Video – No Passcode Scramble Bunkhouse Account Takeover 3 Way Death Match!

January 10, 2020

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,750 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

No Passcode Scramble Bunkhouse Account Takeover 3 Way Death Match: Sanshiro Takagi Vs Danshoku Dieno Vs Super Sasadango Machine


January 4, 2020

Tokyo Itabashi Green Hall
114 Fans

1. Gake no Fuchi New Year Falls Count Anywhere Hardcore Match: Chris Brookes (3,007 pts) defeated Miyako Matsumoto (1 pt) with the Praying Mantis Bomb (55:45).

Who is crazy enough to run against the Tokyo Dome on 4th January. This year it turns out to be a lot of people, actually. One of them was Gake no Fuchi Joshi, running their second show after a successful debut. Miyako Matsumoto thanked the fans for coming to the show today, especially the one person who was watching wrestling for the first time.

The theme of today’s show was “Overseas Expansion”. There were fans  from around the world who came here to see Chris Brookes. Matsumoto threatened to kill all of them. The match was broadcasting on Youtube so English commentary was provided by Shota and Mr. Haku. A Spanish announce table was also set up but the one Spanish person who bought a ticket went to Suidobashi instead of this show so the Spanish commentary was no longer going ahead.

The Gake no Fuchi rules for Matsumoto Vs Brookes was Hardcore, falls count anywhere, no rope breaks and no time limits. The match would end after a pinfall, submission, referee stoppage or knockout. However the winner would be determined over who had the higher amount of points from the minigames. After the entrances, both wrestlers stood for each other’s national anthems. Brookes had the British anthem and Matsumoto sang the Gake no Fuchi anthem. Brookes then attacked Matsumoto to start the match.

The 1st minigame was “Gake no Fuchi Sumo Match Day 1”. Brookes easily threw down Matsumoto to win a point. “Gake no Fuchi Sumo Match Day 2” then began. This time Matsumoto took on Brooke’s ringside second Drew Parker. Matsumoto went to grab his leg but fell on her knees, giving Brookes a second point. Brookes and Matsumoto fought outside where Brookes gave Matsumoto a Back Body Drop onto the ring apron. He put her in a Romero Special when Kuishinbo Kamen suddenly appeared! Matsumoto called on him to help her. Kamen instead threw candy into the audience and walked off.

The 3rd minigame was “Gake No Fuchi Kiso Flag Race” where the first to attack Daisuke Kiso wins. Matsumoto stopped Brookes from entering the ring first but missed her attack on Kiso. Brookes booted Kiso in the face to win a point. Brookes then gave Matsumoto a Soccer Kick to the back but Kiso was too hurt to count the pin. That was when Sanshiro Takagi made his entrance and declared himself the special referee! He was too busy doing his “Fire!” entrance to count Brookes’ pin. When he did count it was slow enough for Matsumoto to kick out. Takagi kept slow counting Brookes. When Brookes complained about it, Takagi pushed him into a School Boy from Matsumoto for a fast count nearfall. Brookes gave Takagi a Stunner to make him go away.

Brookes put Matsumoto in another Romero Special, prompting another masked man to enter the room. Jushin Liger’s music played and out came Ohuchi Thunder Rider! However Shota attacked him, upset at the bait and switch. Ohuchi Rider left without doing anything.

The 4th minigame was “Gake no Fuchi Hagoita Showdown” based on a game that kind of looks like badminton. Matsumoto immediately missed her show so Brookes won the point. Brookes was then allowed write on Shota’s face as the other reward. “Gake no Fuchi Hagoita Showdown 2” then took place between Matsumoto and Parker. This time Parker missed his shot, giving Matsumoto her first point! Parker took his frustration out on Shota by doodling on his face. “Gake no Fuchi Hagoita Showdown 3” was then held but it was a repeat of the first game, giving Brookes another point. Shota’s face was covered in ink by this point.

Brookes began to light up Matsumoto’s chest with Chops, prompting her to cry for help. Kuishinbo Kamen came back and he got to fight Parker in the “Gake no Fuchi Boxing Match”. Kamen put on boxing gloves and was ready to fight until Parker started kicking him. Kamen sat down on a chair at ringside and refused to participate any further until there is proper boxing. He had to be lifted on the chair and carried out of the room. Brookes won the point by forfeit.

It was not time for the “Gake no Fuchi Drunkers Match”. A shot of sake must be drunk after every pin otherwise the wrestler is disqualified. Kamen returned and started wrestling with Brookes but he missed the announcement and did not understand the rules. Once he found out he asked Shota to take his place. After Shota drank a shot, Matsumoto took his place. She and Brookes had a bunch of nearfalls that resulted in both of them having to drink 5 shots. Matsumoto spat her second shot at Brookes and was disqualified.

Matsumoto found the boxing gloves and used them to punch Brookes a lot. They fought outside the ring where Brookes put her in an Octopus Stretch. The “Gake no Fuchi Sumo Match Final Day” came along this time with Matsumoto & Ohuchi Rider teaming up against Kamen. Matsumoto jumped on Rider and told him to charge. She fell off. Kamen was given a point.

The final minigame to take place was the “Gaki no Fuchi Darts Showdown”. Parker gave everyone some darts then took off his shirt to reveal a dartboard was drawn on his back! That’s right the wrestlers had to play darts with Parker’s back! Brookes was winning despite his friend being in a lot of pain. That was when Matsumoto pulled out a knife. This is the point of the match where things got out of control.

She said this is is a new year and everyone came to see pro wrestling, not this farce! She attempted to stab Brookes but he took the knife off her. When he approached Matsumoto with the knife, she told him they should wrestle instead. Without the knife. He agreed. Matsumoto then took out a “death bottle” and force fed it to Brookes on the ropes. Brookes pressed the knife up to her face to escape. Matsumoto then took out a stapler and stapled a NOAH flyer onto Brookes’ head. If that wasn’t enough, Matsumoto also bit his head and screamed “Blood!” when he finally got cut.

As the fighting went back and forth, Brookes was sent outside of the ring. Matsumoto dove onto him with an assistance from Metropoli-chan V. They then set up a ladder and moved the Spanish announce table up next to the ring. Brookes was placed on the table and Matsumoto put him through it with a dive from the ladder! Brookes was able to kick out and get back into the ring.

Brookes gathered together a bunch of plastic cases. He dived at Matsumoto but she dodged it and Brookes went through the cases. Brookes then took out a bag but Matsumoto kicked him and took it off him. She emptied the bag to reveal thumbtacks! However Brookes ended up Power Bombing her onto the tacks. He later did a Michinoku Driver II onto the tacks and Parker hit a Firebird Splash afterwards. Somehow Matsumoto kicked out of the pin!

Matsumoto was still fighting. She countered the Praying Mantis Bomb into a Cradle for a nearfall. She then kicked a chair into Brookes’ head with a Shining Gakezard. After that she did a Diving Foot Stomp from the top rope but Brookes kicked out.

Matsumoto then took out a bunch of bamboo skewers. She told Brookes “Thank you so much, goodbye!” before trying to push them into his scalp. Brookes blocked her and instead pushed the skewers into the top of Matsumoto’s head!

Finally the match ended when Brookes gave Matsumoto the Praying Mantis Bomb with the skewers still sticking out of her head. Brookes was rewarded with 3,000 points for getting the three count. The final score was Brookes: 3,007, Matsumoto: 1 and Kamen: 1.

Brookes had a lot to say about the match. He called it “fuckin’ stupid” but Matsumoto took it as a compliment. She told him this was going to be his best match for the year he stays in Japan. After today nothing in Japan will scare him. Brookes thanked Matsumoto but also said he won’t do this match again. When he left with Parker, Matsumoto said 2020 will definitely be a good year for her because she overcame such a fierce match today. She sang the Gake no Fuchi national anthem again and wished all the fans a happy new year.


January 3, 2020

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,750 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

-. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title: Kagami Mochi defeated Toru Owashi (c) by Pinfall (6:37 pm).
*Kagami Mochi becomes the 1,458th champion.
1. Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title – Time Difference Battle Royal: Saki Akai defeated Kagami Mochi (c), Toru Owashi, Kazuki Hirata, Yuki Iino, Antonio Honda, Gorgeous Matsuno, Mizuki Watase and Keigo Nakamura (11:06).
1a. Mizuki Watase eliminated Kagami Mochi (c) by Pinfall (2:41).
*Mizuki Watase becomes the 1,459th champion.
1b. Kazuki Hirata eliminated Mizuki Watase (c) by Pinfall (4:22).
*Kazuki Hirata becomes the 1,460th champion.
1c. Kazuki Hirata (c) eliminated Yuki Iino by Ring Out (4:57).
*V1 for Kazuki Hirata.
1d. Kazuki Hirata (c) eliminated Gorgeous Matsuno by Ring Out (5:00).
*V2 for Kazuki Hirata.
1e. Kazuki Hirata (c) eliminated Toru Owashi by Ring Out (10:25).
*V3 for Kazuki Hirata.
1f. Kazuki Hirata (c) eliminated Antonio Honda by Ring Out (10:28).
*V4 for Kazuki Hirata.
1g. Saki Akai eliminated Kazuki Hirata (c) with a School Boy (10:46).
*Saki Akai becomes the 1,461st champion.
1h. Saki Akai (c) eliminated Keigo Nakamura with the Rookie Award (11:06).
*V1 for Saki Akai.
2. Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi defeated Mad Paulie & Hiroshi Yamato when Higuchi pinned Paulie with the Doctor Bomb (10:46).
3. No Passcode Scramble Bunkhouse Account Takeover 3 Way Death Match: Super Sadadango Machine defeated Sanshiro Takagi and Danshoku Dieno when Sasadango pinned Dieno with the Vertical Drop Lehmann Shock (7:41).
4. HARASHIMA & Shinya Aoki defeated Masahiro Takanashi & Makoto Oishi when HARASHIMA pinned Oishi with the Somato (8:06).
5. MAO Triumph Match: MAO defeated Shunma Katsumata with the Avalanche Michinoku Driver II (8:08).
6. New Year! Special Worldwide Match: Masato Tanaka defeated Chris Brookes with the Sliding D (9:38).
7. Tetsuya Endo & T-Hawk defeated Konosuke Takeshita & Akito when T-Hawk pinned Akito with the Night Ride (11:44).
8. KO-D Tag Team Titles: Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura defeated Daisuke Sasaki & Soma Takao (c) when Ueno pinned Sasaki with the BME (27:28).
*DAMNATION fails in V10. Nautilus becomes the 67th KO-D Tag Team Champions!

The decade kicks off with new KO-D Tag Team Champions! For DAMNATION today ends their dominant title reign. Daisuke Sasaki’s dream of taking pro wrestling to outer space after achieving 10 title defences will not become a reality. For Naomi Yoshimura, his new year has been as far away from his calamitous injury twelve months ago as it could be. At first it looked to be over when Nautilus hit the Osaka Strad on Sasaki but Soma Takao broke the count. When Yoshimura got rid of him, Yuki Ueno hit the Best Moonsault Ever on Sasaki for the three count.

After the match Ueno told everyone that two young people from the Osaka countryside have become the Tag Champions! He thanked the fans for cheering them because it really helped them a lot. With DISASTER BOX becoming stronger today (more on that later), Nautilus looks forward to growing even bigger in DDT! Ueno & Yoshimura then asked the fans to cheer “Yes or Nautilus!” from now on.

So who was the mystery partner Tetsuya Endo chose for his match against ALL OUT? He came out alone carrying the DAMNATION signboard. Konosuke Takeshita poked fun at him, saying Endo couldn’t find a tag partner. But Endo assured him he found a great partner. It was T-Hawk! Takeshita had beaten T-Hawk at an OWE show in Korakuen Hall on 30th December so this was T-Hawk’s chance for revenge. The member of #STRONGHEARTS came out with El Lindaman by his side. He had to settle with pinning Akito with the Night Ride. After the match Lindaman got on the microphone. He said he and T-Hawk weren’t booked to wrestle today until Endo invited them to come over here. They found out DDT have a show in Itabashi Green Hall on 5th January. They want to have a match whether DDT wants them there or not! Endo said that DAMNATION and #STRONGHEARTS are now in a business relationship. Backstage Takeshita admitted he thought Endo was going to bring in Nobuhiro Shimatani to be his tag partner while Akito thought X was going to be Shiori Asahi.

Chris Brookes didn’t waste any time attacking Masato Tanaka before the bell. When Tanaka was introduced in the ring, Brookes blindsided him with a Swand Dive Dropkick. Brookes then hit a Topé Suicida while Tanaka tried to recover outside the ring. Back in the ring Brookes wore down Tanaka with the Octopus Hold. Tanaka took control with his Elbow Strikes, avoided the Praying Mantis Bomb and hit the Sliding D to win.

HARASHIMA approached Tanaka in the ring when his match was over. He told him he is looking forward to their match on 26th January. Tanaka promised he will train hard enough to win the KO-D Openweight Title from him. Then suddenly Pokotan came down to the ring. He was pointing at HARASHIMA but Tanaka noticed something. Instead of pointing at the DDT Extreme Title, Pokotan was instead pointing at the KO-D Title. Tanaka grabbed Pokotan and pulled its head off, revealing it to be MAO! He Dropkicked HARASHIMA and gave Tanaka a Frankensteiner. He then told HARASHIMA in English “I wanna challenge KO-D Openweight Championship. Just bring it!” He then ran off.

Speaking of MAO, his return match was a victory against Shunma Katsumata. He entered to a new entrance song and used what he learned from his excursion. Katsumata brought out his death match side by pouring out a box of Lego in the middle of the ring. That idea backfired when MAO slammed Katsumata onto the Lego with an Avalanche Michinoku Driver. After the match MAO apologised to the fans for Mike Bailey’s absence. Until his visa situation gets sorted, MAO will have to climb to the top of DDT on his own. Katsumata backstage said he will be getting an operation to remove metal plates from his cheekbone in February. He will be absent from DDT for a while after that but when he returns he will be DDT’s death match fighter!

The team of Makoto Oishi & Masahiro Takanashi pulled some foul play to weaken Shinya Aoki. But Aoki got into the swing of things after HARASHIMA helped him clear the ring. When HARASHIMA did a Swan Dive Body Press on Oishi, Aoki summoned up the courage to attempt the same move. Oishi still had some fight left in him when he dodged the Somato and went for the Jikiden Tornado Clutch. But HARASHIMA eventually did hit the Somato to give his team the win.

The rules for the Special 3 Way Match were revealed before the match began. It was Scramble Bunkhouse rules which meant the wrestlers had to stand at opposite ends of the room. Three phones were placed in the middle of the ring, each containing the Twitter accounts of the wrestlers, all logged in with no protection. When the match began whoever got to the phones would be able to tweet whatever he wanted on the other wrestlers’ accounts! The bell rang and everyone charged into the ring. While Danshoku Dieno and Sanshiro Takagi were grappling, Super Sasadango Machine grabbed Takagi’s phone and tweeted out a poll about a certain event happening at the Tokyo Dome this weekend. The tweet appeared on Takagi’s account and was shown on the arena screen, causing great harm to Takagi. Dieno took the phone and used Takagi’s account to promise a 100,000 yen new year giveaway to Takagi’s followers. Takagi got on Sasadango’s phone to complain about Kazuyoshi Sakai doing commentary for said event at the Tokyo Dome. He then used Dieno’s account to retweet Riki Choshu a lot. Dieno used Takagi’s account to invite girls looking for a sugar daddy to contact him. Takagi then used both Dieno and Sasadango’s account to threaten run-ins at the Tokyo Dome tomorrow (Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani later responded that they will only get in if they have a ticket)! Sasadango used Takagi’s account to ask The Rock if he wants to wrestle at DDT’s Saitama Super Arena show this summer. Dieno ordered Sasadango to reveal personal information on Takagi’s account. Instead Sasadango posted a link to Dieno’s LINE account! Dieno was so distracted by this, Sasadango easily pinned him with the Lehmann Shock. Sasadango scorned Dieno for wanting to expose Takagi’s personal info. That kind of stuff crosses the line for a pro wrestler. They all agreed to do something as an apology. Dieno will leave his LINE account public for the month, Sasadango will send flowers to the Tokyo Dome tomorrow and Takagi will split 100,000 yen among 10 of the accounts that retweeted him. Now he just has to figure out how to choose them from the 5,000+ retweets.

The new team of Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi showed that they are not ones to mess around. After beating Mad Paulie & Hiroshi Yamato, they said that there is another person in DDT who shares their ambition. It is Saki Akai! She said she had always been watching from backstage but now she wants to do something big. Doesn’t matter if it is against men or women. So starting on 26th January Higuchi, Sakaguchi & Akai will be forming a new team together! They ordered Hisaya Imabayashi to set up a match for them on that date. Imabayashi tried to tell her the matches were already booked but Sakaguchi intimidated him into taking Akai’s request. This new trio want to show everyone a new landscape and shake things up in DDT!

While Kazuki Hirata was making his entrance, an odd situation happened backstage. A Kagami Mochi dish somehow fell on top of Toru Owashi, pinning him to become the new Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion. It was brought down to the ring by Yukinori Matsui and forced to enter the Battle Royal where Mizuki Watase eliminated it to win the title. Watase was incapacitated by Yuki Iino. But when Iino ran the ropes to do the Haka Elbow, Hirata pinned Watase to become the champion. Hirata went on to eliminate most of the field until it came down to him, Saki Akai and Keigo Nakamura. The rookie thought he could get a kiss from Akai but she shove Hirara into his lips instead. Akai pinned Hirata with the School Boy then pinned Nakamura with the Rookie Award to win the Battle Royal as the Iron Man Champ.

There were a couple of big announcements throughout the show. After intermission DISASTER BOX entered the ring. HARASHIMA was excited to show everyone the unit’s newest member. It’s Naomichi Marufuji!!! The NOAH wrestler was asked by HARASHIMA to join them for 2020. He didn’t know anything about DISASTER BOX before but a Google search got him up to speed. Marufuji’s first match as part of the group will be on 26th January.

Chris Brookes had a final message to give everyone at the end of the show. He said today was his last match in Korakuen Hall for this tour. He likes his time here in DDT and feels it has made him a better wrestler. So the next time he tours to Japan he will stay in the country for an entire year!

Last and certainly least, Kurochan will be at “WRESTLE PETER PAN 2020” on 7th June.


December 24, 2019

Saitama Wrestle Battle Hall
100 Fans

1. Gake no Fuchi Single Match: Jiro Kuroshio defeated Miyako Matsumoto with an Inside Cradle (34:01).
2. Special Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi & Tequila Saya defeated Jiro Kuroshio & Miyako Matsumoto when Saya pinned Matsumoto with the Grand Maestro de Tequila (5:48).

The debut of Gake no Fuchi Joshi Pro brought along 100 fans to the Saitama Wrestle Battle Hall. According to Miyako Matsumoto that meant these 100 fans did not go to Korakuen Hall for the other big joshi show running today on Christmas Eve, which pleased her. She went over the previous history of Gake no Fuchi and explained how the promotion came back to life. She was worried with how the show would work out but is very satisfied by the result.

The advertised match between Matsumoto and Jiro “Ikemen” Kuroshio was held under Gake no Fuchi rules. They are mostly the same as pro wrestling rules. However at random times during the match a whistle will be blown and a minigame will take place. Their example of a minigame was “something like the battle between light and darkness that has been around since the beginning of history.” Points are awarded to the wrestlers depending on the result of the minigame. Should the wrestling match end in a 60 minute draw then whoever has the most points will be declared the winner.

Matsumoto was the first to make her entrance. She completely copied Kuroshio’s entrance by using the “HELLO” song, wearing her own Ikemen jacket and stalling for as long as he would. The referee Daisuke Kiso then came out and also did the Ikemen entrance with the same song and his own jacket. The song continued playing for a while until Chikara unexpectedly came out doing the entrance! Finally Kuroshio appeared, confused as to how or why Chikara got here. Chikara explained he was the witness for the match, so he went to sit down at ringside.

The match began with Kuroshio threatening to squash Matsumoto. They locked up, fought around ringside for a little bit then Kuroshio hit Matsumoto with a big Shoulder Block that looked to have knocked her out. The whistle blew and it was time for the first minigame: “Ryogoku Sumo Match Day 1!”

The two squared off for a game of sumo. Kuroshio threw down Matsumoto and received a point for winning. The match returned to pro wrestling rules until the whistle blew again. The next minigame was “Ryogoku Sumo Match Day 2!” Matsumoto improved this time but still could not beat Kuroshio so she was now losing 2-0 in points. A puzzled Kuroshio shouted at his opponent, asking if she knew anything about Sumo?

The whistle blew for the 3rd minigame: “Gake no Fuchi Proxy War!” Out came the Ohuchi Rider to confront Chikara who had suddenly fallen to the Dark Side. Rider attacked Chikara with a bottle opener and a brick but Chikara deflected them with a lightsaber. Chikara used the Force to make Rider choke himself by wrapping a chain around his own neck. Ohuchi Rider was defeated which means Kuroshio won his third point.

The 4th minigame was “Gake No Fuchi Last Gig Confrontation”. A keyboard was placed in the ring and both wrestlers had to play a song. Matsumoto went first and played Kuroshio’s entrance song “HELLO” on a melodica. She thought she had outsmarted her opponent but Ikemen surprised everyone by playing “Bakusho Sengen”, the theme of Shinya Hashimoto on the keyboard! Ikemen won the audience vote and increased his lead to 4-0.

There was no time to recuperate because they went straight to “Ryogoku Sumo Match Final Day!” Kuroshio put Matsumoto in a Manjigatame while Rider and Chikara played sumo. Kuroshio let go of Matsumoto and threw Rider onto the mat. The referee ruled it as a win for Kuroshio. He tried to give Matsumoto a Brainbuster when the whistle blew again.

This time the game was “Gake No Fuchi Flag Race”. Both Matsumoto and Kuroshio had to lie face down near the entrance. After a countdown the first person to get up and attack Kiso wins the point. Matsumoto got into the ring faster than Kuroshio but Kiso avoided her attack and struck her with a Flying Cross Chop. Now Daisuke Kiso had won a point!

There were a few nearfalls and the match looked like it was back to normal. Then there was yet another whistle for a game of “Gake no Fuchi Must Not Laugh Christmas”. A manzai style comedy double act entered the ring wearing bathrobes (the woman was Metropoli-chan V, I didn’t recognise the man). Their act didn’t get either wrestler to laugh. Chikara entered the ring and hit the comedians with a baseball bat, forgetting how the game is supposed to work (you hit the person who laughs). This made Kuroshio laugh so he got hit. Kiso laughed at that so he got hit too. Matsumoto finally won a point!

Chairs were then brought into the ring for the next game “Gake no Fuchi Live Morning TV”. Matsumoto, Kuroshio, Chikara and Kiso all sat down together and had a TV style debate about marriage. The game went to a no contest when Chikara lost his temper and attacked the other wrestlers.

Both Matsumoto and Kuroshio could barely recover when the “Gake no Fuchi MC Battle” began. It was a rap battle. Kuroshio won. By this point 30 minutes had passed in the match. Chikara might have attacked them with chops at this point. I don’t know, I’m losing my mind.

Anyway the next game was the “Gake no Fuchi Squat Confrontation”. The wrestlers and Kiso began to squat. Kiso gave up almost immediately. Matsumoto eventually lost because her knee did not bend properly for the squat to count so now Kuroshio had 7 points.

Believe it or not that turned out to be the last minigame of the match because they went back to wrestling from here on out. Kuroshio missed the Moonsault Press. Matsumoto gave him a Small Package for a nearfall. Kuroshio then revered the Small Package and pinned Matsumoto for the three count.

Kuroshio told Matsumoto he felt connected to her after doing this match. He once did his own self-produced show in Shinjuku FACE so he knows what it is like to do a similar project. Matsumoto thanked him for giving her the match before he leaves Japan. She hopes they can team up together one day. She thinks they can be a super dangerous tag team together on the same level as Heisei Ishingun or the nWo! Kuroshio promised they will tag as many times as possible when he returns to Japan.

But that wasn’t it for the show! Suddenly Sanshiro Takagi came out. He liked the match they just had and likes the idea of them teaming together even more. So they are going to have a tag team match against Takagi straight away! Takagi’s tag partner is somebody who also is going to have a final match of her own soon. It’s Tequila Saya from Ice Ribbon!

Matsumoto put her Ikemen jacket back on and along with Kuroshio attacked their opponents to start the impromptu match. Takagi & Saya rallied and with the help of Chikara hit a Train Attack on Matsumoto. Kuroshio came to her aid and helped Matsumoto do the Mamma Mia Z. But Takagi caught her and countered with the Spicolli Driver. Saya went for the Grand Maestro de Tequila but Matsumoto countered it with her own clutch for a nearfall. Matsumoto and Saya went back and forth with Cradles until Saya successfully applied the Grand Maestro de Tequila to win.

Takagi thanked Saya for coming over today and told her to enjoy her remaining pro wrestling life before her retirement match on 31st December. He also thanked Kuroshio and said it will be the last time they will wrestle each other for a while. Finally, Takagi congratulated Matsumoto for successfully bringing back Gake no Fuchi. He encouraged her to recreate the brand’s history with her own hands. After all, Matsumoto is one of the best when it comes to self-promotion. Takagi then left because it’s Christmas Eve and he has a family to be with. Saya told Matsumoto that her retirement match will consist of 38 one minute bouts. She asked if Matsumoto could be one of her 38 opponents. Matsumoto wasn’t sure if she could make it but quickly accepted when it looked like Saya was going to leave.

The show ended with Meari Naito singing “All I Wants For Christmas Is You” while everyone danced around her. Then Matsumoto had one last message to tell everyone. Gake no Fuchi is back but she cannot do this on her own. She is looking for trainees or other newcomers to help her make this place bigger and bigger. The next time this show happens will be on 4th January when Matsumoto takes on Chris Brookes!

BASARA Generation 61 Minute Clash, Sasadango Vs Aoki, Title Matches In January

November 26, 2019

Yokohama Radiant Hall

1. 3 Way Match: Nodoka Tenma Vs Yuki Kamifuku Vs Haruna Neko
2. Shoko Nakajima Vs Mina Shirakawa
3. Miu Watanabe Vs Yuki Aino
4. Maki Itoh & Pom Harajuku Vs Hikari Noa & Mahiro Kiryu
5. Sakisama Vs Raku
6. Rika Tatsumi Vs Misao
7. Yuka Sakazaki, Mizuki & Suzume Vs Miyu Yamashita, Yuna Manase & Mirai Maiumi

Is this Rika Tatsumi’s last chance to bring Hyper Misao back? She has an idea to do something for her one on one match with Misao. What on earth could it be?

Marika Kobashi will be in attendance to give an update on her status. She has been absent from Tokyo Joshi Pro since the summer to study for her university entrance exam.

Tokyo Nishiarai Daishi West Studio

0. Exhibition Match: Ryuichi Sekine Vs Tetsuo Usui
1. Customer Lottery Tag Match: Ryota Nakatsu, Fuminori Abe, Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi, SAGAT
2. Customer Lottery Decision Only Match: Isami Kodaka Vs Masato Kamino
3. 61 Minute Best 2 Out Of Three Falls: Daiki Shimomura Vs Takato Nakano

The BASARA generation rivalry between Daiki Shimomura and Takato Nakano has come to this. They will face off in a three fall match with a combined 61 minute time limit. It is a stipulation so big that it will main event the show.

The other two matches will heavily feature crowd participation. The audience will randomly choose who teams with who in Match #1. For Match #2 Isami Kodaka and Masato Kamino will only be allowed to use moves pulled out of a box by members of the audience.

Tetsuo Usui is a new trainee for BASARA. Can’t find any details about him yet.

DDT “D-OU GRAND PRIX 2020 THE FINAL!!”, 28/12/2019
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. Kazusada Higuchi Return Match: Kazusada Higuchi Vs X
2. Saki Akai “Okibariyasu” 7 Match Series – 2nd Match: Sakura Hirota Vs Saki Akai
3. Toshiwasure! Special Single Match: Shinya Aoki Vs Super Sasadango Machine
4. D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 – Final: Winner Of A Block vs Winner Of B Block

One of the upsets of the year happened when Super Sasadango Machine pinned Shinya Aoki last weekend. Even Sasadango has been struggling to believe it was a deserved victory. He does comedy so much that he can’t tell if he has some legitimate wrestling ability anymore. To find out if Sasadango actually has skill in the ring he will face Aoki in a singles match. If he hits the Lehmann Shock three times in a row again then nobody can question the result.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. New Year! Special 3 Way Match: Sanshiro Takagi Vs Danshoku Dieno Vs Super Sasadango Machine

DDT kicks off the 2020 schedule with three of their classic wrestlers facing off against each other.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. International Princess Title: Maki Itoh (c) Vs Hikari Noa
2. Princess Of Princess Title: Yuka Sakazaki (c) Vs Miyu Yamashita

Hikari Noa convinced Maki Itoh to give her an International Princess Title shot. She wants to win the title and defend it against Natsumi Maki when she returns from injury. Maybe it’s out of jealousy or maybe it is out of respect but Itoh accepted the challenge and wants it at the big 4th January show at Korakuen Hall.

DDT “WRESTLE SHIOKONBU! 2020”, 12/01/2020
Osaka City Suminoe Maikon Hall

1. DDT Extreme Title: HARASHIMA (c) Vs X

There will be no more title matches in DDT until January. I bet the D-Ou Grand Prix group stage will determine some challengers for HARASHIMA.

DDT “WRESTLE TOROROKOBU! 2020”, 13/01/2020
Osaka City Suminoe Maikon Hall

1. KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles: Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Iino (c) Vs X, X & X

ALL OUT’s position in DDT has been weakened now that Konosuke Takeshita is no longer the KO-D Openweight Champion. An attempt from Yuki Iino to win the belt failed and Shunma Katsumata hasn’t been able to win the KO-D Tag Team Titles whenever he had the chance to. All they have to fight for at the moment is the KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles.

DDT “SWEET DREAMS! 2020”, 26/01/2020
Tokyo Korakuen Hall

1. KO-D Openweight Title: HARASHIMA (c) Vs X

It’s possible that the D-Ou winner could challenge HARASHIMA here but that is not a guarantee.

Video – Bookstore Pro Wrestling

November 23, 2019

Tokyo Inoo Book Store
??? Fans

1. Falls Count Anywhere 6-Man Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi, Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura Vs Shinya Aoki, Shunma Katsumata & Yukio Naya


November 23, 2019

Tokyo Inoo Book Store
??? Fans

1. Falls Count Anywhere 6-Man Tag Match: Sanshiro Takagi, Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura defeated Shinya Aoki, Shunma Katsumata & Yukio Naya when Takagi pinned Katsumata with the Himawari Bomb onto a Chair (13:44).

11 years ago DDT held a pro wrestling match inside of the Inoo Book Store in Tokyo. It was one of the earliest times DDT put together a Street Pro Wrestling match. Today to celebrate the launch of Sanshiro Takagi’s new book it was time to go back to Inoo and do it all again!

The participants entered the book store all wearing the employee aprons. Yuki Ueno and Shunma Katsumata started off the match. They tagged in Naomi Yoshimura and Yukio Naya to do some power spots inside the room. Then Takagi and Shinya Aoki tagged in and traded holds until Aoki got a nearfall with a European Clutch.

With the opening tradeoffs out of the way it was time to take the match outside. Takagi and Aoki brawled down a side street while Ueno threw Katsumata into the store’s wall. Ueno and Katsumata fought up a stairway and Ueno Suplexed Katsumata down the steps.

Takagi and Aoki found nearby chairs and had a duel in the middle of the street. Aoki invited Keigo Nakamura to help him out but Nakamura’s High Kick hit Aoki as well as Takagi. Aoki took out his anger on Nakamura by choking him out next to a vending machine.

Naya brought out a table and placed both Yoshimura and Takagi on top of it. He held them down so Katsumata could climb a ladder and hit a Diving Double Knee Drop on them through the table! Katsumata went for the pin but Ueno broke it up with a chair.

Ueno then climbed on top of a vending machine and did a Moonsault onto everyone below.

Katsumata climbed onto a book rack to do a dive of his own but Takagi caught him with a Stunner on the way down.

Takagi placed the chairs together and threw Katsumata down onto them with the Himawari Bomb for the three count.

After the match Takagi thanked Aoki for coming to take part. Aoki flew in from Singapore just 2 hours before the match took place. Takagi also thanked the book store for letting them wrestle inside. He thanked the book company for releasing his new book and got everyone to chant for a reprint. Around 50 or 60 people showed up so Takagi thinks that is around 180,000 yen in book sales so far. But he doesn’t care about that right now. He now wants Bookstore Pro Wrestling to be an annual event!