make it through the entire tournament. MAO in his interview said he did okay today but that’s not enough against the ace of DDT. He then talked about DDT’s history with wrestlers who spell their name under the traditional alphabet (HARASHIMA, KUDO and MIKAMI). Those wrestlers can all claim to be DDT’s ace at some point in time. MAO is the only one from his generation spelling his name this way and he will continue working hard to become the ace.

Akito made a request to Chris Brookes before their match, asking for a Lancashire Rules match. He never experienced Lanacashire wrestling before so he suggested fighting 3 minute rounds for 10 round. Yukinori Matsui refused because he wasn’t going to change the rules to a D-Ou match. Akito still used his phone to keep track of the time and took breaks whenever a “round” ended. Brookes ignored the break and Cradled Akito for a nearfall. He then said it was a round break, knowing that Akito wouldn’t break the rules he wanted to follow. But when a “round” ended while Akito held Brookes in an Armlock, Akito said the phone alarm was too noisy and he ignored it from that point on. He tried to do the Goliath Birdeater but Brookes escaped and used a Horizontal Crucifix Pin to get the victory. Akito was disappointed he lost but doesn’t regret coming up with his Lancashire idea. Brookes is happy to beat the best technical wrestler in DDT at his own game. He thinks tomorrow’s opponent Konosuke Takeshita is broken to the point where Brookes can’t waste this chance to beat him again. He is also trying to get the Shukan Puroresu reporters interviewing him to attend Masahiro Takanashi’s show in January.

The participants in Match #2 all wanted to steal the show from the D-Ou matches. They agreed to a No Tag rule for their match. However Hisaya Imabayashi came out and told the wrestlers that one of the curtains hanging over the ring was malfunctioning. At some point the curtain was going to fall down and completely block the north side of the room from seeing the show! So for the sake of the fans sitting in the north side, the wrestlers had to do their match quickly before the curtain falls. The curtain did indeed fall so Danshoku Dieno, Saki Akai and Tomomitsu Matsunaga all worked together to keep it held above the audience’s heads. The plan worked until Antonio Honda poked all of them in the eyes with Gongitsune. Yukio Naya and Keigo Nakamura finished off the match without the north section getting to see it. They had to be told what happened after the curtain was fixed and raised back up.

Yesterday Yukio Sakaguchi warned he would fight Hideki Okatani as if he was Daisuke Sasaki. So fair play to Okatani for bringing the fight, albeit brief to Sakaguchi. He used Bulldogs, the Northern Lights Suplex and the Neckbreaker Drop. Sakaguchi kept calm though and countered the Double Arm Suplex into a Sleeper Hold. He placed Okatani down to hit him with a Penalty Kick and then used the Modified Haneorigatame from yesterday for the finish.


November 28, 2020

BASARA “BASARA 141 ~THE 8TH FOX PRINCE~”, 28/11/2020
??? Fans – Withheld

1. Ryota Nakatsu (1) Vs FUMA (1) ended in a Time Limit Draw (6:00).
2. Banana Senga (3) defeated Masato Kamino (1) with the Toke Espardas (3:25).
3. Fuminori Abe (3) defeated Isami Kodaka (3) with a Jackknife Pin (4:54).
4. Tsutomu Oosugi (5) defeated Daichi Kazato (3) with the Tsuki o Ishi (4:30).
5. Ryuichi Sekine (6) Vs SAGAT (4) ended in a Time Limit Draw (6:00).
6. Takumi Tsukamoto (8) defeated Takato Nakano (4) with the Swivel Zudon (4:40).
7. Yusuke Kubo (6) defeated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi (8) with a Modified Cabernaria (4:47).
*Team Isami 6-8 Team Abe.

BASARA “BASARA 142 ~THE 9TH FOX PRINCE~”, 28/11/2020
??? Fans – Withheld

1. SAGAT & Fuminori Abe (10) defeated Yusuke Kubo & Takato Nakano (6) when SAGAT pinned Nakano with the Goregrind (10:49).
2. Ryuichi Sekine, Ryota Nakatsu & Daichi Kazato (9) defeated FUMA, Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi & Tsutomu Oosugi (10) when Kazato pinned Hiroshi with a Modified Casadora (10:43).
3. Isami Kodaka & Banana Senga (11) defeated Takumi Tsukamoto & Masato Kamino (10) when Kodaka pinned Kamino with the Modified Samson Clutch (13:28).
4. Each Army Selection Elimination 6-Man Tag Match: Isami Kodaka, Ryuichi Sekine & Ryota Nakatsu (14) defeated Fuminori Abe, Takumi Tsukamoto & Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi (10) (14:57).
4a. Isami Kodaka and Takumi Tsukamoto eliminated each other by Double Ring Out (9:14).
4b. Ryuichi Sekine eliminated Fuminori Abe with the Combine (11:08).
4c. Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi eliminated Ryuichi Sekine by Ring Out (11:58).
4d. Ryota Nakatsu eliminated Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi with the V Slider (14:57).
*Team Isami 14-10 Team Abe.

Team Isami: Isami Kodaka, Ryota Nakatsu, Ryuichi Sekine, Yusuke Kubo, Banana Senga, Daichi Kazato and Takato Nakano

Team Abe: Fuminori Abe, Takumi Tsukamoto, FUMA, Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi, Tsutomu Oosugi, SAGAT and Masato Kamino


November 28, 2020

Osaka Azalea Taisho Hall
??? Fans – Withheld

1. Mahiro Kiryu defeated Sena Shiori with the Spinebuster (4:31).
2. Hyper Misao defeated Raku with the Hyper Misao Returns (6:27).
3. Shoko Nakajima & Nao Kakuta defeated Maki Itoh & Pom Harajuku when Kakuta pinned Harajuku with the Shiden Kai (11:03).
4. Yuki Kamifuku & Marika Kobashi defeated Rika Tatsumi & Moka Miyamoto when Kamifuku pinned Miyamoto with the Fame Asser (10:45).
5. Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino defeated Mizuki & Haruna Neko when Tenma pinned Neko with the Killswitch (11:03).
6. Yuka Sakazaki, Miyu Yamashita & Hikari Noa defeated Miu Watanabe, Mirai Maiumi & Suzume when Sakazaki pinned Suzume with the Merry-Go-Roung (12:09).

Maki Itoh wasted no time in wanting to step up to Nao Kakuta. She dared her to start their tag match with her. Kakuta said when you look closely at Itoh, she’s not that cute. Itoh Headbutted her in response. She used a Headbutt again to block Kakuta’s kick. Pom Harajuku went for her finisher but Kakuta avoided it. Shoko Nakajima hit Harajuku with the 619 and Kakuta did the Shiden Kai to get the pin.

Because she is newly married, Hyper Misao successfully argued to the referee that the bouquet she is carrying around is part of her wrestling attire. So she is now permitted use it in her matches. She held the bouquet in her hand as she beat Raku.