Tokyo Joshi Pro Roster

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling – 東京女子プロレス
Tokyo Women’s Wrestling
Founded: 4th June, 2012
Headquarters: Kawaguchi City, Saitama
Theme Song: “Roar Serenade”

Formed in 2012, Tokyo Joshi Pro was set up as an organisation separate from DDT and its brands. It was created to train and nurture new female wrestlers. Students will be required to follow the “Forbidden Three” rule: No liquor, no tobacco and no relationships with men. The shows feature a mixture of wrestling matches and musical performances from idols.


Miyu Yamashita – 山下実優
Pink Striker
From: Fukuoka
Height: 165cm
Date Of Birth: 17th March, 1995
Signature Moves: Crash Rabbit Heat, Attitude Adjustment
Entrance Song: “I Am Me”

Syoko Nakajima – 中島翔子
Monster Of The Full Length 1.47m
From: Niigata
Height: 147cm
Date Of Birth: 19th July, 1991
Signature Moves: Northern Lights Suplex, Rider Kick, 619
Entrance Song: “Fire Ball”

Yuka Sakazaki – 坂崎ユカ
Enjoy Girl
From: South Town
Height: 158cm
Date Of Birth: 27th December
Signature Moves: Magical Girl Splash, Samson Clutch
Entrance Song: “I Can Fly”

Nonoko – のの子
Boin Maker
From: Tokyo
Height: 151cm
Date Of Birth: 29th June
Signature Moves: Pai Fly Flow, Boinmaker, Dragon Sleepai, Oppai Ye
Entrance Song: “Original”

Rika Tatsumi – 辰巳リカ
White Dragon
From: Nagano
Height: 163cm
Date Of Birth: 27th September
Signature Moves: Dragon Twist Of Fate, Missile Hips, Dragon Screw
Entrance Song: “Denden Passion” by

Hyper Misao – ハイパーミサヲ
Hero To Protect Peace And Love In Tokyo Joshi Pro
From: Gotham City, Northern Kanto
Height: 164cm
Date Of Birth: 3rd January
Signature Moves: I Am A Hero, Hero Correction System, Hyper Gotham Crash
Entrance Song: “HERO (When You Become A Hero, It Is Now)” by Kai Band

Azusa Takigawa – 滝川あずさ
No. 1 Announcer
From: Tokyo
Height: 161cm
Date Of Birth: 18th July
Signature Moves: Thrust Kick, Broadcasting Codebreaker
Entrance Song: “I Do Not Know” by BaBe

Yuu – 優宇
Dramatic Dream Fighter
From: Chiba
Height: 156cm
Date Of Birth: 19th July
Signature Moves: Katahajime, Last Ride
Entrance Song: “DDF”

Nodoka-oneesan – のどかおねえさん
Let’s Play With Nodoka!
From: Okayama
Height: 145cm
Date Of Birth: 7th June
Signature Moves: Back Flip, Cross Body Attack
Entrance Song: “Atsumarimashita Yo~tsu! Ping Pong Pang”

Marika Kobashi – 小橋マリカ
21st Century Born Pro Wrestler
From: Kanagawa
Height: 154cm
Date Of Birth: 17th May, 2001
Signature Moves: Machine Gun Chops, Reverse Crab Hold
Entrance Song: “Chu Chu” by READY TO KISS

Maho Kurone – 黒音まほ
Fighting Corpse
From: Helsinki
Height: 160cm
Date Of Birth: 15th December
Signature Moves: Diabolos
Entrance Song: “Twist” by Korn

Reika Saiki – 才木玲佳
Muscle Idol
From: Saitama
Height: 150cm
Date Of Birth: 19th May, 1992
Signature Moves: Jackhammer, Shining Wizard, Tower Bridge
Entrance Song: “I Love It” by Icona Pop

Maki Ito – 伊藤麻希
Idol Who Can Fight Now
From: Fukuoka
Height: 160cm
Date Of Birth: 22nd July, 1995
Signature Moves: Headbutt, Poison Mist
Entrance Song: “Calories” by LinQ

Yuna Manase – まなせゆうな
Purple Heart
From: Chiba
Height: 170cm
Date Of Birth: 11th November
Signature Moves: Kakato Drop
Entrance Song: “Hangeki No Ha”

Mizuki – 瑞希
Sugar Rabbit
From: Kobe City, Hyogo
Height: 157cm
Date Of Birth: 16th March, 1995
Signature Moves: Cutie Special, Aquamarine
Entrance Song: “No” by Super Doll ★ Rika Chan

Saki-sama – 沙希様
Red Roses In Paris
From: Holy Roman Empire Vienna
Height: 174cm
Date Of Birth: 2nd November
Signature Moves: Two Step Face Kick
Entrance Song: “The Rose Scatters Beautifully”

Mil Clown – ミル・クラウン
Magical Trickster
From: Magical Country
Height: ???cm
Date Of Birth: 27th December
Signature Moves: Mil Clutch α, Magical Merry-Go-Round
Entrance Song: “The Circus (Clown Remix)”

Chikage Kiba – 木場千景
Submission Based College Student
From: Tokyo
Height/Weight: 149cm
Date Of Birth: 2nd July, 1995
Signature Moves: Oklahoma Roll, Reverse Cross Armbreaker, Ankle Lock
Entrance Song: “Theme Of Akane Jubei Yagyu” from Shin Onimusha


Tokyo Joshi Pro Staff

Tetsuya Koda – 甲田哲也
Tokyo Joshi Pro General Manager

Yuki Aino – 愛野ユキ
Tokyo Joshi Pro Ring Announcer


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