November 13, 2016


142 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Real Tiger Mask Vs Rikidozan III: Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Chikara with the Jumping Cross Armbreaker (7:25).
2. Ganpuro Special Mixed Tag: American Balloon & Sayaka Obihiro defeated Kenta Hattori & Ai Shimizu when Obihiro pinned Shimizu with the Bath (10:09).
3. G-COSMOS 2016 in Prince: Takafumi Ito defeated Rionne Fujiwara with a Crooked Headscissors (10:30).
4. Double Main Event I: Shota & Mitomi Masayuki defeated Yukihiro Abe & Shinichiro Tominaga when Shota pinned Tominaga with a Kido Clutch (16:07).
5. Double Main Event II – Shin Ganbare☆Wrestling Raising An Army: Osamu Namiguchi & Kenso Ohka defeated Ken Ohka & Yumehito Imanari when Ohka pinned Imanari with a Spear (12:24).

The show began with Osamu Namiguchi welcoming everyone to Shin Ganbare☆Wrestling. He said the theme of Shin Ganpuro is major pro wrestling and the main event would prove that. All of the regular Ganbare☆Wrestling matches happening before the main event were just toilet breaks as far as he was concerned. Ken Ohka stormed out and said he will show Namiguchi what the real Ganpuro is like in the main event.

Namiguchi had a big surprise in store for Ohka. The second member of Shin Ganpuro was revealed to be KENSO! However, KENSO came out to Ohka’s entrance music and wore matching gear. He is now Kenso Ohka! Not only did KENSO steal Ohka’s gimmick but he stole his finisher as well when he pinned Yumehito Imanari with the Spear. KENSO calls it a major Spear that is completely different from the fake one Ken Ohka does. Shuichiro Katsumura unexpectedly came out to confront Shin Ganpuro. He doesn’t see himself as a Ganpuro wrestler but he likes it here and won’t stand for this copycat coming in to ruin things. He invited Ken Ohka & Imanari to come train with him in his gym. Ohka said that Ganpuro stands for Ken Ohka, Ganpuro stands for Yumehito Imanari and Ganpuro stands for Shuichiro Katsumura. Together they will fight against Shin Ganpuro!

Kenta Hattori & Ai Shimizu both felt sorry for American Balloon’s sagging man boobs. Balloon’s man boobs came in handy when he used them to stop Shimizu from giving Sayaka Obihiro the Kamikaze. Obihiro then rolled Shimizu over for the win. Ohka was critical of Shimizu losing the match and encouraged her to try harder for her next match. Ohka said by the time Shimizu’s Ganpuro trial series is done she will become a worthy pro wrestler. Her next match in this series will be against Shota.

Ganpuro will run a special 15th Anniversary show for Ken Ohka at Shin-Kiba 1st RING on 22nd December. Ohka has a certain opponent in mind that he is eager to wrestle against but cannot guarantee if he can even negotiate with him. Imanari wants to put together a special women’s match for the show. His original idea was Bambi & Manami Kanda Vs Viper and somebody else. However it seems that Viper is unavailable on that date. Ohka promised Imanari that he will find two beautiful wrestlers to take on Bambi & Kanda.


October 2, 2016


Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1,091 Fans – Super No Vacancy

0. Dark Match – Ganbare☆Royale: Shibata defeated Mars Spector by Ring Out (11:42).
Order Of Elimination: Fumihito Kihara, Naoshi Sano, Mr. No, American Balloon, Dr. Kiriko, Tigger Bedscene & J-Soul Pandita III IV, Choun-Shiryu, Mars Spector.
*Shibata wins a wish that could possibly be granted by Ken Ohka.
1. Cinderella Champion & Ganpuro Goddess Vs Gatoh Move: Emi Sakura & “Kotori” defeated Aoi Ishibashi & Ai Shimizu when Sakura pinned Ishibashi with La Magistral Cradle (10:23).
2. 2 People Only Young Drama Cup: Keisuke Ishii defeated Yukihiro Abe with a Shooting Star Press (8:50).
3. G-COSMOS 2016: Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Takafumi Ito by TKO with a Jumping Cross Armbreaker (10:54).
4. Forget The Same K: Shiori Asahi defeated Shinichiro Tominaga with the HIMAWARI-BOMB (10:24).
5. Original Saki Maemura Re-Debut Life Variety: Madoka & Saki Fujita defeated Minoru Fujita & Bambi when Saki pinned Minoru with the It’s Not Lonely (15:34).
6. No Rope Barbed Wire Street Fight Tornado 8-Man Tag Team Death Match: Ken Ohka, Yumehito Imanari, Shota & Mitomi Masayuki defeated Atsushi Onita, Osamu Namiguchi, GENTARO & Hideki Hosaka when Ohka pinned Namiguchi with the Flame Spear (9:30).


After months of preparation the day finally came for Ken Ohka and Ganbare☆Wrestling. Ohka had taken a page out of Atsushi Onita’s book by promising to retire if today’s show had failed to sell out. Thankfully the promotion’s first show in Korakuen Hall turned out to be a success with over a 1,000 fans in attendance. Ohka took big risks in the ring as well as out of it. The main event was a No Rope Barbed Wire Street Fight Tornado 8-Man Tag Team Death Match with Ohka’s team versus Onita’s team. Those two fought each other while chaos reigned around them. Shota was put through a table by an Onita Piledriver. Yumehito Imanari & Mitomi Masayuki gave Onita a Double Brainbuster onto a barbed wire board. Imanari then brought in a barbed wire bat to use on Onita’s team. Ohka took his punishment and got the crowd to rally behind him. An opening came when Ohka ducked under Onita’s red mist. Osamu Namiguchi was blinded instead! Ohka gave Namiguchi the Fire Thunder Bomb but Hideki Hosaka stopped the pin. Ohka then hit the Flame Spear and this time there was nobody there to stop him.


After the match Namiguchi demanded Onita to face him but Onita told him it’s enough. Onita invited Ohka to come over to the next FMW show on 24th November and congratulated him on a successful show. Namiguchi said he wasn’t convinced and he will crush Ganpuro but Onita ignored him and began spraying water everywhere. When that was over Ohka had some important announcements to make. He is getting married and he will also become a father in December!


Saki Maemura/Fujita had her first match back from retirement and one of her opponents was her ex-husband Minoru Fujita. Madoka and Bambi were also involved playing the role of their step-children. The crowd booed whenever Minoru attacked Saki. At one point somebody in the crowd yelled “Mom!” to motivate Saki. It looked to be all over when Minoru gave her the Tombstone Piledriver. But Bambi turned on Minoru when she stopped the pin with a Shining Wizard! Madoka then gave Minoru the Ranhyei and Saki hit a low altitude Frankensteiner for the three count. After the match Saki told Minoru there is nothing she regrets from their relationship. She’s thinks wrestling is very good so Minoru should continue doing it until he’s dead. Minoru understood. A year ago he came into Ganpuro spitting venom but over time he learned to work hard for his wrestling. He doesn’t know what lies ahead but he’ll make sure to do something his and Saki’s children will be proud of.


Shinichiro Tominaga won Shiori Asahi’s respect with their match together. They were only in K-DOJO together for a brief amount of time before Tominaga quit and moved over to Union Pro. Asahi told him that today might not be the end of their story. If Tominaga is motivated to come back to K-DOJO some day then Asahi will be there waiting for him.


With all of the chaos happening elsewhere on the show it was nice to have something more straightforward. That’s where Shuichiro Katsumura and Takafumi Ito came in. Katsumura kept trying to lock in the Cross Armbreaker but Ito did what he could to break away. Finally Katsumura applied the move with nowhere for Ito to go. Ito never tapped out but the referee had to stop the match for his safety. Katsumura was declared the winner although Ito was dissatisfied with the result.


Keisuke Ishii decided to pull out something special for his first match against Yukihiro Abe in years. Ishii won the match with a Shooting Star Press! It was crooked but it did the job. Ishii said the show’s theme was surprise so that was his surprise.


The opener was a showcase for Ganpuro’s women as Aoi Ishibashi & Ai Shimizu took on Emi Sakura & “Kotori” from Gatoh Move. Shimizu almost won with a Fisherman Suplex on “Kotori” but she kicked out of the pin. “Kotori” held Shimizu back while Sakura got the three count on Ishibashi with La Magistral Cradle.


A dark match Battle Royal was held featuring the colourful cast of misfits and oddities that have wrestled in Ganpuro during its existence. Fumihito Kihara and Naoshi Sano focused on fighting each other from the moment the bell rang. Both of them continued fighting each other. Choun-Shiryu tried to Headbutt Mr. No but only hurt himself doing so. American Balloon used his massive man boobs to block Mr. No’s Headbutt much to everyone’s disgust. As the eliminations piled up Dr. Kiriko grabbed Balloon and force fed him some mystery medicine to make him faint. Mars Spector cleared the ring until it was down to just him and Shibata. A missed kick from Spector sent him over the top rope and Shibata knocked him off to be the last man standing. Shibata’s prize for winning is one wish to be granted by Ken Ohka within reason.


August 1, 2016


165 Fans – Super No Vacancy Fulle House

1. USA! USA! USA!: Shota defeated American Balloon with a Sunset Flip (6:40).
2. Stop It A Veteran Of The Mystery!: Mars Spector defeated Mitomi Masayuki & Rainbow Kawamura when Spector submitted Masayuki with an Achiiles Tendon Hold and Kawamura with a Guillotine Choke at the same time (6:28).
3. Transformation And Goddesses, Encounter Gatomubu!: Yukihiro Abe & Sayaka Obihiro defeated Shinichiro Tominaga & Ai Shimizu when Abe pinned Tominaga with the Abe☆Jienotsu☆Clutch (12:17).
4. Wrestling & Martial Arts DX: Takafumi Ito & Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Chikara & Yumehito Imanari when Katsumura submitted Imanari with the Ninja Choke (15:59).
5. Is He A True Friend?: Ken Ohka defeated Minoru Fujita with the Spear Of Flame (21:34).

The grudge between Ken Ohka and Minoru Fujita in Ganbare☆Wrestling has been surrounding them for over a year. Alliances, betrayals and a lot of spilt blood had come between the two. When Tomodachi-gun collapses Fujita claimed he turned over a new leaf. Again. He and Ohka faced off one more time to settle their issues and neither of them held back. Fujita was busted open early on when Ohka hit him with a chair during a ringside brawl. Fujita retaliated by targeting Ohka’s foot and bashing it against the ring post. He countered the Spear Of Flame into a Cradle for a nearfall but Ohka hit the move on his second attempt. Fujita locked in a Triangle Choke but Ohka reached the ropes and then hit a Dragon Suplex. Ohka hit the Spear Of Flame again and that got him the three count.

Despite all the bad blood between the two, Ohka just wanted Fujita to be his friend again. Fujita said his plan to take over Ganpuro took the over a year to execute and all came down to this match. And it ended in failure. Fujita admitted defeat and admitted he lost to the pro wrestler, Ken Ohka. Fujita was about to leave until he remembered something. Both Hi69 and Madoka left him high and dry last month. He knows they are still enemies of Ganpuro. Ohka offered Fujita to continue wrestling in Ganpuro and this time he can do it as his friend. Ohka also wants Fujita to wrestle at Ganpuro’s Korakuen Hall debut in October. Fujita gave a wry smile and walked away. He then stopped himself and accepted the offer. He was going to go there as the “ace” anyway.

Takafumi Ito & Shuichiro Katsumura didn’t get along during their tag match with Power Of Dreams. When one was in the ring wrestling the other would yell instructions and criticisms at the wrestling holds. Katsumura got the submission win but when he tried to shake Ito’s hand after the match, Ito grabbed his arm and put him in an Armlock.

Yukihiro Abe is back in Ganpuro’s good graces after he left Tomodachi-gun. Although he lost to Fujita last week he was back to winning ways here with Sayaka Obihiro. Ohka watched them team together and afterwards told Obihiro she passed the test to prove she is a suitable replacement in Ganpuro for Emi Sakura. In Ohka’s eyes Obihiro and Sakura are equals. Obihiro then told Ohka that Sakura will indeed come to Ganpuro soon. If this place is good enough for Obihiro then it’s good enough for Sakura too.


June 17, 2016


Saitama Wrestle Fighter Museum
142 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Special Single Match: Ken Ohka defeated Chikara with the Spear Of Flame (2:37).
2. Shuichiro Katsumura Imperial Inspection: Dr. Kirico (Takafumi Ito) & American Balloon defeated J-Soul Pandita III IV & Uchu Galaxy Alien Rubbish Heap★Andros when Kirico submitted Andros with a Double Wrist Lock (4:24).
3. Enjo-gun General Vs Veteran Of Mystery: Mars Spector defeated Shibata with the Cross Armbreaker (3:40).
4. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Rubbish Heap★Wrestling BAD COMMUNICATION Contra BAD COMMUNICATION Loser Banishment 10-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Ken Ohka, Yumehito Imanari, Shota, Shinichiro Tominaga & Ai Shimizu defeated Minoru Fujita, Hi69, Madoka, Yukihiro Abe & Bambi (26:16).
4a. Rubbish Heap★Wrestling eliminated Shota by Ring Out (3:06).
4b. Minoru Fujita eliminated Ken Ohka with the Tombstone Piledriver (6:35).
4c. Minoru Fujita eliminated Bambi by Ring Out (10:05).
4d. Yumehito Imanari eliminated Yukihiro Abe with a cradle (14:11).
4e. Minoru Fujita eliminated both Yumehito Imanari and Madoka by Double Ring Out (14:11).
4f. Hi69 eliminated Ai Shimizu with the Transformer Rave (19:58).
4g. Shinichiro Tominaga eliminated Minoru Fujita by Ring Out (22:01).
4h. Shinichiro Tominaga eliminated Hi69 with a Cradle (26:16).
*Rubbish Heap★Wrestling is prohibited from using “BAD COMMUNICATION – ULTRA Pleasure Style” as a theme song. Hi69 is expelled from Ganbare☆Wrestling.

A high stakes main event was the big story surrounding this show. Tomodachi-gun was in charge and Minoru Fujita used his power to make Ken Ohka wrestle twice, first in the opener and then in the main event. All members of the losing team in the main event would be prohibited from using “BAD COMMUNICATION” as their theme song. Also the last wrestler eliminated would be banished from Ganbare☆Wrestling. Shota was the first elimination. Fujita attacked Ohka with a chair until Daisuke Kiso stopped him. Fujita then gave Ohka a Tombstone and Kiso counted a fast 3 count. He then took off his shirt to reveal a Fujita shirt underneath! Bambi was furious at what she saw and turned on Tomodachi-gun. Fujita gave Bambi the Tombstone and threw her out of the ring. Tomodachi-gun then began to fall apart when Madoka accidentally struck Yukihiro Abe resulting in Abe getting pinned. Madoka was then eliminated at the same time as Yumehito Imanari when Fujita Dropkicked both of them off the apron. Ai Shimizu was the next elimination which meant Shinichiro Tominaga was the last Ganpuro wrestler remaining. Against all odds he was able to knock Fujita over the top rope and then counter a Cross Facelock from Hi69 into a Cradle to win the match! Hi69 is now banished from Ganpuro!

Tominaga praised Hi69 as he left ringside. Madoka then argued with Fujita over Fujita eliminating him. Fujita said it wasn’t a betrayal but a sacrifice to help win the match. Madoka pointed out that they still lost and decided to quit Tomodachi-gun! With both Bambi and Madoka gone Fujita went over to Abe to find some comfort. He told Abe that Tomodachi-gun will have to disband but they will have a singles match together next month as part of Abe’s graduation from the group. Abe bowed to Fujita and offered a handshake. He then hit Fujita in the gut and DDT’d him! Defeated and alone in the ring, Fujita asked to speak with Ohka. He talked about his fights with Ohka over the last year and how no matter the situation he put in front of him, Ohka always worked hard. Fujita asked if he was a fool all this time? Ohka gave an emotional response and tearfully told Fujita they can fix their friendship. They can fix it by having a wrestling match on 30th July.

Even with some dirty help from Mitomi Masayuki, Shibata was easily defeated by the Mars Spector. When Shibata knocked over the referee, Masayuki came in and Low Blowed Spector. The mysterious wrestler recovered and got rid of Masayuki with Middle Kicks. He then pounded on Shibata before tapping him out.

Unable to wrestle, Shuichiro Katsumura appeared at the show walking on crutches. His role was to watch a tag match between a former American sumo wrestler, an evil doctor, a 4th generation monster whose father was put down by said evil doctor and an alien that threatened to destroy Earth in 3 minutes. The evil doctor turned out to be Takafumi Ito in disguise. He eventually got rid of the disguise and won the match. Ito then yelled at Katsumura to heal quickly so they can fight.

KAI was unable to appear because of a rib injury so Chikara needed a new opponent. Minoru Fujita made Ken Ohka wrestle him in a bid to tire Ohka out before the main event. Ohka quickly beat Chikara then said KAI Vs Chikara will happen in Ganpuro someday.


December 31, 2015


Saitama Super Arena – Community Arena
??? Fans

1. Student Pro Wrestler Rising II In Saitama Super Arena: Shinichiro Tomingaga defeated Yumehito Imanari with the JK (7:40).
2. Real Tiger Mask Vs Enjo Prince: Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Mitomi Masayuki with a School Boy (9:41).
3. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Enjo-gun: Ken Ohka Vs Shibata ended in a Double Countout (2:55).
4. Rematch: Ken Ohka & Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki when Ohka pinned Shibata with the Spear Of Flame (7:21)

The main event ended prematurely when Shibata brawled with Ken Ohka outside the ring and both were counted out. Ohka challenged Shibata and Mitomi Masayuki to a tag match there and there with Shuichiro Katsumura as Ohka’s partner. Ohka and Shibata continued scrapping and at one point it resembled the Yoshihiro Takayama Vs Don Frye fight. Ohka Headbutted Shibata and pinned him with the Spear Of Flame.


December 29, 2015


Saitama Super Arena – Community Arena
??? Fans

1. GANBARE FIGHT 1st MATCH: Shota defeated Tigger Bedscene with the Frog Splash (9:01).
2. Ganbare☆Wrestling Vs Enjo-gun: Ken Ohka & Shinichiro Tominaga defeated Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki when Ohka pinned Masayuki with the Spear Of Flame (10:51).
3. Student Of The Rainbow Vs Real Tiger Mask: Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Yumehito Imanari with the Ninja Choke (10:34).

My, my, my how Ganbare☆Wrestling has grown the last two years. The little indie got a spot in the RIZIN Martial Arts EXPO being held at Saitama Super Arena. Ken Ohka called it the next step for Ganbare to become a major sports company.

After the main event Shuichiro Katsumura said he loves martial arts but pro wrestling is also fun. He would like to see martial arts have more pro wrestling and pro wrestling to have more martial arts. Shibata interrupted the speech and stormed down to the ring. He told Katsumura that he will be facing Mitomi Masayuki on 31st December. Shibata then challenged Ohka to a match on the same date.

Before Match #2 began Shibata claimed that Fedor Emelianenko, Masato and Kid Yamamoto were all members of Enjo-gun. During the match he attacked Ohka with a selfie stick while the referee was distracted. Ohka recovered from the dirty tactics and hit the Spear Of Flame on Mitomi Masayuki to win the match for his team.


October 17, 2015


Shin-Kiba 1st RING
152 Fans

1. World Wrestling Ganbare: Shota defeated Tigger Bedscene with the Sharpshooter (8:09).
2. Power Of Dreams Vs Enjo-gun Vs OTK48 3 Way Tag Team Match: Shibata & Mitomi Masayuki defeated Chikara & Yumehito Imanari and Hayato Mashita & Kotaro Nasu by TKO when Shibata knocked out Imanari with a Mounted Punch Barrage (14:05).
3. The Real Tiger Mask Vs Mr. No!!: Shuichiro Katsumura defeated Mr. No with the Ninja Choke (7:43).
4. Ganpuro-gun Vs Tomodachi-gun: Hi69 & Madoka defeated Yukihiro Abe & Shinichiro Tominaga when Hi69 pinned Tominaga with the Stuka Splash (19:36).
5. Loser Leaves Army Mixed Handicap Hardcore Tag Match: Minoru Fujita & Bambi defeated Ken Ohka & Manami Kanda when Bambi pinned Ohka with the Standing Shining Wizard (18:40).

High stakes were placed in the main event of Ganbare☆Wrestling’s return to Shin-Kiba 1st RING. At the beginning of the show Ken Ohka and Minoru Fujita had to write out three names from their own units and place each of them into a separate envelope. The winner of the main event will pick one of the loser’s envelopes and the wrestler with his name in the envelope will be banished from Ganpuro. The rules of the match was No DQ for wrestlers against their own gender. So for example the men could attack each other with weapons but they had to wrestle the women normally and vice versa. The match got violent with both Ohka and Fujita getting busted open. Ohka had the match won when he hit the Spear Of Flame on Bambi but Madoka pulled the referee out of the ring during the pin. Fujita hit Ohka with a chair and then Tombstoned him onto a pile of chairs. Ohka was pulled up to his feet and Bambi hit a Shining Wizard to win the match for Tomodachi-gun. Fujita grabbed one of Ohka’s an envelope and pulled out the name Yukihiro Abe! Fujita mocked Abe for entering the Dramatic General Election because it turned out to all for nothing. Abe was furious at Ohka and stormed out of the ring.

Fujita then showed the names he wrote in his envelopes. They all said Ken Ohka. It was a trap, they were never going to follow the stipulation if they lost! Ohka was in tears screaming at his humiliation. He threatened to quit Ganpuro to save its honour but Shuichiro Katsumura convinced him not to. He offered to train Yumehito Imanari although he still requires a tuition fee of 10,000 yen. Ohka promised he will bring Abe back to Ganpuro.

Katsumura defeated the seemingly unstoppable Mr. No but it took a while to figure him out. Katsumura tried to apply the Ninja Choke to what he thought was No’s neck but it didn’t effect him. Katsumura studied No’s head and was able to find the spot where the Ninja Choke would work and proceeded to tap out his weird looking opponent.

Enjo-gun reminded everyone in Ganpuro that they are still a force to be reckoned with. Shibata beat Imanari into unconsciousness in the 3 Way Tag Match. Shibata afterwards said Ganpuro will burst into flames but Imanari stood up to him and said he is prepared to die for pro wrestling.