Shinjuku FACE
600 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

0. 1 Vs 2 Handicap Match: Yasu Urano defeated Shintaro Murotani & Ryohei Fukuda when Urano submitted Fukuda with a Camel Clutch (8:08).
1. Hot Pants! Shuran! Multinational! Corps Combat Final Liqueur Decisive Battle: Ryuichi Sekine & Choun-Shiryu defeated Ryu Gouma & Yumehito Imanari and Masahiro Takanashi & DJ Nira when Shiryu pinned Nira after a Toe Kick from Yukinori Matsui (15:13).
2. Antonio Honda defeated Kikutaro with a Cradle (23:51).
3. Tuxedo Match: Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi defeated Konosuke Takeshita by undressing him down to his underwear (11:13).

It was Happy Motels turn to run a show and they opted for a more classier affair than the others. Their show was presented as a dinner party with songs performed by Antonio Honda and his singer friends in between matches. To hammer this idea home the main event had Konosuke Takeshita and Trans-Am ★ Hiroshi both wrestling in tuxedos. However the goal was to strip their opponent down to their underwear. It reached the point where Takeshita only had his shirt left on while Hiroshi was down to his trousers. Takeshita gave Hiroshi a Power Bomb but Hiroshi smartly grabbed onto Takeshita’s shirt mid-move so he could pull it off to win the match.

One year ago Honda took on the greatest challenge of his life, Transparent Mel Gibson. This year was an even great challenge. He wrestled Kikutaro for over 20 minutes! They both teased giving up while trading holds but it was just them saying words and names the sound like “Give Up”. This went on for five minutes. Ten minutes into the match Honda attempted a Quebrada but slipped on the rope. Kikutaro then started using Yukinori Matsui as a shield and a weapon on Honda. During a Chop Battle Kikutaro took his shirt off and started to take the match more seriously. Honda hit a Lou Thesz Press and Scorpion Death Drop but missed the Diving Fist Drop. Kikutaro hit the Shining Kikuzard for a nearfall. He went for a Body Slam but Honda countered it into a Small Package and got the three count. Both wrestlers bowed and hugged each other after the match.

The rules of Match #1 had a drinking song play at certain points of the match. Any wrestler who drank during the song could not be attacked. That meant any wrestler who did not drink during the song was targeted by everyone else. Ryuichi Sekine complained that he had gout and was told by his doctor not to drink any alcohol. So obviously everyone attacked him during the drinking song. Daisuke Kiso was pulled out of the ring during a flurry of pinfalls so Yukinori Matsui came in and kicked everyone to keep the match under control. He then fast counted a pin when Choun-Shiryu crawled onto DJ Nira. Sekine had enough and gave Matsui a Stunner. He then did a Stone Cole style beer bash with the other wrestlers joining in.

At the beginning of the show Yasu Urano was invited to the ring along with two members of DDT’s video team. Hiroshi decided that Urano would fight the video team in a Handicap Match starting straight away. The video team did okay but Urano was still able to beat them easily. One of the crew, Ryohei Fukuda bailed on his partner midway through because he had a something to get ready for that involved a really important person. He begged for forgiveness and then ran off. He reappeared at the end of the show wearing a tuxedo of his own. He invited his girlfriend Yuki into the ring for his important event. He proposed to her and she said yes! Honda sang “The Ladybug’s Samba” to them as a congratulatory gift then everyone sang “We Are The World” to close out the show.


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