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600 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Ikuto Hidaka defeated Ryota Nakatsu with the Stray High Kick (15:37).
2. 3 Way Match: Konoka = Pale One defeated Ryu Gouma and Atsushi Maruyama when Konoka pinned Gouma with an Ankle Hold (7:05).
3. Madoka & Tsutomu Oosugi defeated SAGAT & Kazuaki Mihara when Madoka pinned SAGAT with the Ranhyei (6:32).
4. Hi69 defeated Yusuke Kubo with the Stuka Splash (12:00).
5. Ryuichi Sekine defeated Koji Iwamoto with the Ryusetsu (12:35).
6. Daisuke Sekimoto defeated Hiroshi Fukuda with the Deadlift German Suplex (13:55).
7. Isami Kodaka & Takumi Tsukamoto defeated FUMA & Daichi Kazato when Kodaka pinned Kazato with the Isamuashi Zan (21:07).


From the ashes of Union Pro Wrestling comes Pro Wrestling BASARA. Even though the roster for the first show featured many of the Union regulars, they all revealed new costumes, entrance songs and personalities throughout the night. This really was an attempt at making a brand new promotion rather than just more of the same under a different brand name. The director of BASARA Isami Kodaka welcomed everyone to the show and played the brand’s theme song “UTAGE” by T.M. Revolution. Kyohei Wada was introduced as the surprise guest referee for the evening.


In the main event Kodaka teamed up with one of his big signings Takumi Tsukamoto formerly of Big Japan. Tsukamoto entered the ring carrying a giant spiked hammer to go along with Kodaka’s samurai sword. Their opponents were FUMA & Daichi Kazato. FUMA captured everybody’s attention when he entered the ring wearing an all black costume including a face mask. He played an electric guitar to the song “Kings Of Metal” by Manowar. After a 20+ minute battle Kodaka avoided Kazato’s Sister Abigail and hit the Isamuashi Zan to score the victory. FUMA berated Kazato after the match and said he’s not tough enough to be heavy metal. But FUMA did say there is someone who is heavy metal enough to team with him… Madoka! He came down to the ring but didn’t understand what was going on. FUMA asked him to join forces and become a heavy metal tag team. Madoka still didn’t understand but kind of accepted.


Hiroshi Fukuda wore a Star Spangled Banner coloured bodysuit for his match against Daisuke Sekimoto. Early in the match Fukuda did some vocal exercises whenever Sekimoto was held back after a rope break. Unfortunately his American firepower was no match for Sekimoto. Though he lost, Fukuda gracefully accepted defeat and shook hands with Sekimoto. His performance earned Sekimoto’s respect and both were given a thunderous applause. Fukuda mentioned he spent his free time watching the Rocky movies in preparation for the match. While watching Rocky 3 he realised he can become stronger by training with his best friend. He hopes he can train with Sekimoto so he can grow strong enough to beat him.


Ryuichi Sekine invited Ryota Nakatsu into the ring after Match #5 and asked to form a tag team with him. Sekine sees BASARA as a new territory that is only going to grow. The two of them can be more dangerous together as a team instead of both going commando.


Another former Union wrestler had a complete fashion overhaul for BASARA’s debut. Yusuke Kubo wrestled in a bright red mask and costume. He also carried a steal pipe to the ring but the referee ensured he didn’t get to use it. Hi69 won the match but Kubo pushed him away afterwards. He said he wants to get results differently from everyone else and do things his own way, hence the mask he now wears.


SAGAT is turning into an uncontrollable beast! His face was painted green and purple, his gear was covered in fur and he is now armed with a scythe attached to a chain. Although he was pinned in the tag match he yelled the names of his partner and opponents backstage afterwards. He kept saying “Most Dangerous!” over and over before breaking into a fit of laughter.


Not much has changed for Ryu Gouma since Union closed down. He is still the wrestling lawyer and he still wears a suit in the ring except now his shirt is blue. Gouma said he spent 20,000 yen on the new suit for the occassion. At one point during the 3 Way match the wrestlers collided with the referee and all of them ended up in a lewd 4-person position.


Ryota Nakatsu’s new gear is a baseball themed silver shorts with black vertical lines on them. He went toe for toe with Ikuto Hidaka but fell to a Stray High Kick. Nakatsu refused a handshake after the match, instead just tapping Hidaka’s hand away from him.


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