Union Pro Wrestling Timeline

1993: Goro Tsurumi and Masahiko Takasugi form the Wrestling Union, an organisation co-promoted by Tsurumi’s IWA Kakuto-Shijuku, Takasugi’s IWA Shonan and another promotion named IWA Nagareyama.

April 1994: IWA Nagareyama wrestlers Poison Sawada and Shunme Matsuzaki take control of the organisation and rename it Union Wrestling. They begin to promote Union shows independently from the other two promotions.

December 1994: Union gets some coverage from the wrestling press when they hold a No Rope Barbed Wire Lumberjack Poisonous Viper Death Match between Sawada and The Mummy. Sawada gets bitten by the viper during the match and yelled that he didn’t want to die.

April 1995: Low attendences eventually take their toll and Union Wrestling holds its final show in Chiba.

June 2005: During a DDT show in Korakuen Hall Poison Sawada announces his intentions to relaunch Union Pro Wrestling. DDT’s president at the time Shoichi Ichinomiya is reluctant to accept Sawada’s demands.

August 2005: A deal is agreed and the Union relaunch goes ahead as a sub-brand of DDT. Sawada is joined by Shuji Ishikawa, Cherry, isami (Isami Kodaka) and 726 (pronounced Natsuru) as the first group of wrestlers leaving DDT for Union on a full time basis. Tadashi Takai is assigned as Union’s manager.

November 2005: Union holds its revival show in Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. Sawada and Ishikawa lose to Karate fighters Kazuhiko Ogasawara and Kazuhiko Matsuzaki in the main event. Mecha Mummy makes its debut and feuds with Naoshi Sano.

January 2006: A bitter feud erupts between Union and Karate-gun. Sawada defeats Matsuzaki in a Scorpion Death Match (featuring real scorpions).

February 2006: Matsuzaki is thrown out of Karate-gun and replaced by Mr. Pogo and Karate Mummy. Matsuzaki joins Union Sekigun and teaches them how to combat Karate. Naoshi Sano turns into a cyborg and becomes Mecha Stanley in a failed attempt to defeat Mecha Mummy. Ken Ohka wrestles his first match in Union.

March 2006: Union Sekigun scores a major victory over Karate-gun in an Eliminaton Rumble match. Mecha Stanley finally pins Mecha Mummy in a tag match. They become friends afterwards.

May 2006: Union Sekigun defeats Karate-gun once and for all when Sawada defeats Ogasawara in a Toxic Barbed Wired Board Death Match. Tadashi Takai hijacks Union by forming the Takai Corps and brings in Mr. Gannosuke to seize power. Mecha Mummy turns on Mecha Stanley and joins a bunch of other Mummies.

August 2006: Mecha Mummy defeats Kenzo Suzuki.

November 2006: Mr. Gannosuke defeats Sawada in an Electric Eel & Electric Catfish Death Match.

December 2006: Sawada teams up with Tatsutoshi Goto to defeat Mr. Gannosuke & Slave No. 1. Sawada and Goto knew each other from their days training in the New Japan Dojo.

January 2007: Poison Sawada defeats Mr. Gannosuke in a Legendary Viper Death Match, putting an end to Takai Corps. Sawada and Takai mend their friendship and Takai is allowed to honorably retire from his role as Union Representative. Naomi Susan becomes the new manager. Sadly the viper died during the match and Sawada takes a leave of absence to attend the viper’s memorial service.

February 2007: Union begins inter-promotional rivalries with Style-E and Daiwa Entertainment Pro Wrestling. Mecha Stanley learns Karate and becomes Karate Mecha Stanley. The feud how frown to now be about Mecha Vs Karate.

April 2007: Union holds a show dedicated entirely to a 5 match series for Ken Ohka as he returns from a long absence. He loses every match, most of them in under 2 minutes. The feud between Mecha and Karate is supposed to end in a tag match featuring a newly transformed Mecha Kazuhiko Ogasawara. The match keeps ending in a no contest when the referee gets constantly knocked out by Ogasawara. Mecha Mummy’s team eventually wins the match. The first Rock ‘N’ Roll Death Match in Union takes place when Ricky Fuji beats A.YAZAWA for the FTO Local Openweight Title.

May 2007: Union defeats Style-E in a Dead Or Alive Elimination Tag Match with isami as the sole survivor. Unfortunately isami suffered a cervical disc herniation in the process and is taken out of action for a year. 326 (a balding wrestler who sets fire to his forehead before doing his Diving Headbutt finishing move) defeats Mecha Mummy in a Hair Vs Hair Match, finally ending the Mecha Vs Karate feud.

August 2007: Shuji Ishikawa defeats Kyosuke Sasaki to end the feud between Union and Style-E. The KO-D Tag Team Titles are defended in Union for the first time when the Nuru Nuru Brothers defeat Mariko Yoshida & Cherry.

September 2007: Union moves on to another inter-promotional feud, this time against ZERO1-MAX. It mostly doesn’t go so well for Union.

December 2007: Ken Ohka gets the biggest win of his career at this point when he beats Osamu Namiguchi.

January 2008: Yoshihito Sasaki beats Shuji Ishikawa to end the Union Vs ZERO1-MAX feud with Union coming out on the losing side.

March 2008: Tokyo GURENTAI enters Union. Ken Ohka tries to get along with them but provokes them by accident instead creating Union’s next big feud. The foreign menace tag team of Gaijin A and Gaijin A arrive in Japan and make their debut. With sellotape wrapped around their faces the Gaijin make it their goal to invade Japan city by city and destroy everything in their way with their sellotape based offence.

May 2008: Tokyo GURENTAI defeats Union Sekigun in a 6-Man Tag Team match despite Union getting added help from Super Uchu Power. Poison Sawada returns from his pilgrimage. isami returns from injury and renames himself Isami Kodaka.

August 2008: Union Sekigun finally beats Tokyo GURENTAI. Turns out replacing Ken Ohka with Kazuhiko Ogasawara did the trick.

November 2008: The KO-D Openweight Title is defended in Union for the first time when the champion Sanshiro Takagi beats Shuji Ishikawa.

December 2008: Isami Kodaka fails to win the Independent Jr. Heavyweight Title from Makoto Oishi.

January 2009: After wrestling on a few Union shows in 2008, Seiya Morohashi decides to jump from DDT to Union full time. The Kowloon stable from Michinoku Pro enters into a business relationship with Union but quickly breaks it during a match between Ishikawa and Hayato “Jr.” Fujita.

February 2009: Kowloon destroys Union Sekigun in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. Morohashi is left in a bloody mess and had to be stretchered out mid-match.

May 2009: Union Sekigun gets one back on Kowloon by winning a Elimination Tag Match.

August 2009: Union holds its first show in Korakuen Hall. Takashi Sasaki beats Ishikawa in the main event. Jushin Liger defeats Ken Ohka. Kodaka beats Masashi Takeda in a Ladder & Barbed Wire Board Death Match. Three Gaijin A’s wipe out 17 micro indie wrestlers for their last appearance in Union.

November 2009: Ishikawa defeats Kota Ibushi in DDT to win the KO-D Title, bringing the belt over to Union.

December 2009: Ishikawa successfully defends the KO-D Title against Kodaka.

January 2010: Ishikawa successfully defends the KO-D Title against Yoshihito Sasaki.

February 2010: Ishikawa loses the KO-D Title to Daisuke Sekimoto.

April 2010: Hiro Tsumaki (FUMA) debuts losing to Ishikawa.

July 2010: Ken Ohka fractures his left knee. A Battle Royal is held to determine a new Ken Ohka to wrestle in his place. Kengo Mashimo wins and proceeds to wrestle as Kengo Ohka whenever he appears in Union.

November 2010: Cherry fails to win the JWP Openweight Title from Kaori Yoneyama at Union’s 5th Anniversary show.

December 2010: Sanshiro Takagi begins a year long stay in Union and forms TKG48, a super group containing 48 wrestlers in total inspired by the pop group AKB48. Takagi’s rival Yoshiaki Yago also arrives in Union and counters TKG48 with a unit of his own called the Revolutionary Armed Forces. Cherry defeats Yuki Miyazaki in a 60 minute Ironman match held one week before Miyazaki’s retirement.

January 2011: Manabu Nakanishi defeats Ishikawa in the main event of a Korakuen show. Isami Kodaka wins the DDT Extreme Title. El Generico has his first Union match against the debuting Shinichiro Tominaga, a rookie who had high potential but sadly fizzled out. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi beats Ken Ohka in a Bread Eating Death Match.

February 2011: Shuji Ishikawa beats one of his idols Tsuyoshi Kikuchi. Ken Ohka begins stalking New Japan staff so he could convince them to use Union wrestlers in their NEVER sub-brand.

March 2011: Isami Kodaka defends the DDT Extreme Title against Cao Zhang in a Tonkachi (Giant Hammer), Ladders & Chairs Match. Yago develops a crush on Naomi Susan and renames his unit the SS Susan (aka Susan Guard) so he can help make her job easier.

April 2011: Genichiro Tenryu wrestles in Union as part of TKG48. Union gets representation in a NEVER tournament to fill spots in the Best Of The Super Juniors. Ohka celebrates by wrestling and losing to Tatsuhito Takaiwa. Ohka and Tominaga both get eliminated in the 1st round of the NEVER tournament.

May 2011: Ishikawa defeats Dick Togo in DDT to win the KO-D Title. He defeats Takagi in Union later that day. Takagi announces his retirement but then immediately admits he is lying. Hiroshi Fukuda has his debut match.

June 2011: Takagi & Munenori Sawa win the Big China Unified Nakahara Tag Team Titles from Choun-Shiryu & Cao Zhang. They later defend the titles in crazy falls count anywhere matches held at outdoor locations. Ohka develops a crush on Mio Shirai and starts stalking her. Shirai constantly catches him and chokes him out with a Figure Four Neck Lock. Thus begins a tsundere relationship between the two.

July 2011: Kodaka defends the DDT Extreme Title against El Samurai in a TLC Match. Ohka wins the SGP Global Jr. Heavyweight Title from Ultraman Robin. A week later Ohka loses the title to Shirai.

August 2011: Kodaka defends the DDT Extreme Title against Sexxxy Eddy in a Sexy Diva Match with Rumi Kazama and GAMI in the roles of the Divas.

September 2011: El Generico wins the DDT Extreme Title from Kodaka.

October 2011: Cherry wins the SGP Jr. Title from Shirai.

December 2011: TKG48 dissolves. Ishikawa and Shigehiro Irie form the BIG “G” BANG tag team.

January 2012: Kodaka wins back the Extreme Title from Generico. Takagi returns full time to DDT but introduces New Sanshiro Takagi (Keizo Matsuda) to take his remaining bookings in Union. Hiroshi Fukuda begins feuding with comedian and HUSTLE wrestler RG on Twitter. RG beats Fukuda in a match where the loser had to follow the winner. Seiya Morohashi renames himself Big Rude.

March 2012: BIG “G” BANG beats Isami Kodaka & Ryuichi Sekine in a 1,000 Roses Death Match. Shirai attempts to make Cherry reveal her real age. Cherry beats Shirai to keep it a secret. Kodaka loses the Extreme Title to Yuko Miyamoto in a joint Union and Big Japan show.

April 2012: Cherry’s real age is again under threat when her passport is stolen by GAMI. Cherry beats GAMI to get her passport back. Goro Tsurumi’s masked sons Goro Jr. and El Hijo del Goro debut.

May 2012: Emi Sakura with Shirai in her corner defeats Cherry forcing her to finally reveal her real age and birth date.

June 2012: BIG “G” BANG defend the BJW Tag Team Titles against Abdullah Kobayashi & Ryuji Ito. An early version of Tokyo Joshi Pro holds matches in Union as part of preparations for the brand’s proper launch.

July 2012: Shuji Ishikawa wins the Extreme Title from Miyamoto in a joint Union and Big Japan show. Big Rude goes back to being Seiya Morohashi so he can replace an ill Ishikawa at Union’s Beer Garden show.

September 2012: Union gets a visit from Team Dream Futures and Keisuke Ishii gets under everyone’s skins during their stay.

November 2012: Ishii beats Ishikawa in a Lumberjack Death Match to win the Extreme Title.

January 2013: Kodaka beats Ishii to win the Extreme Title.

Febraury 2013: Ohka loses to Ishii in a Loser Leaves Town match. However Ishii has had enough of Union and chooses to leave instead. Ohka decides to honour the stipulation and still leaves, taking Mio Shirai with him. A few hours later two mysterious masked people called the Nazo Fukumen show up. Everybody sees through the act but are happy that Ohka and Shirai are staying around in some form. Plans for a Women’s championship are announced. Kaori Yoneyama wins the right to design and name the championship. Mitomi Masayuki signs with Union but a car accident puts him on the shelf until July. Hiro Tsumaki changes his ring name to FUMA.

March 2013: Yoneyama creates the Union Fly To Everywhere World Title and beats Cherry to become the first champion. Union begins a business relationship with an AV company called Idea Pocket. The company sends over actresses to appear on Union’s shows and their services are put on the line in matches. Shirai wins most of the matches and uses the idols to sell her merchandise.

April 2013: The Nazo Fukumen grow in power by beating Union wrestlers in Loser Leaves Town matches. The wrestlers just so happen to get replaced by suspiciously similar looking masked wrestlers afterwards.

May 2013: Kodaka fails to win the Extreme Title from Kenny Omega in a TLC Falls Count Anywhere Street Fighter 2 Match. Cherry wins the Fly To Everywhere Title. Idea Pocket creates the Aipoke World Title.

June 2013: One of the original Nazo Fukumen reveals himself to be Ken Ohka and he leaves the group when their insults toward Union go one step too far. Jun Kasai joins the Nazo Fukumen in his place after he is kidnapped by the group.

July 2013: The Nazo Fukumen beats Union Sekigun in a Best 2 out of 3 Time Admission 8-Man Tag Team Match. One of the Fukumen turns on the unit after the match and reveals himself to be Seiya Morohashi. He rejoins Union. Mitomi Masayuki debuts in Union six months after he signed with them.

September 2013: Union Sekigun defeats Nazo Fukumen once and for all in a Hardcore 6-Man Elimination Tag Match. Most of the Fukumen unmask to reveal they were all the Union wrestlers who lost the Loser Leaves Town matches.

November 2013: The Union MAX Title is created.

December 2013: Russian wrestler Ivan Markov beats Kodaka to become the 1st MAX Champion. Markov joins Fukuda and MEN’S Teioh to form the World Men’s Club. World travelling martial artist Richard Burn wrestles in Union for the first time.

January 2014: Ken Ohka makes a surprise appearance with Yumehito Imanari to declare war on Union with his Ganbare☆Wrestling organisation. Mio Shirai signs a full time contract with Union along with contracts for Pro Wrestling WAVE, Oz Academy and Ice Ribbion.

February 2014: Richard Burn reveals his true identity is Lady Beard, a cross dressing rock music act. He is accepted by the rest of Union because “nothing is scary to us anymore”. Hikaru Sato begins his stint in Union and treats it like a short vacation much to the chagrin of the Union Sekigun.

March 2014: Kodaka wins the MAX Title from Markov. Ganpro continues ambushing Union wrestlers at shows and beating them in impromptu matches.

April 2014: Fukuda and Teioh win the UWA World Tag Team Titles from HIROKI & Yasu Urano.

May 2014: Sato beats Kodaka to win the MAX Title. Union Sekigun beats Ganpro in a 6-Man Elimination Tag match. Ishikawa beats Ohka in a 1,000 Rose + a Death Match but afterwards says Ohka earned his respect.

June 2014: Cherry holds her 10th Anniversary show. Later that month Cherry loses the Fly To Everywhere Title to Lady Beard.

August 2014: Sato and Ishikawa for the MAX Title ends in a 30 minute draw. Kodaka & FUMA win the UWA Tag Titles from World Men’s Club. Shirai beats Lady Beard for the Fly To Everywhere Title. Retired DDT wrestler Daichi Kakimoto returns part-time under a mask and is simply known as Daichi. A deal is made for Hiroshi Fukuda to temporarily join All Japan but an injury cancels those plans.

September 2014: Mio Shirai hosts the first of her “M.I.O” events. Union co-promotes the show with WAVE, Oz Academy and Ice Ribbon.

December 2014: FUMA beats Sato to win the MAX Title. Madoka starts demanding Union to bring back the Idea Pocket idols. He brings in Harumi Tachibana as his valet and does everything he can to try and impress her. Mitomi Masayuki gets himself suspended for bad behaviour on social media. He insulted DDT and Union’s female fans on Twitter.

January 2015: Shuji Ishikawa & Masato Shibata win the UWA Tag Titles from Kodaka & FUMA. MEN’S Teioh and Kazushi Miyamoto join forces against Union.

February 2015: FUMA goes on an ego trip, declares himself the ace of Union and forms a new stable with Teioh, Miyamoto & SAGAT. Goro Jr. unmasks and reveals he is Yusuke Kubo. The second “M.I.O” event takes place with Mio Shirai versus her sister Io Shirai in the main event. A few days later Mio announces she will retire in September.

March 2015: FUMA’s new unit is named the King Legion. Cherry wins the Fly To Everywhere Title from Shirai. Madoka and Fukuda both propose to Harumi Tachibana but she rejects them.

April 2015: Kodaka defends the Independent World Jr. Heavyweight Title against Yukio Sakaguchi. Hibiscus Mii wins the Fly To Everywhere Title from Cherry. Hiroshi Fukuda wins the right to become Muscle Sakai II but he rejects the prize when he finds out it also included all of Sakai’s financial debts and family responsibilities. Madoka beats Lady Beard to prove his love for Tachibana. He proposes one more time but Tachibana dumps him for Lady Beard instead.

May 2015: “M.I.O 3” takes place with Shirai losing to Takashi Sasaki in the main event. Kodaka defends the Independent Jr. Title against Ikuto Hidaka.

June 2015: Shuji Ishikawa & Masato Shibata lose the UWA Tag Titles to the Brahman Brothers in an Empty Can Death Match. Shirai wins the Fly To Everywhere Title from Hibiscus Mii. Shirai faces Arisa Nakajima at “M.I.O 4”.

July 2015: Naomi Susan announces she will depart from her role as Union manager in October. Kodaka beats Madoka in an Independent Jr. Title match. King Legion beats Union Sekigun in a Scramble Bunkhouse Death Match.

August 2015: Union announces it will close after its 10th Anniversary show in October. With Susan leaving the feeling is the organisation cannot continue without her. Ishikawa reveals he will become a freelancer. Kodaka beats FUMA to become the MAX Champion. All Japan wrestlers Go Shiozaki & Kotaro Suzuki come in and beat Ishikawa & Daichi Kazato.

September 2015: Ishikawa beats Morohashi in a Last Man Standing Match. Cherry wins the Fly To Everywhere Title from Aoi Kizuki. Shirai wrestles her final match in Union. “M.I.O 5” is held as Shirai’s retirement show.

October 2015: Union holds its 10th Anniversary and final show in Korakuen Hall. Kodaka defeats Ishikawa in MAX Title defence. Cherry beats Masako Takanashi to keep the Fly To Everywhere Title. Both championships are sealed after Union’s closure.

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